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Trade Policy and AFT Challenges

As regards environmental matters, MINCETUR19 is also aware that the country must pursue the full application of and compliance with environmental legislation and policies. In this sense, it is sought to improve the mechanisms of environmental supervision, oversight, monitoring and control; to complete and improve environmental legislation; to decentralize the State’s environmental duties; to promote the use of cleaner production technologies; to encourage biotrade, ecotourism and biotechnology; to preserve biodiversity and to achieve a sustainable forestry development. Further to the Customs matter, it is necessary to facilitate foreign trade operations, reducing the costs and delays in customs proceedings for the import and export of goods. MINCETUR20 has reviewed this matter and there is a set of proposals in connection with this problem, including: the implementation of risk management processes in areas related to customs control and supervision with the aim of improving control and facilitation; in view of the complex application of the country of origin criteria to the new trade agreements, it is necessary to train officers in charge of such application, to implement computer systems and interconnect with productive sectors and inter-customs cooperation; and other issues such as the advanced determination of customs valuation and effective mechanisms of fast delivery. 5.1.4. Foreign Trade Information System

Implementation of an Integrated Foreign Trade Information System, with the purpose of satisfying the needs for trade information of public and private economic agents related to foreign trade, and particularly of exporters. This challenge implies the following aspects: implementing an extensive information platform with updated computer resources and Web developments that allow broader access to relevant information to foster the expansion of exportable supply and business management; taking advantage of trade opportunities and market research; recording tariffs and statistical information; supporting international negotiations; managing international agreements; facilitating market access with directories of companies and purchasers; fostering trade promotion and competitive intelligence; training users and disseminating all contents; and particularly, monitoring all the actions planned and implemented by the different parties responsible for foreign trade. 5.1.5. Foreign Trade Operators and Export Promotion

The efforts the private sector has been putting forth are reflected in export growth and diversification. At present, Peruvian products are exported to over 172 countries. The process to consolidate our exports in the global marketplace needs to be accompanied by the State. The presence of a team of trade operators in the major international markets must be an instrument that favors the efforts made by the exporters. Their main duty must be to identify

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Trade Capacity Building Committee: Environmental Matters, MINCETUR Trade Capacity Building Committee: Labor: Customs, MINCETUR


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