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The Consultative Process and Trade Policy Creation in Canada: Political Necessity or Bureaucratic Rent Seeking? William A. Dymond Centre for Trade Policy and Law

Constitutional and Legislative Framework Trade policymaking is efficient because of top-down distribution of power ď Ž Canada a federal state: federal and provincial officials must work in close collaboration in areas of shared and overlapping authority ď Ž

Consulting With Canadians 

Questions of content 

bureaucratic level

Questions of policy direction  

political level

Parliament – Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Scorecard: Federal Mechanisms of Consultation ď Ž

Process: A-

ď Ž

Utility: D

The Exception ď Ž

Federal Website for International Trade Document Dissemination and Information: A+

ď Ž

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Consulting With Canadians Site

Educating Canadians ď Ž

Government an important source of information, research support, discursive direction

ď Ž

But poorly equipped for direct education

Legitimacy    

Which groups should speak on behalf of Canadians in matters of trade policy? Who decides? Is policy content sacrificed for the sake of process? Are those with direct trade-policy interests being pushed aside in favour of marginal groups?

Effectiveness Core stakeholders are frustrated about standing in line to be heard  Peripheral stakeholders frustrated when government officials seem deaf to their demands for policy change  Provinces – better, but a league of their own 

Federal-Provincial-Territorial Consultations Not just another stakeholder  Consultation the only road to implementation  Very close, ongoing collaboration through formal and informal mechanisms 

Deconstructing Bureaucracy ď Ž

The consultative process is built on political commitment and significant investment of federal resources

ď Ž

Can the system be remodeled?

Renovation Challenges Required: A system that serves political objectives of public consultation but does not sacrifice policy effectiveness Possible Catalysts: ď Ž

Business backlash? Trade crisis? ď Ž

Plus, political will to develop viable alternatives

Centre for Trade Policy and Law SR 106, Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1S 5B6 William A. Dymond, Executive Director

the consultative process and trade policy creation in canada: political necessity or bureaucratic...  
the consultative process and trade policy creation in canada: political necessity or bureaucratic...  

this presentation was commissioned by the trade and integration network of the regional policy dialogue for the iv hemispheric meeting celeb...