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Building capacities for PPPs Clive Harris Manager, Public-Private Partnerships World Bank Institute

The World Bank is stepping up efforts to build capacities for PPPs World Bank Institute has PPPs as one of six focus themes    

WBI is responsible for client learning in WBG Undergoing renewal process which is seeing focus on selected areas, one of which is PPPs Network of partner institutions, Global Distance Learning Network (GDLN) centers Three business lines —structured learning, knowledge exchange, innovation-sharing platforms

World Bank Group Global Expert Team on PPPs  Provides WBG global knowledge & experience on PPPs  Undertaken over 20 assignments, advising and transferring experiences, most related to dealing with impacts of crisis

A new vision for WBI WBI as connector of global knowledge networks  Focus on knowledge being generated in “BRICs” and knowledge hubs in developing countries  “South-South” platform and learning critical to WBI strategy

 Move from retail to wholesale in the development and delivery of structured learning  Flagship modular courses with world class partners, customized & delivered through country/regional institutions & use of technology

 Knowledge exchange via peer-to-peer practitioner learning  Peer-to- peer practitioner networks; multistakeholder consensus building & peer networks

 Focus on innovation-sharing  Development marketplace on frontier challenges, wholesale & franchise through country institutions; Innovation zones & secondments

Structured learning models and approaches from other sectors Flagship learning progams • Distill and package international best practice • Modules customized to different country setting, developed with NVPs, donors, worldclass partners (Harvard, MIT, Lee Kuan Yew School) Are then customized and wholesaled • Networks of institutions – China network of 27 health institutions • Technology – 30,000 municipal officials with TEC Monterrey, Brazil LED 18,000 with mass-media & web • Certification – India Urban Management Certification Developing capacity-building architecture • Engaging on broad review of capacity building architecture for urban sector in India as part of major government investment program South-South learning platform and trust fund • Resources and platform to provide peer-to-peer contacts and knowledge exchange for specific requests

WBI is developing a broad program of capacity building for PPPs Practitioner networks 

 

PPPI Days is center piece: the only global meeting place public sector PPP practitioners: March 22-23, focusing on future of PPPs following financial crisis, and “growth” sectors such as urban GDLN/VC events used for specific knowledge requests Additional regional activities: Caribbean PPP Forum/Training, Dec 2009, Anglophone and Francophone Africa PPP Forums

Structured learning  Core course on PPP fundamentals, to be developed with set of partner universities who will be “wholesale” hubs  Urban PPP training as part of broader India urban capacity building program

Partnerships are crucial to effective capacity building Public good aspects to some capacity building activities • Means resources are more efficiently utilized if done in partnership Cross-regional learning and knowledge transfer is maximized • Development of PPP approaches and experiences in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America etc. means that we need to develop strong links both between PPP practitioners and learning institutes => collaborative effort from regional development banks and others MP3IC initiative • ADB, IADB and World Bank have begun collaboration through MP3IC, which covers range of activities including networking events (PPPI Days), development of diagnostics and development of learning materials Global PPP network • Can be built up from the global and regional meetings to form a “virtual” network for knowledge and learning and share innovations

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building capacities for public private partnerships (ppps)  
building capacities for public private partnerships (ppps)  

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