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A Strategic Alliance

The MIF Program to Promote Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean 2008-2009

About the Program

Program Rationale  Insufficient capacity to plan and carry out PPPs effectively  Inadequate legal, regulatory, institutional environment for PPPs  Frequent renegotiations  Unintended fiscal consequences

Program Goal

Improve capacity to plan and carry out public private partnerships in infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean

Program Funding  €873,000 (General Cooperation Fund of Spain)  $5,000,000 (Multilateral Investment Fund) Activities  Advisory Assignments  Project Preparation  Knowledge Dissemination

Program Accomplishments

Advisory Services Basic PPP Policy National  Paraguay – National PPP Program  El Salvador – PPP Policy Seminar Subnational  Ecuador – Municipal PPPs  Argentina – Bus System in Rosario  Uruguay – Urban Transport Centers

Project Preparation Support MIF Contributions    

Peru – US$ 730,000 Paraguay – US$ 610,000 Mexico – US$ 2,000,000 Trinidad and Tobago – US$ 750,000

MIF contributions of US$ 4,090,000 have leveraged an additional US$ 4 million in country contributions

Disseminating Knowledge  Workshop on hospital PPPs in Washington, D.C., in October 2008  Infrascope to measure capacity to implement PPPs and identify areas for improvement  Seminar: “Infrastructure Development for Sustainable Economic Growth: Lessons Learned from the Spanish Experience”

Program Goals 2010 Advisory Assignments  5 additional Advisory Assignments Project Preparation  Identification and preparation of 3 new PPP capacity building projects

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Knowledge Dissemination Publication of Spanish case study Workshop on PPP experiences from Latin America and the Caribbean to be held in Brazil 2nd edition of Infrascope Collaboration with World Bank and Asian Development Bank to develop new global PPP learning materials New Tool – value for money analysis software

Contacts David Bloomgarden Senior Project Specialist Multilateral Investment Fund

RocĂ­o Quesada

a strategic alliance: the mif program to promote public - private partnerships for infrastructure...  

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