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you us IDB At the Inter-American Development Bank you can make a difference for Latin America and the Caribbean.


top 4 reasons we want you • We seek highly qualified and strongly motivated professionals.

• We prize people who are willing to work closely with our clients.

• We value innovators who contribute to our knowledge-based organization.

• We favor team players who are not afraid to try unconventional solutions.

Do you want to contribute to development in Latin America and the Caribbean? Are you looking for challenging and creative work? Do you want to be an innovator in your field? Are you ready to be part of an international and multicultural team?

The IDB  strives to reduce poverty and  to promote  sustainable growth  in Latin America and the Caribbean. We seek to bring the benefits of development to our region’s less fortunate people, from decent jobs to clean water and safe neighborhoods.

Despite many improvements  over past decades, Latin America and the Caribbean still is one of the world’s most unequal regions. Many countries face daunting shortfalls in  providing basic services to their citizens. While these problems persist, the options for addressing  them  are expanding dramatically. Together we can work to improve the lives of millions in our region.

top 4 reasons you want us • Your work will have a positive impact in people’s lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

• You will have opportunities to live and work in different countries in the region.

• You will build a network with leading professionals in your field.

• You will be a part of a diverse and multicultural institution.







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