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ida sofie grimstad // space culture // angela rui + anna serena vitale // naba 2013

the uncanny

this is a collection of works by designers, artists, photographers and architects - investigating the uncanny and it’s relation to body and space. the theme of the collection is partly inspired by sigmund freud’s 1919 essay with the same title. based on the notion that the strange could not exist without the non-strange, he describes the uncanny as a feeling of something not simply weird, but more specifically as something strangely familiar. freud’s concept of the uncanny and his interpretation of dreams had great influence on the surrealist movement and their depiction of the strange and unnatural. in this collection, the uncanny is reflected in the way each artist is creating a sense of unease for the viewer, by using the familiar out of context. some artists have created spaces in which we cannot easily navigate, manipulating it with mirrors or specific lighting. others have made structures and installations that completely changes our perception of space – seemingly twisting our reality. because the uncanny is familiar, yet strange, experiencing it can lead to a quite paradoxical feeling of being attracted to, yet repulsed at the same time. the use of materials is a powerful tool to give an object or space a hint of “uncanniness” – as seen for instance in the works of adeline de monseignat and kate mccgwire.

// milan, june 2013

anselm reyle, mystic silver, deichtorhallen - hamburg, germany 2012

esther stocker, abstract thought is a warm puppy, CCNOA, brussels 2008

anish kapoor, c-curve, kensington gardens - london 2010

chris dorosz, stasis 53 (angelina jolie at the un) , 2012

daniel arsham, falling clock, 2012

pablo valbuena, the extension series, toulouse, france 2008

james turrell, bridget’s bardo, kunstmuseum wolfsburg, germany 2008

christopher jenner, the looking glass house, salone di mobile, milan 2012

joÍl thepault, lits d’eau / waterbeds, lac chambon - chambon-sur-lac, france 2011

MLRP, mirror house, fĂŚlledparken, copenhagen, denmark, completed in 2011

mike hewson, homage to the lost spaces, christchurch, new zealand 2012

anish kapoor, ascension, galleria continua, beijing 2007

annie han & daniel mihalyo - lead pencil studio, non-sign II, canada-usa border near vancouver 2010

daniel arsham, dig/snarkitecture, storefront for art and architecture, new york 2012

james turrell, juke green, 1968


leandro erlich, swimming pool, 21st century museum of art of kanzawa, japan 1999

anish kapoor, origin of the world, 21st century museum of modern art, kanazawa, japan 2004

thomas barbèy, oh sheet - photo manipulation, 2010

leandro erlich, b창timent, la nuit blanche, paris, france 2004

elisa strozyk, wooden textile blanket, 2012

erik johansson, go your own road - photo manipulation, 2008

erik johansson, skrapan illusion, stockholm, sweden 2012

felice varini, anamorphosis, le grand palais, paris 2013

olafur eliasson, your emotional future, pinchuk art centre, kiev 2011

leandro erlich, the staircase, techn贸polis, buenos aires 2005

heike mutter & ulrich genth, tiger and turtle - walkable rollercoaster, duisburg-wanheim, germany 2011

dominic wilcox, genetically modified egg, MaRT, italy 2013

dimitri tsykalov, colt 45 - meat weapons, 2012

berndnaut smilde, nimbus II - indoor clouds, amsterdam 2012

tim noble & sue webster, wild mood swings, 2009-10

kate mccgwire, gyre - lure exhibition, all visual arts, london 2012-13

studio rygalik, baguette table, MaRT, italy 2013

jonathan latiano, points of contention, school 33 art center, baltimore 2012

heike weber, bodenlos - permanent marker installation, prague 2012

richard artschwager, exclamation point (chartreuse), gagosian gallery, new york 2008

adeline de monseignat, mother in child, ronchini gallery, london 2012

robert gober, untitled (leg), matthew marks gallery, new york 1989-90

lisha bai, undulate - vinyl floor tiles, national academy, new york 2008

luciana rondolini, bejewelled rotten fruits - the tiffany project, 2011

dan bradica, contructions, 2012

alex da corte, untitled (11/16/97), 2012

ulrich vogl, fenster, berlin 2010

letha wilson, wall in blue ash tree, morton arboretum, illinois, usa 2011

mark dorf, axiom & simulation - plate 8, 2012

meryl pataky, strife inspiration - sculpture, 2012

holton rower, untitled (human hair), 2007

le creative sweatshop & fabrice fouillet, jelly & light, 2012

valentin ruhry, nike air, 2006

fabian b端rgy, loch (hole), 2012

keiko sato, metamorphosis, 2009

sebastian wickeroth, graceful degradation 1, kunstraum d端sseldorf (AaE) 2009

peter brooke-ball, a thought, 2010

meret oppenheim, le dĂŠjeuner de fourrure / object, paris 1936

louise bourgeois, cross, couvent d’ô (the louise bourgeois church), france 2004

hong yi, 31 days of creativity with food - edvard munch’s “the scream”, 2013

richard mosse, infrared landscapes, 2012

yoy design studio, hanging canvas sofa, 2013

dunne & raby, teddy bear bloodbag (what if...), 2009

ron mueck, mask II, 2001

renĂŠ magritte, attempting the impossible, paris, france 1928

paul mccarthy, complex pile, west kowloon cultural district, hong kong 2013

wolfgang stiller, matchstick men, python gallery, zurich 2013

noortje de keijzer, my knitted boyfriend, 2013

flora borsi, real life models, budapest 2013

renĂŠ magritte, the empire of light, 1950-1954

choi xooang, islets of asbergers, galerie albert benamou, paris 2013

michelangelo pistoletto, mirror paintings, 1970

zarko baseski, ordinary man, macedonia 2011

petros christostomou, forever, 2008

maurizio cattelan, untitled (five horses), fondation beyeler in basel, switzerland 2013

frédéric fontenoy, métamorphose, 1990

frĂŠdĂŠric fontenoy, alkama, 2003

ron gillad, mirror, 2011

anders krisar, the birth of us (boy), 2006-07

bruno catalano, le grand van gogh, france

bogdan rata, amprente si insecte (prints and insects), mansarda gallery in timisoara, romania 2005

tommi grรถnlund + petteri nisunen, jumping field, helsinki 2000

espen kluge, stillborn II, stavanger, norway 2013

winston chmielinski, ecstatic skin, new york 2012

hans bellmer, la poupĂŠe, 1935

keith edmier, beverly edmier 1967, 1998

andrĂŠ kertĂŠsz, distortion, paris 1933

les deux garcons, l’éphémère tangible, 2011

louise bourgeois, janus fleuri, 1968

patricia piccini, the young family, australia 2002

berlinde de bruyckere, cripplewood, venice art biennale 2013

henry allen, c’mere hand hook, 2004

francis bacon, three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion (close-up), 1944

bo baalman & kine solberg, extrodough, 2013

john armleder, selected furniture sculptures, 1979-2012

clement valla, postcards from google earth, 2011-2013

ron mueck, hyper realistic sculptures, 2012

ashkan honarvar, faces 2, 2009


a collection of works by designers, artists, photographers and architects - investigating the uncanny and it’s relation to body and space.


a collection of works by designers, artists, photographers and architects - investigating the uncanny and it’s relation to body and space.