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==== ==== Make Your Own Energy. Step-by-step guide reveals how to make your own energy for 100$ or less! ==== ====

Do you want to learn how to build solar panel? The essential idea of solar power panels is that they harvest energy from the sun's rays, and then change solar energy into electricity. Having your own solar energy panels at home has lots of great advantages. To begin with, solar energy means renewable energy, since it uses no other fuel than the sun's light. It does not discharge any damaging elements into the natural environment. Solar panel systems are exceptionally affordable and low-maintenance. Expenses are just one time, when you firstly create and install it. Afterward, electricity will come completely free, consequently the rates is going to be recovered instantly. There are numerous companies which sell solar panel installation kits and instructions. Fundamentally, your expenses will range more than $50 and will not take more than $200. Here's a step by step guideline on how to build solar panel: 1.Completely clean the copper piece you plan to use. You will use sand paper to remove any kind of signs of corrosion and rust. Using sheet metal sheers, cut a copper metal in square or rectangular size, about 12 inches x 12 inches size. 2.Place the copper piece on an electric burner. Flip the burner on, to 'cook' the copper piece for Half an hour or more, or until the copper piece produces a thick layer of black cupric oxide. 3.Set the copper piece aside and hold out to cool once the coat of black cupric oxide has formed. The cooling time period can be longer or quickly for some coppers. When it cools, some pieces of the oxide will begin to flake off. 4.Lightly scrub the cooled copper under running water to remove the bits of cupric oxide. Be cautious and also be mild, do not remove the red cupric oxide that was produced in the heating of the copper. 5.Get an additional bit of copper and cut it roughly the equivalent size. Join the two panels by means of alligator clips to a broad mouth glass or plastic bottle, with the upper half cut away. Ensure that both panels don't touch. 6.Link the lead of the alligator clips to the positive terminal of the meter. Link the cupric oxide plate to the negative terminal of the meter. 7.Dissolve salt in hot top water. Make sufficient of the salt solution that they barely cover the bottom level of the copper plates, to ensure that the alligator clips is going to be left untouched and dry.

8.Now the solar panel is set. Place the solar panel under the sun and see the gauge jump and work magnificently! It is recommended to start with a smaller solar panel. You can then attempt larger solar panels when you have grown more confident and more skilled with your solar power panel building expertise. Usually, a good place to set up your solar panels, for this location gets essentially the most amount of direct sunshine. They can be placed on your backyard. Now that you know how to build solar panel, give it a shot by yourself and save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on your electric bills!

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==== ==== Make Your Own Energy. Step-by-step guide reveals how to make your own energy for 100$ or less! ==== ====

Step by Step Guide on How to Build Solar Panel  

Advantages of Learning How to Build Solar Panels. Don't Pay For Electricity. Instead Make Them Pay You. Here's How Step-by-Step

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