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Ripstik Caster Board is a revolutionary invention to create more thrilling extreme sports. When you see people riding this thing they look like on a top of a normal skateboard until you will notice the unique way on how these people operate this board. When you look closer to it, you will see that the structure is a bit different. It has two pad surfaces where you will put your feet. The two separate pads help you to control your acceleration and assist you in taking turns. Speaking if acceleration Ripstik Caster Board has nice set of wheels giving you a smooth rolls. All you have to do is put some weight to the board and kick hard. It will take you more time rolling with you feet both on board compared to skateboards that you'll have to kick several times for to accelerate well. There is this one time when I saw two kids riding their Caster boards and I was like confuse because that was the first time I've seen those stuff. I can't help to look more of them until they come into a halt. I walked towards them and ask I may see that board. I was really amazed and next thing in the morning, I see myself riding the same stuff. I bought a Ripstik and fortunately I chose that product because it is very nice and stylish in structure. But take note that just like other extreme sports you need to spend time practicing for you to have a smooth and safe travel. Be cool enough and buy the Ripstik Caster Board.

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Discover the best caster boards ==== ====

Ripstik Caster Board Product Review  

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