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Every motorist has to carry a certain amount of liability auto insurance to legally drive on the road. Did you know that non-owner auto insurance exists? Regardless of who drives the car, you have some personal liability that should be covered. In case you do not own a car, there are several reasons to have this type of auto protection policy. If you own a vehicle and it's insured by an auto company, you don't necessarily have to worry about non-owner insurance as long as you have full coverage. If you do not own a vehicle, obtaining a non-owner auto policy will help to ease some concerns especially if you rent cars or drive one that is owned by someone else, such as a friend, family member, or the company you work for. Let's say that you don't own vehicle because you live in a metro area that has lots of traffic and limited parking and only drive someone else's car for a certain period of time. Investing in a non-owner policy makes sure that drivers are covered in case of an accident or in an emergency situation, even though you only drive sometimes. This type of coverage plan picks up the pieces that are missed by traditional car insurances. Buying a non-owner policy protects your assets if you were to get into an accident or wreck the vehicle. Of course, as the driver, you are liable for any damage or injuries that are caused by you. Car owner's insurance usually takes care of most issues; however, these types of plans would be able to cover deductibles like having to repair the vehicle. The basics that all non-owner insurance claims coverage has typically include: medical payments coverage, personal injury protection, uninsured and under insured motorist protection and liability coverage. Though, non-owner insurance covers the basics of liability, it does not cover the costs of towing and collision damage. Having this type of plan ensures that the driver doesn't not incur a lot of costs when involved in an accident. The best thing about these policies is that it will protect you from financial ruin in the event of a lawsuit and is very reasonably priced. As a policy holder, you can expect to pay as little as $30$40 per month but the cost will vary within each company and state. It is also less expensive to purchase non-owner insurance beforehand if you plan on renting a vehicle from a rental company. Rental company insurance rates will offer you minimum liability insurance but will be more expensive than if you were to purchase from an auto insurance company. Finding non-owner car insurance policies is not difficult to find and are easily comparable online with rates of several different auto insurance companies. Through online research, you as the driver can find information about non-owner car insurance. Auto insurance companies will have information for each state where non-owners can be insured and also on the states department of motor vehicle web site.

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==== ==== Find Affordable Auto Insurance. 5 Minutes Could Save You Up To $400! Compare Car Insurance Rates For Free Right Now. ==== ====

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