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What I will discuss in this article are the types of barbecue grills for everyday use. I will elaborate on the disadvantages and advantages of each type of this grills. So there are three main types of grills for barbecue to choose from. These are: charcoal grills for barbecue, gas barbecue grills, and electric grills for barbecue. Each type of this present different features according to your preference. For charcoal barbecue grills, there are varied standing units available in the market. You can buy free standing or table top models of grills for barbecue. All these are portable and also the cheapest barbecue grill in the market. Charcoal grills for barbecue cook delicious meat! And once the grill is at the right temperature, it cooks fast bringing more efficiency to the grill. However, the disadvantages of a charcoal grills for barbecue are the need of charcoal as the source of heat which can sometimes be inconvenient, messy and expensive, if you happen to grill more often. Charcoals can also erupt if you cook fatty meats and the smoke can be distracting. Charcoal barbecue can also be unmanageable sometimes if you are in a windy place. Gas grills for barbecue on the other hand are probably the most popular of all types of barbecue grills. It is affordable and comes in different shapes and sizes. It is easy to clean and set-up. You do not have to use matches when switching it because it already has a built-in starter system. It also produces little smoke and cooking time is fast. However, it has a gas bottle which may become a source of hassle in operation. It could also produce flares if you are cooking fatty meat. The last type is the electric barbecue grill. It is very easy to use and clean. You can simply plug it into an outlet and turn it on. Cooking time is very efficient because temperature can be controlled. It produces a bit of smoke and because it is electric, it is not expensive to run. The only major drawback on electric grills for barbecue is that it needs electricity to function. Thus this makes the product not portable at least not useful at any outdoor place without electricity. Whatever types of outdoor barbecue grills you choose, it is important to know the advantages you gain when you purchase this product as well as the setbacks it may cause. My advice before you purchase the product is to gauge how you would want to use it so you would know what type of these outdoor grills fit your friends and families need.

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==== ==== Don't buy a barbeque grill before reading this! ==== ====

Know the Types of Outdoor Barbecue Grills