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What are the best diets to lose fat? This is a pertaining question in the minds of many who are suffering from obesity. Hopefully, there actually exists a definite diet schedule that can immensely assist in the fight against obesity. In fact, if such best diets are diligently followed, weight loss is a certainty. The key aspects of such diet plans are, abstaining from unhealthy diets, allowing healthier diet take more participation in the diet schedule and drinking plenty of water. Furthermore, the aim of allowing more and more healthy ingredients in the diet should be ultimately a complete switch from unhealthy diets to healthy diets. In order to the health plan to be fully effective, it must be complemented by adequate exercise. What to eat/ drink - Eat plenty of fruits everyday. The best way is to start your day's breakfast with a fruit juice. A simple blender will be able to do the trick. Mix and match different fruits to find your right fruit juice combination. Fruits help the body fight obesity by detoxifying the body and by supply essential nutrients to the body. water containing fruits (melon), acidic fruits (oranges, pineapples, grapes, tomatoes), protein fruits (olives, avocados) should be included more in your diet. Avoid eating more than one starchy fruit like banana if you have a tendency to gain weight easily. Grains and nuts and seeds are good source of protein. Soya bean is also a good source of protein. Also very important is to let more and more vegan items in your diet. Drink plenty of clean water to help with the detoxifying. In addition, opt for cane sugar (brown sugar) rather than white sugar. White sugars act as stimulants that increase your craving. What to avoid - Avoid animal proteins as they contain a lot of cholesterol. Maintain a balance in the consumption dairy products. Certain dairy products are rich sources of fat. Avoid white flour containing products such as white bread, pizza, buns, pancakes etc. White flour creates a sticky layer inside the digestive tract. Also, avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, red meat, diet pills and drugs.

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==== ==== Want to lose weight fast and easy? Try the Acai berry method it’s recommended by doctors. ==== ====

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