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A Change of Season I don’t know about you, but for me fall is my favorite time of year. Halloween, apple cider, and all the harvest colors conspire to make me enjoy the days a little more. Our issue this time is inspired by all things fall. We’ve packed it with stories about local artisans, Ohio’s scary haunts, and seasonally appropriate installments of our staple columns “Lunch-Hour Vacations,” “Aimee’s Astrology,” and our monthly spiritual message from LeNore Anderson. We draw our ideas for the magazine from Clevelanders like you, so please keep the suggestions coming. We welcome your feedback so that with each issue we continue to grow and make you proud to be here. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at (216)535-8611 or For even more Cleveland Living, you can visit our website or follow us on our social media channels listed below. As always, we thank all the local businesses that support our efforts and have backed us on our journey so far. You are the glue that holds our city together. And thank you to our readers across Northeast Ohio and beyond. With your support, Cleveland Living will remain committed to you and this wonderful place we call home. Sincerely,

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October October--November 2012 4 The Scariest Places in Ohio

Ohio State Reformatory & Franklin Castle 6 Lunch-Hour Vacations

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Lake View Cemetery 7 Cleveland Business Profile Irwin Engraving & Printing 8 The Woman Behind F.F.P. Angela Miller 9 Design Tips for Fall with Julie Harton 12 Artisans of Ohio

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The Scariest Places in Ohio closing of the facility at the end of 1990, approximately 155,000 inmates had passed through the Ohio State Reformatory.

Ohio State Reformatory Mansfield, Ohio Listed among the creepiest sites in the country by paranormal experts and enthusiasts alike, the Ohio State Reformatory has long been a favorite location for spine-chilling television producers, Hollywood filmmakers, and artists who draw on the historic prison’s Romanesque architecture to create an atmosphere of dread and terror. Also known as the Mansfield Reformatory, the prison was erected in 1886. Its designer, the Cleveland architect Levi T. Scofield, said the reformatory’s structure was built to inflict fear in the minds of sentenced men as they took the long drive toward its imposing, castle-like façade. For most of the prison’s first century, the facility’s motto was “work and worship,” the idea being

Reformatory staff today admit to hearing disembodied voices and seeing shadowy figures. that inmates could be “reformed” and avoid reincarceration through the disciplines of labor and religion. The human rights era of the 1960s brought with it a number of lawsuits leading to the abolishment of mandatory work requirements for inmates, and the reformatory began the transition to a modern maximum-security prison. Fewer prisoners were released, leading to overcrowding at Mansfield, and by the time of the government’s

Unsurprisingly given Mansfield’s size and mission, many deaths occurred in the prison over the years, some from natural causes and others by more violent means. Perhaps this, along with the Reformatory’s grim appearance, has led to a wealth of associated hauntings and other instances of unexplained phenomena. The current staff members refuse to define any of the incidents as paranormal, even though they will admit to witnessing strange occurrences such as seeing visions of shadowy figures in the halls, or hearing disembodied voices calling them out by name. Is Mansfield haunted? After spending a few hours there during the day, I can say that I found the architecture bewitching. Would I like to spend any time there alone at night? I don’t think so. Experience the Reformatory for yourself and perhaps you’ll come to your own conclusions about what’s really going on at one of the scariest places in Ohio. The Ohio State Reformatory 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, OH 44905 (419)522-2644

Franklin Castle Cleveland, Ohio Is Ohio City’s Franklin Castle haunted? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no, but in reality most reports of paranormal activity at the Castle are attributed to misconceptions, accidents, misfortune, and other similar circumstances. Franklin Castle is a beautiful historic manor that originally belonged to Hannes Tiedemann, a well-to-do German immigrant who had it built in 1865 by Cleveland architects Cudell & Richardson. On January 16, 1881, Hannes’ fifteen-year-old daughter Emma died of diabetes. Shortly after his daughter’s death, his elderly mother passed away as well, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary about these two deaths. But for the next three years the Tiedemanns would experience one unfortunate

event after another as they buried three of their younger children, causing a narrowing suspicion that maybe there was something more to all these consecutive deaths within their family. Following the deaths of his children Tiedemann began making major renovations to the house, including some to the fourth floor ballroom. It is rumored that he made all these extravagant additions in an effort to distract his wife Luise from the deaths in the family. Ironically, during this extensive construction turrets and gargoyles were added to the exterior of the home giving it a more profound haunted castle façade, which adds to that haunted association to this day. On March 24, 1895, Luise died of liver disease at the age of 57, shortly after Hannes sold the house to the Mullhauser family. By 1908, Hannes and the entire Tiedemann family had died leaving no remaining next of kin to inherit his vast fortune. Since the Tiedemann family was the first to inhabit this property it is not alarming that most ghost stories or reports of paranormal activity reference either members of their family or trace back to their time of residence. Although never

Most of Franklin Castle’s ghost stories can be traced back to its owners during the Victorian era. officially proven or prosecuted by authorities, there are many rumors that Hannes committed several criminal acts on the property including sexual indiscretions and murders. The two most infamous stories that still surface to this day are the deaths of Hannes’ illegitimate stepdaughter who was supposedly hung in the attic, and Hannes’ alleged mistress whom he asphyxiated on her wedding day because of her decision to leave him. Other accusations and stories against Hannes include him sexually assaulting his children and also being responsible for their deaths, which seems a bit unlikely, but his stepdaughter appeared to be asphyxiated in a way similar to the mistress. As such, there is controversy about Hannes having a sexual relationship with his stepdaughter and trying to cover up her murder with a suicide story. These rumors do not help Franklin castle’s case as far as not being haunted, because the unfortunate behavior of Hannes

Tiedemann adds an intense level of hostility with all the “ghosts” in Franklin. The Castle remained uninhabited for the better part of sixty years until James Romano purchased the house in 1968 and moved in with his wife and six children. The Romano family reported a high amount of paranormal activity on the premises and even attempted several exorcisms. Only six years after having moved in, James sold the house to a man named Sam Muscatello who planned to turn it into a church. To add insult to injury, Sam ran tours and overnight stays at the Castle exploiting the idea that it was haunted in efforts to raise money for his church. Michael Devinko then purchased the house in 1984 and immediately began making extensive renovations to the house, including tracking down original furnishings. Ten years and almost a million dollars worth of renovations later Michael unexpectedly put the house back on the market. Michelle Heimburger purchased the property five years later, intending to restore it to its former glory. But a number of fires set inside the Castle one night by a vagrant caused extensive damage to the property. Franklin Castle is currently being rezoned to have three separate sections to allow the new owner a home with two additional rental spaces. Despite all the surrounding hype around the house, it is still a beautiful historic part of Cleveland and Ohio City. Franklin Castle 4308 Franklin Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44113 (216)631-CLUB Cleveland Living Magazine Page 5

Lunch-Hour Vacations

Lake View Cemetery For those who enjoy beautiful sculptures and have a love for horticulture, Lake View Cemetery will quickly become one of your favorite Lunch-Hour Vacation destinations. Considered “Cleveland’s outdoor museum and arboretum,” Lake View Cemetery was founded in the vibrant University Circle area in 1869. The Cemetery is Cleveland’s historical, horticultural, architectural, sculptural, and geological gem. Its magnificent collection of trees, shrubs, and plants make for an exceptional green space in an urban area, providing a wonderful refuge for birds and small animals as well as a showplace of extraordinary architectural and sculptural treasures. The Cemetery is the final resting place for over 104,000 people, and as a nonsectarian site is open for burials for all races, religions, and walks of life. It is a place to celebrate the lives of those people, each with an extraordinary story to tell. With nearly 70 acres remaining for future development, Lake View will continue to inter people for the next 100 years. As a tourist destination, Lake View Cemetery offers a variety of walking, bus, and self-guided tours. Among the tour topics are geology, architecture, horticulture, nature, animals, and history. Additionally, there are picnic sites and hiking trails. Some of the well-known points of interest include the James A. Garfield Monument, Wade Memorial Chapel, Rockefeller Monument, the Community Mausoleum, and the Lake View Cemetery Dam. Lake View offers a diverse, year-round schedule of educational and cultural events. From 5k runs to band concerts, there is something for everyone. Brown-bag your lunch and enjoy these majestic grounds. Don’t forget your camera, as you will find many sights to capture. Lake View Cemetery 12316 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-4393 Phone: (216) 421-2665, Fax: 216-421-2415 E-mail: Office hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30AM - 4:00PM Sat: 8:30AM—Noon, Sun: by appointment

Cleveland Business Profile

Irwin Engraving & Printing

The Art of Engraving: A Company’s Version of Couture…

Just like a designer handbag, engraving has been impersonated in order to cut costs with a process called thermography. In thermography, ink is placed on the paper and treated with a setting powder to complete the process. The resulting image is bubbly and high-gloss and fails to capture the elegance of engraving. You know what they say about cheap imitations, you get what you pay for. The look of engraving is a very distinguished and elegant one. Referred to as the Cadillac of printing, the raised, smooth color

gives the appearance of the design rising from the paper out of nowhere. It is a magical look that makes your image come to life. Engraving has a higher upfront cost, yet the investment on a long term image in the long run provides a high-end look that is worth the extra dollars. In the last year there has been a revived interest in engraving. Companies all over the country, including major metropolises like New York and Los Angeles, are trying to stand-out from the rest by making the best impression they can. Engraving has allowed them to give their companies a more expensive and established look at a glance. Cleveland has one of the country’s oldest engraving companies. Irwin Engraving and Printing Company was established in 1922 and changed owners twice before ending in the hands of the Nass family in 1965, which owns it to this day. The Nass Family has kept the same level of artistry even as others have cut quality to meet cost constraints. Their clients include prestigious companies in and out of Cleveland, and they are also the exclusive printing company for Cleveland Living Magazine. Quality and elegance in our own backyard is what sets Cleveland apart from other cities. Contact Irwin Engraving & Printing Company for a consultation and to see what engraving and their other products can do for your event or company.

Irwin Engraving & Printing 5318 Saint Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103 (216)391-7300,

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Story & Photography by Lory Rosa

In life, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Back in the days before computer printing dominated the industry, engraving was the way companies developed their stationery, diplomas, and other event documents that needed a unique look. Engraving was an old world art form that required an artisan’s hands to trace all letters and designs required for an event or company’s image onto an inked steel plate which was then applied to the paper. These days engraving has evolved, just as all printing processes have, yet it has managed to maintain an artisan’s involvement in the process. The hands-on attention to details, combined with high-end finishes and paper, can give the final engraved product a couture feel, making it stand-out. Now engraving is done on copper plates, which opens up the process for designs that are more elaborate.

The Woman Behind F. F. P. My name is Angela Miller, and as a little girl I always enjoyed the creative arts. I was especially drawn toward the theater world. It's a world like no other. Taking imaginable characters and bringing their stories to life gave me joy. I would often pen stories just for the fun of it, never realizing that my purpose was being developed. But as life would have it, my focus changed and my dreams were suppressed. It would take years for me to recognize my true passion. What had been dormant inside of me was ready to be heard again. An opportunity given to me by Bishop Luther Blackwell to work with the Drama Ministry at Mega Church was the beginning of my God-ordained journey. Bridging my professional career of helping others and my love for the arts set me on a path to help children and families in a non-traditional way. There are many families struggling with an array of issues that have caused them to feel hopeless and hurt. Since 1999, I have written several plays and even created a non-profit organization called Furaha Forever Productions in 2001. Furaha means "Joy" and our mission is to empower, entertain, and educate while offering positive solutions through the art of drama. In 2011, we hosted our 1st Annual Christmas Party/Toy Giveaway for children and families in Northeast Ohio. Through our efforts we were able to help 100 kids and their parents. This December we expect to reach more people. In an effort to raise proceeds for our 2nd Annual Christmas Party/Toy Giveaway event, we are hosting two fundraiser events: “Women with Purpose” on Saturday, October 20, and “Comedy and Jazz Affair” “on Saturday, November 24.

Learn more about Furaha Forever Productions and order tickets for their events at, or call (216)202-0784.

Julie Harton


Design Tips for Fall

he colorful deep reds, oranges, and yellows in the changing leaves, the crisp October nights, sipping warm apple cider fireside, and eating fresh pumpkin pie are sure things to warm the soul during the fall season. Let’s bring those colors and feelings into the home. Here are some great quick and simple ways to change your décor and transition into fall. Warm Scents: Nothing says fall like the scent of crisp fallen leaves and warm apple pie. Why not fill your home with these invigorating scents. Try making a simmering potpourri by adding dried fruit slices and spices to a simmering pot of apple cider. You can search online for recipes, but think cinnamon and apples, citrus and cloves, and pumpkin pie spices. If candles are more your style, I suggest Bath and Body Works. They have the best scents for the season and their candles burn perfectly. Nature’s Beauty: Fall is the perfect time of year to bring the outdoors in. Go on a nature walk in your backyard to collect acorns, twigs, and berries, pinecones, nuts and leaves, using these treasures from nature to decorate your home. Create a tablescape for your dining room and coffee tables by filling various glass containers with these beauties. Get creative and mix and match nuts with wheat, pinecones with pine needles, twigs with corn kernels, or apples and leaves. Colorful Crisp Leaves: Highlight the beauty of fall leaves in your décor. You can hang them in your windows or create a simple wall display by framing a variety of sizes and colors. A great way to protect the leaves is to iron them between two pieces of wax paper and cut them out before using them in your project. Autumnal Wreaths: Putting up a harvest wreath isn’t a decoration meant only for your front door. Think outside of the box and try hanging small wreaths on your dining room chairs using a velvet

ribbon. Use materials associated with the season such as golden wheat and cornhusks, dark nuts and berries, and colorful fall leaves. Pumpkins and Gourds: There are so many creative ways to decorate with pumpkins and gourds. They can be painted and carved and come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Use a variety to decorate any room in the house. Carve them out to use for flowerpots and vases or create a garland of gourds to hang anywhere. Linens: When thinking about pulling out your fall tablecloth, why not take changing this simple linen a step further? Think fall in every room! Change your bedspread or your sheets. Exchanging the lighter fabrics for deep warmer hues of the season is a sure way to bring fall into the bedroom. You can also change your throw pillows and pull out the warm cozy blankets for those chilly nights when you’ll be snuggled up on the couch. Be sure to mix and match patterns and textures. Try pairing a wool plaid pillow with a cozy chenille blanket. Don’t forget about changing your bathroom towels and kitchen linens, too. Dressing the Mantel: Fall is a great time to gather around the hearth. Why not dress up your mantle to make a more inviting space? Add candles, a gourd garland, a variety of pumpkins, or a display of fall leaves. Hang a wreath or a grouping of handmade brown paper blossoms to add another dimension and texture. Outdoor Spaces: Don’t forget to dress your outdoor spaces as well. Using the tips above for your interior spaces, decorate your front door, entryway, and patio. Try painting pumpkins with letters that spell “welcome” to invite your guests. Add throw pillows and blankets to your patio furniture for warmth, and arrange a grouping of potted plants. Use the season’s popular mums for additional color, and seasonal leafy vegetable plants such as cabbage and kale for additional texture!

Contact Julie Harton for design and creative consulting at Cleveland Living Magazine Page 9

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Artisans of Ohio

Fused Glass Jewelry Ohio is no stranger to the world of craft and art festivals, hosting these shows every weekend from spring through late fall. Cleveland Living Magazine sat down with art show veteran Deby Hutt Romaniw to talk about what it takes to make it in the local scene and what’s motivated her over the years.

Article and Photos by Lory Rosa

Deby has put her creativity on display since her high school days in the ’70s, when she tried her hand at macramé, beadwork, and other crafts, devoting her free time to learning new techniques and selling her finished works. Even at a young age she was a favorite vendor at the local art shows. After starting college her time for such work became sparse, and before long she had put her crafting days behind her.

advice to new artists ready to show their work: “Choose shows that will be a good fit for your product and for you as an artist. Register early and network to get more information from people who have done the shows before.” thing she’d learned to make innovative works that were uniquely her own. By pushing the limits of her material and trying brave experiments other artists may have shied away from, Deby now produces pieces with deeper colors and a signature style, giving her an edge in the increasingly competitive world of artisan and hobbyist trade shows.

To shop Deby’s designs visit…

making it in the art festival scene: “It takes determination and always re -and my husband has kept me going. You will find good and binventing yourself to stand out. The support of my parents ad people anywhere, but stay positive and don’t let the negativity get to you.” In 2004, Deby’s mother encouraged her to take up crafting again. She picked up making jewelry, mostly beadwork. Deby’s return to the art show circuit revealed a surprising similarity of work from table to table, and she decided to learn a craft that would stand out. In 2008 she took a fused glass workshop offered through the Cleveland MetroParks and began incorporating the techniques into her jewelry. On a fateful trip to Florida to visit her parents Deby dropped by a glasswork studio and took the last seat in a class with nationally renowned glass artist Tanya Veit. Her imagination was set alight, and when she returned home she began creating new pieces. Treating her newfound knowledge like she would a piece of glass, Deby twisted, layered, and eventually broke and rearranged every-

Deby’s Designs Art Glass Jewelry

Artisans of Ohio

Let the Stones Do the Talking... Artists tend to see their muses in different sources. Some draw inspiration from everyday life; others get ideas in their sleep. Denise Donaldson is an Ohio artisan who lets the natural stones she works with dictate what they will become. Passionately studying their shapes and colors, she integrates metals around the stones to provide a stage that enhances, but doesn’t eclipse, their natural beauty. Each piece is unique and she never reproduces any of them. Like a mother to her children, she tends to all their individual forms. For the past fifteen years, Denise has been dedicating most of her free time to her stone-based jewelry, molding each piece into a beautiful work of art which others can enjoy as much as she does. Becoming her own mannequin and marketing vehicle, she wears her pieces to work and other events, leading to compliments and orders which keep her busy. A self-taught artist, she is constantly looking for new techniques that will make her work achieve a level of originality that will allow her to stand out from the crowd. Four years ago, with the support and encouragement of her husband Rick, Denise took the leap from hobbyist to artist. She began showing and selling her work at local arts and crafts shows, launching her original jewelry line called “Sticks and Glitter.” She also sells her work in shops in the northeast Ohio area, as well as some of the Lake Erie Islands shops. Five months ago, in a symptom of today’s economic uncertainty, she lost her fulltime employment. Some would take a negative approach to this situation, but Denise looked at this as an opportunity to work even harder at her craft. She has since been working on even more pieces and developing a large inventory that will allow her to consign in a broader market. To purchase some of Denise’s work you can visit her at one of many shows in the area. See her website,, for a list of her upcoming appearances. The site also has a portfolio of her work, along with an online store.

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Artisans of Ohio

Hansel’s Glass I was recently invited to visit the workspace of Douglas Hansel and Daneal Ferraro Hansel, a studio called Locally Blown Glass. This young and eclectic couple operates a gallery in the quaint town of Burton, Ohio, just a short trip away from Cleveland. The Hansels have devoted their small garage to the love of glass. This studio serves as the laboratory for these creative geniuses. It is where they produce pieces that resemble those found in major galleries abroad. Douglas and Daneal each earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1998, although from different institutions. Douglas started his glassworking career at Kent State University before studying at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington and beginning to build the home studio. Daneal discovered glasswork at Columbus College of Art & Design and has since taught classes and taken up historical stained-glass window restoration in the Pittsburgh area. It is said that artists will suffer for their craft. For no one does this hold more true than for glassblowers. The glassblower stands for sometimes hours in front of a kiln that reaches temperatures over 2200 degrees. Severe skin burns like those earned from spending hours in the sun, cuts from fragile glass, and dehydration are the most common hazards of this work. Reaching temperatures of well over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the space was almost unbearable and even caused my camera to malfunction during my visit. The intricacies of each piece require multiple trips to this fire-breathing kiln. But the Hansels are not daunted by any of this. They return to the scorching heat every day. Their reward is a treasure trove of beautiful glass shaped by their imaginations. Glass Gallery 14533 N. Cheshire Street Burton, OH 44021

Gallery Hours

Thur–Fri 11AM–6PM, Sat 10AM–4PM. All other days by appointment. Contact the artists at (440)635-0550.

Reiki ♦ Chakra Attuning ♦ Therapeutic massage for individuals and couples ♦ Reflexology of the hands and feet ♦ Intuitive spiritual consultation ♦ More Located in the Cleveland’s Tremont District 1005 Kenilworth Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44113 For more information call (216) 861-9000

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Spiritual Message


Proverb teaches us that “from the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him. He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin. A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. A man finds joy in giving an apt reply—and how good is a timely word! A wise man's heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction. A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” In the book Dynamics For Living, by Charles Fillmore, the author suggests that “the word of Truth has life in it. It has power to restore and make whole. It cannot perish or grow less with the changes that come with the fleeting years. The more spiritual the individual is who gives forth the words the more enduring they are, and the more powerfully the words move men the more surely they awaken them to their divine nature.“ Mr. Fillmore continues in reminding us that “the words of Jesus were given to common people—according to the world's standard—by a carpenter in a remote corner of the earth. Yet these words have moved men for thousands of years to realize, to dare, and to do as no other words that were ever uttered. Jesus spoke in terms of that inner Word which creates all things. He knew that His words were vivified with a life essence

Stock Picture from Microsoft

I have come to learn and realize the power of the spoken word. Whether the words we speak are positive or negative, every word we speak goes forth to produce in our experience that which we have spoken. Whatever we are experiencing in our life, whether it is what we consider good or bad, let us reflect back on not only our spoken words, but also let us reflect back on our thought-life. As we now begin to take responsibility for our life, it is exciting to know that if we are not happy with what we are currently experiencing we can begin to engage in the process to change it. WOW!!!

and a moving power that would demonstrate the truth of His statement.” It is comforting and empowering to know that we have the ability, the tools, and the technique available to us to apply the Truth teachings of Jesus to our circumstances. As we begin to engage in this process of Truth, we will begin the journey of changing our life. LOVE AND BLESSINGS♥ LeNore Anderson, RScP


For more information call LeNore Anderson at (877) 805-5985

Aimee’s Astrology with Aimee Jordan Scorpio: You may be putting closure on a few personal issues this month. The Third is an especially emotional day so keep yourself centered, knowing that “this too shall pass.” It is a healing process. A spontaneous getaway for you and a close friend or partner helps you to continue to celebrate life! MANTRA: I am embracing life's gifts fully Sagittarius: Life's been on the fast track these past few months Sag. Some close bonds have felt a little loose due to this. October 7th-24th is a great opportunity to re-connect with loved ones. Consider getting some help with organizing, especially paperwork. This may help you relax and keep a deeper perspective on what's truly important! MANTRA: My life has a rhythmic flow Capricorn: Keep an eye on your temper this month, Capricorn. You’re keeping some emotions bottled up which just may erupt at any given moment, if you don't take some time to address important issues. Consider hitting the gym or yoga mat to get out some aggression. Work up a sweat, not an argument! MANTRA: I am in tune with my true emotions Aquarius: The last decade of your life has been one of tremendous growth. It almost feels like a dream. However Aquarius, the next phase will reveal a more awakened state! You may even become interested in doing work that heals the planet especially involving water, as Pisces moves into your scope. Emotions run high so take time to continue to nurture yourself. MANTRA: I live on a level of higher consciousness Pisces: A surprise is coming your way. This may be anything from unexpected financial gain to an old friend showing up out of nowhere. If you allow yourself to expect the unexpected, you'll have an adventurous month! The early part of October is a perfect time to utilize this energy and go for a spontaneous getaway into nature. Take a deep breath and enjoy! MANTRA: I allow life to be a new journey daily Aries: You are going to see results from all the hard work you've put into your personal and career life. The pace is quickening! Keep track of finances with precision this month, as you may have an urge to reward yourself for all your hard work. Go ahead and splurge! Just be certain to be mindful of what you truly can afford, not feel you deserve. MANTRA: I am grateful for all I have earned Taurus: Chill in the air? Doesn't matter to the Bulls. This will be a hot month! The passion you've desired in your love life has arrived. You'll also have a wave of creative insights regarding business. This will potentially light up your bank account as well, as ideas manifest. MANTRA: I am creating love and joy daily Gemini: Love is in the air. Take a deep breath! You have a chance at deepening the connection you already have or opening a door to a new and lasting romance. Be sure to utilize the 13th-23rd for communicating your feelings and taking action. Enjoy the treasures you have discovered, twin, they are now within your hands! MANTRA: I am filled with love and laughter Cancer: Your approach to partnerships is shifting and is creating a more equal and balanced dynamic. You've worked on releasing some unconscious blocks around commitment, such as fear or abandonment, rejection or betrayal. Now this month you are feeling less defensive and more optimistic. Just be yourself and be assured those around you will love what they see! MANTRA: I am my authentic self always Leo: Some issues surrounding trust have emerged. If you choose to approach the subject with care and caution it will be quickly resolved. You are in an important period of growth and this will be another opportunity to evolve. Be true to yourself and the rest will follow! MANTRA: I trust fully in myself Virgo: A long awaited time of peace and prosperity is upon you. This October in particular fills you with tranquility. A spontaneous getaway the last part of the month allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature and utilize all this wonderful energy. Do some meditating and journaling to retain this Virgo flow! MANTRA: I enjoy perfect peace

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This horoscope is provided for entertainment purposes only and represents the opinions of the author.

Libra: Libra, you've hopefully balanced your checkbook, now it's time to align yourself. As healthy as your love life may be, there’s one relationship that’s been a several-year work in progress: the one with yourself. Time to put ego and holistic health in check! Consider taking up meditation to begin balancing the scales. MANTRA: I am in perfect health and balance

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Cleveland Rapper Goes on World Tour The Syncronaut Beat Squad Re- Introduces: Gansta Nutt A.K.A. “The Legendary Hood” Gansta Nutt is an established Solo Artist/Writer & Performer of Cleveland Ohio, Since 1996. Before 1996 Gansta Nutt was an original member of a group/production team formerly known as ‘The Wolf Pak” A energetic crew of Emcee’s everyone talked about all over Cleveland and surrounding area’s. The Cleveland Native returns to the Rap scene in 2012 with his 4th new Cd release titled “The Hood Lyfe Project”. featuring a select few pioneer producers and artist, also from Cleveland. This project in it’s recording stages created multiple choice’s for a Hit Single The Cd as a whole is His Best Yet from start to finish, Video’s included. Gansta Nutt has shared stages in over 12 states with local & Major artist such as Redman/DeLa Soul/Bizzy Bone/Paul Wall/The O Jay’s/Men At Large/Skip Martin/71 North/Big B/ GMS/Blacknile and Twista just to name a few. Attending a number of interviews TV/Internet & Radio, Nutt continues his legacy as a solo artist. His last Release of 2010 “Surviving The Game” Available on iTunes/ Amazon/Myxer and more. The project Continues to make a lot of noise in sales and on internet radio in the UK & Worldwide. (Including holding a top 20 chart position since May 2010, on for the Ohio area).

In closing, Gansta Nutt is supported by the following: The Syncronaut Beat Squad/Hood Legends Music/SyncTone Records/After Burners Inc./Strong Arm Ent/25th Dynasty/ D-Free Org. and Hand Picked Mgmt. We all thank you. The Fans/Friends/Artist and Family, For your continued support and efforts, to share a Legends Dream. “No Struggle-No Pain-No Hustle-No Progress” The Hood Lyfe Project 2012! For Booking- Reviews-Shows-Interviews and Updates: "No Struggle-No Pain-No Hustle-No Progress" Faith Makes Things Possible...........................Not Easy!

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It’s the green thing to do.

If I could tell upcoming artist anything it would be "Stay focused-never try someone or something twice that leads you to a dead end or circle, always look forward to succeed" * First stop on Land 2 Japan Tour Toronto Shows/appearances as of this yr 2012 Toronto Aug 3-4-5 Columbus-Aug 16th- iStandard Producer Comp- Placed 1st move on to NYC Nov. Cleveland Roc Bar -Aug 17th Detroit - The Shelter Aug 18th Cleveland-Peabodies- Aug 24-G Nutt Sept. 21st-Wine up Charlotte SC Sept. TBA- London/Spain w/Lord Jazz Oct. Cleve Roc Bar-Label Release Party TBA Nov - Return to NYC for iStandard comp Nov- Bronx NY -TBA "No Struggle-No Pain-No Hustle-No Progress" Hand Picked Mgmt. Corp 216-509-1650

Cleveland Living Magazine Page 19

Oct 2012  

Cleveland Living Magazine issue 5 October 2012

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