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What’s Up Idaho Youth Ranch The Future Is Bright By Jason Fry, CEO

I think May was a “moment of truth” kind of month for IYR. We have been tested by challenges and tempted by a forward vision. I believe our collective resolve as an organization skyrocketed. I’ve heard it in comments from our team members, and I’ve witnessed it in results. May 11th was a key date for our organization as our board of directors came together with our leadership team to discuss where we stand, and where we plan on going. With clear recognition that we still have a lot of work to do, we began looking forward at what the IYR of the future will look like. Through the process, three main themes developed: • IYR will develop a best-in-class system to treat trauma and build resilience in kids. • IYR will be the leading youth-serving organization in the region and lead a trauma care movement in Idaho. • IYR will create an enduring, sustainable business model. These are clearly broad, high-level aspirations. They’re exciting and challenging - and our pursuit of achieving them will lead to an extraordinary impact on helping kids and families along the way. Overcoming challenges are what we are about. There wouldn’t be a need for the Idaho Youth Ranch if there weren’t hurting kids who faced incredible challenges in their daily lives. I believe this May has been a rallying point for our organization. To become really clear on what we do best, and how we will best position ourselves to serve future generations. I’m so grateful for the resounding support from all of you and so many outside our organization. One of our loyal supporters said it best in a note to me last month, “Stay

the course. Be steady and be strong. The kids are worth it, and we are with you all the way.”

We are now taking new clients in the Treasure Valley and northern Idaho. If you know a young person struggling with:

• Anxiety

• Agrression

• Depression

• Suicidal Thoughts

• Self -Harm

• Family Confilic

Please direct them to or our website,


Thomas, his mother, and sibling successfully completed Functional Family Therapy. Given some remaining individual issues with Thomas, it was determined that DBT individual treatment would be a good match for the aftercare plan. Thomas and his mom agreed that additional anger management skills and self-esteem skills would benefit not only Thomas but his entire family. They wanted to maintain the progress they had made during FFT and felt this treatment would allow for their continued success. Since beginning DBT Thomas and his mom have continued to be able to appropriately and in healthy ways manage their family conflict and issues. Thomas has demonstrated an ability to advocate on his behalf and ask for help, especially around school issues. Since being assertive in his educational struggles, he is turning in his homework and receiving good grades. He has increased his friendships with positive peers and is actively involved in a church youth group which he

is enjoying. In utilizing his DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness skills he has reconnected with his biological father, they are enjoying their hobby of playing guitar together, and Thomas is looking forward to spending part of the summer with his dad. Thomas is set to successfully discharge from DBT in June. He appears much happier these days. His sense of humor has really emerged, and he is quite funny. He appears to feel better about himself. He and his mom’s relationship continue to improve, and they are able to see the good in one another and their strengths as a family. Their relationship seems more respectful. This case is still in progress, but the family and therapy are hopeful and optimistic.

SUCCESS STORY: Adoptions By Donna Euler, Program Supervisor

For the fourth time in the history of Adoptions North, we have placed twins for adoption. Jane, the birth mother, in this case, has significant mental health issues and is in a substance abuse treatment program. She was referred to our program by her case manager so she could educate herself about adoption and potentially choose an adoptive placement so she could better focus on her recovery and sobriety. The birth father, in this case, is also involved in the Drug Court process. Through the dedicated and coordinated efforts of many service providers, including Jane’s attorney, case manager, therapist, hospital social worker and IYR's Maternity Counselor; Jane was able to make an adoption decision that was in her children's best interest. We were able to facilitate an open adoption arrangement which will allow on-going mediated contact between the birth parents and the

adoptive parents while safeguarding the children. This arrangement allows the birth parents to focus on their recovery rather than the stressors of parenting twins while having regular assurance that their children are in good hands and are thriving. The plan also allowed an adoptive couple with infertility issues to become parents. Interestingly enough, the adoptive mother who was chosen by the birth parents is also a twin. Due to the issues present in the biological home and the fact that the birth mother had another child that she was not able to raise, these children would have very likely ended up in state foster care due to a child protection referral. Because the birth parents were able to unselfishly put the best interest of their children ahead of their desire to be parents and place the children for adoption, these children have permanency and stability.


By Bryant Ridgley, Interim Program Supervisor Alex came to Hays at the age of 15, having been in conflict with her family and struggled to follow any family rules. Alex was running away and experimenting with drugs. Alex was far behind in school and was already in an alternative schooling program meant for youth in her situation. Her desire to do the work was non-existant. Alex's past was rocky, and her mother had her own struggles, so her ability to be there for Alex was strained. Alex’s Grandmother became her strongest supporter outside of Hays and financially supported Alex to receive the help she needed. While Alex was not perfect during her time at Hays, we definitely saw an

improvement. He grandmother was in constant communication with Hays, and she was very focused on Alex's school work and getting Alex to come live with her again. Alex slowly began to improve in school, staff worked with her and helped her focus on priorities during her time at Hays. Alex was very excited to return to her family after 5 months at the Hays house. Alex was able to return home and work with her family on issues as opposed to running away. Alex called the Hays House to let the staff know that she was on the honor roll in school. This would have never happened without extra help since Alex was previously so far behind.

Help also came in a different form for Alex as well. Alex's grandparents were very frustrated with a child that wouldn't follow the rules. This led to extreme measures such as doors being removed in the house to increase visibility, some rooms being locked to avoid theft and very little positive reinforcement for Alex. They struggled with the challenges of raising a teenager with complicated issues. They needed the help of Hays staff to learn how Alex responds to authority the best way. Teaching the grandparents about some ways to give positive reinforcements and the impact it can have really seemed to help them relate to their granddaughter much better.

Idaho Youth Ranch Parenting Classes


By Brianna Woolsey, Program Supervisor Nicki Vogel, YW! Intern for the summer has started. Nicki recently graduated from BSU and is looking for experience working with adolescents. So far Nicki has proven herself to be invaluable in getting this years YW! Summer Program is going. The summer program had over 120 inquiries and 26 applicants. Only 12 applicants will be selected. June 16th is the start date! YW! provided the resident clients with a tour at Hewlett Packard to learn more about STEM careers. (see attached photos) The residents were able to meet different Engineers, learned about many different career paths and tried coding! HP has now inquiried about partnering with IYR for a summer internship program! More to come! Lastly, YW! completed three community workshops this month. There are two more community workshops scheduled for this fiscal year with a new partnership at Hidden Spring Library.

Next Steps for Idaho Youth Ranch Alumni This was a very busy month for the "Next Steps" programs. On the Alumni side: We had a Graduation ceremony for the Treasure Valley on May 3rd. There were 8 alumni who received graduation status which means they completed at least 3 months of after care services! Alum, Alyssa Romero, and her mother completed a testimonial video shoot for IYR. Alyssa and her mother completed family therapy with Amanda Smith and Anchor House. They have nothing but wonderful things to say about Amanda and their experience with IYR. Today Alyssa is a recipient of the IYR scholarship and is attending BSU Honors College. A resident discharged from Hands of Promise and received his Alumni coin. The Alumni Coin is a representation of support IYR will always offer its alums. We are hopeful to see this resident at our next graduation ceremony in Fall 2018. Lastly, five alums attended Wine, Women and Shoes Boise. Each alum shared a little about their story and how IYR has made a positive impact in their lives! These alums are amazingly brave to stand in from of nearly 500 people and be vulnerable to share the hardest parts of their lives! We are so grateful for them! Two of these alums have also started Facebook campaigns to continue raising money for the Idaho Youth Ranch!

PROGRAMS Hays House Is Awarded Grants By Bryant Ridgley, Program Supervisor We have been doing our grant presentations for our 3 major grants that make up about $400,000 of our annual budget. The community has continued to be supportive and excited to hear about what we do. We have gotten positive feedback on these grants and approvals as well. We have had a couple very positive placements for our residents as well. We were able to return a girl to her family after 5 months of being at Hays House. Also, We have a young lady who has been with the Idaho Youth ranch since she was 11, in some capacity or another She spent time at the Rupert Ranch 5 years ago and has been to Hays House before as well. She stayed with us for 5 months and was able to reunite with family this month as well. A third young lady was also able to be reunited with her family and

reported being on the honor roll at her school when we spoke to her a week later. This was a vast improvement in her education with hard work she put in at Hays. We received an $8,000 grant for our staff desk remodel. And this is very sorely needed. The current desk is worn out from the years of hard working and fast-paced staff using it. I believe it is mostly taped together these days. We are currently researching a new design and a longer lasting material to make the new desk with. We received a $500 dollar donation for items targeted at the youth to use and brighten up their daily lives. We will be honoring that donors wishes and the youth are excited for the new karaoke machine they have been asking for, as well as, the new volleyball net to replace the very worn and ineffective one we

have been using. Lastly, we will be getting 2 cameras for the youth to use for pictures of Hays from their point of view. We really felt that while we are promising futures for our youth, they should be able to remember their past. When a child is in facilities, it is rare that they have pictures of their childhood with the absence of a present parent. We want to give them the full experience and remember it. Team members from Hays House and Family Services South attended a Suicide prevention and risk assessment seminar at the Boise Centre on the 21st. This was a very welcomed opportunity to get together with a multitude of service providers and learn about how we can best identify the signs of risk or suicidal ideation in our clients. This really goes a long way in prevention as we team these methods to our staff too.

Coin Ceremony

By Melissa McDaniel, Programs Administrative Assistant This May, Hands of Promise celebrated a coin ceremony for one of our kids. The Idaho Youth Ranch Coin is presented to a client upon completion of service. The awarding of an Idaho Youth Ranch Coin recognizes the efforts and perseverance it takes to lead a healthy, positive, and productive life. During the presentation, the youth are encouraged to be strong, treat themselves and others with respect and dignity, and to give back to where they came from. This time, over 10 family members traveled from

Southern Idaho. A Hands of Promise Alumn also traveled from southern Idaho to celebrate his friend, who he met while in our care. These young people are reminded that they are Idaho Youth Ranch family, and part of a thirty thousand human tribe of alumni! As the coin is given to the new alumni, they are encouraged to live life to the absolute fullest and always to strive to be as happy as they can be. Idaho Youth Ranch staff and family members also go around and wish the alum good luck or share a fun memory. The Coin is a solid, grounding reminder that they have earned the Idaho Youth Ranch coin and will be forever family.







Coeur d’Alene




Idaho Falls


Nampa Franklin Caldwell

54.24% 54.12%

Main Street Eagle

51.72% 51.50%

Post Falls




Laura Whitley, Chinden


Daniel Springston, 72.82% Orchard Melissa Evans, Lewiston


Craig Miller, Mountain Home


Kali Deutsche, Orchard


Emily Russell, Ontario Evelyn Banuelos, Ontario Jessica Frye, Lewiston Melissa Hinkey, Payette

68.86% 68.59% 68.40% 68.22%

Big Changes Mean Big Money in Thrift By Rich Cline, Senior Director of Thrift

Social Enterprise has completed a very successful month of May. Stores fully implemented the new donation sort at store level. The stores have done a fantastic job of making the adjustment so that all of our processes from store to distribution center and back to the store are clean and efficient. In addition, stores are keeping more good stuff at their stores and selling it there…which is the most efficient way for us to sell donations! Great job store teams! Stores sales in May were close to 9% over the prior year which is very strong. Our store teams are making our customers very happy! Idaho Falls went over the $100,000 mark in sales in May…which is the first time a store has done that in quite some time. In addition, they will go over the $1 Million mark in sales during June. Brandy and her team are on FIRE!! Congratulations to our 2 new store managers - Darcy Jones to Mountain Home and Vicky Elkins to Jerome. A big thanks to Laura Whitley and the Chinden store team who did a fantastic job of closing the store in a very smooth fashion. The sale of that building is providing a significant amount of funds that can be used for other critical needs in the organization. Distribution The distribution team continues with the re-engineering of the Nagel distribution center. During this month some significant accomplishments were attained. Our “Big Blue” garbage shredder is now fully functional with the addition of our new large infeed conveyor belt. The shredder will save us “HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS” of dollars in garbage costs. Our new mechanized softline production process is now up and running. Not only will this process be way more efficient, but it will also allow us to make “HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS” of additional dollars on selling our overflow clothing to interested buyers.The efficiencies created by our new donation process and adding pallet stackers to many of our other stores has allowed us to take 5 trucks out of our fleet saving us close to $100,000 annually! We are in the process of exiting one of our storage warehouses in eastern Boise that will save us $130,000 annually. eCommerce: We are so pleased to have 2 of our store team members join our eCommerce team!! MaryAnne Porter from Main Street and Sheryl Martin from Orchard have joined our powerhouse eCommerce team to help in driving these valuable sales! We also want to welcome back Joe Adams to our eCommerce team as well. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge back to us that will help us drive Ruby’s and online sales. Our big item of the month was a silver-plated flute which sold for $5,600! Great job eCommerce team!

FUNDRAISING WINE WOMEN AND SHOES BOISE BREAKS RECORDS For the first time ever, Wine Women and Shoes Boise has broken the $400,000 mark.

Under the strong leadership of Stacey Moody, Team IYR stepped up to the plate and scored big! It seems the whole of IYR came together to help make it happen – Marketing, Programs, Distro, Social Enterprise, IT, Accounting, Admin, HR, Volunteer Services. Everyone had a role to play, and we were stronger together. Guests reported that they had a great time, and everything ran smoothly. The whole Development Team is beyond grateful for all of you and your hard work to make the evening a special one. Whether you helped at check-in, prepared our alums to speak, kept track of the paddle raises, got the computers running, recruited volunteers, decorated the venue, or helped load everything in the truck at the end of the evening – and everything in between – we appreciate you!

$170,000 ICDVVA Grant Awarded

The Idaho Coalition for Domestic Violence granted Idaho Youth Ranch $170,000 to help us run Hays House. This year over year grant is key to our ability to provide safe shelter for kids in crisis. ICDV audits our programs on a regular basis, and in the note, they sent to inform us of the grant, they expressed confidence in our programs and our ability to positively impact on kids’ lives.

Matching Offers Entice 4 New $5000 Donors

An anonymous donor who gave us $20,000 this year helped us engage 4 new donors at the $5000 level. This anonymous donor’s pledge provided four $5000 matches this year whenever someone NEW at that level also gave $5000. By using this tool, we successfully encouraged two donors who gave at the $3000 level to increase their giving. The other two donors were brand new to us, excited about a matching opportunity, and we in the development team will be working hard to learn more about them and their interest in helping at-risk youth.

The Mission Takes Center Stage By Whitney Springston, Director of Marketing The marketing team is moving full steam ahead on keeping our programs team busy. In June, we continue to change the conversation about what Idaho Youth Ranch means to our community. We are launching e-series of parenting guides for anyone looking for a little helpful advice with their kids (let us know if you want to be included). New signs are rolling into some of our thrift stores in communities where we can take on new clients into our outpatient therapy programs, and we are working closely with our programs team to create new content to share with potential clients and donors. We have two new testimonial videos coming out in June as well. Making testimonials is by far the best part of the job – we get to hear firsthand how the dedication and compassion of our organization directly impact individual lives. Make sure to check out and share Nicole’s story (included in the What’s Up Email). We are continuing to improve our website. Please make sure to send any errors you may find to Whitney Springston at

ACCOUNTING Prepping for Year End

By Kim Thomas, Cheif Financial Officer

As year-end approaches just a few deadlines that I am asking you to help us with: 1. All invoices for FY18 must be coded, approved, and to AP NO LATER THAN 7/6/18. This is critical to ensuring we accurately report our financial statements. 2. Please review all p-card charges for 6/26/18-6/30/18 activity and code by 7/6/18. While we recommend weekly coding and uploading of invoices, this isn’t typically required. For year end, we do ask that you ensure your charges are coded for this time period as we have to accrue those charges so the expenses hit the correct fiscal year. 3. REMEMBER… capital projects do not carry forward from year to year so please ensure that any open projects are completed with invoices in by 7/6/18 (capital campaign projects are excluded). We will be closing those projects as part of the year end process. If you have any projects that will need accounting assistance in July-August, please let us know right away so that we can plan in our schedule. Coming up: • July 2-10 Complete year end reporting • July 11-20 Complete audit preparation documents • July 30-August 3 Auditors on site for financial audit • August 6-10 Upgrade testing for our HR and Accounting system • August 13- Go live date for upgrade


To Joe Otten from Dave and Caryn

By finding a wallet with cash and being honest enough to to turn it in For thatI say thank you and great job (as always)! - Joe

To Laura Whitley from Shelly R.

I can’t imagine a better boss or someone who used our Wilbers everyday! Thank you so much!

To Robin Glenn from Laura Whitley

You are very supportive and always profide honest feedback. You have helped me grow and develop as a manager. I appreciate it.

To Aaron Sanders from Riley

“Aaron took superior initiative in making our front display case shine. Way to go!

What's Up June!  
What's Up June!