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planning & practices - 9 Tips for Finding the Right Networking Groups for Business

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principles - 9 Tips for Beginners to Avoid Bombing in Business


- Reader Recommended Books

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- Tips for Buying Insurance


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- Beauty and Brains: An Emerging Truth and a New Product

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A conversation with Toni Jewell

publisher’s point - A Letter from the Editor

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planning & practices

9 Tips for Finding the Right

Networking Groups for Business

Karleen Andresen

A trending concern among business owners is networking. Questions about networking plague cluster groups, panel discussions, and letters to the editor. Which groups are the best groups is a top question. Although many owners want a one-size-fits-all list, the answer is found within the business owner. As a marketer, here are some pieces used when recommending where to go.

Know the goal: It’s a vital piece when selecting

networking groups. Whether to find friends, like-minded people, places to push product, business to purchase from, or to target a certain group, answering this question will lay the plan of purpose and provide a window of how many groups to target.


A sure way to commit business suicide is to attend and avoid engagement. It sounds laughable, but it happens frequently. Reach out, ask questions, form relationships, and avoid cliques.

Serve the need: The chosen groups speak to the purpose you’re there and mirror your objectives. For example, if the goal is social interaction, there should be time for mingling or interacting. If the goal is to get information for business development, there will be a business topic. Motivation goals will bring guest speakers or topics to drive action. If finding buyers is the aim, then look for groups with the target audience and money purchase your work. Cost:

If you are spending hundreds to be a member of a group, make sure you’ll receive enough business to break even. Type of group: Based on the goal, the meeting If not, you are paying for a social group and should love the should have an audience to fit the aim. If the desire is to find a people in it. One company paid nearly 400 dollars, gave nearly mastermind group to bare your 150 hours in service beyond “Knowing all the pieces of marketing the monthly meetings, served business soul to, small, quality, and confidential is the group comes with the price of seeing the pains on committees, and paid for to look for. If motivation is every event and giveaway of a business before its owners, and in what you seek, try a weekly they participated in. Although meeting with energy. If passing they were fully engaged, they some cases instead of its owner.” out 100 business cards is the never made more than $100 goal, look for quantity and free-form networking. If connecting in a year from that group. Be sure to spend money where you with tech buffs or women is the intent, then target the tech can make money. clubs or local women’s group. Special needs: This is the delicate topic that must Plan to go the distance: Trying on be spoken out loud. There are some groups that are distant a networking meeting comes first, but avoid being a one-night when you walk in, slow to extend their welcome, only befriend stand. Attend a time or two then dig in. Become part of the to get money, or are friendly when playing to certain cliques group. Lend insight, time, invest in the relationships, and don’t in the group. These are poison for several reasons. They lack avoid a conversation of investing in you if you serve their need. authenticity and ultimately hurt their reputation and yours.

Time: What time of the day or evening, and will you make

it work with your schedule? It’s easy to omit a group because it’s not convenient, but consider if and how it meets the goals. If the 9pm meeting (and I’ve attended one) hits your goal spot on, take a power-nap and go with vigor.


Attending a networking group is a relationship decision, which requires a willingness on both sides to overlook minor flaws. One business owner wanted to develop quality business leads. They quit a perfect networking group because they, “didn’t serve food at the beginning.”

June 2012



9 TIPS FOR BEGINNERS to Avoid Bombing in Business

IWJ Staff

Being mentored by the founder of one of the largest marketing firms in the world does not mean success is guaranteed. Dream-seeking entrepreneurs become part of an exclusive pseudo-masochistic club where gratification and passion is spooning with risk and ignorance. The truth is, national statistics state most businesses fail within the first five years. That means something is missing. The magic of intelligence, strategy, and the power of will is one combination. However, there are axioms learned the hard way that can be avoided. With that, here are nine tips to help beginners avoid bombing in business.

Know the Objective

Like the movie, Hitch, with Will Smith and Kevin James. Smith is seen driving the question, “What is the objective” into James as part of the training. Business owners are in the same situation. With appointments, meetings, calls, and decisions to be made, losing focus is easy. Know what you are doing with your product or service, and avoid broad answers. If you’re trying to promote a knit hat, then covering all heads is not the objective. It depends on size, amount of time it takes to make, and what audience will be the popular buyer.

9 Tips to in Bus Know the

Less is More and

Target a S

Less is More and Quality is Best

Say it in 25 Secon

Business owners usually aim to be all things to all people. As an individual, this can put a company onto a dangerous path. Marketing, for example, is so massive that attempting to secure all facets is unwise. Consider specializing in a single marketing discipline like public relations rather than trying to include commercial creation, ad work, and policy advocacy as well. Becoming well known for successfully placing stories in the media will take a new business farther than trying to split the duties with average performance.

If You Aren’t Interesting

Connect with

Don’t Be Your Company V

Bootstrap is More Attra

Target a Short List

Instead of targeting more than you can manage, make a list of 20. Go through and create a select list of people and do something really clever to get an audience with them. One company creates clever invitations to exclusive mixers and targets a short list. The positive attendance comes from feeling special and appreciated.

Make Yours

Say it in 25 Seconds or Don’t Say It

It’s the 30-second elevator pitch condensed because it always runs over. By accident or deliberately, you will meet people who want to know. If you’re in business, you want to tell people about your business. So instead of torturing the other party with time consuming stories, know your short story. Practice your 25-second elevator pitch...and bomb. Then pick yourself up and do it again.


June 2012

principles If You Aren’t Interesting They Aren’t Interested

Watching and listening to introductions in networking meetings is like listening to finger nails comb a chalkboard. Make sure to deliver the passion for the work. Those who lack the driven personality style, consider creating a snappy introduction or a gimmick to offer. Sometimes, if done well, that can be just as interesting and dynamic.

Connect with Real Experts

Business owners lose more money on hobbyists and network junkies. One woman at a recent networking meeting in Boise, Idaho claimed to be a marketer. It wasn’t until further questions that it was revealed she was a self-proclaimed marketer and her experience was having a blog that captured 1,000 visitors. She wasn’t aware of Alexa rankings, top blog practices, or marketing plans. It could be an unfortunate loss of cash for the unsuspecting business owner hoping to strike gold. Ask questions about success, training, and experience. Once those questions have been answered, dig a little deeper into specific tasks perhaps.

Don’t Be Your Company Victim - It Doesn’t Matter

It’s a cold reality. Nothing matters unless you do the job. All the excuses that are invented, rationalizations attempted, and blame passed. To succeed, the work must be done. Be prepared to do everything if necessary so the expectation never disappoints.

o Thrive siness

Bootstrap is More Attractive Than Bankruptcy


d Quality is Best

Short List

nds or Don’t Say It

g They Aren’t Interested

h Real Experts

Victim - It Doesn’t Matter

active Than Bankruptcy

self Matter

If you can read and research, plan to learn more and spend less. One college graduate looked at the owner while holding up an ink cartridge and said, “How do you change the ink?” As a business owner, avoid at all costs being so dependent on another that you can’t do simple tasks in the office. Seeing a business that began in the basement and grew to 10 employees and then 20 is sexy.

Make Yourself Matter

It’s all the rage: work-life balance. People seek it and business owners shun it. Health can be affected when life is forgotten. Use five minute breaks to listen to a song, journal, make a quick phone call, or fix a shake or cup of herb tea. Begin the client customer service by applying it to the boss too.

June 2012



Reader-Recommended BOOKS

There are millions of books accessible just about anywhere on the planet. An iPad on the Pontoon boat is a stark change for bygone sunbathers, Kindle by the campfire actually happens, books upon books at Barnes and Noble, and the newest trend where people pass books around is becoming more popular. With the mountain of choices and methods to access them, choosing has become the only moving part. There are so many choices and so little time. Here are a few suggestions by readers to revive and thrive this summer:

The Big Leap

Touch This

self improvement

packaging ideas for business

Linda is an energy expert. She recommends The Big Leap as a reading source in sorting out the personal part of working partnerships or relationships. It’s a straightforward delivery of information.

5 Love Languages

Differentiate or Die


promotion for business

Julie is a real estate agent. Julie gets all giddy when explaining how simple the 5 Love Languages spells out love connections. The book isolates the expression of love into five areas and states if a person speaks in the other person’s love language, there is a increase chance of peace in the relationship.


Shannon is an internationally published artist and graphic designer. She is always looking for sensory elements. Touch This is a hardcover or softcover book offering genius packaging ideas.

June 2012

Neil is a founder of one of the largest marketing firms in the world. He claims Differentiate or Die is one of the never-to-be overlooked, timeless classics that speaks to unique positioning and challenges businesses to find their niche.

profits While some insurance is required by law, other insurance is...

purchased in LOVE

With more women starting businesses than men, it seems some traditions haven’t quite caught up. According to insurance advisor, Bob Arnett, as many as 64 percent of women are under insured or lack life insurance altogether, “Historically, men were known to have coverage, and insurance agents market to men as the breadwinner.” says Arnett. Today, women are trying to earn the bacon and still frying it up in the pan. The void of insurance coverage on women can now impact revenue from outside the home and well being on the inside. A business woman without insurance coverage faces a double-edged sword. If this woman dies, there is a loss of the vital family conduit, which is now compounded with the loss of considerable income. Today, it’s no longer a funeral followed by a reception at the house and the doling out of the children by the other women in the family. Today, absence of the woman can be a sea of frustration for her business. There is inventory which may need liquidation, property or lease agreements, business debts, and pending clients that should be notified. So while traditions have evolved for women, their ability to consider their selves remains the same. The trend states women still put their selves at the back of the line when it comes to self care. Women can now take full advantage of great coverage. “Insurance coverage are at an all time low” says Arnett. A healthy 25 year old woman can see insurance rates as low as 11 dollars per month. These women, even if single business

IWJ Staff

owners with no children, may need burial fees reimbursed to loved ones, someone to close their business, or to provide the funds to legally transfer ownership. Women who are 45 years old and in good health can pay as little as 19 dollars per month, leaving options for family members. In both cases, the policy described would provide $200,000 in coverage for a 20 year term insurance policy. Women can now make one more affordable step to the insurance company on behalf of their loves for home and business.

“As many as 64 percent of women are under insured or lack life insurance altogether.”

RESOURCES: Colleen Hicks, MetLife agent 208-230-1976 Tracie Lansing, Colonial Life 208-919-1976 Bob Arnett, Arnett Life Insurance 208-570-8390

June 2012





Brains Laura Morrison

A CONVERSATION WITH TONI JEWELL ABOUT An emerging truth and a new product

Lovely is as lovely does, or so goes the philosophy of Boise entrepreneur and former model Toni Jewell. In 2011 when she launched her business, Lovely Dorothy, Jewell knew she wanted to be more than just a pretty face. She wanted to be the brains and a decision-making powerhouse. She wanted to create and sell products that would make a difference in everyday lives. So she first crafted a meaningful mission statement: “Everyday things done better.” Through Lovely Dorothy, Jewell brought to life her entrepreneurial dreams and created a product that filled a need in her own everyday routine.

Jewell’s brainchild is called “DripKnots.” DripKnots are soft, absorbent wristbands that soak up any water that may drip down your forearms and wet your sleeves when washing your face in the sink, doing dishes, scrubbing a shower, or bathing a child or pet. DripKnots sets include a head band called a HairKnot, crafted from the same luxurious terry velour fabric as the wrist bands. The HairKnot protects hair and clothing while washing your face or applying skin care products. Although Lovely Dorothy was launched just last year, the prototype for DripKnots was created years ago, when Jewell worked as a professional model. The demands of the job combined with heavy makeup meant washing her face was a frequent necessity. But the water that dripped into her sleeves and onto counter tops was annoying, so she tied strips of terry cloth fabric around her arms. Over years, that idea evolved into the DripKnot. Jewell’s husband—a successful entrepreneur in his own right—offered his wife some advice. “The product is looking right at you,” he said, and encouraged her to go for it. Jewell was driven, so she embraced her husband’s challenge. Jewell’s modeling career began in high school and lasted 12 years. It led to a sort of jet-set lifestyle that allowed her to see the world. She modeled for major companies like Avon. She worked for couture beauty brands like Shiseido in New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tokyo. Those experiences also gave Jewell glimpses into what she really wanted to do with her career. Jewell said she never had aspirations of becoming a supermodel. Instead, she saw modeling as an opportunity, not only to travel the world and wear glamorous clothes, but to learn first-hand the behind-the-scenes business.


June 2012

“There would be maybe 20 or 30 people around me, and I would always ask about the business side of things.” In her heart, Jewell knew she was more than a model. So she used the time and the experience to hone in on the aspects of the beauty and fashion business that interested her. The effort ignited her passion to find an entrepreneurial destiny. “It has come full circle and makes sense, now, what I’m doing, when I look at my past.” Jewell said.

“Jewell said she never had aspirations of becoming a supermodel.” Jewell still needed to add an education to her modeling world acumen. So she pursued and earned a degree in Marketing Boise State University. She studied photography and took graphic design classes which enabled her to execute her vision. Having the personal knowledge was also a financially savvy decision; as a result, she was able to do her own marketing and design work. “I’m not an expert in any of these things, but I was so interested in making this come to life,” Jewell said. Even though DripKnots were created out of personal necessity, the product also represents the means by which Jewell’s business self (the one she had been nurturing all these years) was able to come alive. Jewell likens it to finding her deeper passion and pulling back the curtains to let the light in. “I really think I have found what I love doing,” Jewell said. “I feel like I could do this forever!”

Although Jewell had passion and believed in her product, she really had no idea if DripKnots would be successful. But any doubts were erased when she attended a home and gift show in Atlanta. Out of the 5 other “mom-preneurs” she attended with, she sold the most product.

“There would be maybe 20 or 30 people around me, and I would always ask about the business side.” But it is Jewell’s drive and personal enthusiasm that is driving her business. For example, on her own Jewell has taken DripKnots and HairKnots to over 300 stores. She’s networked with other “mom-preneurs” online. Those efforts have opened up doors for Jewell and her business. Through a friend she was able to find an agent that could set her company up with a reputable gift distribution company. She crafted an agreement with the distribution company and awarded it licensing rights to manufacture, promote, and sell the product. Given her desire to be a decision-making powerhouse, Jewell retained creative control and rights to the patent. She earns royalties from the sale of her products. “Licensing was the way to relieve that pressure, to work with an experienced team to take DripKnots to the next level,” Jewell said. “So I’m very much an owner and very much involved.” Licensing also allows her to not only work in her business, but to work on her business. Although the current focus remains on DripKnots, there are new products in Lovely Dorothy’s future. Jewell is exploring personalizing the DripKnots with embroidered social expressions and custom orders. This feature will create easier personalized gift giving. As a mother of three young children, Jewell is realistic about her role as an entrepreneur. She encourages other women interested in going into business to be prepared for sleepless nights. They also, she said, have to include their family. “When you start a business you have to make sure you are on the same page as your family members; significant other and children too,” she said. The first year of Lovely Dorothy meant long hours of hard work for Jewell. When the opportunity to shift some of the work to a licensee came about, Jewell also embraced another tenet of business; being flexible. Licensing the product was liberating, she said. “My primary job is as a Mom, Jewell was born and so you know your business plan just changes, raised in Idaho and graduated and it has to be able to move and flow with from Borah High School. After you,” Jewell said. traveling the world, she and her husband, Jefferson Jewell, also a Boise native, With modeling success early in her life, the decided to settle down and stay in Boise. launch of DripKnots, and the licensing of her product, don’t think of Toni Jewell as For more information about DripKnots visit just another pretty face.

June 2012


Hi friends,

Publisher’s Point

What a great year we’ve been building, and we’re still growing! If you read the IWJ, you should know as well. Here’s our short list: • Expanded our distribution locations 25 percent over 2011 • Grown the online presence 800 percent per week over 2011 • Initiated an e-Line newsletter with several hundred subscribed • Officially evaluated and promoted five new businesses • Partnered with three annual events for women • Launched monthly networking meetings • Launched monthly themes in the magazine • Held two How to Get Published workshops and published nearly every person • Met with more than 60 women business owners one-on-one in four months • Received article contributions from nationally recognized women • Working partner with the Women’s Business Center • Sitting on a committee with the Women’s Business Center • Interviewed Daymond John of the television show Shark Tank • Worked with the Small Business Administration on women’s topics • Sat on a university review board for business curriculum • Gained seven new and wonderful advertisers • Fine tuning the Who’s Who application listing, but current listings will be grandfathered in. • Guest at a local university business class • Writing a book of the IWJ Women of 2012 • Finishing a book on the How To of social networking Our meetings are open to the public, and this is my invitation to join us! Live like you mean it,


Karleen June 2012

June 2012


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Marilyn mcallister



tracie mcbride

Body Rejuvenation Colon Hydrotherapist (Owner) Natural medicine, body cleansing, weight loss, colon hydrotherapy and more.


ACN, Inc Independent Business Owner Offering people choices on essential services they use everyday.






Verna ridley

MetLife Agent 208-230-1976 Do an insurance check up for peace of mind.

Nails by Cindy J Owner Specialist in senior and diabetic foot care. Certified nail tech.

LunchBOX (A Waxing Salon) Owner Boise’s Premier Concept Salon. Two locations: Boise/Sun Valley.

Can’t wait to SEE you!

Your Fitness Your Life, LLC Owner Nurture your most valuable business asset -- you!

Vault Denim Founding Distributor Designer jeans up to 50% off retail: Buy - Host - Sell!

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group Real Estate Agent A loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, and professional RE Agent and person.

iTySE Owner “Saving the Planet with Style” Reusable shopping bags. MADE IN AMERICA.

PhoneWorks Sales Manager Volunteer chair for the Idaho Meth Project.

Author, Life’s Hidden Keys Owner Make custom knitted reversible slippers and wrote Life’s Hidden Keys

Designs West Interiors Owner Designer specializing in custom draperies and silk plants.






Missy smith


PAUla miller

sheila spangler

Colonial Life Benefits Counselor 208-919-1976 Individual insurance for accident, cancer and life.

Prepare to Soar Training & Development CEO Content-rich training for proven results certified training programs.

b. Well Certified Health & Wellness Coach Passionately helping you create balanced, sustainable health well-being

sue macartney

Your Color Image Center Founder & Owner / Image & Color Consultant Est. 1980. Specializes in Custom Blend Mineral Cosmetics.


Blender Splendor Owner Rent our machines to Mix Up your next party!

Thirty-One Gifts Independent Senior Consultant More than a purse! Celebrate * Encourage * Reward

Your Family in Balance Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Helping individuals move from chaos to balance to change their lives.

Framed! Owner Showcasing your memories and achievements, artfully framed.

Fawn Riha Distributor/Make-Up Artist Professional custom mineral make-up! Motives by Loren Ridinger! Partner 40,000 subscribed readers in less than two years.

Women’s Business Center Program Director Workshops on Back of the Napkin Business Plans


Trish trader


danae valle

Miche Founding Leader #1 wrap around purse shells in the world!

Mary Kay Exec. Sr. Sales Director Circle of Excellence / Pink Cadillac Unit - Join me!

Always Best Care Area Representative Start your own business helping seniors live independently. Contact me!

V3 @ Casa Bella Hair Salon Hair Designer 208-870-7648 Top stylist in northwest, Bus. Woman of the Year 2010, Gov’s Brightest Star 2011

June 2012




of Idaho Women

[ a g r o w i n g d i r e c t o r y o f Id a h o w o m en ]




Thelma ankenman









Idaho Women’s Journal Owner/Publisher Business women who refuse to deny they have a life.

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Home Instead Senior Care Owner, Certified Senior Advisor In-home care-giving and Alzheimer’s services, support and classes

Tower of Chocolate Owner “Chocolate Lady” providing chocolate fountains for all events

SendOutCards Senior Distributor Cards mailed to show clients, friends, and relatives they’re special

Competitive Cyclist Gold medalist, time trial, 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing

Melaleuca Marketing Director 208-344-2133 Lower BP, cholesterol, lose weight with ease, chemical-free cleaners.

Boise Speak Well Owner I offer public speaking coaching for individuals and groups

Willow House Independent Consultant, Future Director Style for home and jewelry by Sara Blaine, Shop, Host, Join.

Roxy Eddy, Life Coach Life Coach, Motivational Speaker Helping develop your self-worth to create an unstoppable you.

Essential Life Boise Owner 208-991-0352 We maximize life using the five 
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Eagle Acupuncture Owner & Medical Director Recognized Women’s Health Expert: Anti-Aging, Menopause, Infertility












Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Million Dollar Circle of Excellence Se Habla Espanol.

Eat to Thrive Health Counseling Certified Holistic Health Counselor Empowering busy women to prioritize their health and happiness.


Babe on a Budget Owner 208-794-4718 New, cute clothes and accessories, most at $15 or less.

Pay It Forward Group Owner Help business owners reach new clients via Internet solutions.

John L. Scott Real Estate Broker Associate 208-891-0843 Real estate solutions for today’s market


e-telligent Internet Marketing Strategies Owner/Consultant Internet marketing for local businesses

June 2012

Can’t wait to SEE you!

ASEA Executive Associate When you drink ASEA, all health breaks loose!

Leslie Charles Events Owner Wedding & Event Stylist - Food & Cake Designer

Massage & Body Boutique Owner Concept boutique dedicated to organic skincare, makeup, holistic health

Sound Wave Music Owner Premier DJ services for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Harris Financial Advisors Partner Securities and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Member FINRA/SIPC

All About Cruises Owner/Agent Cruise vacation specialist; presenting you with a world of itineraries!

Ubitquity Media LLC Owner Need a small business commercial? Call me...reasonable.

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Super model turned business woman, founder Toni Jewell, shares her story of Drip Knots