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Nov/Dec 2013

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Nov/Dec 2013


For Me

Holiday Eating What the #$%*?! Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., HHC • EmBody Heart and Mind, LLC • Nourish. Balance. Flourish.

What the Hell Effect:

Is This You? This happens to half of all people who diet. Trying to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain only to get derailed by office parties and holiday get togethers? Promise to have one glass of wine and end up having three plus two rounds of those little canapés? Ever had the thought: “What the hell? I’ve already ruined my diet. I might as well have another glass of wine… or two. And maybe another round of canapés.”

The Morning After:

Quench your thirst – alcohol leads to dehydration, so make sure you drink lots of water the day after you’ve had too much to drink. Make sure you get your 5 a day - Fruits and vegetables are very de-toxifying and will help rid your body of the byproducts from your binge. Celery and cucumbers are very hydrating and beets help pull out toxins from your bloodstream. Papaya and pineapple are among the best detoxifying fruits to have thanks to their bromelain levels. Bananas will help replace lost potassium. Juice it up! – after eating all of that processed food and drink alcohol, your liver is feeling the strain. Juicing or drinking these in the form of a smoothie will make it easier on your body to get these nutrients quickly with little to no digestion required to break them down into their component parts.


Nov/Dec 2013

Don’t punish yourself the morning after. Instead, take steps to alleviate guilt and nourish and hydrate your body for a quicker recovery.

The Next Time: Before your next party, try this:

Drink a lot of 8-10 cups of water in the 24 hours leading up to the party. Fending off the dehydrating effects of alcohol before you imbibe can help reduce the impact. In addition, if you are full on water, you’ll be less likely to mistake hunger for thirst. Eat 3-4 well-balanced meals comprised of vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. This will keep you full longer as these nourishing foods contain lots of fiber. You’ll be less likely to indulge if you’re already full when you get there. Don’t diet – the “What the Hell Effect” is twice as common in people who go on restrictive calorie weight loss diets because their bodies are producing higher levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone) and lower levels of leptin (satiation hormone). Sensible weight loss means cutting about 500 calories per day. Aim to lose no more than 10% of your body weight each week to ensure healthy weight loss and avoid the “What the Hell” Effect.iwj

What the #$%^ Happened Extreme calorie restriction in an effort to lose weight sets off a cascade of orexin, insulin, and ghrelin – hormones that signal hunger and make you crave foods high in sugar and fat. This effect combined, with the sight and smell of food, sets off digestive enzymes and hormones making surrendering to temptation nearly inevitable.

Mary Pritchard, PhD is a diet expert in the fields of psychology and hormone management. She is a Psychology professor at Boise State and has been conducting research on dieting behaviors for more than 15 years. Her work has been published in over 50 journals and she writes for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post. Dr. Pritchard offers free information on her website and low cost workshops with proven results. More ways to connect: Find her on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn: Twitter:!/MaryEPritchard Linked In: Facebook: Blogs & Other Sites: Huffington Post blog: Psychology Today blog: Websites:;

Nov/Dec 2013


For Me

t n a g le E d n a l fu e c a r AG


Health Coach Judy •

A ballerina, the epitome of elegance, grace, strength, perseverance, and control, was not born that way. A little girl's dream of dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy motivated years of practice and positive choices that led to that dream's fulfillment. Today a healthy and vibrant life is just a dream for a lot of people. The positive choices needed to fulfill this dream require change. Change is hard. Lifestyle changes are the hardest! There is a way to make them with the elegance, grace, and perseverance of a beautiful ballerina. The secrete to success is a strong, clear, detailed, "from the bottom of your heart" motivation, your "why".

Think of a ballerina, the Sugar Plum more, stop Whether it is to lose weight, exercise smoking, or anything else, when faced with the urge to give in, or give up, visualize the "why" Fairy, graceful, in one hand and the temptation in the other. Which is more important? Balance the elegant, but very temporary enjoyment with the lasting "why". Weigh it out. Which choice supports your long term goal? strong and in If enjoying a piece of wedding cake on someone's special day is more important, then don't feel guilty, revel in every delicious bite! Remember, there is still "life" in control. not life style changes. A strong motivation is destroyed by an occasional conscious decision to the contrary. The goal is just postponed a little. Get back on plan immediately. This is especially important during the holiday season. It is possible to enjoy the most important seasonal celebrations without adding more pounds to lose in January.

Not all "whys" are created equal. The desire to lose weight for a special occasion may be enough for you to fit into that new outfit, but will evaporate soon. Losing weight to reduce pain, either the physical pain of carrying too much weight or the emotional pain of a poor self image, will probably work until it doesn't hurt anymore. That "why" will dissolve as quickly as the pain, leading to weight gain and that dreaded "yo-yo" cycle. More severe health concerns such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, too much cholesterol create a stronger and longer lasting "why", depending on the level of discomfort. While health concerns are a strong motivator, a wise person recognizes the need for change long before it comes to this. Think of a ballerina, the Sugar Plum Fairy, graceful, elegant, but very strong and in control. A little girl's dream carried her through good times and bad, ultimately placing her in that beautiful costume and toe shoes. Craft your own personal "why" that will last for a lifetime. See it, feel it, taste it. Become emotionally involved with it. Write it on sticky notes. Put it on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door, the computer screen, the car dashboard. Keep it in sight always. It is a source of strength and will bring success. As a health coach, here are some questions asked of clients: 1. What is the one thing or person that matters most to you in your life? 2. How will losing weight and gaining health affect that person or desire? 3. What do you want your life to look like in one year? five years? ten years? 4. How do you want to be remembered when you are gone? 5. How will losing weight and gaining health affect that goal?iwj


Judy Batten is the creator of Health Coach Judy, a center for people looking for simple, safe, and effective weight loss over a short period of time. Having found her size 2 frame on the products, she is a walking billboard of her program’s success. She offers weight loss support and has seen a collective success among her clients in excess of hundreds of pounds lost. To work with Judy, sign up on her website for free information. Nov/Dec 2013


S T RYourE Heart SS


vital ingredients moving through your body. If the pump fails, everything else fails.” Do you wonder how the heart is really functioning? Wouldn’t it be nice to know before developing life threatening symptoms? Over 8 million women, worldwide, die every year because of cardiovascular issues. Often, women’s heart conditions go undiagnosed and untreated. Sometimes symptoms are mistaken for menopause issues, other times they’re attributed to fatigue or overexertion. But how do you measure the health of your cardiovascular system? And more importantly, how do you maintain and even improve it?

Nicole Holten As business women, lives are busy. Excelling in work, taking care of loved ones, especially during the busy holiday season is a big part of what’s important. Goals are set, accomplished, and reset again. It’s part of a woman’s life. But making time for yourself: to recharge the internal batteries, rest for a little bit and renew the outlook should also be part of that process. It is not healthy to give it everything, all the time. Every now and then a woman should step back, put the feet up and take a deep breath. It’s not only good for the mind, it is even better for the body.

Often, women’s heart conditions go undiagnosed and untreated.

Stress impacts in different ways: it can cause loss of the much needed sleep, increase our anxiety, or even impact the body physically with migraines, headaches, and stomach issues. Another possible consequence of constant stress might be irregular heartbeats or increased blood pressure, which could ultimately lead to cardiovascular damage or disease. “Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for women,” says Wayne Faw, owner and expert at the Cardio Test Center in Meridian. “Your heart is the great pump that keeps

The Cardio Test Center takes the stress out of worrying. Their knowledgeable staff will perform a quick, non-invasive and painless analysis that measures the health and functionality of your heart. It will provide you with the knowledge you need to discuss your health with your medical provider. Prevention is always the best cure! Wayne Faw is an expert at the Cardio Test Center. He is not a physician, but offers heart screenings for informational purposes to those who take a proactive role in their well being. The services of the Cardio Test Center are being used by some physicians in Idaho. For more information visit www. CardioTestCenter. com or 208-795-5121 located at 2484 N Stokesberry PL. Suite 100 Meridian, ID 83646. He conducts in-office and in-home testing in the Treasure Valley.iwj

You’re worth $49! Before your heart quits, get tested. One 30-minute test will tell you How Old Your Heart is. • Physician Backed • Non-Invasive • Results on the spot!

(208) 795-5121 Nov/Dec 2013


In another big move back to the West she had a big disappointment with losing a big job with a big hotel company because of a big storm named Katrina. She bounced back into a great opportunity with the NAACP in Texas. Briefly after moving to Texas she found herself big. In a big unhealthy body she no longer recognized, and a big bad relationship, that turned into a big criminal matter. Another big life change needed to happen…


“I was wearing a man’s size five to six X. I no longer fit into women’s sexy clothes.” Over the years King had gone from a very athletic and physically fit woman with a love of kickboxing and dance, to a corporate workhorse. Increased hours left less and less time for her to workout and teach dance. King’s story of emotional eating, with food being her poison of choice is not uncommon. Her survival of a 550 pound life, love lost, a traumatic and brutal relationship, and her journey to a shining success in life and business is a story that needs to be heard.

Callie Kit King

Life is Big: How she doubled in size and then lost it. Amy Urian

Callie Kit King of We Dream Big Now, a personal coach and business consultant, has always dreamed big. And big, would become a running theme in her life over and over.

When King met the love of her life in an East Coast nightclub she was not looking for love in all the wrong places, she was already engaged to be married. What drew her to this person was a common connection of dance. Callie called off her four year relationship and wedding; however, her move toward her dream man uncovered this love of her life was a married man. This came as a crushing blow, but King moved on to healthier places, or so she thought.

Two years later, it is now 2006 and Callie is working in Houston, Texas. Callie has moved onto a new relationship that will turn her world upside-down.

“Callie was tipping the scale at 550 pounds. ”

She comes from a family that has roots in big business. She dreamed big at an early age. When she left home, she made a big move to the East coast and made a big name for herself with the Coakley Williams Hotel Management Company in her early 20s.


Nov/Dec 2013

While holding down a full time position with another large company, King no longer appeared to have life by the tail. She had let poor food choices poison her body, and a toxic relationship poisoned her heart. Callie was tipping the scale at 550 pounds. “I didn’t realize how bad it had become,” she said,

“but I was wearing a man’s size five to six X. I no longer fit into women’s sexy clothes.” In two years, King put on an embarrassing amount of weight. “I more than doubled my size. I just buried myself. I lost my grounding. I don’t think I cared much about myself. I went from a healthy engagement to a married man, to a abusive relationship.” In a lost space, King was about to be shocked into reality. “I’ll never forget that day” King said, “It was May 1, 2007. I was about to take ownership of my life again.”

In 2009, King reached out to that man, Keith, who had captured her heart from the East coast. Today, they are married and have children. King is working on her online degree, taking time for herself, and doing some marketing work.

“It was terror. He tried to choke the life out of me. He held me up against the wall, and my fight or flight kicked in. As big as I was, and as unhealthy as I was, I attacked him back.”

Callie prepared a usual Texas sized breakfast for herself and current live-in boyfriend. The boyfriend glanced at her cell phone, “I had gotten a call earlier from the man I had fallen in love with years earlier.” King said, “My ex picked up my phone and saw I had gotten a call from the East coast. I programmed his name in, and he said, ‘Who in the heck is Keith’ and he broke my cell phone, and then he actually, physically attacked me.”

It’s been five years since surviving a nightmare relationship and bouncing back from a rock bottom period in her life. King is seizing her moments in life. She’s lost 250 pounds and focuses her business on helping people dream big. She has started a new venture as a health and wellness consultant with Melaluca. She has first hand experience a person can accomplish as a healthy person. “Each day we have an obligation to do something that drives our dreams into reality.” Working on her own terms, doing what she enjoys, Callie is pushing through barriers and helping people to see the avenues life can offer them.iwj

King recounts, “It was terror. He tried to choke the life out of me. He held me up against the wall, and my fight or flight kicked in. As big as I was, and as unhealthy as I was, I attacked him back. He was big and fit, but I fought back. I swung, and I landed, and I knocked him to the ground, and I broke his jaw in that punch. I remember running for my life.” King began to see her life in review. “It was a process. There were people in the right place at the right time. I was in a whirlwind of self pity. Then I saw pictures of me and could not believe it was me.” King was being threatened by her now ex boyfriend, but she continued in spite of her fears. This new chapter of fear would teach Callie to be a part of something greater then herself. Law enforcement officers approached Callie at work with evidence that her ex-boyfriend, now her stalker had a past of violence and gang activity, a life he was able to conceal from her. The peace officer needed her help to stop this predator. Concerned with the lack of evidence King understood that this case, her case, could lead to the conviction in another case of attempted murder, and it did. From court, King was escorted around the courthouse by officers to keep her safe. Even with this protection, friends of the ex-boyfriend would make two more attempts on her life. Both failed, and the ex-boyfriend is now serving prison time. Callie committed to herself to get healthy and never to lose herself in the dark again. In June 2007, she walked into 24-Hour Fitness and spoke to a trainer that advised her that there is equipment that will not stand up to her 550 pounds. She would not quit. She sought healthy methods, changed her eating habits, and gained solid ground while losing half her weight.

Sept/Oct 2013



E! I






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