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Back to School Fears Angela Ruth Strong

Imagine your child attending their new school as an employee. The first day of school becomes their first day on the job. That’s a lot of pressure on both child and loving parent. To ease the pressure and prepare for such an uncertain future by building confidence in the same five areas used in the adult world. Financially: Rather than let a child associate his worth with possessions and then play the blame game, empower him to prioritize and learn the value of a buck by offering a budget. By doing this he can decide if he really wants those flashy sneakers. It just might mean wearing big brother’s hand-me-down sweatshirt in exchange. If he complains about the sweatshirt, remind him it was a choice. Shopping can be another opportunity to teach how to create the life he wants to live.

Physically: For school age children, the first day at school is the first day on their job. Everyone should leave well rested and well fed, but it’s especially important when there are so many emotions coursing through young bodies. Make a habit of healthy living with vitamins and fluids to keep a child energized enough to have the physical activity he needs. As with anything in life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Make that reward obvious by celebrating the end of a child’s first school day on their job. Consider a special evening social to talk about their experiences, starting a weekly journal, or a healthy snack. A well planned first day can settle the nerves and create a smooth transition.


Emotionally: Kids handle fear in different ways. Some will stifle feelings. Some will act out. Others will try and climb the social wall to gain control. You can’t change who they are, but you can create a safe environment for them to let down their walls. Asking open ended questions can help expose possible areas of concern. Complimenting in areas where children show positive traits can build self esteem. And empathizing in areas where the not so preferred experiences lie can communicate a parent’s willingness to listen. Mentally: Go on a school tour. Map out classes. Meet teachers. Know bus routes, and even play the “what if” game. The more answered questions, the less insecurity. Socially: The older kids become, the bigger their social world increases. As much as adults would like to pick friends for their children, that’s not the job. The job is to guide the tricky navigation of youthful relationships. This can be through establishing and/ or supporting hobbies, being a source of information when the waters get rocky, and inviting kids over so you can get to know them.

iwj Sept/Oct 2013


For Me

A Weight Loss Story Judy Batten • Health Coach Judy •

this strategy with her girl friends, instead of support, they showered her with rumors of saw dust tastes, overpriced schemes, and being unhealthy by the time the last zzzip is heard. Susan’s confidence in her weight loss choice was dissolving fast, but she was already committed. Her food was on its way. The next day a big brown delivery truck left a box on her doorstep. Susan tore it open like a little kid at Christmas. This stuff better be good. Surprisingly, it was. Even the brownies were simple and great! The plan was easy, the meals convenient to carry in her purse or car, and especially good since she had to eat every two or three hours. In the evening, Susan enjoyed a healthy home cooked meal with her fiance. Her personal coach kept her on target and cheered her on. As the pounds started slipping away, Susan’s motivation and energy soared. She could do this! As the 60 days came and went, the wedding dress was no longer in jeopardy and slipped on in comfort. The wedding photos finished the story. There was Susan in her gown, elegant, sleek, radiant, and without buldges. Her apprehensive girlfriends came to wish her well and beg for her weight loss advice. For many women, it may not be a wedding. It can be a reunion, a business launch, a new job, or a vacation. But when choosing a prepackaged meal program for weight loss, keep it mind to look for something temporary and good tasting. Prepackaged meals are intended to be short term, but they should still be healthy. Here are some tips to finding a good prepackaged program. Look for:

Her big day is two months away, and the 1,500 dollar dream wedding dress won’t zip! Panic strikes and Susan scans her mind for all the weight loss options she has heard about. She could count points, carbs, or calories. Her head was already overtaken with details. She has meals and cakes to confirm, bridal gifts to finish, decorations to approve, and extended family to manage. She was overwhelmed, and the idea of adding more lines to the checklist was borderline too much. She didn’t have time to find the right plan, shop for the right foods, and incorporate a healthier cooking style. The thought was enough to drive her to grab a bag of chips. Susan settled on a prepackaged meal replacements she had been hearing about. When she shared


Sept/Oct 2013

• • • • •

• Medically formulated food that contain the nutrients needed for good health. Little to no preparation required, and in many cases, no need for refrigeration. Plenty of variety to satisfy cravings for sweet, salty, smooth or crunchy tastes. An organization with a personal coach to answer immediate questions, and someone who will see the achievements. A program that offers a transition plan back to regular foods. A company that offers ongoing lifestyle education to keep the weight off for a lifetime.iwj

Judy Batten is the creator of Health Coach Judy, a center for people looking for simple, safe, and effective weight loss over a short period of time. Having found her size 2 frame on the products, she is a walking billboard of her program’s success. She offers weight loss support and has seen a collective success among her clients in excess of hundreds of pounds lost. To work with Judy, sign up on her website for free information.

8 Incredible


Uses for Coconut Oil

Stephanie Mullani Tru Publishing In tropical regions around the globe, the coconut palm is considered the “Tree of Life”. It comes as no surprise when you consider that the plant has provided food, water, shelter, fiber, fuel (and more!) to people for thousands of years. The coconut itself contains nearly all the essential nutrients the human body requires for optimal health. Chances are, you’ve grown up thinking of coconut mostly as a shredded dessert topping or cream pie filling. Recently however, coconut water has become a favorite drink among runners and health enthusiasts for its high electrolyte content (double that of traditional sports drinks), amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The star component of the coconut that is getting the most attention currently is the oil. The rapid rise in popularity is due to its wide spectrum use as one of the most versatile health products for every member of the household. Take a look at how you can incorporate this multi-purpose oil into your home… 1.




5. Hair Care Begin with a pea size amount and run it through damp, towel dried hair in place of a leave-in conditioner to help tame the frizzies. Turn it into a deep oil treatment for extra dry and damaged hair by coating strands and leaving it in for a day at the beach or while you go about your housework for anywhere from a half hour to several hours. Some users even report sleeping with the oil in the hair overnight, with hair wrapped in a towel or shower cap. Not matter how long you leave it in, simply shampoo hair as usual to get it out and voilà – silky smooth tresses are the result. 6. Personal Care Coconut oil possesses amazing anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Research has proven it to have a greater effectiveness as a treatment for candida (yeast infections) than many products available in stores for this issue. It has also been used as a treatment for diaper rash. Finally, it makes a great chemical-free personal lubricant.

7. Weight Loss A spoonful a day keeps the belly fat away? In one Brazilian study of women with clinical abdominal obesity, daily, 12 week consumption of 30 ml (approx. 2 Tbsp.) coconut oil resulted in lost body fat and Skin Care inches, as well as an increase of HDL (good) cholesterol. Dry Skin Treatment - Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride that speeds Combine ½ cup coconut oil, ½ cup grapeseed oil & 1 up metabolism and goes directly into the liver where cup sugar. Add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance it gets converted into energy, compared to other less and thoroughly stir ingredients. Rub onto entire body healthy options that hang out in the body as actual before rinsing off in tub or shower for silky-smooth fat. Its powerful implications for reducing body fat and skin. Be sure to give extra attention to dry heels, feet, increasing health make it the perfect segue into why and hands. coconut oil is an excellent choice to use in cooking. Skin Moisturizer / Lotion 8. Cooking & Baking This tip is for the entire family – even babies and The high “smoke point” (culinary term for when an those with sensitive skin. Begin with a teaspoon or oil begins to break down and smoke) of coconut oil Tablespoon amount (depending on the size of the means it doesn’t person and areas to cover) and rub into the skin in the turn into a trans-fat same manner as lotion. What makes it better than most when heated. In Important Tips lotions, however, is that this option is 100% natural and addition, it has a 2 chemical free! year shelf life and Now that you‘re ready to won’t turn rancid. 2-In-1 : Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer utilize this beneficial oil in your As a light and Blend a dab of coconut oil with a dab of baking soda. home, here are some final healthy alternative, Combine in hands then rub into facial skin to exfoliate try it as a baking tips to help you choose the and moisturize for a radiant glow. substitute for right quality: Be sure when butter, shortening, selecting a brand, you choose Shaving or other oils. one that is unrefined, organic, iwj Use the oil straight-up, no special recipe required. Rub on face or legs and the razor glides smoothly and non-GMO, and manufactured without irritation. without heat processing.

Sept/Oct 2013


Mary E. Pritchard, PhD • Battling weight can find a woman grasping at Weight Watchers, starving herself, trying over-the-counter diet pills, drinking down Slimfast, going to the gym, and repeating this cycle again and again. Seeing a 20 pound loss can be celebrated, but frustration will strike when that plus more is gained back. 85 percent of people who diet will gain it all back, and usually with an additional 10-20 pounds. Don't rationalize, familiarize. Not all is lost, but familiarize yourself with the signs. When airplane seats are more difficult to slide into, that is a sign. When the favorite clothing stores become off limits or common sports can't be played, or even slipping in and out of the car requires alterations in movement, these are all signs that effective weight loss is jeopardized. Instead of going back to the sacred cow of burgers and fries, and self deprecating thoughts, there are powerful alternatives. In contrary to punishing ourselves, studies show that true and effective weight loss is closely related to eating, sleeping, and enjoying life, and here is why:


Sept/Oct 2013

Low calorie diets decrease metabolism by up to 45 percent, preventing weight loss. Studies prove a lack of sleep can actually cause weight gain. Eating more often, like every 3-4 hours, literally stokes metabolism and encourages weight loss. Dining on foods like apples, pears, and raspberries that are high in fiber, keeps you feeling full longer. Whole grains like quinoa, oats, and rye stabilizes your blood sugar and help reduce body fat. Vegetables like celery, peppers, and squash are low in calories and fat but provide bulk and that full feeling. Taking a 5-minute time out can attack the stress hormone, cortisol, that encourages fat retention around the tummy. Taking hold of those eating behaviors still requires a decision to be made, and to take the first step now, consider this two-day meal plan to get started:

5 Things You Can Do Today to Speed Up Your Weight Loss Efforts


DAY 1: Breakfast: Mix up a green smoothie in a blender with water. Include lots of veggies you like, protein powder, and 1-2 servings of fresh fruit. Apples can cheer up the flavor of a green drink. Mid-morning meal: Carrots and celery sticks dipped in hummus. Lunch: Big salad loaded with lots of veggies and legumes; use balsamic vinaigrette as dressing. Mid-afternoon snack: Apple with peanut butter. Dinner: Lentils or chicken breast and rice with lots of veggies. Dessert: Raw ‘ice cream’ made with bananas and carob powder. Check a local food store.

DAY 2: Breakfast: Egg white spinach omelet with low fat cheese like mozzarella, provolone, or cottage cheese. Mid-morning snack: Raspberry green smoothie: 1c raspberries, 1c greens and protein powder. Lunch: Leftover lentils (or chicken) with rice and veggies. Pile it in a stack or keep it separate. Mid-Afternoon Snack: Baked veggie chips and salsa. Dinner: Broiled fish (white or cold water) and big salad. Dessert: Date and nut delight: 1c pitted dates, 1c nuts of your choice and blend in food processor. Mold them into balls or bars and store in fridge. If you're a chocolate lover, add a half cup of cocoa nibs when you blend everything together.iwj Mary Pritchard PhD is a diet expert in the fields of psychology and hormone management. She is a Psychology professor at Boise State and has been conducting research on dieting behaviors for more than 15 years. Her work has been published in over 50 journals and she writes for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post. Dr. Pritchard offers free information on her website and low cost workshops with proven results.

July/Aug 2013



Jahanara Dancer

Innovative, Quirky, Unique - and it works! Amy Urian On a beautiful Idaho summer morning, in the comforts of her home, Jahanara Dancer (say it slow Ja-ha-na-ra) shares her innovative, maybe quirky, very unique business views. Jahanara has made a career out of an expressive dance she calls tribal-loric, a cross between tribal and folk styles of Oriental Dance. The generic name of this dance style is Belly Dancing. Jahanara Dancer’s peregrination into Belly Dancing started with her first class in 1988 while attending college in Moscow. The education catalog listed a class for Belly Dancing. Jahanara had a contingent of friends that were international students at the time and particularly her friend from Jordan wanted to attend the class as well. Dancer found it odd that this was a dance class that encompassed her friend’s area of the world yet she was unfamiliar with it. So together they went to the Pullman Community Education class and embraced the artistic expression of Belly Dancing. This circle of life would bring belly dancing in and out of her sphere before it would take hold as a way to make an income. In 1997 a rollerblade accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury, Dancer was on rollerblades without a helmet when she got into a tangle with a bike. A brain scan gave her only a 10% chance of living. Through, miracles, prayers, and three brain surgeries Jahanara Dancer pulled through and went into rehabilitation. It was in rehab where this fleeting method of dance took hold. Jahanara’s therapy wasn’t going well, and her cantankerous attitude toward “movement without a purpose” made physical therapy laborious. While therapy was meant to build her core, without true purpose, Dancer resisted. One day, the therapist asked Dancer, “What do you want to do?” Dancer’s reply, “Let me teach you belly dancing.” That single gesture took Dancer from firm to fluid in more ways than one. The body movements and still postures helped strengthen her core muscles. Arm movements done with candles forced her to focus using hand/eye coordination that catching a ball helps with. Later, the occupational therapy returned Dancer to teaching English in the school system. However that would be short lived. “There is a stigma that society tends to place on people with a brain injury” says Dancer. That realization opened a new path.


July/Aug 2013

Dancer made the decision to study the art of Belly Dancing. Belly Dancing is not the harem of scantily clad submissive concubines depicted in movies. On the contrary, in her voice has a strength and confidence of an empowered woman, ans she describes many belly dancers as the strongest women she knows.

“Jahanara means “world adorning,” a homage to her interest in different cultures, and her desire to leave the world a more beautiful place spritually and physically.”

Jahanara has studied under Nejwah and Sedona, two longtime Treasure Valley Oriental Dance teachers. It is under Sedona’s tutelage that Jahanara was encouraged to start her path of mentoring people in the ancient art of Oriental Dance.

When asked, “Do you work?” The answer of course is, “Yes! I am a full-time Stay-at-Home-Mom.” The concept that a paycheck determines your work status is an annoying concept for Jahanara who is able to build her business around her home schedule. But make not mistake, Dancer has found a way to move this unique business. Rather than some traditional marketing focuses, she concentrates her schedule in the Western Treasure Valley area at a studio in Nampa and through the Meridian Parks and Recreation programs. Jahanara enjoys physical movement that has a point. She describes traditional exercises and workouts as competitive and masculine. She has no desire to prove herself to anyone. This dance style drew Dancer in because of the artistic expression and the femininity. Jahanara favors two dance styles. Saiidi (pronounced sighee-dee) and Andalusian. Saiidi is a style from the Upper region in Egypt. It’s a playful mimic of martial arts and is performed with canes called taktib. The rhythm is her favorite because it is happy and up-beat with short quick

muscle jabs or steps. Traditional dress is a kaftan with a hip scarf and head wear. This has a minimal costume compared to the Andalusian style of Belly Dance where the skirts are 25 yards of flowing material. The Andalusian style dance comes from Southern Spain near Morocco. Dancer enjoys the femininity of this style, yet it’s not masculine and it’s not the sex kitten subservience that society is conditioned to believe about Belly Dancing.

Dancer is at her best when she can dance in the moment with a group following cues from a dance leader. “You just learns the root elements and the rhythm takes over” she says. Jahanara means “world adorning,” a homage to her interest in different cultures, and her desire to leave the world a more beautiful place spiritually and physically. Belly dancing can help improve a person’s body image, especially in women. It helps women to feel beautiful and appreciate their body whatever their shape or age. Idaho is a state where people are creative in their ways of making money. Jahanara is no exception to this trend she has embraced the tide and is flowing with it. She turned her love of world culture into a business that allows amenities others are striving to find in traditional careers. On her website there are lists of health benefits and an open door to ask questions before taking that first step into belly dancing. While the benefits of dancing are numerous, Dancer loves the unity it creates, the empowerment that happens through experience, and the energy released all while calling it business. For Dancer it was for life. iwj

Sept/Oct 2013



Leaky Dr. Yvonne Fedewa •

Gas. Bloating. Aches and pains after eating. All signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). Translation: say goodbye to having a life. To add insult to injury LGS has also been known to cause migraines, insomnia, fatigue, joint pain and thyroid diseases. This tricky medical condition can be caused by many things.

The body is made up of trillions of cells. Of these trillion cells, the ones that line the intestines are called epithelial cells. The epithelial cells hang out close together to form a barrier in the intestines from foreign objects, bacteria, toxins, parasites, infection and undigested foods (things that would cause havoc). With LGS these epithelial cells release and are loosely held together causing holes in the intestines. This leads to havoc as undesirables cross the barrier into the gut.

Good to know:

Causes of LGS include:

• Inflammation • Immune System Imbalances • Bacteria Imbalance • Toxins • Stress


July/Aug 2013

Gut Syndrome The cause is the answer. Here are some ways to lose the leaky gut: Spine checks for imbalances that can cause immune system wackiness. T11-12 carry nerves that tell the intestines how to work.

Add probiotics daily to balance bacteria and heal the gut. Probiotic supplements or raw cultured diary work great.

Make a detox cocktail with ½ cup coconut water, ½ lemon, and 2 tbs apple cider vinegar.

Break the bad habit of being a sugaraholic. Sugar is a toxin that causes inflammation.

There are herbs that have been known to help digestion like ginger, peppermint, licorice root, Aloe Vera, and digestive enzymes.

Give yourself a break. Do things to decrease stress like journal, exercise, meditate, read a book, etc. iwj Sept/Oct 2013


Idaho Womens Journal Sept 2013 LIFE  

What Jahanara Dancer does for business became quirky but effective therapy for her head injury.

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