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Wine Notes

Idaho Wineries t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards Bitner Vineyards Camas Prairie Winery Carmela Vineyards Cinder Clearwater Canyon Cellars Coeur d’Alene Cellars Coiled Wines Cold Springs Winery Colter’s Creek Winery Davis Creek Cellars Fraser Vineyard Frenchman’s Gulch Winery Fujishin Family Cellars Hells Canyon Winery & Zhoo Zhoo Wines t Holesinsky Winery t Huston Vineyards t Indian Creek Winery

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Koenig Vineyards Miceli Vineyards & Winery Parma Ridge Vineyards Pend d’Oreille Winery Périple Wines Sawtooth Winery Snake River Winery Snyder Winery St. Rule Winery Ste. Chapelle Winery Syringa Winery Telaya Wine Company Terra Nativa Vineyards Vale Wine Company Weston Winery Williamson Orchards & Vineyards t Woodriver Cellars

Welcome to Idaho wine country! Known for its breathtaking wilderness and, perhaps more famously, for its potatoes, Idaho is also home to a fast growing wine industry and award-winning wines. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Snake River, Idaho wine regions nurture the grapes with a moderate climate, limited precipitation, and a consistent growing season that add complexity to the grapes. Idaho is know for growing and producing vinifera varieties such as Syrah and Viognier and classic varietals including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Riesling.







Snake River Valley American Viticultural Area Approved in April 2007, the Snake River Valley was Idaho’s first designated American Viticultural Area (AVA). The AVA is located in Southwestern Idaho and features the largest density of vineyards and winteries in the state. The area encompasses more than 8,000 square miles at latitudes comparable to many famous wine regions around the world (43º-46º). Formed more than four million years ago, the Snake River Valley overlays the ancient Lake Idaho bed, which creates its natural boundaries. The result is a distinnctive grape growing region whose ancient volcanic sediment have bestowed fertile, welldraining soils that give growers better control throughout the

FACTS F ACTS The first vineyards in the Pacific Northwest were planted in 1864 in the Clearwater V alley, but Valley, industry growth was abolished in 1916 under State Prohibition. It wasn’t until 1970 that wine grapes were again Valley, planted in Idaho, along the Snake River Valley, and Idaho wines began to emerge. The Idaho wine industry boasts nearly 1,600 acres of vinifera grapes, harvesting 3,000 tons and producing 200,000 cases in 2010. Idaho’ Idaho’ss cold winters and long, warm summer days, allow for an ideal growing season, producing grapes with good structure and balance.

grape-growing process. More imporantly, this soil contributes to a unique terroir that - in the hands of talented winemakers - consistently delivers premium wines that are as memorable as they are delicious.

Idaho Wine History Well we better start with the beginning. Idaho is considered, by some, part of the new frontier of wine-growing areas in the United States, however the first grapes planted in the Pacific Northwest were actually grown in Lewiston in 1864.

industry down.” An article dated September 5, 1865 in the Idaho Statesman reported that a vineyard of Royal Muscadine cuttings had been planted early in the spring of the previous year (1864) and it had survived the winter well and was beginning to produce grapes. Robert Wing,

John Thorngate, formerly a professor at the University of Idaho, now Applications Chemist, Research and Development, Constellation Wines U.S. says, “in Idaho we’re the oft-forgotten “other” state in the Pacific Northwest. Which is rather ironic, considering that the first wineries in the Pacific Northwest were located in Idaho, and that Idaho had a nationally renowned wine industry until Prohibition, as in other regions, closed the

FACTS F ACTS Valley It was in the Snake River V alley that Idaho’s Idaho’s first American Viticulture Viticulture Area (AVA) (A AVA A) was approved in April 2007. Wine grapes were planted in Idaho before they were planted in Washington Washington or Oregon.

The first wineries in the Pacific Northwest were located in Northern Idaho.

who has a vineyard in Lewiston, ID, researched and authored an article on the “History of Wine in Lewiston” for the Nez Perce Historical Society in 1990. Grapes were introduced into the Clearwater Valley by 1872 and thanks to the pioneering efforts of two French, Louis Desol and Robert Schleicher, and one German immigrant, Jacob Schaefer, the region rapidly became known for its wines. Schleicher was most successful, taking a number of gold medals for his wines at expositions in Omaha, Buffalo, St. Louis and Portland.” Thorngate concludes his assessment with, “I think that in a few years people could well be scrambling to find a bottle of wine produced in this ‘other’ state.” The Frenchmen and the German, planted grapes in Idaho before any were planted in Washington or Oregon. They were winning awards around the country before Prohibition took a debilitating toll on the industry and brought production to an absolute halt.

FACTS F ACTS Wine grapes are called V Vinifera inifera grapes.

In 2002 there were 1 11 1 wineries in Idaho. Today, To oday, it’s it’s home to more than 45, with 1,600 acres of grapes planted.

The Idaho wine industry has a $73 million dollar impact according to a 2008 economic study and created nearly 625 jobs. Idaho wines have been discovered across the country ranking 22nd in the nation.

National prohibition, which followed state prohibition in 1916 and lasted until 1933, took its toll on the wine regions, its growers and makers, and it wasn’t until 1970 that wine grapes were again planted in Idaho, this time along the Snake River Valley in the southern part of the state where most of the state’s wineries are located. It was in the Snake River Valley that Idaho’s first American Viticulture Area (AVA) was approved in April 2007. The immense size is a great advantage, allowing for tremendous growth. The approval of the AVA was a vast undertaking and has truly helped propel the industry, gaining attention around the world. From a purely geographical standpoint, area vintners insist, both Northern and Southern Idaho offers ideal growing conditions. Vinifera, or wine grapes, actually thrive in this distinctly four-season climate. The characteristic cold winters, which might at first seem a disadvantage, are in fact quite conducive, allowing vines

to go dormant, to rest and conserve important carbohydrates for the coming season, while ridding the plants of bugs and discouraging disease. In addition, the region’s summer combination of cold nights and warm days serves to balance grape acids and sugars favorably. In the 30º-40º diurnal temperature variations typical of this higher elevation—swings from 1º to 65º are common—sugars remain high, nurtured during the long day by the abundant sunshine, while acids are maintained at favorable levels by comparatively cool evenings. These natural acids, important for the wine’s taste and longevity, can be difficult to maintain in, for example, the warmer California climate. Adequate sugar, on the other hand, is often the obstacle in Oregon, where early rains absorbed by the grapes and vines in the final stages of ripening dilute the fruit’s natural levels of the substance. Because such potentially ruinous precipitation is also responsible for assorted other agricultural woes, including mold and rot, the Snake River Valley’s lack of rainfall is considered a plus; here, water is one element that can be controlled by the grower through irrigation, according to calculated timing.

The Idaho wine industry has been a steadily growing community for the last 30 years with remarkable growth in the past decade. With 11 wineries in 2002, Idaho is now home to over 40, with 1,600 acres of grapes planted. In order to see the impact Idaho wine industry is having, the Idaho Wine Commission worked with Boise State University to create an economic impact story. The results were startling. It was concluded that the Idaho wine industry had a $73 million dollar impact in 2008 and created nearly 625 jobs. This growth led to an increase in visibility, more tourism, an enhanced reputation, and has created tremendous opportunity for expansion. The industry will continue to grow as national wine consumption increases, as well as Idaho’s grape growing potential. Idaho wines have been discovered across the country ranking 22nd in the nation. The Idaho wine industry is just in its infancy and is expected to see remarkable growth in the next 15 years. It is just coming into its own, receiving a great deal of recognition, and winemakers and growers are learning as they go while making great wine along the way.

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards 5900 Pearl Road, Eagle, ID 83616 (208) 863-6561 Hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-6pm or by appointment for groups Their family planted, owned and operated USDA Certified Organic Estate Vineyard is located in the foothills above Eagle, ID. They utilze only 100% Idaho Grown Grapes in the production of all their wines. The Estate Grown wines produced from their vitis vinifera rootstock showcase the unique terrior of their vineyard. Drop into their tasting room and tour the vineyard with the owners Gary and Martha Cunningham.

Bitner Vineyards 16645 Plum Road, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 455-1870 Hours: Friday-Sunday: 12-5pm or by appointment Ron & Mary Bitner produce less than 1000 cases per year of handcrafted wines from their vineyards, first planted in 1981.

Camas Prairie Winery 110 S. Main St., Moscow, ID 83843 (208) 882-0214 Hours: Monday-Saturday: 12-6:30pm Winner of over 50 awards of major events and has been continually familyowned since 1983.

Carmela Vineyards 1289 W. Madison Avenue, Glenns Ferry, ID 83623 (208) 366-2313 Hours: By appointment Using 100% Idaho grapes, Carmela Vineyard is home to wine, golf, a tasting room, cabins, and a restaurant. Halfway between Boise and Twin Falls, off Interstate 84, enjoy Carmela’s award-winning wines including Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, and many more.

Cinder 107 E. 44th St., Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 407-4347 Hours: Friday-Sunday: 12-5pm or by appointment Winemaker Melanie Krause retuned home to Boise in 2006, after 5 years of winemaking experience in Washington State with Chateau St. Michelle. Enjoy some of the most beautiful Syrah, Tempranillo and Viognier in the Pacific Northwest in Cinder’s tasting room, 5 minutes from downtown Boise, recently heralded as “one of the West’s best urban wineries” by Sunset magazine.

Clearwater Canyon Cellars 1708 6th Avenue N., Suite A, Lewiston, ID 83501 (208) 816-4679 Hours: Saturday: 1-5pm May through Christmas or by appointment Located in the Port of Lewiston, Clearwater Canyon Cellars is Lewiston’s first commercial winery since prohibition. Their goal is to make premium wines from grapes grown on the slopes of the Clearwater River.

Coeur d’Alene Cellars 3890 N. Schreiber Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 (208) 664-2336 Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-5pm or by appointment Coeur d’Alene Cellars was founded to create hand-crafted wines from the renowned grapes of Washington’s Columbia Valley, specializing in Rhone varietals using traditional French vintage techniques.

Coiled Wines (707) 480-4919 Coiled Wines owes its name and inspiration to the grapes grown in the Snake River Valley, which winds its way through Southwestern Idaho. Although winemaker and proprietor Leslie Preston draws her winemaking experience from the Napa Valley, which she now calls home, she returned to her Idaho roots when sourcing grapes for her own label. Here’s to those following their own winding path!

Cold Springs Winery 7853 W. Ringert Lane, Hammett, ID 83627 (208) 366-7993 Hours: Saturday-Sunday: 12-5pm Cold Springs Winery, established in 1998, is now 33 acres. Winemaker Jamie Martin is making excellent wines, offering a unique addition to any table.

Colter’s Creek Winery 20154 Colter Creek Lane, Juliaetta, ID 83535 (208) 874-3933 Hours: Open by appointment Located just north of the scenic Clearwater River Canyon, Colter’s Creek Winery and Vineyards features both estate wines and wines from local Lewiston-Clarkston Valley grapes. Their goal is to showcase great wines produced from quality local fruit.

Davis Creek Cellars 409 Main St., Marsing, ID 83639 (208) 794-2848 Hours: Friday-Sunday: 12-5pm Davis Creek Cellars is a family-owned winery producing small lot wines. Their tasting room is located in Marsing, about 45 minutes west of Boise.

Fraser Vineyard 1004 La Pointe St., Boise, ID 83706 (208) 345-9607, Hours: By appointment Idaho’s 2011 Winery of the Year by Wine Press Northwest, Fraser Vineyard was the first winery established in downtown Boise, Idaho. As a native Idahoan, winemaker Bill Fraser and family strive to produce hand-crafted and award-winning wines from local grapes. Wines produced are estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Petite Sirah and several blended reds.

Frenchman’s Gulch Winery 360 9th St. E., Ketchum, ID 83340 (208) 726-0118 Hours: Wednesday-Saturday: 3-6pm or by appointment Frenchman’s Gulch is a small winery producing award-winning wines in small quantities using old-style, handcrafted techniques.

Fujishin Family Cellars 15593 Sunnyslope Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 649-5389 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 12-5pm (June - Dec) Friday-Sunday: 12-5pm (Jan - May) Showcasing wines that are inspired by passion and distinctive by nature, Fujishin Family Cellars produces artisan wines from the Snake River Valley of Idaho. A small family run operation, the Fujishin’s strive for exceptional quality wines that represent the best the Northwest has to offer.

Hells Canyon Winery & Zhoo Zhoo Wines 18835 Symms Road, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 454-3300, Hours: June-September, Saturday-Sunday 12-5pm. Call for information Since 1981, the Robertson family-owned winery has produced estate-grown wines. Award-winning big reds and dry whites are made by chef/winemakers Steve and daughter Bijou. The three Robertson sisters make wine under the label Zhoo Zhoo. Swallow’s Wine Bar at Hells Canyon operates as the tasting room for both brands. Wine flights and appetizers are served on a beautiful patio overlooking the Snake River.

Holesinsky Winery 4477-A Valley Steppe Drive, Buhl, ID 83316 (208) 420-9887 Hours: Open daily or call for tasting events Holesinsky Winery owns a USDA Certified Organic Vineyard and is renowned for their French style winemaking techniques. Holesinsky Winery has 14 acres at the winery and outsources the rest in Hagerman. Wines include: Syrah, Merlot, Ice Wine, Chardonnay, Riesling and Rosé.

Huston Vineyards 16473 Chicken Dinner Road, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 455-7975 Hours: Friday-Saturday: 12-5pm Huston Vineyards is a boutique winery and vineyard located in Huston, the entry point of the Sunnyslope Wine Trail. The Estate Vineyard thrives on the rich volcanic soil and long growing days characteristic of the Snake River Valley AVA. Huston Vineyards has 5 wine varietals in the Huston Vineyards and Chicken Dinner line up.

Indian Creek Winery 1000 N. McDermott Road, Kuna, ID 83634 (208) 922-4791 Hours: Saturday-Sunday: 12-5pm, open weekdays by appointment Family-owned and operated, Indian Creek Winery has been crafting premium northwest wines for over two decades and received the honor of 2008 “Idaho Winery of the Year” from Wine Press Northwest. A wide selection of wines are available for tasting, custom wine labeling, and event hosting on their landscaped grounds.

Koenig Vineyards 20928 Grape Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 455-8386 Hours: Friday-Sunday: 12-5pm Producers of handcrafted Snake River Valley wines, European brandies and Idaho Potato vodka.

Miceli Vineyards & Winery 12592 Deer Ridge Trail, Nampa, ID 83686 (208) 989-7128 Hours: By appointment A small family-owned winery and vineyard on the Snake River, Miceli Vineyards holds the distinction of being the first winery in Owyhee County.

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‡/RFDOO\RZQHG ‡/RFDOO\URDVWHG A selection of award-winning wines, and just around the corner, new pasta sauces and wine jellies from D’Arcys and all-natural, fresh meat, milk products and garden produce

Indian Creek Winery 1000 N. McDermott Rd. Kuna, ID 83634 (208) 922-4791

Vogel Farms 9501 Robinson Rd. Kuna, ID 83634-1517 (208) 466-6928

D’Arcys Catering and Bakeshoppe (208) 922-9833 •

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IIdaho daho W ine C ommission Wine Commission Moya Shatz Dolsby Dolsby,, Ex Executive xecutive e Director Sara Fink, Fink, Marketing Coordinator Commissioners Gregg Alger, Alger, Dale Jeffers, Maurine Johnson, Melanie Krause, Roger oger Williamson Williamson i ...........................................................................................................

821 W W.. State Street, Boise, ID 83702 Phone: (208) 332-1538 | Fax: (208) 334-2505 | e-mail: Photography provided by Paul Hosefros and Caxton Press from Idaho Wine Country (ISBN# 978-087004-479-3), available at www for $29.95. Cover Photo of vineyard workers provided by Abe Blair Blair,, www


Local stories by local writers: food, wines & brews, cocktails, dining, cuisine guide, recipes maps, feature articles

Pick up your copy at any participating restaurant or stop by our offices at: 855 W. Broad Street, Suite 103 Boise, ID 83702

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Parma Ridge Vineyards 24509 Rudd Road, Parma, ID 83660 (208) 722-6885 Hours: Open daily, but please call first Vineyards and winery are located about halfway between Parma and Wilder, just off Highway 95. They have nine and a half acres overlooking the Boise River and Treasure Valley.

Pend d’Oreille Winery 220 Cedar St., Sandpoint, ID 83864 (208) 265-8545 Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm, Friday-Saturday: 10am-7pm, Sunday: 12-5pm From Chardonnay to Syrah, Pinot Gris to Cabernet Sauvignon, Pend d’Oreille Winery produces award-winning wines from Idaho and Washington vineyards.

Périple Wines 107 E. 44th St., Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 941-5641 Hours: By appointment Périple is a boutique winery specializing in Pinot Noir and Syrah, producing under 700 cases annually. Periple focuses on creating small lots of meticulously hand-crafted wine reflecting the nuances of the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast in California, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and the Columbia Valley in Washington. Their aim is to bring the best of the Northwest and northern California to the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Sawtooth Winery 13750 Surrey Lane, Nampa, ID 83686 (208) 467-1200 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 12-5pm Sawtooth Winery Estate sits atop 500+ acres of vineyards with picturesque views of the Owyhee Mountains and Boise Valley. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings while sitting on the deck sipping our award winning wines, picnicking is highly encouraged. Sawtooth Winery’s beautiful grounds play host to many yearly wine tastings, weddings and private events. Ask about how you can also save by becoming a Wine Club Member.

Snake River Winery 786 W. Broad St., Boise, ID 83702 (208) 345-9463 Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30am-7:30pm, Sunday: 12-5pm Snake River Winery, located on 86 acres near Parma, has been creating unique, hand-crafted wines since 2000. Producing more than 20 wines from 15 estate varietals, many of the vines date back to the 1980’s. The downtown Boise Tasting Room offers complimentary wine tasting and a large assortment of accessories and gifts.

Snyder Winery 4060 N. 1200 E., Buhl, ID 83316 (208) 543-6938 Hours: Summer: June-August: Friday-Saturday: 1-9pm,; Sun 1-5pm and by appointment. Fall, Winter, Spring: Friday-Saturday: 1-8pm Snyder Winery is located in the foothills of the southernmost region of the Snake River Appellation and is a destination point for wedding receptions, a weekend steakhouse and events held monthly throughout the year.

St. Rule Winery 407 River Dock Road, Weiser, ID 83672 (208) 549-8040 winery Hours: Saturday-Sunday: 12-5pm and by appointment St. Rule Winery is located south of the historic town of Weiser. The boutique winery specializes in making wine using the unique and patented St. Regulus Pump-Under Fermentor & KiLR-ChiLR storage systems. St. Rule also offers Fiddlers Three blends and Seventh Son Vineyard wines. The vintage “Wine Bungalow” tasting room is the perfect place to taste and buy a great variety of award-winning wines & accessories.

Ste. Chapelle Winery 19348 Lowell Road, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 453-7843 Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm Ste. Chapelle is dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary quality of their Idaho vineyards. The tasting room and gift shop are open daily. Enjoy wine tasting and the views of the Snake River. Ask about “Friends of the Vineyard” wine club.

Syringa Winery 3500 Chinden Blvd., Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 440-1616 Hours: Thursday-Saturday: 12-7pm Syringa Winery was conceived out of love for wine, winemaking, and the winemaker lifestyle, specializing in wines from Snake River Valley AVA grown grapes.

Telaya Wine Company 107 ½ E. 44th St., Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 724-0790 Hours: By appointment Telaya is a family run wine company focused on producing handcrafted wines in the affordable premium category. They strive to provide an exceptional wine to be experienced as you search for your own place of joy and contentment.

Terra Nativa Vineyards 136 E. Idaho Ave., Ste. 102, Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 345-2421 Hours: Open by appointment Terra Nativa Vineyards, a family run business, produces distinct estate red wines grown in the Boise foothills at 3100 ft. The conducive mirco-climate of this small vineyard ripens the fruit for optimal flavors and sugar levels. Wines are derived from hard harvested grapes, fermented by traditional methods and aged in oak barrels to maximize flavors.

Vale Wine Company 1904 E Chicago St., Suite F & G, Caldwell, Idaho 83605 (208) 409-8950 Hours: Tours and tastings by appointment Vale’s award winning wines are created from the finest, handpicked grapes in the Snake River Valley. Reflecting the unique climate and soils, their small lot wines are carefully handcrafted with attention to detail and an intense commitment to quality.

Weston Winery 16316 Orchard Ave, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 459-2631 Hours: By appointment Small boutique winery located on the lake (Lake Lowell). Case sales only. No tasting room. Private labeling available. Small lot vinifera grapes for sale including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Riesling.

Williamson Orchards & Vineyards 19692 Williamson Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 459-7333 Hours: January-May: Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm or by appointment June-December: Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm, Saturday: 10am-4pm Williamson Orchards and Vineyards has been family-owned and operated for four generations. Located in the scenic Snake River Valley, you are invited to sample fresh fruits and veggies at the open air market or sip on delicious, award-winning wines in the cozy wine tasting room.

Woodriver Cellars 3705 N. Highway 16, Eagle, ID 83616 (208) 286-9463 Hours: Monday: Closed, Tuesday: by appointment only, Wednesday– Thursday: 12-6pm, Friday–Saturday: 12-10pm, Sunday: 12-6pm One of Idaho’s best kept secrets, Woodriver Cellars is a breathtaking venue situated just west of Eagle. The boutique winery produces award winning Malbec, Cabernet, and Merlot grapes that are sustainably grown and hand picked on a 30 acre vineyard. Produced and bottled on site – these are wines easily enjoyed in the comfort that Woodriver Cellars has to offer.

November 2012 Break out from the everyday tasting, step away from the table, fh[fWh[oekhi[b\\ehWZ_¢[h[djjof[e\jWij_d]$I_foekhmWo            j^hk?ZW^eiX[ijm^_b[jWij_d]im[[jWdZiWlehoX_j[i_dj^[Y_jo$            Featuring all Idaho winemakers, tasty treats from Idaho's coolest culinary artists and great music provided by Vinyl Preservation IeY_[jo?ZW^e$

June 10, 2012 Tickets available starting March 1st Dozens of wines. Hours of fun. A day to savor.

In its fourth year, the Idaho Wine Commission will be hosting Savor Idaho, Idaho’s Premier Wine and Food Event. The event will be held at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, ID, featuring a vast array of Idaho wineries and restaurants. Savor Idaho gives consumers a unique opportunity to iWlehj^[X[ij?ZW^e^Wijee¢[h_dm_d[          and food. The tasting will begin promptly at 2pm and run till 6pm welcoming 900 guests. Each guest will be greeted with a commemorative wine glass as they taste and sip their way through Idaho’s best. Tickets are $45 for 21 and over, and can be purchased online, or at local wine shops starting March 1, 2012.

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SOUTHWESTERN REGION 1. 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards 2. Bitner Vineyards 3. Cinder 4. Davis Creek Cellars 5. Fraser Vineyard 6. Fujishin Family Cellars 7. Hells Canyon Winery 8. Huston Vineyards 9. Indian Creek Winery 10. Koenig Vineyards 11. Miceli Vineyards & Winery 12. Parma Ridge Vineyards 13. PĂŠriple Wines


14. Sawtooth Winery 15. Snake River Winery 16. St. Rule Winery 17. Ste. Chapelle Winery 18. Syringa Winery 19. Terra Nativa Vineyards 20. Telaya Wine Company 21. Vale Wine Company 22. Weston Winery 23. Williamson Orchards & Vineyards 24. Woodriver Cellars

Tour T our o r and T Taste as a te Wineries IIdaho daho W ineries SOUTHEASTERN SOUTHEASTERN REGION REGION


















4 2

Carmela Vineyards Cold Springs Winery Frenchman’s Gulch Winery Holesinsky Winery Snyder Winery


NORTHERN REGION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Camas Prairie Winery Clearwater Canyon Cellars Coeur d’Alene Cellars Colter’s Creek Winery Pend d’Oreille Winery

Idaho Wine Commission Tourism Brochure  

Welcome to Idaho Wine Country! Idaho is home to a fast growing wine industry and award-winning wines. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains...

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