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Friday Scene Magazine

The premier dining, arts & entertainment weekly magazine Readers of the Idaho Statesman’s Friday Scene magazine are not couch potatoes. They are in the community at concerts, plays, restaurants and cultural events. This affluent and well-educated audience skews a little toward women (57%). In addition, Scene readers have average household income of over $64,000 and 77% are college educated*. Each Friday, Scene is distributed with the Idaho Statesman to more than 47,000 subscribers and racks throughout the valley with an impressive 80% pick-up rate. Scene racks can be found at the Boise Airport, Boise State and at key locations downtown.

2016 Scene Advertising Rates all ads include full color 13 x out of 26 weeks Ad Size.................................Per column inch rate 31” +......................................$22.50 16 - 30”.................................$24.50 Up to 15”..............................$26.50

g Advertisin : e n Deadli oon Tuesday @ N ay prior to Frid n o ti publica

26 x out of 52 weeks Ad Size.................................Per column inch rate 31” +......................................$20.50 16 - 30”.................................$22.50 Up to 15”..............................$24.50 52 x out of 52 weeks Ad Size.................................Per column inch rate 31” +......................................$17.75 16 - 30”.................................$19.50 Up to 15”..............................$21.25

“Go do it” Topper ad This is a special ad position for a 6x1 1/2” ad to run on the top of the right hand page

Annual Commitment Weekly Investment:

13x $238.00

26x $220.50

52x $191.25

Ad may also be picked up in the Idaho Statesman within seven days at the same great price!


Our audience has never been bigger.

Non-Contract Rate: $46.00 per column inch (Includes Color) * Source: 2013 Media Audit 1 e 8/18/14 1:58 PM Page

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An IdahoStatesman magazine

Ask about advertising in our other products, including Business Insider and Treasure. THE BANKING ISSUE

ALL IN THE BANK FAMILY Idaho’s D.L. Evans Bank, family owned since 1904, wants to expand

statewide. PAGE 24

HONEY,ISHRUNKTHECOMPETITION: Why you have fewer Treasure COLUMNS: Six of our local experts offer advice and comment on banking Valley banks to choose from. PAGE27 and you. PAGES21 AND 29-33

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Our products reach more than 60% of Treasure Valley adults!

Front and Center

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Note Ad rates (cost per thousand)

Newspaper advertising is sold on a frequency basis (two ads per week over the course of the commitment) or in bulk (15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 ads per year). Our best rates are reserved for those advertisers that agree to run multiple times each week for 52 weeks. All rates are per column inch and include full color. Black and white ads can be purchased for a 5% discount.

Size: 3”x3” • Coated paper • Reverse-side printing at no additional charge




Front Page Section Fronts

Gold’s Gym Treasure Valley is now

(208) 955-05AX


10,000 20,000 35,000 50,000 75,000 100,000 $60.00 $54.00

$57.00 $51.00

$54.00 $48.00

$51.00 $45.00

$48.00 $42.00

$45.00 $39.00

10,000 Minimum buy. All Note Ads include full color. Note Ads have a shelf life of up to six months. Quantities ordered should be used within six months to ensure proper adhesion. Quantities ordered and not distributed are subject to a $100 per month storage fee. Reverse-side printing is available in black ink only. Note Ads cannot run in conjunction with ROP front page spadea ads. Note Ads can only run in full distribution center zones.

KIDS ER CAMP FOR FIND A SUMM ogy music, sports, technol Whether it’s art, e Valley jumping, Treasur or just running and to fill. See a list at camps are starting erCamps

& Classifieds


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$15,000 $12,000 $10,000 $8,000 $6,000

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adds just the right

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salad. RECIPE, L6



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Sometimes, you just have to ask why

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Reach a diverse audience every Sunday in a full-color comic section.

Open 13x 26x 52x

6x5 $850 $765 $689 $550 Spadea $2,550 $2,295 $2,065 $1,652 Flysheet $2,800 $2,520 $2,268 $1,815

Sunday & Wednesday YES! display ads Delivered to over 17,000 opt-in household, this product is full of the latest shopping deals and inserts. Run your ad in the full-color wrap delivered every Sunday and Wednesday to households who have requested it. Includes full color. Prices per day. Advertising deadline is seven business days prior to publication

Quarter Page


Half Page $450

Ad size

Open rate

4-14 inches 15-29 inches 30-59 inches 60 inches+

$46.00 $44.00 $42.00 $40.00

6-week 13-week 26-week 52-week contract contract contract contract $36.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00

$32.00 $30.00 $28.00 $26.00

$28.00 $26.00 $24.00 $22.00

$24.00 $22.00 $20.00 $18.00

Frequency contracts require two ads per week for the duration of the contract. All contracts are for consecutive weeks. Minimum ad size is 4 column inches. All rates include full color.

See HAX, L5

EARLY WEEK SPECIAL: All Monday and Tuesday advertisements are 50% off earned rate. Black and white ads can be purchased for a 5% discount.



Eagle Rd.


neW Boise Stor

for financing details.

touch to this chopped

The Salad Days

ne vinaigrette dressing A creamy champag





Full Page $850



Mascot Day and

ght! Post Time

Ladies Night Toni

All ads include full color at no additional charge. Advertiser commits to number of ads per year but may choose different sized ads each time.

5:30 PM

signing from his BOOK SIGNINGof Fame Trainer Jack Van Berg as he hosts a book

k. & Saturday “Alysheba” Hall Berg Wednesday Glory,” written by Chris Kotula To Meet Jack Van “Jack, From Grit autobiography Pans sor’s Picks and ng Seminar - Profes FREE Handicappi Grill k! & Turf Club Bar and Chris Kotula Park both Jack Van Berg live at Les Bois 11:00 AM with be performing Liza G. Fly will Performing Artist Recording and Saturday! 7 Wednesday and


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sunday Comics rates




for details

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Main section

Live Fit.™

members and community Statesman staffers life worth living. share what's making . At least at this moment

WinCo’s produce section Ever feel the ton need to buy a of fruit, only to realize you have less than $15? Head to the WinCo produce section. The Myrtle Street store boasts a of massive array fruit and vegKatie Terhune gies on the news cheap. The I cover breaking n. store can get for the Idaho Statesma pretty crowded flying elbows during peak to duck a few times, but having avocado display is well Times Angeles to the Los / way NHA on your RICARDO DEARATA Myrtle St. worth it! 110 E.

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SPADEA rates ™

ONLINE ADD-ON: With any print advertisement, advertisers have the option to purchase 50,000 impressions of a Medium Rectangle ad on for only $400! Or add 50,000 impressions on the Yahoo! network for only $500. (Minimum online commitment is 4 weeks.)

(208) Call reservations or box seat today! ok Club table, patio Find us on Facebo Reserve your Turf Visit us at www.le



Ads per year

4-14 inches

15-29 inches

30-59 inches

60-119 inches

15 30 60 90 120

$39.00 $37.00 $35.00 $35.00 $33.00 $31.00 $31.00 $29.00 $27.00 $27.00 $25.00 $23.00 $23.00 $21.00 $19.00

$33.00 $29.00 $25.00 $21.00 $17.00

120 inches $31.00 $27.00 $23.00 $19.00 $15.00

EARLY WEEK SPECIAL: All Monday and Tuesday advertisements are 50% off earned rate. Black and white ads can be purchased for a 5% discount.

Pick up your ad into the other edition that week (Sunday or Wednesday) for 50% off!

Advertising Deadlines Display Advertising: Publication Day Space Reservation/ Final Approval Camera-Ready Material Deadline Deadline Monday 5pm Thursday 4pm Friday Noon Friday Tuesday 5pm Friday 2pm Monday Noon Monday Wednesday 5pm Friday 2pm Tuesday Noon Tuesday Thursday 5pm Monday 2pm Wednesday Noon Wednesday Friday 5pm Tuesday 2pm Thursday Noon Thursday Saturday 5pm Wednesday 2pm Friday Noon Friday Sunday 4pm Thursday 2pm Friday Noon Friday 640558-01

Classified line ads: Monday (5pm Friday); Tuesday through Saturday (Noon day before); Sunday (5pm Friday)

Contact your Idaho Statesman Sales & Marketing Executive today or call 208-377-6350.

FULL-PAGE and HALF-PAGE AD SPECIALS To qualify for the following rates, advertisers agree to publish multiple full-page or half-page ads within 30 days of the publication of the first ad. Rates include full color. Full-page ads are 120 column inches.

Full-page ads 1 ad 2 ads 3 ads 4 ads 5-9 ads 10 ads +

$4,800 $4,000 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 $1,250

Half-page ads 1 ad 2 ads 3 ads 4 ads 5-9 ads 10 ads +

$2,400 $2,200 $2,000 $1,750 $1,500 $1,000

Black and white ads can be purchased for a 5% discount.

Guaranteed Positioning When requested, if a certain page is available, we will guarantee your placement for a 25% premium. Need more room for your advertising message? Ask about putting an insert in the Idaho Statesman!

Contact your Idaho Statesman Sales & Marketing Executive today or call 208-377-6350.

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