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17 2016

AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE LX Sedan. Crown Victoria clean, fully FORD 1992 body, very will buy it! 4 dr., silver. Great it, drive it & you equipped. See Al 208-884-3712 74K mi. $2,500.






leather, RX 300. AT, 4WD, LEXUS 2000 moonroof, 3.0L V6, 261K heated seats, 208-322-3955 miles. $5,500

- Automatic Stk# - Fusion 3.0L V6 - Baker City, OR Ford - 2006 (800) 781-5744 16D5421 - $6,997

Ca ee Bu de a e b ed up one yea a e The e a e no pu chases

- Automatic Stk# - Flex 3.5L V6 Baker City, OR Ford - 2011 995 (800) 698-2198 15B0051 $21,

- Automatic Stk# - Fusion 2.5L 4cyls - Baker City, OR Ford - 2013 (800) 698-2198 15B010 - $16,995

MOONROOF, EX-L! AWD, LEATHER, 208-466-4615 HONDA 12 CR-V 2610769 $23,259 CLEAN TRADE-IN!

Grand Pontiac, 2006, $5,988 - 800-553-1384 #15160146C, www.haniganc

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$9987 XB STK# P430 .C SCION 2010 WWW.TOMSCOTTHONDA (208)466-3248 OM

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#M1102 LEGACY 2.5i PREMIUM AUTO SUBARU 2012 IDAHO CENTER NOW $15,000 WAS $18,000 www.broncom MALL 287-5284

#15EL305B WAS CAMRY LE AT 287-5281 TOYOTA 2005 DOWNTOWN BOISE $9995 NOW $8990 www.broncom


Condition Camry LE, Great Toyota, 2007 RN11078B 208-888-4403 $8,992, STK#

find your dREam

leather, blue with grey CR-V EX-L silver $17,995 Honda 2009 4WD, 1- owner heated seats moonroof, #16A236A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

351 Auto Dr., 377-3900



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814916 $29,991 FJ Cruiser Stock# Toyota 2013 interior! www.edm with black leather Orange exterior or call 208-467-7000

hing you’d like to have sometAmerican (208) 336-6000 Legion 2800 under $500? for Home kiA Blvd. Mountain



Idaho Center Blvd. 15700 Idaho Center Nampa, ID 83687 208-467-7000

PETERSON CHEVROLET BUiCk CADiLLAC Ave. 12300 W Fairview Boise 323-5000 1-888-568-6523

222 Auto Drive Boise, ID 83709 208-947-6500


due 2 hours earlier.)the same as placement deadlines. deadlines are

black with 2.5T all-wheel-drive $7,995 Volvo 2004 S80 95K miles heated seats black leather, #15V128A www.lylepears (866)978-2151


hard top, heated ited granite grey #16A126A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

p by… , boise 2 Sto 1200 n. Curtis Road 1.8L I4, Elantra SE. AT, HYUNDAI 2014 fully loaded, factory wnty, pw/pl, ECO drive, 208-322-3955 36K miles. $14,000

a.m. XF V8 sport 8:30$21,990 Jaguar 2010 -Friday, wheel! 37K miles, Monday nav, heated steering #15JP141A www.lylepears sedan silver with



GINA CANADy Human Resources Specialist, Lori’s Gifts


Ave 9380 W. Fairview Boise, ID. 947-6300

351 Auto Dr., Boise 377-3900



603 11th Ave., Nampa, ID 466-3248



Ave 9055 W Fairview Boise 378-9000



SUzUki DENNiS DiLLON St. 2777 S. Orchard


Mall Idaho Center Auto Blvd 15715 Idaho Center Nampa ID 83646 208-376-8510


I-84 & Garrity Blvd,


9250 Fairview Ave Boise ID 83704



2777 S. Orchard Street “Where Orchard Meet” and the Freeway (208) 336-6000

LINE Ads are due


Mercury Ford • Lincoln • Legion 2800 American Home Blvd. Mountain (208) 580-2600 for “Better deals, more your trade.”


Nampa 475-3000





MAzDA DENNiS DiLLON Ave 9501 W Fairview

fORD aturday Ad – dAy ad deadAdlines Classified – fri @ 5 p.m.; tuesday–S us of any corrections or changes. ........................ n and notify – fri @ 5 p.m.; Monday Legion 2800 American Home Blvd. Mountain


Before @ noon

Mall Idaho Center Auto Blvd 15675 Idaho Center Nampa ID 83646 7C336-6000 (208)

St & “Where Orchard The Freeway Meet!” (208) 336-6000


313 SE 13th St. Ontario OR 97914 1-800-574-1202 1-541-889-3151


Ave. 9101 W. Fairview Boise 378-9000 1-800-584-7755

TOM SCOTT TOYOTA Blvd 15933 Idaho Center Nampa 455-2272

Auto 208-376-8510 Idaho Center .................... publicatio Sunday AdGALANT FE 4DR #M1080 WASad first day(208)of580-2600 .................... in Nampa DES LANEO .................... MERCE 5707 East Gate yourMALL www.mhauto MISCEL to checkAUTO for MITSUBISHI 2012 IDAHO STATESMAN 208-485-7917 be sure IDAHO CENTER m “Better deals, more Please $11,500 VOLkSWAgEN CO. ANDISE $14,495 NOW JAgUAR your trade.” LYLE PEARSON MERCH CES 287-5284 www.broncom BENz EN Of






MERCEDES less than 60 VOLkSWAg Dr., Boise family, Autotake BREAK-INS

BOiSE CENTER 351 NAL D Protect your littlwe Dodge • ChryslerMercury $14,500 IDAHO wait! JAgUAR HOME CADiLLAC PERSO BUiCk $16,000 NOW 377-3900 TOW Fairview HELP WANTE SECONDS. Don’t assets NOW for as 8400 Franklin Rd., Boise Ave. Y!Auto Ford • Lincoln • TODA Dr., Boise 351 79 (PNDC) 377-5400 YOUR GUIDE123001-888-568-652 D 287-5284 www.broncom Highway 95 CIAL your home, your 333 3 377-6 602 US T 377-3900 as $0.70 a day! Call 888-673-08 m HELP WANTE ID 83672 ENT SPECIALIS FINAN CALL Weiser, E MiTSUBiSHi RISK MANAGEM SERVIC www.petersoE COUNTY 1-888--564-9013 Best seats in the ESTAT FOR BONNERThis is a full-time AUTO PARTS/ Tickets (4). JEEP MAROON 5BRONCO WAS REAL MOTORSrow N, IAL Born AUTOMOBILES per hour DOE. full S AWD 4DR #M1067B MALL benefits. NAL to the left of stage ROGUE Per$20.34 CHRYSLER Sunday VOLVO Reg. Puppies. LOCAL 5 Bolt FINANC arena! PROFESSIO NISSAN 2011l and admiCENTER AUTO ONE-OWNER which includes JEEP Floor MiTSUBiSH SHIH TZU AKCMales & Females $700 ea. 4 small Chevy 8. Taco Bell iArena MILES!SALE TE position, $17,500 IDAHO ONLY 40K DENNiS DiLLON neg. FOR ROOMA seats 5, 6, 7 &pm.Center CO. kENDALL fORD & balanced ea. Mall FOUR 185/R70-1 $17,990 NOW t duties. KIA 13 SOUL variety of professiona DiLLON a95 Tribes Mountedforms 12/28/2015. vet health cert, 208-466-4615 you Blvd, LYLE PEARSON make Idaho $800Auto Cleveland Managemen www.broncom HOUSEMATE/DENNiS 2773102 $8,797 want to4121 Oct. 9th 7:30 Risk287-5284 MERDiAN pattern 90% tread. Of Shoshone-Paiute NOW? We Price includes on 208-288-55 ies in some or nistrative level responsibilit CASH a Idaho Center Blvd paper trained, $50 dep TRADE-IN! VOLVO CHRYSLER Today! D bolt on. $200. 16295 87 NEED Means Caldwell, ID Lilly 208-901-23 Name ready toReservati Risk The - $3000. Call WANTE Indian 6 wk shots, partial $100 May carry out a loan 1 free grooming. 4121Cleveland Blvd, Nampa ID 83646 Side shft, 351 Auto Dr., Boise Duck Valley functional areas: Deal! RY 331-8280 (208) 336-6000 96JOBS Great rg AlwaysPROPANE socicalized and Forklift. & HR relaIDDIRECTO Boise Finance all of the S following Call 208-402-66 Road Caldwell, $375/month 208-376-8510 Functions, Safety www.shopaitribes.o TOYOTA lbs, 3 extra tanks 377-3900 250 East Overland to reserve a puppy. MOTORCYCLE Management Workers Compensation; Title N BOISE Furnished Bedrooms laundry, stage, 8,000 (208)&336-6000 Idaho Puppies.WANTED tires, low hrs. back tilt, 3www.Bronco Meridian, ID 83642 share kitchen Red Cream ted Training, Relations, FMLA/ADA. Owyhee, Nevada grabbing, hard 02 NOW? for $375 deposit, www.dennisd HELP + POODLE boom CASH 400 208-888-4403 + $1200. .com FC 672-0306 NEED STANDARD Degree Call VI, Employee 208-761-52 sman paid. $90 you 5 girls & 4 boys. S LEAN 1996 5T0000011 utilities as as low Are: IONS: Bachelor’s Rates $10,000 OBO. want to make MECHANIC www.KendallFo AKC Registered. Positions Five (5) Idaho state WAS #YU7FC400 SPECIFICAT * #220275Vacant $3000. Call Today! preferred; and, LT 4DR$8987 Riska month #M1179 WAS N/ Husaberg VIN P9417 LTD 208-461-9602 IMPALA related field, a loan $100 .C 2008STK# ly responsible MALL 342-5200 BOISE 287CHEVYRIO 2003 SEQUOIA ktmmotosportsboise@gm AUTOcontract COTTHONDA KIA 2011 LAWN/GARDE expeTOYOTA and black, $1,800 ED Gentry Finance month $8988 DOWNTOWN IDAHO Judge years of progressive 12CENTER NOWWWW.TOMS HR Generalist on 2 males, 1 brown $13,995 48 NOW $10,000 and/or • Associate Tribal /TREES BUSINESS $10,775*Based MANUFACTUR FMLA/ADA, TOY POODLEparents are black. Not pa- (208)466-32 Management in Training, www.broncom OM 5281 www.broncom LANDSCAPING • Social Worker relaRENT AND DirectorIdahoState 1 white. Both rience with focus 287-5284 ALFORHOME $300. Call 208-615on, employee HOMES • Human Resources VEMENT featuring manageUS pered. Born 06/28. ING/JANITORI workers compensati t claims Officer IMPRO CLEAN p.m. Chief Financial Officer no • MISCELLANEO 7630 After 5 tions, risk managemenand computer 1 bath, W/D hookups, featuring CareerBuilde• Chief Executive PetBig. No Job Too Small. 25 t; and, Three ment and processing, BOISE 2 bdrm.,park and Greenbelt.Too FINANCIALS Y SWEEP pre• Medical Doctor Near NO JOB 208-376records managemen



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Call based developing, CHIMNE smoking. 473-9217 + $550 dep. Yrs Exp. Dean the IRS? (3) years of experience training and deveneg. $550/mo. trouble with Manasenting and measuring 4349 ARE you in BIG levies, liens & audits, related to Risk lopment programsof discipline preferred. Stop wage & bank payroll issues, & resolve 267 yards. One of a kind. A BBB. Call gement HR areasindependent judgment, unfiled tax returns, TREE CARPET Seen on CNN. 02 Exercises sound and critical thinking skills tax debt FAST. (PNDC) $5,000. 208-761-52 problem solving of the work activities. 1-800-989-1278 description with all aspects complete job • TO APPLY: A application can be•obtaiDriveways, Side$79 Special 42 as: website at and mandatory CONCRETE REMOVAL • 208-695-75 Benefits such Plan Removal and Installation, Bonner County submit saferchimn ned from the walks, Curbing,and Line Sealing. Prep Work 401(k) Retirement Insurance Exp. Feb.1st Please & Vision www.bonne Crack Sealing to the Bonner by: 208-631-0279 HEATED Landscape Services Avail. Medical, Dental also applications NAVIGATION, EX-L completed 208-466Full Lawn and and Snow Plowing. and Grading Housing with case Resources department HONDA 13 ACCORD 2006300 $19,556 DETAILED CLEANING Fall Cleans Car, counseling, and Degree in CounselCounty Human 208-860-0979 provide NEW AWD V6 Nice MOONROOF! Joy 284-0711 57 or to Masters LEATHER, ON DON’T BUY Sebring Limited, BKS travel s:hitch. eligible Lic/Insured. Call 2008 Call For Free Estimates 26ft Requirement Fax to: 208-265-14 via email. Work. Be SocialChrysler, at and FOR MORE INFORMATI 208-888-4403 2011 CreeksideElectric 4615 Resources Psychology or Counselor Certification STK# RU5514A HR@bonner ing,awing Yellow born Human new. $9,992, and Contact Black of trailer,Like for. Many Affiliated Well cared BINGO Grand for Agency AKC LAB PUPS removed. Mtn Home, 1224 leveler the WA State Department - TRADES will 12ft slideout. with hitch. beneLLC. ext. 1227 or CALDWELL EAGLES superorload higher Nov 21. Dewclaws 23, 2016 Doorsat n includes full County, SERVICE, SKILLED LABOR bill$450 587-7610 extras, including $17,000 (208) 759-3100, Specialist - The ext. 4316 Opening! January Treatment INTEGRITY TREE and will start for Marsa, Health. Compensatio 30 are in Stevens (775) 757-2403, Facilities Maintenanceof Corrections’ Snake open at 5:00pm. Bingo Shrub, askTree Call for pictures. 208-871-55 These positions or contact fits. All your Tree, bids. Ins./Lic. Where Ontario, more Freeinfo Oregon Department WA. Go to or via 6 rior. l Institution in 6:00pm. For Needs. Free to PUPS Beautiful 208-319-466 208-599-3475 chairs. matters!AKC applicants Slides, (509) 685-0629 for River Correctiona qualified PAINTING Interior/Exte SILVER LAB pups! Thick, blocky years Table w/6 40’. 3 at 35 Katnelf@gm DAVID’S 2007 personal touch John Moser MAPLE DINING $400. 426-8280 & Senior Discount. hip Oregon is seeking Specialist 1 Assumable. HOLIDAY RAMBLER colored,eye-catching Estimates WAS e-mail: 32K mi., 24; Parents OFA #16SN217A Good condition. a Facility Maintenance and excellentCall 208-477-400 CIVIC EX AT fill 400HP Cummins, EXCHANGE build! Ready Jan. $800 Only 27,000 Miles, 287-5281 459/Mo experience! further5information. HONDA 1999 BOISE 208-468-412 $3,244-$4, A FOREIGN year. 2015, 200 S, or current (Salary: HOST DOWNTOWN Chrysler, $125,000 neg. cert; limited reg. you’re too busy FOR$17,988 – 800-553-1384 2016-2017 SchoolMiddleton, There are three must $7995 NOW $7490 have two GUY! IfSTUDENT #15526770, sandyvanderesch@hotm benefits). To qualify, you I’M A HANDY MANAGERS COUPLE Call 590-1310 in Boise, Eagle, e www.broncom of help.Need families 56 need vacancies. the maintenanc STORAGE in www.haniganc 208-628-32 maint. SELF building just be given to free. Nampa & Caldwell years general sales, marketing, may Estimates are Experience in Email both resumes to Cute little experience. Preference kimberleymiller1017@g x3. TZU Mini Pup. an Oregon Limited Apt./Benefits. AKC 801-270-5700 license or BEAUTIFUL SHIH candidates with 208-407-8910 face! Parents Electrician (LME 10th. with a baby doll and inches in Female Maintenance view the full job E LLC Ready to sell on Feb for ELIMINATE CELLULITE Free. Works & CKC. $900. KODIAK LANDSCAP HEATED equivalent. To and how to apply, visit our natural. Odor at stump grinding. PART TIME ASSISTANT 14 Lv. msg. R/T AWD! HEMI, supply on AJ’Sweeks! All STORAGE 541-212-37 10 CHARGER Find or sell a car announcement Free month For 34, $18,754 208-466Tree pruning /removal, sales, MANAGER SELFDODGE www.odocjo men or women. Order now! atFOUR DOOR! landscape, large Must have full Pups. LOW MILES! 2133268 website 877-888-52 plus. om at Sired 519138 cleanup, LEATHER, Fall leaf call Rhonda closes January select packages. Civic Gray STK: AKC &Champion Part time Sun/Mon service skills. , thatching IdahoStatesman.c TREE PRUNING questions, COCKER Honda 2005 ent customer4615 Miles skills. Day. Taking Deposits. Trees59 (PNDC) telephone, Announcem MPG! 120kX41056. 844-609-27 lawns, lawn care,aerating $6,995 and side- 92 or 208-401-8880 19ERD 19ft! 56 Email basic maintenance MANUAL! GREAT patiosValentine’s and208featuring Cars.comSpecializing in Fruit (208) 378-4422 slabs,Ready; 2015 Vista Cruiser ComputerCall Call 503-934-10 Apply 24th. more. Concrete Gulf Stream $600 208-455-33 of trees. www.instanteq $16,999! Lynn. om resume to Lholtby@sto walks. Email Aluminum Frame! but prune all kinds rhonda.crawford@doc.s 00 x 3, ask for Puppy! Sleeps 4! Full http://www.odocjobs.c Loveable Male removal Removal. .mikevirdenaut phone 801-270-57 online today at lap dog. 376-0451-www COTON DE Tulear Commercial snow Tree and Stump - TRADES odorless little also!!! SKILLED LABOR Hypoallergenic and holiday lighting. - TRADES guar. 484-1794 do cleanups We health LABOR yr. 2 FINANCE SKILLED $850. accepting ! to fill the following for P1FCU! Company is now 208-631-0279 40 Years Experience STK#leader highly ethical The Sundance an experienced Building Puppies Born andCARAVAN FUTURE…working energetic GRAND for an BUILD YOUR searching & tan. for the 2006 WWW.TOM GERMAN SHEPHERD applications for Free Estimates! DODGE 3 females, blk Valley: (208) 466-3248 to Clark Technician. Responsible We are currently in the Lewis $6987 808 Dec 4th. 4 Males, 59 or 208-936-6561 and required Service 13863E 546744 FOUR of properties in a timely, Call 208-392-5 A.COM Pilot Black STK: full-time position activities 2005 Officer $400. 208-230-26 appearancewww.instan SCOTTHOND financial allHonda ROWS! 147k Milesservice requests Chief Financial starter. and controllingAsset Queen Walk! DRIVE! THREE complete Liability WHEEL $9,995 Puppies Born Must be a selflight Trail Runner 27RKS for directing, organizing and (208) 378-4422 & tan. Capital adequacy, Heartland 2016 efficient manner. GERMAN SHEPHERD portfolio $21,999 208-376-responsible 3 females, blk include plumbing, Lounge Chairs!The CFO will be Federal Credit Union (P1FCU). of the investment role in establishing Desired skills HVAC. Valid driver’s license Glass Shower! Dec 4th. 4 Males, 59 or 208-936-6561 1 mitigation, oversight Plays a key evirdenautosal of Potlatch No. electrical and $400. 208-230-26 0451-www.mik interest rate risk will be high on the agenda.the Credit Union. record are required. Management, and via email to initiatives and clean driving and policies for Purebred Pups be submitted or by fax at analysis of strategic Resumes can Stock# 451329A and financial objectives om current pics. GERMAN SHEPHERD tr Ram3500 4WD major economic Micro. Call for make up Dodge 2006 6 speed manual Carissa@sundanceco.c Adults. Vac. & 5.9l Cummins, knowledge of the financialquickly lities: 208-322-7307. $31,991 Laramie, picture, 208-467-7000 ive working 283-7812 or 366-7272 w.edmarknamp ability to see the big Duties & Responsibi have comprehens willansmission!ww manage the the lines. 2 M, expertly importantly 14216A and Champ Maintenance most STK# The ideal candidate AKC. and 4WD, planning ACCORD risks and threats COTT DES:required. Full LABOR-TRA 2007 Sport. AT,PUPS 10-12 lbs @ HAVANESE HONDA and organization and SKILLED opportunities, WWW.TOMS of a financial institution 2 yr. health guar. 630-4235 both orally loaded, cycles. Strong communicate, white. JEEP 2007 Commander (208)466-3248Tech needed. Some travel trends indicating 29MSB- $21988 blk &fully 55 $10487 third row, determine ic. $1,500. Trail Runner varying economic 55 a strong 208Call 509-280-35 Call through leather, 4.7L V8, d ability to effectively sheet Heartland 2016 208-322-39 adult. Hypoallergen Options! time/Benefits. The CFO will playHONDA.COM balance Power $11,500 demonstrate WAS Entry! relationships levels. the Duel miles. and board s, business 130K and Obedience Double Bunks! TDI SEDAN #M5OU116B MALL PUP House & management team service. Collaborative .mikevirdenautcompetencie VW 2011 JETTA peers, direct CENTER AUTO 2016 376-0451-www LABRADOODLE info verbally, at staff,in loan growth and member $14,500 IDAHO needed for new MAXIMA SE 4DR #15SN065B WAS Management Team, thinker yet $16,000 NOW Operator Modeling 39 Talent of all agesExtraNISSAN trained. For more supporting role are expected with the Executive 287-5281 Work &2004 Wastewa should be a strategic www.broncom WAS Acting, Scott at: 208-731-98 287-5284 The CFO DOWNTOWN BOISE #220350A schedules. $6988 to HB projects!! partners. and work style done. SXT NOW $8995 business . Great pay/flex 2009 CALIBERget the job 287-5281 processes related DODGE opportunities BBB of Idaho. reports, and other their sleeves and 4WD grey withMember and DOWNTOWN BOISE www.broncom equipment and and to roll-up BLUE EYES! Talent Pilot EX-L 8-passenger $8995 NOW $7495 financial, statistical or email Anderson operates plant willing and able MINI AUSSIE, activities miles, $15,395 Honda 2007 and analyzes influentsby 208-971-8010 and accurate Union’s investment 1-Owner 83K Maintains and Call/TXT www.broncom ensures complete and moonroof, systems. Samples reports; with auditors www.lylepears s established Directs the Credit . Worksleather procedure Prepare financial wastewater treatment Laredo 4x4, the organization of the Credit Union. distributes #16A253A FC 400 and other by analytical Grand Cherokee, and assets of reviews and(866)978-2151 Ton LEAN 1996Records 1/2records accounting test results Jeep, 2011, 5T0000011 MECHANICS agencies. ive audits. Writes, of funds, securities policy compliance. effluents as prescribed Trail Runner 29SLE area $19,988 – 800-553-1384 custodian asOptions! $19,999! and makes VIN #YU7FC400 and comprehens to ensure regulatory and Heartland 2016 regulating wanted. Caldwell Class A quality,#15585691, Husaberg and reporting to regulatory Bunks! Power/examiners on year-end TRUCK DRIVER flow and water in rtsboise@gm ktmmotospo supervisor, city, $1,800variations Towable! Double www.hanigancl ses. Benefits. doubles. procedure statementst initiatives. Oversees to the Executive mechanica -www.mikevirdefinancial policy and hauling sugar/molas data to identify 208-376-0451 t for tankers and reviews risk managemen Serves as an advisor Oversees the to evaluate plant 14235A Immepertinent Implements andto the Board of Directors. programs. CDL endorsemen SENTRA STK# experience. Uses equipment 2008 COTTH 23 w/2 yrsNISSAN strategies and and driving ab- 48 WWW.TOMS Mileage employee evaluating systems are operating and(208)466-32 authorities and Must be over Email resume appropriate changes. regarding financial 91K Miles Great directing $6587 or ensure automated necessary. Caliber SXT, in training, fax to 2010 Management Team and diate opening. assists Dodge, RU5460A operations to as Stk# ONDA.COM $8,491, STK# department. to randy46@ch Parents Accounting managerthe Great stract V6 - Automatic Driving Car, Accounting 3.5L correctly, intervening family raised. 82. City, OR - 2008 - Accord Baker Honda performance within ASDR reg, male, 9113. Vale, OR $600 208-459-33 698-2198 888-4403 institution Class I - $12,995 (800) 541 212 Operator the financial 13-15" within 15T2084 r Treatment WAS : nt. financial experience union highly preferred. Experience CHEROKEE #120340 287a valid Idaho Wastewate six months of appointme 1/2 Ton 541.215.9412 years of significant at a bank or credit 30SLE BOISE to fifteen JEEP 2012 GRAND Trail Runner Ten Ability to obtain CFO experience 208MINI AUSSIES license within $23,988 DOWNTOWN $19,999! Heartland 2016 BREEDER $1800 with previous Training (OIT) $26,995 NOW industry Bunk! Power Options! BLUE RIBBON m preferable. or Operator in Towable! Quad CMA 5281 www.broncom .mikevirdenautCPA and/or WAS 376-0451-www Accounting. 4DR #M1162 77,000 Miles, leather, Wage DOE. Stock#or814806 Finance RENDEZVOUS SRT8 blue with grey Grand Prix, Only ODLE Pups! F2 AUTO MALL w Challengern, BUICK 2006 Administratio CR-V EX-L silver Education: Pontiac, 2006, Transmission! IDAHO CENTER Dodge 2010 $17,995 in Business MINI GOLDEN-DORaised $1300 Honda 2009 $5,988 - 800-553-1384 please visit Sunroof, Manual $7885 NOW $7000 has 4WD, 1- owner Requires a degree moonroof, who #15160146C, 3 Males Family or Don 859-5018 $25,911 Leather, requirements 208-467-7000 heated seats vvy individual www.broncom n and or call 287-5284 #16A236A www.lylepears descriptio www.haniganc union’s Call Lynn 859-5130 Skills: ww.edmarknam d, analytical and financially-sa (866)978-2151 credit To view full job (Job ID #95689 grey Interpersonal a self-motivate cs necessary to achieve the old, F, all Laredo graphite This position requires RS AKC 6wks $200. Grand Cherokee characteristi financial controls. 2012 $26,535 Jeep SCHNAUZE leadership MINI shots, Bluetooth the vision and old spayed F, and ensure proper their leather, Navi, moonroof, www.lylepears 6 208-713-5526 s should send strategic objectives #16L129A colors; ability, good (866)978-2151 Stud service available. Interested candidate strong analytical record at . Ready track EQUIPMENT 1E Other Skills: include a sound technical background, Born 11/7/2015 resume to dwhite@d Must have a proven FARM & HEAVY .... employment SHIH TZU Male $650 - Caldwell and staff. Requirements superior communication skills. 14238B members HIGH Fun Car Low STK# .................... .................... t team Auaffords equal SunroofONLINE STK: 245922 for forever home. 541-805-1524 .................... managemen T 2002 TAHOE Solstice, Convertible judgment and developing both2010 CLOSE COTTHto race, color, of any type and Charger Silver TO 2007 .................... EX-L, Sedan Leather www.insta software, SQL, CHEVROLE Pontiac, 208-888-4403 Dodge 48 WWW.TOMS BEGINS n and harassment STATESMAN without regard information. ONLY 73k Miles 208-888-4403 coaching and software, MCIF Honda, 2010 CivicSTK# RU5477A STK# RN11505A IDAHO AUCTION discriminatio LOW MILES! analytical $6987 (208)466-32 and applicants Miles, $8,993, 4x4 5OUTPUT V6! products, DFF prohibits or genetic to employees 378-4422 $12,995 FEB 24TH tomatic, $10,993, black 2-door Sport m (208) with Microsoft analysis experience, opportunities ONDA.COM origin, age, disability Jeep 2012 Wrangler windows, cruise, $21,995 Must be proficient .org to big data Go to: religion, sex, national power website at www.p1fcu ODBC, pivot tables speed , hard top, please visit our #15JP159A www.lylepears ettaucti opportunity, (866)978-2151 www.pick in this If you are interested electronic application. complete our Drug free workplace. MOON17 2016 drug screening. and SEL HEATED LEATHER! SUNDAY JANUARY TAURUS background 12 208-466FORD EOE. Requires WAS Clean, #15244775, MAN2103000 $15,857 STK: 955369 G-6, Low Miles, ROOF, LOW MILES! 2DR #M1142 Elantra Black LTZ. AT, Pontiac, 2009, www.haniganc ROADSTER 5SP Miles www.inst Hyundai 2010 MALL 2007 Avalanche 4615 AUDI 2001 TT GREAT MPG! 53k CENTER AUTO 814734A Best $9,988- 800-553-1384 CHEVROLET moonroof, tow, fully loaded, $8000 IDAHO $7,995 Sport Stock# UAL! FOUR DOORS! $10,480 NOW om (208) 378-4422 4WD, leather, Jeep 2012 Wrangler 4x4 with upgraded tires! 27K! 208-322-3955 antequityauto.c Cloth, 287-5284 www.broncom 129K miles. $17,000 Price $22,991 call 208-467-7000 Director • Clinical Health Nurse City of Meridian Prevention • Clinical Registered •Education and GAS r GREATDirector Laboratory STK:•508006 Specialist (Part-Time) ions Administrato 2011 HHR Gray • Communicat Programs ChevyCoordinator Miles www.instanteq Counselor visit:OF SPACE! 74k •Environmental and toMILEAGE! apply,LOTS • Substance Abuse For details 378-4422 $7,995 please view For More Details,Website. The Tribes



NG &CARE Health Counselors CAMPIHEALTH Mental individuals treatment for Provide outpatient Conduct assessments;t. MOTORHOMES mental illness. managemen








More JAMS Tile & For all your Tile, other Remodeling, and handyman needs. Over 15 years experience, licensed and insured. 96. Call Brad 867-64







LeaRNINg SOLUTIONS Attraction is only one piece of the puzzle. Learning solutions provide additional tools throughout the employee life cycle.



Loaded, All Wheel Drive, Enclave CXL, Buick, 2008, $14,988 – 800-553-1384 #15279419, www.haniganc

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WAS 4DR #220278 SONATA GLS BOISE 287HYUNDAI 2013 $11,988 DOWNTOWN $17,995 NOW 5281 www.broncom

3.6L Vue XR. AT, AWD,cruise, with SATURN 2008 AM/FM/CD, tilt V6, pw/pl/ps, 208-322-3955 127K miles. $8,500

Only 12,000 Sonic LTZ, Loaded Chevrolet, 2015, $15,988 - 800-553-1384 Miles, #15189577, www.haniganc

edition Unlim10th anniversary Jeep 2013 Wrangler top, heated seats $35,590 hard ited granite grey #16A126A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

$9987 XB STK# P430 .C SCION 2010 WWW.TOMSCOTTHONDA #M1080 WAS P9368 GALANT FE 4DR FOUR (208)466-3248 ACCENT STK# MALL COTT STK: 186787 MITSUBISHI 2012 CENTER AUTO HYUNDAI 2014 48 WWW.TOMS uity Avalanche White OM $11,500 IDAHO Chevy 2005 Miles www.instanteq $14,495 NOW $10987 (208)466-32 CLEAN! 160k WHEEL DRIVE! 287-5284 www.broncom HONDA.COM 378-4422 $7,995 (208) HEALTH CARE Health Counselors Mental individuals treatment for Provide outpatient Conduct assessments;t. with mental illness. and case managemen FORD CERTIFIED! LEATHER, ON-STAR, SE ECOBOOST! CTS HEATED in CounselFINANCE provide counseling, the following $12,394 208CADILLAC 08 FORD 14 FUSION Masters Degree #M1102 for P1FCU! CAR! 2146417 eligible $15,893 208-466-4615leader to fill orking Requirements: or Social Work. Be2012 LEGACY 2.5i PREMIUM CAR! 2163959 and highly ethical LOW MILES, CLEAN AUTO FUN FUTURE…w SUBARU Certification $15,000 IDAHO CENTER BUILD YOUR searching for an energetic ing, Psychology WAS 466-4615 1.8L I4,Counselor LX Sedan. of 4DR #M1067B $18,000 NOW Valley: SE. AT,Affiliated WAS We are currently in the Lewis Clark WAS Crown Victoria clean, fully Department for Agency ROGUE S AWD MALL 2014 Elantra WA StateMALL FORD 1992 the wnty, NISSAN 2011 LS 4WD #M1171 factory very CENTER AUTO 287-5284 HYUNDAI bene-www.broncom higher with TRAILBLAZER full-time position Great body,Officer orloaded, activities $17,500 IDAHO MALL n includes full County, will buy it! all financial ECO drive, fully CHEVY 2005 55 4 dr., silver. Financial $17,990 NOW & you CENTER AUTO it pw/pl, Compensatio Chief IDAHO drive controlling 208-322-39 it, and Health. Stevens See organizing $14,000 are in Liability 12 $9750 NOW $9000 equipped. 287-5284 www.broncom 36K miles. directing, Al 208-884-37 adequacy, Asset fits. These positions and or contact $2,500. responsible formi.Union 287-5284 www.broncom (P1FCU). Capital investment portfolio or via The CFO will be 1 Federal 74K Credit WA. Go to www.stevens role in establishing oversight of the (509) 685-0629 for of Potlatch No.interest rate risk mitigation, on the agenda. Plays a key John Moser at Union. will be high Management, for the Credit e-mail: jmoser@co.s City ADMIN - CLERICAL WAS initiatives objectives and policies of strategic analysis 4DR #220296A further information. Assistant - Capital and financial 2003 DEVILLE FOR n (CCDC) AdministrativeCorporatio CADILLAC BOISE 287-5281 WAS silver with black,COUPLE major economic make upV8 sport sedan MANAGERS DOWNTOWN of the financial 2010 XF BUSINESS2005 CAMRY LE AT #15EL305B Development $21,990 $7995 NOW $6988 Jaguarquickly 287-5281 lities: 37K miles, TOYOTA maint. SELF STORAGE ive working knowledge the big picture, steering wheel! DOWNTOWN BOISE marketing, Duties & Responsibi the nav, heated NOW $8990 will have comprehens www.lylepearsin sales, to #M1179 WAS manage the ability to see $9995 WAS resumes #15JP141A Experience SEQUOIA LTD and expertly #16EL051B The ideal candidate Email both #M1156 WAS AUTO MALL threats and most importantly (866)978-2151 x3. SE 4DR andZX4 TOYOTA 2003 www.broncom , risks LS 1500 2WD IDAHO CENTER Apt./Benefits. 2006 FOCUS 287-5281 and planning and 801-270-57 FORD BOISE organization 2006 TAHOE opportunities of a financial institution AUTO MALL NOW $10,000 orally CHEVY Strong CENTER DOWNTOWN $10,775 both indicating e, cycles. IDAHO $5488 lholtby@stor NOW $13,000 communicat a strong $6995economic determine trends $14,270 NOW 287-5284 www.broncom through varying ability to effectively CFO will play balance sheet and the demonstrate PART TIME ASSISTANT www.broncom relationships 287-5284 www.broncom STORAGE board levels. The competencies, management team and MANAGER SELF Must have sales, Collaborative business peers, direct plus. staff, Price Best LOCAL and member service. Sun/Mon verbally, at yet Management Team, ONE-OWNER Part time service skills. in loan growth ATS Stock# 814844 role the Executive should be a strategic thinker ONLY 40K MILES! AWD, V6. 9k Mile Cadillac 2015 skills. supporting telephone, customer KIA 13 SOUL expected with with black interior, $8,797 208-466-4615 basic maintenance work style are business partners. The CFO the job done. and $29,991 Silver Computer and; or call 208-467-7000 See, TRADE-IN! 2773102 reports, and other to Condition Must sleeves and get s!www.edmark ask for Lynn. Email resume Camry LE, Great City of Meridian to roll-up their statistical and 00 x 3, Toyota, 2007 Prevention willing and able accurate financial,investment activities phone 801-270-57 RN11078B 208-888-4403 •Education and complete and $8,992, STK# AT, Credit Union’s Stk# the reports; ensuresUnion. Directs with auditors Specialist (Part-Time) 4Runner Limited. Stk# V6 - Automatic . Works Prepare financial Credit Fusion 3.0L V8 - Automatic TOYOTA 2010leather, navigation, loaded, Programs Coordinator City, OR of theFord the organization - 2006 -assets of 781-5744 - Baker - Durango 5.7 PROFESSIONAL •Environmental and to apply, visit: and reviews and distributes - Baker City, OR accounting records Dodge - 2005 4WD, 4.0L V6, - $6,997 (800) compliance. 208-322-3955 audits. Writes, funds, securities (800) 781-5744 16D5421 For details Tribes comprehensiveto ensure regulatory and policyto regulatory as custodian ofyear-end and 16D5012 - $6,997 100K miles. $26,500 Shoshone-Paiute /examiners on and procedure statementst initiatives. Oversees reporting Executive Reservation $8987 Indian hybrid Limitfinancial policy reviews risk managemen Serves as an advisor to the Valley STK# P9417 .C the passenger 7 RIO Duck Bedand 2011 Oversees KIA Short 2009 Highlander Implements 1-Owner $20,995 Toyotarg WWW.TOMSCOTTHONDA aitribes.o and programs. 1969 C-10 the Board of Directors. employee A/C!to 37 EDUCATION JBL audio, clean (208)466-3248 CHEVROLET financial strategies r! Restored!and authorities and evaluating ed with GPS and t Team regarding training, directing OM #15UP197A www.lylepears $17,999 350w/blowedenAutoSale and assists in (866)978-2151 Owyhee, Nevada V6 4x4 grey with 6-0451- www.MikeVir Accounting manager Accounting department. 4Runner Limited the Toyota 2010 Are: 1-Owner $26,590 Little Car, performance within JBL, moonroof, $7987 ,78K Miles Great Vacant Positions institution black leather, STK# 14238B Ford, 2007 Focus within the financial 208-888-4403 #15AP158B www.lylepears experience RN11536T COTTHONDA.C GMC 2005 YUKON (866)978-2151 highly preferred. financial $5,993, STK# Experience: years of significant Judge 48 WWW.TOMS or credit union Tribal bank a (208)466-32 at • Associate Ten to fifteen CFO experience OM • Social Worker industry with previous preferable. Resources Director • Human CPA and/or CMA Association Miles, $11,993, Officer Wagon 51K Cab. AT, WSU Alumni • Chief Financial Officer r Kia, 2011 Soul, Convertible! Tacoma Access Finance or Accounting. Event Coordinato with 208-888-4403 • Chief Executive TOYOTA 2009 Administration, energetic, T 2003 Corvette Education: Miles! pw/pl, AC, tilt STK# RU5608A CHEVROLE Car! 66k a degree in Business • Medical DoctorDirector RWD, 2.7L I4, tow, $15,000 208-322-3955 Seeking an innovative, planner. Beautiful has Requires can-do event Only $18,999! individual who • Clinical Health team, you enthusiast, and our dynamic cruise, 83K miles. Nurse financially-savvy union’s 376-0451- www.mikevir of Skills: analytical and - Automatic Stk#the credit d, • Clinical Registered As a member execute a wide array of Interpersonal - Flex 3.5L V6 to achieve a self-motivate Baker City, OR Ford - 2011 cs necessary • Laboratory Director will plan and leathThis position requires 995 (800) 698-2198 such as: WSU ions A leadership characteristi 15B0051 $21, financial controls. Denali. AT, AWD, • Communicat events and activities the vision and ensure proper loaded, tailgates, winemaker GMC 2007 Yukon 6.2L V8, fully 55 objectives and graduate tow, football away-game row, recent strategic er, third reunions, ability, good 208-322-39 dinners, class development strong analytical record at 81K miles. $25,000 track WSUAA programs, professional Other Skills: include a sound technical background, AT, 4WD, leather, have a proven initiatives, and ion skills. Must members and staff. LEXUS 2000 RX 300. 3.0L V6, 261K activities, cultural Requirements superior meetings. Robust Stk# communicat t team YARIS STK# 14124A seats, moonroof, 55 and COTTH board of directors c speaking, sharp Classic 20.L 4cyls Automatic heatedSQL, judgment both managemen TOYOTA 2011 208-322-39 48 WWW.TOMS OR developing for andCity, MCIF software, Baker Chevrolet skills in writing/publimedia, affinity 2005 miles. $5,500 coaching 781-5744 $9987 (208)466-32 analytical software, $5,997 (800) products,SEL, aptitude in social and keen 16D5141 1 Owner Automatic, ONDA.COM technology, with Microsoft Taurusexperience, with DVD, Nav, analysis event-planning are essential. For a full Ford, to data2011 Must be proficient and big XL black Denali RN10993A 208-888-4403 at s $25,995 GMC 2009 Yukon negotiation skills $11,444, STK# website ODBC, pivot tables and detailed 1-Owner and position requirement please visit our moonroof, serviced job descriptionvisit https://www.wsujobs. in this opportunity, #16M112A www.lylepears (866)978-2151 and to apply, s/22885. Salary range: LEATHER, LUXURY If you are interested MKZ HEATED electronic application. 208-466com/posting LINCOLN 13 complete our DOE. WSU is an Drug free workplace. 2808503 $18,853 $3,155 to $4,134 and Employer. drug screening. 814916 $29,991 CAR! FUN TO DRIVE! background and FJ Cruiser Stock# EO/AA Educator Toyota 2013 interior! www.edm EOE. Requires 4615 STK# 13899C - FEDERAL HEALTH CARE with black leather 2008 IMPALA T ENT exterior COTTH Orange in CHEVROLE GOVERNM 48 WWW.TOMS Agency or call 208-467-7000 POWER $6987 (208)466-32 The USDA, Farm Service Program UNLIMITED 4WD, YELLOW EDUCATION a full-time FIESTA SES HB JEEP 07 WRANGLER WHEELS! 2161316 DOWNONDA.COM position FORD 2012 Caldwell is hiringis a temporary TOP, CUSTOM NOW $12,488 WA his DOWS, HARD WAS $16,495 ployee e WSU PULLMAN, #220280 Technician.T available.Em Maintenanc 287-5281 www.broncom $17,645 208-466-4615 with health benefits & program TOWN BOISE Facilities Operations in an Specialist (FOMS) explains procedures $3838.00 farmers & ranchers skills are Starting Salary regulations to #M6OU029A WAS t.Computer CAR is TOWN MALL office environmen LINCOLN 2002 Best of local agriculture CENTER AUTO operations problems wledge $6500 IDAHO Stock# 960032A having LIKE NEW, $6940 NOW Evaluate equipment education required. 2008 Impala needed.Kno www.edm ive on campuses Corolla Sedan, Chevrolettake your Family Car!school acAdministrat www.broncom helpful.High Toyota, 2014, and emergencies 287-5284 Nice Affordable 2,318. Send to us buildings; is seeking a RN For more Price $8,991 $14,988- 800-553-1384 Salary $25,731-$3 and any questions #15109230, normal operatmultiple noncontiguo or call 208-467-7000 to Supervisor, Elmore. our posting FOUR WHEEL cover letter, resume gov. Apps are systems Stk# see www.haniganc tion to return equipment Red STK: 507343 - Automaticplease information monitor building uityauto 2.5L 4cyls an EOE. brandi.mitchell@id.usda. Jeep 2005 Liberty City, OR www.instanteq ing condition; ensure normal functioning. on CareerBuilde USDA isFord - 2013 - Fusion - Baker V6! 139k Miles Employer (800) 698-2198 due by 1/29/16. DRIVE! CLEAN! operations to calls on mechaniEqual Opportunity $6,995 15B010 - $16,995 (208) 378-4422 Respond to emergency ility systems, e.g., apply cal, electrical/ut life support systems; HEALTH CARE tors, hospital in associated black with HEALTH CARE Pick up, Only 39,000 2.5T all-wheel-drive $7,995 journey-level knowledge ly and exercise B-Series, 4x4, Volvo 2004 S80 om/jobs 95K miles Mazda, 2008, heated seats $15,950 - 800-553-1384 trades; work independent 45/k Miles, to solve problems; black leather, IdahoStatesman.c Miles, #15m01594, me- Aveo, Only #15V128A www.lylepears Chevrolet, of other 2011, independent judgment work (866)978-2151 $10,950 – 800-553-1384 www.haniganc . For qualificall in and coordinate #15237097, emergencies Stk# s.c at V6 - Automatic chanics during apply, visitwww.haniganc #M1158 - Taurus 3.5L -Baker City, OR Find 1000s of cars Ford - 2014 CHEROKEE LAREDO cations and to for position will be subject AUTO (800) 698-2198 JEEP 2006 GRAND IDAHO CENTER 15B020 - $19,995 om. Finalist(s) ent background check NOW $12,000 WAS $12,925 IdahoSta is an WSU . to a pre-employm www.broncom employment MALL 287-5284 as condition of retractable hard featuring Closes 01/24/16 nz- 2010 SLK300 ion Manager. 23K $25,995 EEO/AA employer. Mercedes-Be red Nurse black with tan leather is seeking a Compensat a RN/Registe please see our please top convertible, is seekingMOONROOF, www.lylepears For more information the LEATHER, For more information (866)978-2151 ENGINEER on CareerBuilde 12 CR-V EX-L! AWD,TeleICU. Inc., is seeking #M1146 WAS posting HONDA Employer posting on CareerBuilde $23,259 ectronics IMPALA 4DR WHT our 208-466-4615 Micron Technology, MALL 2610769 see Employer AUTOOpportunity CHEVY 2005 in Electrical/El Equal CLEAN TRADE-IN! tor R&D IDAHO CENTER Equal Opportunity following positionits semiconduc $5450 NOW $4750 for Engineering Idaho: www.broncom facility in Boise, 287-5284 Job Title HEALTH CARE HEALTH CARE PE Engineer-NVE Job Number 44722 reflect cover letter must Resume and/or as listed on the website applieach requirement Upon hire, all or it will be rejected. to drug checks. cants will be subject and background testing/screening the and search for Please apply online Relations Compensation listed at: above job code(s) is seeking a Seniorinformation please jobs is seeking a Employee For more information tive. Analyst. For more Representa see our posting on on CareerBuilde please see our posting Employer Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Opportunity LeathVery Low Miles Lucerne, Sedan Buick, 2009 208-888-4403 STK# RU5601 er, $11,993,

FORD CERTIFIED, SE HATCHBACK! FORD 14 FOCUS $12697 208-466-4615 LEATHER! 2456079



Contact your Idaho Statesman Sales & Marketing Executive today or call 208-377-6333.

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om/classifieds a day! idahostatesman.c fiAT ified ads 24 hrs do-it-yourself Class

Classifieds Phone

Cancellation and correction



7710 Gratz Drive Boise, ID 83709 208-947-6650

• Jeep Dodge • ChryslerLegion 2800 American Home Blvd. Mountain (208) 580-1000 for “Better deals, more your trade.”





1 x 5 Pr nt ad (or up to 60 nes)* CareerBu der com AfterCo ege com Top Jobs L st ng


fieds your trade.” /classi 208-467-7000 an.comwww.edmark idahostatesm HONDA

OLET CHEVR PETERSON’S ad. Browse by listing.

P9368 ACCENT STK# COTT HYUNDAI 2014 48 WWW.TOMS $10987 (208)466-32 HONDA.COM

(Faxed LINE Ads are



Ave 9101 W Fairview Boise 378-9000


Dodge • ChryslerMercury Ford • Lincoln • 95 602 US Highway Weiser, ID 83672 1-888--564-9013

Place your EDMARk Auto Mall Center 814734A Best ds. Idahokeywor Sport Stock# Blvd. by 27K! Jeep 2012 Wrangler 4x4 with upgraded tires!Search 15700 Idaho Center Cloth, Nampa, ID 83687 Price $22,991 or call 208-467-7000 Hours: Monday 208-467-7000 7-6309 LIKE NEW, 208/37 FAX: Corolla Sedan, 4 2014, Toyota, 35-893 $14,988- 800-553-1384 #15109230, . . . . . 208/373-6684 HANigAN CHEVROLET Toll-free line: 1-800/6 . . . . . and will be supplied upon request. 915 S. Main St by 3 p.m. M-Fwww.haniganc vary edition UnlimPayette, ID 83661 and Legal deadlines 10th anniversary Ad cancellations Please note: Holiday Jeep 2013 Wrangler seats $35,590 800-553-1384


313 SE 13th Ontario OR 97914 1-800-574-1202 1-541-889-3151

5 dAySTOM SCOTTCenter Blvd for Mall (208) 580-2600 5 lineS Idaho Center Auto 15933 Idaho Blvd. only $4.99 15700 Idaho Center for Nampa 455-2272 Place an ad forwww.mhauto “Better deals, more Nampa, ID 83687


Ave 12300 W Fairview Boise 323-5000; 1-888-568-6523

4x4 5black 2-door Sport Jeep 2012 Wrangler windows, cruise, $21,995 power speed , hard top, #15JP159A www.lylepears (866)978-2151


351 Auto Dr., Boise 377-3900

915 S. Main goods Nampa 475-3000 475-3000 es, furniture, sporting Buy & sell applianc Statesman & online! & more in the Idaho sell

(208) 336-6000

www.mhauto for “Better deals, more your trade.”


graphite grey Cherokee Laredo $26,535 Jeep 2012 Grand moonroof, Bluetooth leather, Navi, #16L129A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

77.633 Call Direct 20–8.3 Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m



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IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM PRODUCT SOLUTIONS DISPLAY About Our webs te bRaNDINg JOb POSTINgS The daho o the ersmost the most extens ve advertDifferentiate s ng networkyour n the company in the eyes GainStatesman exposure to candidates Treasure Va industry, ey W thenjoy the dahoStatesman McC atchy in the unlimited editingcom and 28ofother job seekers and ensure your brand newspapers at our fingert ps we canofepowerful ect ve y and estands fic entout y deamong ver your capability, and take advantage the competition with bus ness s message the our most des rab e aud ence segments the Va ey screening toolstowith Job Postings. a range ofnbranding solutions.

Idaho Center Auto Blvd. 15700 Idaho Center Nampa, ID 83687 208-467-7000

S PETERSON’ TREaS uRE! JEEP dEal or STAMPEDE next HANigAN gMC your Blvd, Nampa find I-84 & Garrity 5801 E Gate Blvd St

sy! here’s how… Placing an ad is Ea 3 3 Go Online YARIS STK# 14124A COTTH TOYOTA 2011 48 WWW.TOMS $9987 (208)466-32 ONDA.COM


Ave 8727 W Fairview (208) 388-4400


Home Blvd. Mountain (208) 580-1000 for “Better deals, more your trade.”

Payette, ID 83661 MOUNTAiN HOME 800-553-1384 AUTO RANCH DODgE • GMC kiA Chevrolet • BuickLegion DODgE 2800 American Home kiA MOUNTAiN HOME DENNiS DiLLON Blvd, DENNiS DiLLONAve Blvd. Mountain 4121Cleveland AUTO RANCH (208) 580-2600 9501 W Fairview Caldwell, ID • GMC Chevrolet • Buick

Laredo 4x4, Grand Cherokee, Jeep, 2011, $19,988 – 800-553-1384 #15585691, www.haniganc

WAS CHEROKEE #120340 287BOISE JEEP 2012 GRAND $23,988 DOWNTOWN $26,995 NOW 5281 www.broncom

WAS 4DR #220278 SONATA GLS BOISE 287HYUNDAI 2013 $11,988 DOWNTOWN $17,995 NOW 5281 www.broncom







2777 S. Orchard


915 S. Main Payette, ID 83661 800-553-1384

apartment, or lot by Buy, sell or rent a home, Statesman & online! Idaho area anytime in the

MANSTK: 955369 Elantra Black Miles www.inst Hyundai 2010 GREAT MPG! 53k $7,995 UAL! FOUR DOORS! om (208) 378-4422 antequityauto.c


Mall Idaho Center Auto Blvd. 15885 Idaho Center Nampa, ID 83646 208-376-8510

Weiser, ID 83672 1-888--564-9013

MOUNTAiN Street & “Where Orchard /cars RANCH Meet” AUTO The Freeway • Jeep tatesm idahos Dodge • Chrysler Legion 2800 American (208) 336-6000


! deals, more for

• Jeep Dodge • ChryslerLegion 2800 American Home Blvd. Mountain (208) 580-1000 for “Better deals, more your trade.”

Mall Idaho Center Auto Blvd. 15700 Idaho Center Nampa, ID 83687 208-467-7000

homE or liST youRS

hybrid LimitHighlander 7 passenger 1-Owner $20,995 Toyota 2009 JBL audio, clean ed with GPS and #15UP197A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

the 602 US Highway 95

“Better LARRY JEEP your trade.” CaRS DODgE uSEd nEw &CHRYSLER 222 Auto Drive gMC over 5,000 ID 83709 ay! Boise, online everyd gMC 208-947-6500 DENNiS DiLLON

222 Auto Boise, ID 83709 208-947-6500



third row, leather, 4.7L V8, 208-322-3955 130K miles. $11,500

Must See,

• Mercury


9109 W Fairview

Boise 378-9000 www.peterson

you! awaits AT, homE Access Cab. nEw Tacoma your TOYOTA 2009tow, pw/pl, AC, tilt with 55E onlin 208-322-39 RWD, 2.7L I4, moRE 83K miles. $15,000 Find cruise, /homes

CareerBuilder powers the career sites for more than 10,000 websites, including 140 newspapers and leading portals such as MSN and AOL.

V. in Ford • Lincoln or R.Legion 2800 American Buy or sell a car, truck Mountain Home! Idaho Statesman & (208) 580-2600


AuLeather Sunroof Civic EX-L, Sedan 208-888-4403 Honda, 2010 STK# RU5477A tomatic, $10,993,

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old onE!NiSSAN yourN MOTORS CaR or SellHOMETOW • Jeep MOUNTAiN HOME Dodge • Chrysler find your next BRONCO MOTORS Mercury AUTO RANCH Ford • Lincoln •

Dodge • ChryslerMercury Ford • Lincoln • 95 602 US Highway Weiser, ID 83672 1-888--564-9013


#M1158 CHEROKEE LAREDO AUTO JEEP 2006 GRAND IDAHO CENTER NOW $12,000 WAS $12,925 www.broncom MALL 287-5284

/careerbuilder Sport. AT, 4WD, JEEP 2007 Commander fully loaded,

Stk# V6 - Automatic - Accord 3.5L Baker City, OR Honda - 2008 (800) 698-2198 15T2084 - $12,995




FOUR WHEEL Red STK: 507343 uityauto Jeep 2005 Liberty www.instanteq V6! 139k Miles DRIVE! CLEAN! $6,995 .com (208) 378-4422

in the treasure Valley ThE #1 Job SiTE moRE Job SEEkERS & with moRE JobS

4WD grey with Pilot EX-L 8-passengermiles, $15,395 Honda 2007 1-Owner 83K leather and moonroof, #16A253A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

all-wheel-drive Limited 7 passenger $21,995 Ford 2012 Flex park sensors, heated seats, leather, SYNC, #16V116B www.lylepears (866)978-2151



or employee in the Find the perfect job online! Idaho Statesman &

14216A ACCORD STK# COTT HONDA 2007 48 WWW.TOMS $10487 (208)466-32 HONDA.COM

car at


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7 days 30 days 30 days 7 days


Do the car, boat or RV? GOT AN older Donate it to the Humane humane thing. 599 (PNDC) Society. Call 1-800-205-0

Easy to Use, Easy to Find, Easy… In Print & Online

FOUR WHEEL Black STK: A55802 Ford 2003 F-150 126k Miles www.instantequityau DRIVE! KING RANCH! 378-4422 $7,995 (208)

ry 19, 2016 tuesday, Janua


546744 FOUR Pilot Black STK: Honda 2005 147k Miles www.instan THREE ROWS! WHEEL DRIVE! $9,995 (208) 378-4422

Get top $$ for your

SYNC, 4615

- Automatic Stk# - F-150 5.4L V8 - Baker City, OR Ford - 2003 (800) 781-5744 15T1497 - $8,997

Stock# 451286A w Silverado 2WD Chevy 2013 Exterior, Leather! Cab, Pearl White $24,991 Crew 208-467-7000 or call ww.edmarknam

with DVD, Nav, XL black Denali $25,995 GMC 2009 Yukon and detailed 1-Owner moonroof, serviced #16M112A www.lylepears

3.6L Vue XR. AT, AWD,cruise, with SATURN 2008 AM/FM/CD, tilt V6, pw/pl/ps, 208-322-3955 127K miles. $8,500

DOOR! 519138 FOUR Civic Gray STK: Honda 2005 MPG! 120k Miles MANUAL! GREAT 378-4422 $6,995 (208) www.instanteq

CREW, 2016 ECOBOOST! 4WD, 19XLT 11 F-150 JANUARY $23,877 208-466TUESDAY FORD NICE TRUCK! 2B98875

LT #15TU121A SILVERADO 1500 CHEVY 2008 DOWNTOWN BOISE NOW $13,988 WAS $17,995 287-5281 www.broncom

leathDenali. AT, AWD, loaded, GMC 2007 Yukon 6.2L V8, fully 55 er, third row, tow, 208-322-39 81K miles. $25,000

Clean, #15244775, G-6, Low Miles, Pontiac, 2009, www.haniganc $9,988- 800-553-1384

WAS CIVIC EX AT #16SN217A 287-5281 HONDA 1999 DOWNTOWN BOISE $7995 NOW $7490 www.broncom


BOAT TO CAR, TRUCK OR DONATE YOURTHE BLIND. Free 3 day HERITAGE FORDeductible, Free Towing, all 106 Vacation, Tax Care Of. 1-800-401-4 Paperwork Taken (PNDC)

REGULAR Gray STK: A74549 Ford 1997 Ranger ONLY 97k Miles www.instante CAB! 4 CYL! MANUAL! $5,995 (208) 378-4422

#M1048A WAS SILVERADO 2500HD MALL CHEVY 2006 CENTER AUTO $11,000 IDAHO $11,780 NOW 287-5284 www.broncom

$7987 STK# 14238B .C GMC 2005 YUKON WWW.TOMSCOTTHONDA (208)466-3248 OM

Fun Car Low HEATED Solstice, Convertible EX-L NAVIGATION, Pontiac, 2007 208-888-4403 HONDA 13 ACCORD 2006300 $19,556 208-466STATESMAN STK# RN11505A Miles, $8,993, LEATHER, MOONROOF! ........................IDAHO


Automatic Stk# 6.7L 6cyls Diesel Baker City, OR Ram 2012 3500 (800) 781-5744 15BD022 $38,997

4WD, ONLY 65K XLT ECOBOOST! FORD 12 F-150 $22,573 208-466-4615 MILES! 2A58568

451355A Best Colorado Stock# rk Chevrolet 2012 with 77k!www.edma Crew Cab, 4x4 Price $19,991 call 208-467-7000 or


Miles, Prix, Only 77,000

AT #120279 WAS FRONTIER PRO-4X BOISE 287NISSAN 2011 $24,988 DOWNTOWN $31,995 NOW 5281 www.broncom

4DR #M5OS188B AVENGER SXT AUTO DODGE 2013 IDAHO CENTER NOW $12,650 WAS $15,500 www.broncom MALL 287-5284

Silverado, Chevrolet, 2006, $16,988- 800-553-1384 #15190291, www.haniganc

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Miles, Cab, Only 75,000 Canyon Extra GMC, 2008, $14,988 - 800-553-1384 #15142808, www.haniganc

- $16,999 Dakota BigHorn DODGE 2010 376-0451www.MikeVirden Only 54k miles!!

Ext. Cab, 4x4,

Stk# V8 - Automatic - Durango 5.7 - Baker City, OR Dodge - 2005 (800) 781-5744 16D5012 - $6,997

AT, 1500HD SLE. bedliner, GMC 2007 Sierra 6.0L V8, tow, 4WD, crew cab, 208-322-3955 152K miles. $13,000

5.7 HEMI Ram SLT 4x4 DODGE 2008 & Loaded! Crew Cab! 20 $18,766 Leather 8-376-0451-www.mikevi

Automatic V-6, S-10, Ext Cab Chevrolet, 2003, $3,988 – 800-553-1384 #15238865, www.haniganc

WAS 2WD #M1156 TAHOE LS 1500 MALL CHEVY 2006 CENTER AUTO $13,000 IDAHO $14,270 NOW 287-5284 www.broncom

14235A SENTRA STK# COTTH NISSAN 2008 48 WWW.TOMS $6587 (208)466-32 ONDA.COM

Stk# V6 - Automatic - Taurus 3.5L -Baker City, OR Ford - 2014 (800) 698-2198 15B020 - $19,995


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WAS LS 4WD #M1171 TRAILBLAZER AUTO MALL CHEVY 2005 IDAHO CENTER $9750 NOW $9000 287-5284 www.broncom

#15SN065B WAS MAXIMA SE 4DR 287-5281 NISSAN 2004 DOWNTOWN BOISE $8995 NOW $6988 www.broncom

DENALI! White STK: 130584 GMC 2006 Yukon Miles www.instanteq CLEAN! 111k AWD! LOW MILES! 378-4422 $12,995 (208) Low Miles Very Grand Caravan, Dodge, 2007 208-888-4403 STK# RN11355B Clean, $6,993,

AT, leather, Terraza CXL. 3.5L V6, BUICK 2005 sliding doors, 55 rear DVD, power 208-322-39 90K miles. $6,000

Investment: $899




FOUR STK: 186787 uity Avalanche White Chevy 2005 Miles www.instanteq CLEAN! 160k WHEEL DRIVE! 378-4422 $7,995 (208)

retractable hard nz 2010 SLK300 Mercedes-Be leather 23K $25,995 black with tan top convertible, #15UP205A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

SES HB YELLOW FORD 2012 FIESTA $12,488 DOWN$16,495 NOW #220280 WAS 287-5281 www.broncom TOWN BOISE

Beautiful SLT Z71 4x4 GMC 2005 Sierra Price Reduced! truck! Crew Cab! 376-0451www.MikeVirden

DIESEL! 4WD, 3500 CUMMINS $33,579 208DODGE 12 RAM MILES! 2238071 LONG BOX, LOW

WAS SEL AWD #120420A BOISE 287VW 2009 TIGUAN $15,988 DOWNTOWN $17,995 NOW 5281 www.broncom

Only 12,000 Sonic LTZ, Loaded Chevrolet, 2015, $15,988 - 800-553-1384 Miles, #15189577, www.haniganc

Pick up, Only 39,000 B-Series, 4x4, Mazda, 2008, $15,950 - 800-553-1384 Miles, #15m01594, www.haniganc

Automatic, SEL, 1 Owner Ford, 2011 Taurus RN10993A 208-888-4403 $11,444, STK#

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WAS TOWN CAR #M6OU029A MALL AUTO LINCOLN 2002 IDAHO CENTER $6940 NOW $6500 287-5284 www.broncom


FANCY SHELL, Siera Denali Pickup, GMC, 2005, $14,988 - 800-553-1384 #15229160, www.haniganc

Van, NICE, Town & Country Chrysler, 2014, $19,988- 800-553-1384 #15293877, www.haniganc

WAS LTD #120286 HIGHLANDER BOISE 287TOYOTA 2011 $27,988 DOWNTOWN $33,995 NOW 5281 www.broncom

LTZ. AT, 2007 Avalanche CHEVROLET moonroof, tow, fully loaded, 4WD, leather, 208-322-3955 129K miles. $17,000

PW, PL, Only 49,000 Canyon, 2wd, GMC, 2004, $6,988 - 800-553-1384 Miles, #15222471, www.haniganc

with V8 SUV black Aspen 7 pass Chrysler 2008 sensors, $15,495 seat DVD, park grey GPS, rear #16L114A www.lylepears (866)978-2151

V6 4x4 grey with 4Runner Limited Toyota 2010 1-Owner $26,590 JBL, moonroof, black leather, #15AP158B www.lylepears (866)978-2151

STK# 14238B 2002 TAHOE COTTH CHEVROLET 48 WWW.TOMS $6987 (208)466-32 ONDA.COM

LEATHER, LUXURY MKZ HEATED 208-466LINCOLN 13 2808503 $18,853 CAR! FUN TO DRIVE! 4615

Little Car, ,78K Miles Great Ford, 2007 Focus RN11536T 208-888-4403 $5,993, STK#

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$11,993, Wagon 51K Miles, Kia, 2011 Soul, 208-888-4403 STK# RU5608A

WAS SE 4DR ZX4 #16EL051B 287-5281 FORD 2006 FOCUS DOWNTOWN BOISE $6995 NOW $5488 www.broncom



4WD Stock# 814920 w Silverado LTZ leather interior! Chevy 2013 Exterior with black $29,991 Silver 208-467-7000 or call ww.edmarknam

AT, 4Runner Limited. TOYOTA 2010leather, navigation, loaded, 4WD, 4.0L V6, 208-322-3955 100K miles. $26,500


4DR #M1162 RENDEZVOUS AUTO MALL BUICK 2006 IDAHO CENTER $7885 NOW $7000 287-5284 www.broncom










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