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From Frontier Stage Stop to Thriving Foothills Community for business in the late Spring of 2008. Spring Valley Ranch placed nearly 23,000 acres of land into the partnership while their development partner, SunCor, provided experience and tens of millions of dollars in capital to build the infrastructure for the Avimor Community. This partnership played an important role in ensuring Avimor survived the real estate market downturn over the past few years because the Partnership had not incurred any debt for land or improvements. Additionally, while other developments, both locally and across the country, started looking unkempt and abandoned, Avimor was able to keep the Project orderly and in good condition. In 2009, SunCor’s parent company decided to leave the real estate business and sell SunCor’s assets, including SunCor’s partnership interest in Avimor. The McLeod family, along with a small group of local investors, purchased SunCor’s interest in the Project. Because the real estate industry was deep in a recession

History of Avimor The master planned community of Avimor is within Spring Valley Ranch, which is located just a few miles north of Eagle, Idaho on Highway 55. Spring Valley Ranch traces its beginnings to a small but thriving stage stop by the name of Howell that served the local ranchers around 1890. The 80 acre town boasted a general store, blacksmith shop and post office. In 1916, after several investors purchased the town from Eliza Howell and added surrounding parcels, the ranch was purchased by Colin McLeod I. For the past nine decades, the property has been owned by the McLeod family and has grown to its present size. It is the heritage of 90 years of McLeod family ownership and their concern for the land which forms the basis for the future and the development of a “place” that will sustain future generations. After considering many development alternatives, most of which involved dividing up the land, the McLeod family determined that their long-term involvement in the development along with the experience of a planned community developer would be

“As a result of the new partnership change, our home prices have come down substantially. In 2008 home prices started in the $270,000 range. Today, a home, including the lot, starts in the $140,000s”

at the time of purchase, the sale price was substantially below the cost that had been incurred to improve the property. This resulted in huge savings for Avimor homebuyers when new model homes were opened and sales commenced in August of 2011. “As a result of the new partnership change, our home prices have come down substantially,” General Manager Dan Richter said. “In 2008 home prices started in the $270,000 range. Today, a home, including the lot, starts in the $140,000s”.

Avimor’s Inclusive Foothills Lifestyle Since opening new model homes in August of 2011, Avimor has been one of the Treasure Valley’s best selling communities. Homebuyers have discovered a home in the Foothills is not limited to million dollar ridge-top houses. The Avimor Lifestyle is a culmination of conservation, innovation, education, and realization nestled in the Foothills just minutes from Eagle and Boise.

- Avimor General Manager, Dan Richter the best way to assure they met their vision for stewardship of the land. In 2002, they put their plan into action and partnered with SunCor, a large national developer, to begin development of a master planned community that would keep much of the Spring Valley Ranch intact. The Scottish heritage of the McLeod family led to the selection of the name for the planned community. Avimor is a name derived from Scotland’s Aviemore, which is a thriving town in the highlands. Its rolling hills and direct access to recreation and open space are reflected in this present day place in Idaho. After many years of planning and community development, the Avimor Planned Community opened its doors



A place like this deserves a plan like this

Avimor, in just its first stage of development, already includes 90 miles of trails, 7 parks, fishing ponds, playgrounds, soccer field, baseball diamond, community pool, and thousands of acres of natural open space. Unlike the exclusive Boise Foothills developments that were reserved for a select few, Avimor, with its diverse housing choices, is a true “community” open to all. It offers homes that meet the needs of homebuyers at all stages of their lives, including homes with lots starting in the $140s all the way up to large custom homes on expansive Foothills view lots. ”When you live in Avimor, you can change homes as your lifestyle changes without leaving behind friends, doctors, hairdressers, or zip codes,” according to General Manager, Dan Richter. “Avimor’s Foothills Lifestyle is perfect for a first home, perfect for a retirement home, and perfect for everything in between,” Richter said.

Avimor’s Plans for Future Development

Every Buyer is unique, however. And more often than not, the buying decision is made on less visible, but equally important, criteria. Avimor’s groundbreaking commitment to responsible resource management is broadly appealing to a large (and growing) public sensibility. The immediate and convenient access to the surrounding landscape via an extensive trail system is perfectly compatible with the lifestyle that attracts people to this region of the country in the first place. Avimor strikes a chord that resonates across a wide demographic because it genuinely satisfies the common impulse to live in beauty and escape “the crush” without sacrificing the convenience of urban amenities. This “emotional” appeal, while less susceptible to precise measurement, is profoundly important and is perhaps the quality with which Avimor is most generously endowed.

• Parks and Trailheads

”When you live in Avimor, you can change homes as your lifestyle changes without leaving behind friends, doctors, hairdressers, or zip codes. Avimor’s Foothills Lifestyle is perfect for a first home, perfect for a retirement home, and perfect for everything in between.”

With all of the amenities and Foothills lifestyle choices available at Avimor in just the first phase of development, imagine how future plans will enhance the Avimor Foothills Lifestyle. Avimor includes almost 23,000 acres, which is more than 25 square miles of land. Plans call for Avimor to develop over the next 30 years, and when completed, Avimor will consist of numerous Villages set into the Foothills and linked by trails. Other features and amenities include:

- Avimor General Manager, Dan Richter

• Nearly 25 square miles of open space friends to become residents of our community. The long term planning that takes place in a community such as Avimor is assurance to the residents that their best interest is also the best interest of the community,” according to Richter.

• Hundreds of miles of Foothills trails • Regional trail links • Shopping and Entertainment • Schools • Commercial Employment Centers • Community Activity Centers

Avimor has set the standard for “inclusive” conservation based communities. Like the Foothills it is built on, Avimor is living and growing and will continue to grow responsibly based on the concepts of inte-

A planned community such as Avimor must be built to stand the test of time to assure its success in the future. Unlike some subdivisions, where in a year or two the builders move on to new projects, development in Avimor will continue for decades. The Avimor team recognizes that what they build today will be what future homebuyers use to judge them tomorrow. Moreover, those who manage long term projects are wise to recognize that current residents become future move-up buyers. “I was involved in another planned community for 15 years prior to joining the Avimor team” said General Manager, Dan Richter. “Because we built a community that withstood the test of time, we had an abundance of repeat homebuyers within our community. It also resulted in many residents convincing family and


When Scottish immigrant Colin McLeod purchased this land in 1916, he knew he had something special. Nine decades later, Avimor is working with the McLeod Family to conserve and restore the things he loved: open space and the flora and fauna of the Foothills. The No Net Loss strategy – developed with Idaho Fish & Game, Bureau of Land Management, Ada County and local interest groups – centers on protecting the functional plant communities that support all other species. This unique plan preserves huge tracts as open space, replants areas with native vegetation and increases bird nesting sites. Avimor is one of the first communities in Idaho to adopt this approach. And, hopefully, not the last. grated living and education. As such, we will continue to implement planned conservation measures and adapt our plans to the ever changing landscape we call the Boise Foothills. We will continue to be the measuring stick by which all “conservation based” communities are compared.


Close to Nature, Close to Town Getting Back in Touch with Nature at Avimor Avimor is the best of both worlds. It’s a tight-knit, friendly neighborhood with all the conveniences and entertainment of city life just a short drive away. It has a heated salt-water swimming pool, 7 parks with 2 playgrounds, baseball diamond, soccer field, 2 stocked fishing ponds and an amphitheatre for community activities. The homes are well constructed with 2x6 framing, Energy Star Certified and stucco or cementuous siding. They are also well appointed with standard features such as granite slab kitchen counters, upgraded flooring and tile shower surround and vanity in the Master Bath. And homes are affordable in Avimor -- homes with lots start in the $140’s. But there is a second side of Avimor. It is surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Foothills, and there is wildlife and open space in all directions. There are miles and miles of hiking, biking and horse trails. Many families head out for camping trips from their own front door. And it’s all wrapped up in one complete package.

“We truly live with nature rather than try to alter it,” – Avimor Conservation Director, Charlie Baun

us,” he said. “We even have our own Conservation Director.” The Avimor Stewardship Organization is tasked with two main goals. The first is to build a sense of community with an environmental focus around a conservation theme. The second goal is to constantly monitor and improve the first goal. “It’s a lifestyle — built around enjoying and preserving the foothills with an education of the surrounding environment,” said Charlie Baun, the Community’s Conservation Director. His duties cover a wide variety of activities, from landscaping and plant revitalization to educational programs and wildlife counts to neighbor get-togethers.

In fact, nearly 70 percent of this wide-reaching development will remain open space.

“We truly live with nature rather than try to alter it,” Baun said.

“The Avimor lifestyle is all about getting back in touch with nature and the relationship we have with nature,” said Avimor General Manager Dan Richter.


“We’re not just energy efficient — in home design and water recycling systems — but we also help revitalize nature with our many programs and our mission statement to give back to the natural environment that is all around

“We have a commitment to the environment here at Avimor— no net loss of habitat,” Richter said. “That’s a big thing for us. Any habitat impacted by development is replaced with habitat in suitable open space.

“Even when Avimor is built out 40 years from now, we’re still going to have nearly 25 square miles of open space on private land,” Richter said. “This is a long-term commitment to conservation of open space. It’s all about creating an affordable sustainable foothills lifestyle. And the same lifestyle that’s out here today will still be here 40 years from now.”

It starts with design.

Another environmental concern when it comes to foothills development is water. “Our homes use 30 percent less water than the standard home built to code,” Richter said. “We recycle the water in our treatment plant for irrigation of common areas. And as Avimor grows, we’ll have more reclaimed water than we can use. We’ve planned for that, too. We have ways to store that water so it doesn’t go to waste.” “New homes at Avimor include landscap-


ing of the entire yard, front and back,” Baun said. “We use native and drought tolerant plants and turf with water efficient irrigation systems.”Avimor is also an official Firewise Community, a recognition given to communities that implement progressive fire preventive measures that include buffer zones, appropriate landscaping and fire-resistant construction materials. Even the many trails throughout the foothills are useful as field breaks to fight wildfires. “From its inception, Avimor has been built as a development that sets benchmarks for responsible planning and integrated design,” Baun said. Not only has Baun spoken at a national Firewise convention, but he also speaks with Avimor residents about preserving the buffer zones with proper design, landscaping and other aspects. That’s where Baun’s other role comes into play.


Avimor Conservation Practices Avimor is nearly 70% Open Space At build-out, Avimor will have 25 square miles of Open Space Avimor placed 400 acres in a permanent conservation easement to preserve the beauty and integrity of the land Avimor has over 90 miles of recreational trails that double as fire-breaks in the event of a wildfire. Avimor is a 100% Energy Star Builder, and our homes use 20-30% less energy than normal homes The on-site Conservation Director educates the homeowners and directs a number of programs to restore native vegetation, eradicate noxious weeds, reduce the threat of wildfire, and manage the native animal population Avimor uses onsite landscaping and fill materials to reduce vehicle emissions – fewer trucks on the road. Scout projects at Avimor, including projects to build birdhouses, new trails, bridges, and information kiosks. Some Eagle Scout projects have had as many as 400 volunteers.

The Conservation Director assists homeowners in their landscaping design to encourage butterfly and bird populations. Avimor is a Firewise Certified Community. The threat of wildfire is lowered by the use of fire-resistant landscaping and building materials.

There are several bike races held at Avimor every year, and the Knobby Tire racing group and the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SWIMBA) gets involved with trail building.

Avimor limits night sky lighting to avoid light pollution, reduce energy consumption, and lower impact on nocturnal wildlife.

Education The Avimor lifestyle is built around conservation, but a key component of that is education in conjunction with an endless number of projects. It begins with wildlife habitat. Education can range from teaching outdoor enthusiasts about noxious and invasive weeds to organizing projects that attract various kinds of wildlife. One recent project helped restore natural habitat for big game by planting 1,500 bitterbrush plants. Deer love to munch on that.

Another project focused on plantings to attract butterflies.

On weekends, you might see as many as 20 to 30 horse trailers at Avimor. Equestrian groups also get involved in trail projects.

In 2009, Avimor, with a grant from Cornell University, taught kids from around the Treasure Valley about urban birds. They worked on bird crafts and learned about plants and trees that can be planted to attract various species.

Volunteers from around the area are all invited to participate in projects. Avimor is all-inclusive. The public is welcome to use the trails and participate in projects, like the annual winter game count Baun conducts.

Avimor’s location along a migratory path makes it one of the most prolific places for bird sightings. The website lists about 120 birds you might see on one of the regularly scheduled bird-watching hikes.

Baun is also the Art of Living Director, and he organizes regular social get-togethers throughout the year. “Entertainment, conservation and educa-

There have been at least eight Eagle Boy

tion, all wrapped up in one package — with plenty of healthy exercise as an added bonus,” Baun said. “Everybody wants to give back, and if you can have fun and give back at the same time, what could be better?” Richter asked. “It builds a camaraderie and pride in the neighborhood. It builds community. We’re not just neighbors that live next door to each other, we really ARE a community.”

Water Facts about Avimor Avimor homes use 30% less water as a result of using drought tolerant xeric landscaping and using low flow plumbing fixtures and watersaving appliances. The Avimor Water Reclamation Company is an on-site state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant. After waste water is treated, it is used to water common areas or it is used to recharge the groundwater aquifer via a rapid infiltration site. Avimor has restored 24 acres of Wetland area with plantings of ground growth and cottonwood trees.



You know the old saying: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. And we have a perfect one. When you live at Avimor, 25 square miles of open space and 90 miles of trails are yours to explore. Your backyard is open…wide, wide open…and the whole Treasure Valley spreads out before you. We’re close to town, but not too close. Downtown Eagle is 8 minutes away. Medical Centers, stores, restaurants, and entertainment are mere minutes from your front door. World-class recreational activities are also nearby when you live at Avimor. Garden Valley, McCall, and Donnelly are just a quick ride north of Avimor. From the roaring whitewater of the Payette River System to the famous powder at Brundage Mountain Resort, Avimor places you closer to these destinations than any other Treasure Valley community.



Fresh Air. Fresh Ideas

McCall - 90 minutes

Av vimor im mor or Bou oun nd dar ary


Avimor Phase I Area

Chevron Gas Station and Convenience Store - 5 minutes

Home Depot and WinCo - 8 minutes



St. Luke’s Medical Facility - 8 minutes

Walmart - 14 minutes St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center - 9 minutes s

Downtown Boise - 23 minutes


M RI MERIDIAN RI N Shopping at Eagle and Fairview - 20 minutes s

Boise Town Square Mall - 28 minutes

Boise Airport - 32 minutes s




Think Outside the Backyard Foothills Setting with Unmatched Lifestyle. Convenient to Town Yet Near Nature It doesn’t take long to see why General Manager Dan Richter says Avimor boasts an “Affordable Foothills Lifestyle.”

spend an hour and a half commuting back and forth from those spots,” he said. “I can just go out my front door.”

The affordable part is clearly seen in the home prices starting in the $140’s (which includes the lot). Avimor prices are so low, according to General Manager, Dan Richer, “we can compete price-wise with the distressed sales in the valley.” And you will own a new home rather than a used one without going through the hassle of a short sale or foreclosure.

Hikers and bikers are familiar with the ever-crowded North End foothills to the east or the Eagle foothills to the west, but Baun loves the rolling hills and trails of Avimor that he calls “an untapped, undiscovered countryside.”

To learn about “foothills lifestyle,” all you have to do is talk to some of the people who live there. “You’re surrounded by all this nature and all these trails,” said Joe Gregory, who works for Hewlett-Packard. An active lifestyle is a cinch in this setting. “It’s so easy to open the front door and go for a hike,” he said. “I’ve lost 20 pounds. I call it the Avimor Diet.” Gregory’s next-door neighbor is Charlie Baun, Avimor’s Conservation Director and Art of Living Director. “I like to go hiking and biking, and now that I live in Avimor, I no longer have to

They loved its uniqueness. “I knew I loved it when we went for a walk on one of the trails,” Diane said. “I looked back down at the inversion in the valley below us, and I knew right then — I wanted to live up here in the fresh air.”

“It’s so easy to open the front door and go for a hike. I’ve lost 20 pounds. I call it the Avimor Diet.”

But it’s not just for him. “We have a lot of kids here,” he said. “It’s definitely not a community where the kids stay inside. Couch potatoes don’t grow well at Avimor.”

— Joe Gregory, Avimor resident

He has two boys, ages 3 and 7. Avimor is a tight-knit community, and in the summertime, the pool is the town center for the kids. And the fishing hole is right across the street.

Avimor trails are open to the public, and they have already attracted riding groups and other recreationists. There are several bike races every year, and the location along a migratory path has attracted birdwatchers who have discovered the area to be one of the most prolific places for bird sightings. Go to the Avimor website to see a list of 120 birds you might see on a birdwatching hike. “On weekends, we sometimes have as many as 20 to 30 horse trailers out here, as well as all kinds of cars with bike racks,” Richter said. “People can’t say enough good things about our trails. There are so many trails to choose from, and you don’t have to share them with a crowd.”

“Swimming, fishing, hiking, biking — and fort-building by the creek. And they can do all that in one day,” Baun said. John and Diane Friend are a semi-retired couple, and she’s a master gardener. They’ve lived many places around the country, and when they came to the Treasure Valley, they looked at more than 100 homes before settling on Avimor.

Every Kind of Lifestyle With quiet foothills living, dozens of miles of trails and a quick 10-minute drive to the conveniences and entertainment of Eagle, this community will undoubtedly become the go-to place. Kent Proesch is the Sales Manager at Avimor. “I can’t tell you how many times I hear new homebuyers tell me that the reason they chose Avimor is because it feels safe for the kids, like the small town they grew up in. It’s exciting to be a part of a community


that is so convenient to shopping, medical services and entertainment yet surrounded by nature and outdoor opportunities right out your front door.” Future plans for Avimor will bring even more conveniences. The Avimor plan includes the things you need every day – shops, places to eat, a daycare, even your office, all placed within walking distance of your front door. “This is one of those communities that once you live in the community, you’ll stay in the community,” Richter said. “Avimor is designed for every single lifestyle and every stage of your life. You don’t have to change your Zip Code to change your lifestyle.” And there’s plenty of lifestyle to go around.

As Art of Living Director and Conservation Director, Baun always has a way for residents to get involved. Many community members enjoy a monthly Avimor Night Out at one of the nearby valley restaurants. In the summertime, Avimor has local get-togethers with music, picnicking and neighborly fun. Non-residents get involved at Avimor, too. Baun organizes numerous projects, from trail maintenance to wild game counts. He works with a variety of community and valley volunteers, scout groups and more. One recent project helped to restore natural


habitat by planting 1,500 bitterbrush plants. (The deer love them.)

Avimor Lifestyle Amenities

“We really try to integrate the community as much as possible,” he said.

90 miles of trails (hiking, biking & equestrian use)

So, whether it’s the attractive prices —

7 Parks (with 2 large playgrounds)

“There’s no other place I could afford to live in the foothills,” Baun said.

2 stocked fishing ponds

Or the beautiful setting —

Heated salt-water Swimming Pool

“I will never tire of the views,” Gregory said.

Soccer field Baseball Diamond Amphitheatre for Community Activities

“I looked back down at the inversion in the valley below us, and I knew right then — I wanted to live up here in the fresh air.”

On-site Art of Living Director to organize Community events and educational programs Open Space – nearly 25 square miles of it

— Diane Friend, Avimor resident

There are a lot of reasons to live in Avimor. “I love the open space combined with the convenience of Eagle, Meridian and Boise,” said Mishelle Parks.

But don’t just take Mom’s word for it that Avimor is a great place to live. Just ask their third-grader, Logan.

She and her husband, Shon, have an active family with four rambunctious boys ages 3 to 15. This is another family at Avimor that likes to go backpacking right from home. No need to load the car to drive to the trailhead. The trailhead is just down the street if you live at Avimor.

“There are lots of places to play and build forts,” he said. Can there be any better reason than that?



Why Buy Now? Why Buy New? by Dani Johnson, a recent Law School grad There has to be a catch, right? Well, the catch is that these prices won’t stay this low forever because homeownership is on the rise again. Home sales in March rose more quickly than many experts predicted, and was at its highest since 2010. Housing prices are slowly starting to inch up, though they are still much lower than they were in their peak in April of 2007. The housing market is beginning to pick up again as more and more people regain confidence in the market and take the steps towards achieving the American dream of property ownership.

When the economy turned, the dream of homeownership seemed like an impossible dream for many recent college graduates like me. Saddled with student loans, I was unwilling to venture into homeownership after listening to story after story about foreclosures. So, I did what millions of others have done: I rented. I spent months giving money to someone else to live on their property, never getting anything more in return than a temporary roof over my head. That’s when I started reading interesting stories about the housing market that changed my point of view on homeownership in the current market. According to a recent article on, rental prices are increasing quickly. Jessica Huseman writes that rental prices are up 5.6% already in the first quarter of 2012, compared to prices a year ago. Why are rents increasing? Supply and demand. As more potential homeowners turn to rentals, the supply of rentals decreases and landlords can charge more for the same piece of property. When space is scarce, renters will pay. This is great news for landlords, but not so great for those of us looking for a place to live. Worse yet, there is no sign that these

price increases are going to slow down any time soon. While rental prices are skyrocketing, the affordability of homeownership is at an all-time high. The National Association of Realtors keeps track of something called the Housing Affordability Index, which tracks the mortgage payments for an average family home and compares it to the median household income. Right now at 206.1, the Affordability Index is higher than it has ever been since its beginning in 1970. What does that mean? It means that the average income right now is twice what is necessary to pay the mortgage payments on the average American home. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low as well, which means that payments on a home are more affordable than ever.

In addition to rising home prices comes rising expectations of potential buyers. Americans are more confident now than they have been in years, and their incomes have risen as well. Nearly twice as many current renters say that the next move they make will be to buy rather than to rent. Because of this increased confidence in the housing market and economy as a whole, many experts are predicting that home prices have bottomed out and will rise as the Nation continues to lift itself out of the current Recession.

What does this mean for those of us still stuck in the rental loop? It means that rental prices are only increasing, taking more and more money from our pocket and leaving us with nothing permanent in exchange. It means the time to buy is now, while home

“Rather than paying someone else’s mortgage for another month, start paying your own mortgage and begin building your future.”

prices are low and mortgage rates are lower than ever. Where better to start than with a new home? You might ask, “Why go through the process of waiting for a new build when there are homes ready to move into now?” An existing home is designed for its previous owner. With a new home, you get to pick out the size, the floor plan and architec-

“While rental prices soared, housing prices dropped, and that means great affordability for potential homebuyers.”



tural style, the lot, and all the interior features such as cabinetry, stone, and paint color. It is your chance to make sure that your home reflects you – and not a previous owner. Additionally, with existing homes come existing problems. Previous owners of an existing home may have caused damage that may or may not come to light during an inspection before the sale. When you build a new home, you start with a clean slate. Think of your home like you would your car: if you buy new, there are no miles on it and you won’t have to spend your savings on maintenance. Instead, you’ll have money left over for that new couch you’ve been eyeing. New homes are also better for the environment because they are held to higher energy efficiency standards than ever before. New construction includes features that improve energy efficiency, interior air quality, and water-use efficiency, among other things, which means they are using less of our natural resources and less of your hard-earned money.

One last consideration, and certainly an important one, is the price. With so many homes being converted to rentals instead of sales, the existing home market is becoming more competitive with very few homes available. Inventories in our area are the lowest they have been in years. This means that if you submit an offer for an existing home, you may end up in a bidding war and paying well over asking price for a home that, in the end, was built with someone else in mind. When you build a new home customized for you, you don’t have to compete with anyone over the price. You get what you want, and you know what you are paying up front. So, next month when you write your rent check, you might want to ask yourself if you’d rather be building your own future rather than someone else’s.

Fresh Air. Fresh Ideas.




L ess T han $ 9 3 / s q . ft.




4 Bedroom / 2.5 Bath / Bonus Rm

At just $93 per sq.ft., this 2,246 sq.ft. home is located next to a Park and near the new Community Pool. It comes with many luxury features, including: Custom Tile Floors • Downstairs Master • Granite Slab Kitchen Counters • Custom Trim Work • Front & Back Landscaping • Energy Star • 2x6 Framing



H a r d woo d floo r s




4 Bed / 2.5 Bath / Bonus Rm / Mudrm

At under $95 per sq.ft., this new home is on a cul de sac that encompasses a large park, playground, and community walking paths. It has a gorgeous interior that includes: Hardwood floors in common areas • Downstairs Master • Granite Slab Kitchen Counters • Designer Kitchen Island • Custom Trim Work • Front & Back Landscaping • 3 Car Tandem Garage





3 Bed / 2.5 Bath / Bonus Rm / Library

Priced under $96 per sq. ft., this 2541 sq. ft., home includes: Granite Slab Kitchen Counters • Hardwood floors in common areas • Beautiful Wainscotting and Chairrail Trim • Open Flex Room and Bonus Space • Tile in the Master Bath Floor & Counter • 3 Car Tandem Garage • The home is located near Spring Valley Creek and community walking paths • Energy Star

Million Dollar Views. Every window in this home looks like a beautiful picture of the Foothills. Built on Avimor’s Town Lake, this 2217 sq. ft. walk-out basement home includes Granite Slab Kitchen Counters • Designer Kitchen Island • Custom Trim Work • Extended Patio & Deck • Front & Back Landscaping • Energy Star • 2x6 Framing


3 Bed / 2 Bath / Flex Room


Open concept home with large common area & over-sized kitchen island. Enjoy the large Master bedroom & luxurious bath. Home includes Granite slab kitchen counters, tile on Master bath floor & counter. Bay windows in Breakfast area & Master bedroom. Landscaped front & back.

similar to photo


4 Bed / 2.5 Bath / Flex Rm



Spectacular 1976 sq.ft. single story that comes with an RV garage & workshop. This home is on an over-sized lot that is landscaped front & back, & comes with a flex/bonus room. Additional features include granite slab counters, tile in Master bath floor & counters, gorgeous trimwork.


M illion d olla r view


WESTERN YARROW 3 Bed / 2 Bath / RV Garage $248,362

similar to photo


g r anite co u nte r to p s

2 Bed / 2 Bath / Den


This 1159 sq.ft. home backs up to Spring Valley Creek & Community walking trails. Low maintenance lot with beautiful views. Home includes granite slab kitchen counter, tile in Master bath and landscaping front & back. Energy Star.




208.939.0343 MODELS OPEN DAILY Mon - Fri - 9 am to 5 pm Sat - Sun - 11 am to 5 pm









RCE# 31076

Directions: Just North of Shadow Valley Golf on Highway 55


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