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Diet Lifestyle


It’s so easy to open the front door and go for a hike. I’ve lost 20 pounds! I call it the Avimor Diet.

-Joe Gregory Avimor Resident

vimor residents appreciate being surrounded by nature and having easy access to foothills trails just outside their front door. Living in these surroundings, it is easy to maintain and enjoy an active lifestyle. As one resident puts it, “It’s so easy to open the front door and go for a hike. I’ve lost 20 pounds! I call it the Avimor Diet.” Avimor Resident, Joe Gregory Gregory’s next-door neighbor is Charlie Baun, Avimor’s Conservation Director. “I like to go hiking and biking, and now that I live in Avimor, I no longer have to spend an hour and a half commuting back and forth from those spots,” he said. “I can just go out my

front door.” Hikers and bikers are familiar with the ever-crowded North End foothills to the east or the Eagle foothills to the west, but Baun loves the rolling hills and trails of Avimor that he calls “an untapped, undiscovered countryside.” Avimor is surrounded by the pristine beauty of the foothills with wildlife and open space in all directions. There are miles and miles of hiking, biking and horse trails. It’s all wrapped up in one complete package. “The Avimor lifestyle is all about getting back in touch with nature and the relationship we have with nature,” according to Avimor General Manager, Dan Richter.

 The rolling hills of Avimor are an untapped and undiscovered countryside. Avimor trails are open to the public, and they have already attracted riding groups and other recreationists. There are several bike races every year, and the location along a migratory path has attracted birdwatchers who have discovered the area to be one of the most prolific places for bird sightings. “On weekends, we sometimes have as many as 20 to 30 horse trailers out here, as well as all kinds of cars with bike racks,” Richter said. “People can’t say enough good things about our trails. There are so many trails to choose from, and you don’t have to share them with a crowd.”

 Avimor is not a “subdivision.” It’s a “place” for fun and an exciting lifestyle. Folks are surprised how quickly the beauty of the foothills and the community activities change their life. Without even thinking about it, many folks begin to develop a very healthy lifestyle. There’s an Avimor Recreational Group that meets weekly to hike and jog in the foothills. Moon light hikes, Healthy Kid’s Duathlon race, Dog walking activities, Ride to Wine Tour and Stack Rock Hike also make for an active lifestyle. Couch potatoes don’t grow in Avimor, according to General Manager, Dan Richter.




I love the location; close to town but far enough away to give it a country feel. The things I love most however are the people and the open space trails and foothill landscape which are without equal here in Boise.

-Shon Parks, Avimor Resident

Diet Lifestyle

At the heart of Avimor is the Community Center, which contains an indoor heated pool, large fitness center, multiple meeting rooms, and library annex. There’s always something going on in the Community Center. Avimor has its own Art of Living Director who plans and coordinates community events, including “Meet & Greet” Parties and Holiday Socials. Other activities include a weekly Bunco group and the “Ladies Relate &


Create” group. The Avimor Book Club also draws in the residents to explore ideas and stories while building life-time friendships.

is engaging. It draws you out, and before you know it, you’re enjoying a healthy lifestyle like never before.

 A rich social life is easy at Avimor, and you are cordially invited. Whatever your activity level, you’ll love being surrounded by a 100 miles of Avimor trails and the beauty of the Foothills. The scenery


AVIMOR QUICK FACTS Avimor has over 100 miles of trails and has become the venue for numerous large mountain bike races. Avimor has its own Art of Living Director to plan and coordinate Community events and fun.

and oying a ore.


Events & Activities at Avimor It’s about lifestyle. Making the most of your time. Being with people, sharing experiences. Avimor has its own Art of Living Director to help create a Communty lifestyle. Fun events, recreational activities and volunteer endeavors bring neighbors together and strengthen the community. Check out what Avimor residents have been up to. NATURE & ECOLOGY EVENTS Birdwalks – monthly Wildflower Hike – seasonally Big Game counts - annually Landscape/Gardening Educational Event Family Camp Out Trail Days – maintain and create new trails National Firewise Information Event HOLIDAY SOCIAL EVENTS Christmas Tree Decorating Party Christmas Cookie Exchange Halloween Hay Ride & Bon Fire Egg-Stravaganza Easter Social

FITNESS EVENTS Stack Rock Hike 9 to 5 Mountain Bike Race Healthy Kid’s Duathlon Race Ride to Wine – Three Horse Ranch Wednesday Night Weekly Bike/Hike/Walk Saturday running group – weekly Saturday biking group – weekly Fitness Classes – Community Center daily Full Moon Night Hike Dog walking group daily/weekly High School Mountain Bike League Coyote Classic Mountain Bike Race Dirty Dash Biking Ale Trail Tour Equinox 12K

COMMUNITY & EDUCATIONAL EVENTS Family Movie Night Avimor Book Club Library Book Drive Geocaching Treasure Hunt History Tour – annually Ice Cream Neighborhood Social Monthly “Meet & Greet” Ladies’ Relate & Create Bunco Party National Night Out – Neighborhood Watch

AVIMOR - KIDS LOVE US. DOGS LOVE US. TELEVISIONS? NOT SO MUCH. AVIMOR BIRDING Avimor is a hotspot for birds. They’re everywhere! More than 160 species of birds have been spotted in Avimor, and it has become quite a destination for birdwatchers. Once development in Avimor began, the trails were opened to the public, and birders from all over America began to show up to look for ordinary and elusive birds alike. From early Spring through Autumn, Avimor hosts monthly bird walks guided by local avid birders. These bird walks are open to people of all ages and skill levels. Most of the bird walks are along Spring Valley Creek on the

paved trail that surrounds the 5 acre Foothills Heritage Park. Trees and shrubs along the creek make the viewing and photographing of birds exceptional. Future bird walks will be announced on the Avimor website www. and Facebook page as well as on newspaper and online community calendars. Avimor also has its very own Bird Guide booklet to help folks identify the birds they see. A digital copy can be downloaded from the website at | 208.939.5360 | Foothills Homes Starting Under $200,000


Top 10 Lifestyle Amenities at Avimor



The community center features a HEATED INDOOR POOL that opens to the outdoors, a fully equipped FITNESS CENTER, a spacious EVENT SPACE and a comfortable LIBRARY to enjoy.


100 + MILES OF TRAILS Enjoy biking, hiking & horse back riding


TENNIS COURT Practice your backhand and serves!


AMPITHEATRE FOR EVENTS A great space for concerts and other activities.


7 PARKS + 2 PLAYGROUNDS Space for the kids to have fun!


BASKETBALL COURT Grab a friend and play some hoops!


ON SITE ART OF LIVING DIRECTOR Get the most out of living at Avimor.


2 STOCKED FISHING PONDS You won’t have to go far for some fishing!


BASEBALL FIELD The perfect spot to organize a game with kids or adults.


OPEN SPACE! Fresh air, beautiful scenery...what more do you need? | 208.939.5360 | Located north of Shadow Valley Golf Course on Highway 55

Tested & Rated:


Avimor Homes are 45% More Energy Efficient


omes constructed by Avimor have been tested, inspected and are verified to be highly energy efficient. Avimor’s commitment to energy conservation is clear because we have voluntarily contracted to have every one of our homes scored with the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). HERS is a nationally recognized rating system that, in many cases, exceeds Energy Star standards. All testing is done by an independent company that has stringent quality assurance checks. In our case, we have hired local company, Building Energy, Inc., a certified Energy Rater, to perform the testing.

Throughout the construction process, Building Energy, Inc., tests and visually inspects our homes to determine levels of air seal, insulation and total air leakage in the home. Our superior scores confirm that we have gone above and beyond “the minimums” by implementing higher construction standards and installing energy efficiency features that work together to create a superior system of energy efficiency. Although each feature standing alone saves on energy effieciency, it is the combination of various systems that creates one extremely efficient whole house system. Once construction is completed, we provide our homeowners with a Certificate from Building Energy, Inc., confirming the level of energy efficiency and projecting the energy savings for the home. The HERS Score, which is a specific number, serves as a quick identifier of the level of energy efficiency in the home. Like golf, less is better. Here’s how it works: • An existing home built just a few years ago has a HERS score of about 130. • A home built to the minimum building code standards today scores about 100.

A home that is built to higher energy standards, including Energy Star, will score between 70-80. This means the home is 20-30% more efficient than code-standard homes. Avimor Homes’ average score is 55, which translates to 45% more energy efficiency than standard code built homes and 15-25% more efficient than standard Energy Star homes.

Avimor Homeowners can expect to save approximately 45% on their energy bills. They will also enjoy a more comfortable home and better indoor air quality.

 “Although the new energy codes implemented this year do have higher standards, the minimum requirements do not come close to the high level of efficiency found in Avimor Homes”, said Ingo Stroup of Building Energy, Inc.


Location, location, location. We have a perfect one. When you live at Avimor, your backyard is open...wide open. We’re close to town, but not too close. Recreation, restaurants & shopping are within minutes of your front door.

FOOTHILLS LIVING AT VALLEY PRICES. Homes starting in the mid $200,000.

Models Open Daily 10-5!


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