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utside the wind is howling, snow is threatening and the sun is going down before you can even make it out of the office. Makes it kind of hard to get motivated about your workout, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing, though: We all know the drill. We get cozy and content at home and ditch our regular fitness routines. Come Jan. 1, those late-night infomercials about diet supplements and fast-paced workout routines are starting to make a lot of sense. Why not just maintain your exercise regimen? It’s not as hard as it sounds. The Treasure Valley is full of opportunities to keep up your game. Stick with a routine this winter and swimsuit season won’t catch you off guard.

IF YOU USUALLY PLAY: Golf TRY: Pilates Stick with us on this one. Pilates may not seem like a natural fit for a golfer, but they’re actually pretty well suited for each other, according to instructor Chris Linane. That’s because Pilates concentrates on working the same muscles golfers use to rotate while swinging. Linane teaches through Boise Parks and Recreation and said her class often includes people who are looking to branch out. “I have a lot of people who either have 20


injuries and are rehabilitating from those, or people who are golfers who in the winter want something because they can’t get out as much,” she said. If you’re new to Pilates, Linane suggests a mat class. You won’t be using the heavy equipment usually associated with Pilates, but you will be working your core muscles while exercising on the floor on a yoga mat. There are a number of places in the Treasure Valley that offer Pilates mat classes or more advanced instruction with equipment. Check the related information-

al listings starting on page 24 for details. IF YOU USUALLY PLAY: Tennis TRY: Pala You don’t have to give up the magical combination of fast-paced aerobic exercise and hand-eye coordination that tennis provides. In fact, you can get the same sort of benefits while checking out a little-known piece of Boise history. Stashed in the back of the Anduiza Fronton Building on the Basque Block is a fronton, or court, that’s accessible from a door in the alley. Walk a few steps down and

1109 living healthy  
1109 living healthy