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Idaho Private 100 – Strength of reputation

Technology, business confidence, partnerships key BY DUSTY PARNELL The crazy construction growth in Idaho’s capital city and surrounding areas is indicative of the steady, healthy economic growth being seen in nearly every sector of the state’s business scene. The number of traffic cones, lane restrictions, construction trucks and building cranes will make your head spin. Hotels are popping up right and left. So are new condominium and apartment projects. There is great anticipation for the new and improved convention center that heaps even more attention onto our state. The airport is whetting its appetite for still more direct flights and future expansion. And then take a look at the grand project of J.R. Simplot Company’s new headquarters smack in the middle of all this Downtown growth. It will consolidate 800 employees at a single site. This large building sits side by side with its multi-use complex, JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place). People are just now beginning to understand the myriad creative events this unique project has to offer. “Growth in Boise has been tremendous, and the development of infrastructure will provide not only a benefit to the capital city but the entire state as Boise becomes a destination for businesses and events,” said KeyBank Senior Vice President John Williamson, who is also the commercial banking manager for the Idaho market. “These opportunities will place Idaho on a bigger national stage and help support further growth that will create more jobs and greater benefit to the community and economy as a whole.” “The overall upward movement of the companies on the list is typical of a rebounding and thriving economy,” KPMG Office Managing


The new, consolidated headquarters of the J.R. Simplot Company (No. 3) and its adjacent multi-use JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) are clearly playing an important role in the changing character of downtown Boise. Despite the modernity of the campus, JUMP also pays tribute to Idaho’s agricultural past with the display of about 50 antique tractors and steam engines from J.R.’s collection. Partner Michael Hayhurst said. “It is apparent many of the leaders are capitalizing on their business strengths and moving marks into new territories. For example, WinCo continues to expand its business across the West and now the South. The auto industry as a whole is responding to invigorated buying trends. All of these point to a stronger local economy and forward thinking from our Idaho industry leaders.” The McAlvain Group is indicative of what is happening in Boise and across the state. This three-generation company made the biggest move up the list this year, outpacing every other company by moving up a whopping

23 spots from No. 68 to No. 45. It’s easy to see why. Just a few of its recent projects include the Grove Plaza renovation in Downtown Boise, a $21 million water treatment plant to remove phosphorus from the Boise River, a $19 million aircraft maintenance facility at the Boise Airport and the Limelight Hotel in downtown Ketchum, a five-story, 100-room, $55 million project. But also very impressive is the work McAlvain Concrete did for work

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Congratulations to the Idaho Private 100 Companies

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Idahoans value hard work, independent thinking, and giving back to the community. At Holland & Hart, we strive to live those values, too. We do more than provide legal advice. We develop relationships and connections so we know your business, your industry, and how to strategically support your pursuit of success.

Contact: Brian Hansen 208.342.5000 | 800 West Main Street, Suite 1750, Boise, ID 83702 0002729005-01



Idaho’s Growing Reputation It’s more than just hype

BY DUSTY PARNELL Idaho’s Growing Reputation — this year’s theme for our Idaho Private 100 (IP100) publication — is more than just public relations hype. The numbers clearly back that up. In 1990, Idaho’s population had just topped 1 million. Within the next few years, Boise itself could hit the 1 million mark. Idaho today has a population of about 1.7 million. Looking at just the numbers between mid-2014 and mid-2015, we had the 12th strongest increase. We are now the 39th most populated state, and our position looks strong to move up that list even further. We are currently the most-populated state with only two members in the House of Representatives. There are three low-growth states ahead of us with three repre-

sentatives each. It could become a topic of discussion in the 2020 census. Part of Idaho’s growth is due to our top 10 birth rate. It’s a good place to raise a family. We also have a big in-migration. The United Van Lines’ 39th Annual National Movers Study ranked Idaho as one of the top five inbound states of 2015, along with Oregon, Vermont and North and South Carolina. CLEARLY, THE WORD IS OUT. “For years, Idaho has enjoyed a reputation as a strong agricultural state, and as a global leader in potato production, in particular,” said John Williamson, KeyBank’s senior vice president and commercial banking manager of Idaho. “Historically, we have also been known for our timber and mining industries. Now, however, people from other parts of the U.S. are start-


While labor shortages slowed the completion of the major projects centered around the Grove Plaza, it still remains an impressive accomplishment. Below ground is the Main Street Station, a Valley Regional Transit center with eight bus bays. Boise Centre East is an extension of the convention center, anchored by a ballroom. Meanwhile, the Clearwater Analytics Building also features the Boise State University’s Computer Science Department, indicative of new partnerships between business and higher education. ing to recognize Idaho for its innovative and growing companies engaged in manufacturing, professional services and technology.

“The fact that more than 26,000 workers in the

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Sharpening the focus on private company governance By Mike Hayhurst

Private businesses and their owners face choices in terms of corporate governance. What’s the right governance model for the company? What are the challenges faced in optimizing governance structures and processes? How does governance align with the financial goals of the company and its owners? These governance issues factor into the traditional valuation discount applied to private companies. How do we overcome this discount? Getting beyond the discount —real or perceived— requires private companies to take a hard look at governance structures and processes, financial controls and, as our survey with Forbes Insights highlights, conflicts of interest. Do the costs of greater rigor in strategy formulation and risk management pay off in terms of valuation or access to capital? How can financial processes, information flow and the finance organization be improved? And what do today’s data-driven reporting and business intelligence technologies contribute to performance, and at what cost? Beyond such fundamental decisions, the gover-

nance models of private companies are in constant need of fine-tuning and enhancement. Are organizations obtaining sufficient insight regarding their full range of financial and operational risks and opportunities? Are owners and management teams sharing the right information with the right set of advisors and board members? Is adequate attention being placed on talent evaluation and succession planning in the finance organization? Overall, are governance processes and controls in place today optimal given the owners’ financial expectations? These and many related issues form the focus insight from a KPMG survey of private directors. K E Y FI N D ING S • The top three governance challenges cited by private company directors include improving risk management oversight, assessing innovation and emerging competition, and confirming/establishing company strategy • Other key governance challenges for private companies include achieving regulatory compliance, leadership succession planning and global compliance • The most visible challenges to board effectiveness include budget/resource constraints, conflicts of interest (including the presence of related party transactions)

and a compromised board due to an overrepresentation of controlling shareholders • Directors believe that fast-evolving technologies— such as big data and related analytical tools—may help to spawn more relevant and efficient reporting for management and the board • Private company directors are looking to their governance processes and controls to improve M&A outcomes, enhance financial risk oversight and optimize the finance organization through performance evaluation and succession planning FINE-TUNING FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT AND INFORMATION

For private company governance, when it comes to financial oversight and information, there is room for improvement. The research suggests that there is sufficient cause to take steps to enhance current practice. Key areas for improvement include: • Risk management reporting and analysis —financial and otherwise • Confirming/establishing company strategy • Succession planning within the finance organization

• Data transparency and structured financial reporting • Technologies for reporting, control and analysis Is the organization obtaining sufficient insight regarding its full range of risks and opportunities, including those that could enhance or hinder corporate valuations? In essence, is the governance in place today to optimize value? As the research suggests, a closer look will likely highlight a range of issues requiring added focus. Mike Hayhurst is the managing partner of KPMG’s Boise office




With you as you grow As a sponsor of the Idaho Private 100, KPMG LLP shares your passion for reaching new heights. It is proven that sustained growth and performance in today’s economy requires the knowledge and insight to address complex challenges. Making decisions that fuel the momentum of a company’s full growth potential requires up-to-date financial information, an understanding of the global markets, and insights on the latest industry and business trends. As a leading adviser to growing private companies, KPMG can help you achieve your strategic objectives through each stage of the business life cycle. To discuss how KPMG can assist your private company, please contact Michael Hayhurst Managing Partner

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SPONSORS continued from P.4 Boise metropolitan area are employed in technology is causing those who are less familiar with our state to take notice of our growing tech scene. Another example of innovation and entrepreneurial growth in Idaho can be seen in Idaho’s No. 1 rank for patents issued per capita and Boise’s place among the top 20 patentproducing cities in the country.” “It’s an exciting time to be in Idaho,” said Brian Hansen, partner with Holland & Hart. “Our profile seems to be rising in a variety of ways, from making various ‘top lists’ to concerted efforts to attract new businesses to the state. Likewise, it seems there is increased support for homegrown businesses — we’ve seen a variety of start-ups coming to market in recent years. We seem to be seeing more success stories than ever before of companies starting here, growing here or moving here.” “As more and more people visit Idaho and recognize the opportunities which abound, both from a professional and personal perspective, our reputation continues to expand,” KPMG Office Managing Partner Mike Hayhurst said. Lifestyle and the growing ability and importance of making desirable lifestyle choices have played a big role, too, in Idaho’s growing reputation, as evidenced by the many accolades the state continues to receive over recent years, Hayhurst said.

“When you add the ability to be national and global by leveraging technology, companies are drawn to our state,” he said. “Local market size is less of a factor in their success. This opens the road for businesses to locate and grow in an area which fits their lifestyle.” “Less than a year ago, I was just an East Coast girl who had never been to Idaho, so I have a definite perspective on how outsiders view Idaho and Boise,” Idaho Statesman President and Publisher Debra Leithauser said. “To many, Idaho seems like a far-off land that’s mostly unknown. But that’s changing rapidly as our reputation for retirement and livability grows. It’s going to be exciting to see how the Treasure Valley handles the influx of people I’m sure are heading its way as more people hear about and see firsthand what an amazing place Idaho really is.” THE IP100 BUILDS ON REPUTATION The four sponsors of the annual IP100 list and publication know all about reputation. The Idaho Statesman has a reputation that stretches back more than 150 years, a quarter century before Idaho even became a state. Just because some want to shake their heads at the waning influence of print journalism, it doesn’t mean the Statesman is just sitting around on the reputation of its backstory. There’s work to be done and reputation to build on. One of the Statesman’s biggest accomplishments in 2016 was the launch of an initiative called Together

IDAHO STATESMAN • IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM Treasure Valley, which unites 22 companies in an effort to fund projects that better our community. Each one of those partners is committed to finding lasting and meaningful initiatives to invest in. “We asked the community for input on the ideas, and they came forward to give us all sorts of great suggestions,” Leithauser said. “Together Treasure Valley is about to launch our three projects, and it’s been exciting to see the partners unite in a mission and execute quickly. That’s exactly the kind of thing Idaho leaders are known for.” KeyBank started building its reputation in Idaho in 1904. As one of the largest banks in the state, it helps other companies build upon their reputations or build new ones. “We are engaged in helping local companies grow and in helping entrepreneurs maximize production to thrive in Idaho,” Williamson said. “We bring ideas to small and midsized business leaders that help them capitalize on opportunities. We provide business clients with service that combines the strength and depth of a national financial services leader with local banking expertise and decision-making authority.” KeyBank N.A. is held by KeyCorp (NYSE: KEY) and is one of the nation’s largest financial services companies. KeyBank has 28 branches and 28 ATMs in Idaho. Yet, as big as all that sounds, KeyBank is a member of our community. “In Idaho, that means donating both time and money to more than 50 local nonprofit organizations,”

he said. “Earlier this year, our partnership with Full Circle Exchange helped move 34 refugee women from poverty into sustainable work and life, and our partnership with the Salvation Army helped pregnant teens continue their education and avoid dropping out of school.” Holland & Hart’s growing reputation can be seen in Downtown Boise by looking upwards. Its new home is in the Eighth & Main building — recently completed as the tallest building in the state. The company has been well-grounded in Idaho for more than 80 years and is one of the premiere corporate and litigation firms around with more than 440 lawyers in 15 offices across the Mountain West and in Washington, D.C. “We love being a part of Idaho and the Boise community,” Hansen said. “Many of our attorneys are Idaho natives — they’ve chosen to live and work here and give back to the community. I’m proud of our record of community support, be it through pro-bono work or contributions of time or money to many worthy community organizations.” KPMG, meanwhile, has a reputation that stretches across the country in 90 cities, plus 150 other countries around the world. KPMG is who crunches all the numbers for this list every year. The company also audits a significant portion of the large public and private companies in Idaho. “Beyond our excellent list of audit clients, our Boise

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PRIMARY HEALTH MEDICAL GROUP After a long day at work, a mother rushes to get dinner on the table for her family. Her husband starts dicing onions and cuts his finger in the process. The wound won’t stop bleeding, so everyone gets in the car and heads to the closest Primary Health Urgent Care. He is seen immediately and the wound is closed with stitches. He receives home care instructions, an appointment is made at the same clinic with a family doctor to follow up on his high blood pressure, and they’re home about an hour later to enjoy dinner together. What is unusual about this visit? “Nothing,” according to David Peterman, M.D., pediatrician and president of Primary Health Medical Group. Seven days a week, more than 320,000 patients are seen every year at one of Primary Health Medical Group’s 15 clinics that offer urgent care and family practice at the same site. “We do what no one else can – offer affordable, comprehensive and high-quality healthcare during extended hours,” said Peterman. UNIQUELY CONVENIENT “Our clinic model is what we call a combination clinic, with urgent care and family practice under one roof,” said Peterman. “Our clinics are in multiple locations, easy to access, and are structured to offer quality care at a lower cost.” Patients can be seen without an appointment

seven days a week, twelve hours a day for acute problems, or schedule an appointment with a family doctor for long-term care. Because of electronic health records, the patient’s information is always available and as Peterman said, “If you show up in urgent care on a Sunday morning, we can identify the green pill you’ve been taking, even if you can’t remember the name.” On-site lab, x-ray, and pharmacy services add to the convenience of a Primary Health clinic. REMOVING BARRIERS “Health care today can be complicated,” Peterman explained. As Idaho’s largest independent medical group, Primary Health is able to remove many barriers to receiving health care. During a nationwide shortage of family physicians, Primary Health has multiple new providers across the Treasure Valley accepting new patients, thanks to a business model that attracts quality physicians. The group is also in-network for virtually all insurance plans, and offers a cash discount and flexible payment options for self-payers. CARE COORDINATION Primary Health clinics are based on a “patient centered medical home” concept. Peterman explains, “Our teams make sure the patient gets the right care at the right time, so they aren’t left

to fend for themselves when it comes to taking the next step.” At Primary Health, service to the patient is a high priority because it all affects the patients. Patients today often need to see a specialist. “It can be a challenge to know who to see, how to get an appointment, and how to make medical records available to the specialist. We use care coordinators that help patients to get appointments, answer insurance questions, and get the records to the specialist,” explained Peterman. A FOCUS ON QUALITY Primary Health also understands the importance of not just declaring they give quality care, but actually measuring outcomes. The group has been collecting and analyzing clinical data since 2007. They follow national guidelines for the treatment of chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Peterman reported, “We have been measuring the performance of our doctors’ treatment of many different clinical diseases. Our doctors have been compared with local and national medical groups by insurance companies and Medicare agencies. We have consistently received superior ratings for quality and cost performance.” Healthcare today can be challenging. “Primary Health Medical Group understands it is

not enough to just give the right medicine,” said Peterman. “We care about the entire patient experience. We understand that healthcare should be convenient and affordable. Our team works to address all the patient’s needs throughout the system.”




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NORCO, INC. Norco has over 65 branches in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Utah and Wyoming. Founded in 1948, the Kissler family along with Norco employees own and operate the nation’s largest independent gas manufacturer/distributor of welding, safety, medical equipment and supplies. For over 65 years, our mission of “Serving You Better” has remained the same. With “You” representing our customers, suppliers, team members and the communities where we work and live. We are committed to superior service, product knowledge, customer support, and overall performance and therefore proud to be recognized as a top Idaho company. Norco has two primary operations and growth platforms—industrial and medical. These two businesses have recognizable differences in marketing, sales, service and certain operations, but, whenever possible, they share facilities, operations, staff resources and overhead expenses. Sacrifice, hard work and faith are still core values by which Norco operates. Jim Kissler and the Norco team continue to fulfill the company’s mission of “Serving You Better”, by delivering welding, safety and medical products to thousands of customers each day.

SPONSORS continued from P.6 office is highly involved in the banking industry in Idaho, the Pacific Northwest and the country as a whole,” Hayhurst said. “Our local office has received the Alfred Sloan ‘When Work Works’ award and our firm is one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for, along with various other accolades.” Welding • Safety • Medical Gases and Supplies


EVERYONE CHIPS IN When we’re talking about the reputation of these four sponsors, or of the reputation of the companies who participate in this list, we must also realize that our reputation goes far beyond just these companies or national accolades. This reputation extends to all of us. And it extends to our community, government and education partnerships. “It is evident the focus and continued success provided by the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP), chamber organizations and economic development associations across the state are making an impact,” Hayhurst said. “Continued success in tax and business expansion opportunities will continue to play a key role in attracting and retaining leading organizations.” “Programs like the Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI), for example, provide substantial tax credits both

to Idaho companies that expand their operations and create jobs as well as to companies bringing new jobs to Idaho,” Williamson said. “The Workforce Development Training Fund pays companies to create new jobs. And Idaho Power rewards energy-efficient companies with cash incentives. All of these combine to help make Idaho an attractive market in which companies can grow and thrive — and in doing so, create great benefits to our economy and our community.” Thus we see government partnering with business. At the same time, we see business partnering with our educational institutions. “Certainly Idaho’s high quality of life and low cost of living make it possible to achieve work-life balance here. To many people, that’s huge,” Williamson said. “To complement those compelling qualities, higher education here is addressing the need for human capital and skilled labor — a critical resource required for growing companies. Our universities and vocational programs are making great strides in creating a pipeline of talent to serve the needs of companies in Idaho. “The fact that the College of Western Idaho is the fastest-growing community college in the country and that Boise State University just put its brand on the Clearwater Analytics building in Downtown Boise fur-

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For over 65 years, proudly supporting the people and communities where we work and live. Norco 2719049-01 Welding • Safety • Medical Gases and Supplies


Serving you better!



Worldwide leaders in vehicle warning and safety equipment. ECCO has been a proud member of the community since 1972. We are not only passionate about safety but also our talented staff.

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Directional LEDs │ Beacons │ Minibars │ Lightbars Worklamps │Interior Lighting │ Back-Up Alarms │Camera Systems


833 West Diamond Street, Boise, Idaho 83705 (800) 635-5900 │ │




SPONSORS continued from P.8 ther demonstrate that our local colleges and universities are committed to developing a skilled workforce for our market.” And that brings us right back to where we started. “Idaho has an attraction which is hard to come by in many areas – comfortable lifestyle, strong family values and ready access to recreation and a community that cares,” Hayhurst said. “People are placing more

and more value on these attributes, and they will continue to make Idaho their choice to work, play, create and build.” “I think the secret is out about Idaho, and has been for some time,” Hansen said. “In reading the stories of various companies that have chosen to move here, or to hear about someone who grew up in Idaho and is now returning to start or even expand his or her business, it’s exciting.”

DAVE SMITH MOTORS onsite through our various testing equipment. Take a look at some of our methods by visiting our YouTube channel at At our core, ECCO has always been a team of innovators. When specifying ECCO products, customers can be sure that means choosing the very latest technology. Our in-house Design Engineers work in close partnership with our OEM and aftermarket customers to clearly understand the needs of the marketplace and produce effective, practical and innovative warning solutions. In 1982, we introduced the Smart Alarm®, a product that automatically adjusts its output level based on ambient noise. It was the world’s first ever selfadjusting back-up alarm, and firmly established ECCO as the industry leader in product innovation. Most recently, ECCO introduced AXIOS™ - a revolutionary, modular LED lightbar that requires no tools to build and has a zero-day lead time. Customers can configure their lightbar on the spot to meet their exact needs and install it the same day. Our engineers are always looking for new and inventive ways to provide the best products to our customers. And we are always looking for strong talent to join our engineering team. If you are interested in joining our team, please send a resume and cover letter to We look forward to even more growth locally and globally in the next coming years. Work on our new offices in Leeds, England is near completion. Additionally, our Boise facility is expanding to meet the growing needs of our customers. The new facility will serve as a warehouse for our expanded line of products and also offices for our growing team. “As ECCO continues to flourish in our industry, we also look forward to even more success in the future,” said Phillips. “And we look forward to being a part of the Idaho Private 100 list for years to come.”

Dave Smith is proud to do business in Idaho. We started in 1965, in Wallace, Idaho with one Chevy store. Today we are located in Kellogg, Idaho and carry Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chevy, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac brands. We have a pre-owned store and service center in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. In November 2015, we opened a Nissan store in Spokane, Washington. We are the World’s Largest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer, have been the World’s Largest Ram Truck Dealer since 1996, and the Northwest’s Largest GM Dealer since 1994. We are proud to support Idaho and our Team. Our main store is located in Kellogg, Idaho, a 100-year-old mining community. In the early 1980s, when Gulf shut the smelter down, Kellogg was reeling. Mine workers fled for jobs in other communities, and families broke apart as the bread-winners went

looking for a paycheck, often leaving spouses and children behind. Local schools lost 1/3 of their students. The town’s assessed property value dropped from $1.3 billion to $450 million. At this time there were over 10 new car dealerships in the Silver Valley. Dave Smith Motors hired as many of these miners as we could, and many of them are still part of our Team today. We are thankful that we continue to grow, thanks to our amazing staff and loyal customers.


圀伀刀䰀䐀ᤠ匀 䰀䄀刀䜀䔀匀吀

䌀䠀刀夀匀䰀䔀刀 䐀伀䐀䜀䔀 䨀䔀䔀倀 刀䄀䴀 䐀䔀䄀䰀䔀刀 一伀刀吀䠀圀䔀匀吀ᤠ匀 䰀䄀刀䜀䔀匀吀 䜀䴀 䐀䔀䄀䰀䔀刀

Dave Smith Motors 2720023-01

833 West Diamond Street, Boise Idaho 83705 (800) 635-5900 │ │


㈀㄀  一漀爀琀栀 䐀椀瘀椀猀椀漀渀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 䬀攀氀氀漀最最Ⰰ 䤀搀愀栀漀 ∠ 䐀愀瘀攀匀洀椀琀栀⸀挀漀洀 ∠ 㠀  ⴀ㘀㌀㔀ⴀ㠀   


BIG BUSINESS MINDSET. SMALL BUSINESS FEEL. ECCO has been a mainstay in the Treasure Valley since 1972. Today, our company has facilities in Europe, Asia and Australia and a portfolio of the most respected brands in the industry. While we have reached global success, we remain loyal to our smalltown roots. Boise has been a thriving community not only to grow our business but also to gain quality team members, who have been essential to our growth. As the Boise job market–as well as ECCO–continues to grow, so does our need for top talent to join our team. We are eager to care for our employees inside and outside of the office. ECCO employees enjoy an excellent work-life balance, a generous benefit package, wellness incentives and several activities throughout the year that celebrate our team members. Not only do we invest in our employees, but we also invest in our community. Staff is regularly encouraged to become active in the community. ECCO team members proudly participate in Rake Up Boise, American Red Cross blood drives and donation drives for the Nancy Dwyer Charity Relief Fund. Our engineering team has partnered with Sage International School to help teach students about SolidWorks – a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) software program. And when Greenspeed Research – a non-profit group focused on promoting sustainable energy – was in need of equipment for its Convergence™ Trophy Truck, ECCO donated a light bar and back-up alarm while the team prepares to bring alternative fuel to the mainstream desert racing scene. “Our longstanding commitment to the community has always been a priority for ECCO,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Phillips. “And we will continue to invest in the community that has developed into one of the nation’s best places to start a business and raise a family.” We are firm believers in taking care of our employees so they in turn take care of our customers. Our team members are Passionate About Safety, and that means delivering the best products backed by the best customer service in our industry. All ECCO products, from beacons and minibars to back-up alarms and camera systems are designed to maximize protection and increase the safety of commercial vehicle operations across the world.  All ECCO products have passed rigorous water, dirt, vibration and electronic circuitry tests to industry standards. In fact, we do most of our testing




Pita Pit USA — the only dining chain on the list — is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene and comes in at No. 95. This growing company offers a “fresh, healthy alternative to fast food.”

Idaho Private 100 — A bigger, better view We’re growing the list, sharing more stories BY DUSTY PARNELL

THE NEW KIDS We’ve seen a lot of companies that are regulars on the list down in the 50 to 75 slots — businesses like Syringa Networks, Global Travel and Empire Airlines. Some down near the edges drop in and out of the list on occasion. But who are those compa-

the Top 25, along with several other food-related industries, Pita Pit is the only one on the list that represents the restaurant industry. While the company originated in Ontario, Canada, in 1995, Pita Pit USA acquired the company in 2005. Based in Coeur d’Alene, it now boasts some 600 locations across 11 countries and is one of the fastest-growing, fast-casual restaurant franchises in the country. It’s also nice to see Kount on the list at No. 96. Representing Idaho’s blossoming tech scene, this company has been mentioned here in the past. It is a subsidiary of No. 16 Keynetics. Kount provides cloud-based fraud detection solutions for businesses. In December 2015, the company received an $80 million investment from CVD Capital Partners, one of the world’s largest private-equity firms. The fraud and detection industry is poised for big growth and is expected to expand from $9 billion to more than $21 billion in 2019. So there are plenty of companies in the queue ready to make their move. Who will we see climb the mountain to make the Top 40 Hit Parade? We have a lot of players to watch. Expanding the list from 75 to 100 is like going from standard def to high-def — there’s a lot more detail to see and consider. Enjoy.

Which Would You Choose?

Integra Paper 2721978-01

(208) 336-2720


It was only a matter of time. The population growth curve for Idaho over the past 25 years looks like a Warm Springs ski run on Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain. We’ve gone from a population of 1 million to almost 1.7 million. So it only makes sense that our annual list of the Top 75 privately owned companies in the state has outgrown itself. “While we used to be able to tell Idaho’s most compelling business stories in a list of 75, that is no longer the case,” said KeyBank Senior Vice President John Williamson. He sees the new, expanded list as yet one more example of Idaho’s strong business climate. “Expanding the list from 75 to 100 allows us to share more stories — and more diverse stories — of the people and companies that are shaping Idaho’s business environment,” he said. “It was a natural step to take,” Idaho Statesman President and Publisher Debra Leithauser said. “We needed to keep up with the growth in Idaho! It shows how much our community has grown and what a vibrant place Boise is. It’s also a wonderful way to welcome 25 additional companies into a very select group.” Holland & Hart Partner Brian Hansen agrees that the expansion reflects a more accurate picture of

the state of business in Idaho. As the economy has picked up, new businesses have emerged alongside our rebounding traditional companies. “It’s exciting to see companies enter the list who may have just been on the cusp when the list was limited to the top 75,” he said. “Though those companies are smaller, they represent new industries and shine a spotlight onto a broader range of Idahobased businesses.” “Recognizing the next tier of companies reinforces the opportunities which exist across our state and the importance of diversity in the business sector,” KPMG Office Managing Partner Michael Hayhurst said. “Privately held companies have traditionally been the backbone of the Idaho economy — whether it be agriculture, mining or manufacturing. In more recent times, the group has been joined by large retailers, strong technology companies and health care delivery systems. These represent some of the fastest growing and most innovative industries in Idaho, which means jobs and economic growth across the state.”

nies just out of sight? Who are the ones who are waiting in the wings to pop into full view? That’s what makes the expanded list fun this year. Ten businesses return to the list, and another 18 are making their debut. Would you have suspected Fisher’s Technology, Caxton Printers or Pita Pit to be among them? And take a look at No. 100 — the business that just barely made the cut. How many of you know who FAMCO is? FAMCO — Fresh Air Manufacturing Company — is a Meridian-based company that has been around since 1989. It is one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest manufacturers of sheet metal and plastic air ventilation products with plants in Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell. Five of the newcomers have made it into the Top 75. Standlee Forage checks in at No. 52, followed by No. 59 Connect Wireless, No. 66 Primary Health, No. 70 Boise Hunter Homes and No. 73 Track Utilities Holdings. All 18 represent about nine industries, another strong indication of Idaho’s business diversity. Four of them are in the construction industry, with three in technology and two in health care. They are spread across the board. Pita Pit may be the one that stands apart from the others. While the list has four grocery chains in



Idaho Private 100 Top Industries - Fiscal Year Company Name AGRIBUSINESS

2015 # of Companies in Industry

2015 Revenues (millions)


2015 Idaho Employees

2015 Total Employees


















































Power Engineers 2718354-01


We’re POWER Engineers, a global multi-disciplinary consulting services and engineering company based right here in Idaho, with over 2000 employees in 40+  locations around the U.S. and the world. We’ve been steadily growing since our founding in 1976, and are currently seeking more bright minds to bring to our team.  As consulting engineers, we’re problem solvers for hire. Our clients come to us with large-scale initiatives they want to bring to life. With a name like POWER, it’s no surprise that these projects involve generating and delivering power, but that’s just where we started. We’ve expanded our expertise beyond the energy industry, into facilities, communications, federal, and environmental services.  Our engineers provide the reports, plans, drawings, specifications, studies, estimates, analyses – and whatever else it takes – to help turn vision into reality. Since ideas are our currency, we’re driven to create the kind of culture that attracts and retains innovative, intelligent people who know how to excel as part of a team.  Our company is 100% employee-owned, so in addition to receiving a competitive compensation package with medical, 401(k) with company matches, and the possibility of an annual performance-related bonus, you could also be rewarded with the opportunity to become an owner yourself. Plus, our work environment is relaxed, and we have a solid tradition of having fun with social events and outdoor activities that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.  We’re always looking for innovative engineers of all disciplines, but that’s not all. To keep POWER a leader

in our core markets, we also need administration wizards, accountants, IT experts, software gurus, creative designers, passionate writers and more. Come be a part of one of Idaho’s best success stories, and bring excitement, meaning and opportunity to your career. View our job listings at www.powereng. com, and fill out an online application today.




Executive Spotlight

AMERIBEN Andy Fujimoto, CEO How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years?

answer one to three of the following

There are numerous ways technology will impact business. One element that stands out is peer-to-peer commerce whether it be Uber, Airbnb, RelayRides (renting cars), BoatBound (renting boats), etc. It has changed campaigning for President of the United States. We access data 24/7. We communicate in short spurts with sparse content. Although certain things are more private other private things are more and more public. Youth, middle-aged, and seniors are all using personal devices. Through such advents as these, more “big data” is available about consumer patterns than ever before. This will allow businesses to strategically be at the right place at the right time. Communication and commerce with all business stakeholders is changing.


Over the last five years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it?

• How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years?

We’ve learned at times our biggest competitors are our best partners. Likewise our competitors see us as partners. Competitors are not competitors. We have learned to partner with large insurance carriers who would have been considered competition and it has now become a strength in our business plan.

The Executive Spotlight features some thoughtful responses from the Chief Executive Officers of some of Idaho’s top privately held companies. To gain insight, we asked them to

• Over the last five years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it? • Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth? • What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? • How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business? • Has the visibility through numerous accolades and the growth in Idaho’s business environment had an impact on your business? If so, how? • What advice do you have for upcoming leaders?

What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? Dream big, work hard, and have faith in the future. You’ll accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted. It’ll just take you longer and it’ll be harder than you ever thought possible. Never let anyone tell you, “No,” but always let them tell you how you can be better. The difference isn’t in the sender of the message, it is in the receiver.

BLUE CROSS OF IDAHO Charlene Maher, President and CEO What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a chief executive officer?

has grown exponentially during the past five years. Telehealth therapy for behavioral and mental health will grow rapidly, and internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy is proving to be as effective as face to face counseling for depression and anxiety. We work toward efficiently connecting our clients with resources to help improve their lives and technology-based resources in behavioral health will play a much larger role in the next decade. Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth? As a newly promoted Manager in my late twenties, I had a dotted line responsibility to Dwight Isaac. He believed in me and my potential despite the fact that I was raw and inexperienced. He never spoon fed me or gave me the answers, he consistently challenged me to figure it out. He always helped to pick me up emotionally after I had failed and since I often felt like the King of mistakes, those discussions occurred regularly. We always talked about the people, rarely the numbers. I learned and grew so rapidly during that time.

BRONCO MOTORS Grant L. Petersen Jr., President and CEO What advice would you offer those aspiring to be CEO’s? You have to be passionate about what your trying to achieve and you have to be willing to take risks in order to get there, “it’s not brave unless you’re scared” Over the past 5 years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it? I did not see fuel prices declining to the prices that they are today, interest rates reaching record lows, or the domestic brands recovering so fast after almost being bankrupt. All of these things directly affected the automobile industry. I learned that I need to have a diversified product portfolio to meet the market demands, whether new or preowned, in order to take advantage of all economic situations.

Seek challenge, be accountable, inspire and set the same example for others. Build talent in your teams and organizations – it’s about leadership. Always learn – don’t be afraid to step into new roles that will make you grow both personally and professionally. And deliver outcomes – working hard is great, but you have push beyond what is expected.

Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth?

What advice do you have for upcoming leaders?

Corey Barton, President

If you want to know if you’re a leader, look back and see if others are following. Listen to your teams, inspire their commitment and clarify the path to success. Hold yourself to the same standard you expect from others. And keep your eye on the big picture without losing sight of the details.

How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business?

BPA HEALTH Carl Arriola, President How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years? Healthcare delivery is changing rapidly. The practice of remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications

My biggest mentor was my father, he taught me what hard work was – “It’s 99% attitude and 1% aptitude”. To really make sure our customers were taken care of before, during and after the sale. Your team is key, so treat them well. And most importantly, he taught me to always do the right thing even if you don’t have the money to do it.


Millennials want to live at home with their parents for longer and the baby boomer population is moving back in with their children. The traditional household has evolved. The requests for mother-in-law suites or two masters has grown. Multi-generational living is in, and our floor plans have evolved to accommodate these buyers.

14 IDAHO PRIVATE 100 • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2016 What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? Simple, love what you do. Be passionate about your profession and a desire to conquer all or you’ll be left behind on the success train. 

DELTA DENTAL OF IDAHO Jean De Luca, President and CEO Over the last five years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it?   As a result of the Affordable Care Act, many changes have occurred when it comes to providing medical and dental benefits to individuals. In response, we’ve created a successful suite of individual plans that meet the needs of marketplace segments like millennials, families, and seniors. We continue to invest in marketing to ensure that consumers understand the important connection between oral health and overall health. We’ve also partnered with our network dentists to help them more easily identify their high-risk patients to improve the quality of their care and ensure they receive the preventive services they need.


ENGINEERED STRUCTURES INC. (ESI) Neil Nelson, President and Owner How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years? I continue to be amazed at how smart-phones play such an integral part of people’s daily lives. We have a number of apps that are very helpful and we continue to use this technology on project sites. The most recent topic involving technology is the use of drones on project sites and their associated benefits and potential liability. We anticipate this trend to continue.   Over the last five years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it?  I would say the shortage in qualified trade labor has hit our industry harder than expected. I would not say it was completely unforeseen but the our industry was not predicting this significant shortage across all trade labor. I believe the growth of CWI is hitting our industry at just the right time and has potential to make a big impact on our State. 

How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years?

What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer?

Technology continues to be an important component in the success of our business. As healthcare costs rise, we search for ways to reduce our administrative costs and streamline processes enabling us to maintain our competitive pricing and simplify the services most needed by our customers.

Spend time focusing on balancing management duties and leadership duties. Different business challenges need to be addressed with different skill sets, one technique does not work for every challenge. At some point you have to shift from doing to leading. That’s not always easy but it’s necessary.

As with any organization, cyber-security remains a tops concern for us. We take security seriously in an effort to preserve the trust that our customers, providers, brokers, and employees place with us.

ECCO SAFETY GROUP Doug Phillips, President and CEO What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? To be a successful CEO, you must be a leader of people. There are many keys to good leadership but my top three are simple: empower, serve and set the example.  Never ask someone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself.  Serve your customers and your employees in the same manner you would like to be served.  And always empower your people so that they are able to make decisions, grow in their role and know that you will always have their back.  What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? Take care of your people.  This includes the people who work for you, the people you work for and the customers you serve.  If you don’t have the support of the people surrounding you, success is not achievable.

How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business? Millennials need to be convinced how an organization will help them learn, grow, and develop, and further their careers. They are eager to learn.  In response to their needs, we have increased our investment in training, 1:1 interactions with supervisors and equipped our employees with tools to help them better understand their unique contribution to the team and organization.  Our goal is to create interdependent teams where each member is leveraging the strengths of the other.  As technology changes at a challenging pace, our younger employees help train our seasoned, less tech savvy employees on technology.  We are currently developing a mentoring program where our seasoned employees are sharing their vast knowledge and experience with the incoming talent.  What advice do you have for upcoming leaders?   Regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry or how much experience you have, keep a growth mindset.  Take every opportunity to learn from others regardless of their position and then share your knowledge with those around you.  Know your strengths and leverage the strengths of your team. 

FAMCO Martin Artis, CEO Over the last five years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it?   I believed that I would one day sell my business.  That bias kept me from seeing other outcomes.  With the right coaching, I have explored more and better options for me.  There are always more options available to us than we can see alone. What advice do you have for upcoming leaders?

For each step along your path to success, you must have the following: the will to do it, attention to focus, and effort to finish. I used this to help me reach specific goals. What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? To become a CEO, if it’s not your own business, you must have exposure to many disciplines to draw from.  You will need to surround yourself with people who care, and be fun to work for.  Lastly, you have to be the one who solves the hardest problems.  If you don’t like the hardest challenges, don’t go there.

FISHER’S TECHNOLOGY Chris Taylor, CEO What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? Don’t act like you’re a CEO. Be a lifelong student, humble to the core and always surrounded by brilliant people. How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business?  A trend of Increased millennials has been awesome for our business, as our culture is defined by our cause:  A passion for extremely happy customers.  This is achieved through engagement, healthy conflict, and servant leadership rather than through command and control management.  Millennials want to be part of something great and won’t put up with being a cog in a wheel.  With our millennials’ help, we are doing something great. What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? First, never pass up an opportunity to speak in public.  Second, focus on the healthy/human aspects of your organization more than the smart/strategic side.  And third, always tell the truth.  It’s amazing how much dishonesty and half-truths exist in the business world.

HAYDEN BEVERAGE CO Dodds Hayden, Owner/CEO Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth? My YPO (Young President’s Organization) forum. They bring substantial and varied experiences from which to learn, they have my interests at heart, they provide honest advice and feedback, and we trust each other completely. (All these provide good alchemy for a mentor).  What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? Read a lot (all kinds of things, not just business/leadership books), develop a good support group or mentor, ask lots of questions of lots of people,  keep yourself in physical condition required to perform at a high level, and above all, BE YOURSELF (the best version of yourself, that is).






Stan Marshall, CEO

Jim Frank, President and CEO

Peter Riggs, President

Has the visibility through numerous accolades and the growth in Idaho’s business environment had an impact on your business?  If so, how?

How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business?

What advice do you have for upcoming leaders?

At Headwaters, our mission is to BUILD long-term relationships on the foundation of Integrity, Transparency, Communication, and Teamwork. While it is nice to receive recognition and accolades, it is the relationship, not the accolade that allows a client to trust our team with a multi-million dollar project.  In the construction industry, that is everything.

The two most significant ways are consumer marketing and the workforce. This generational change is a driving factor for our product & packaging innovation and the communication methods we use with today’s newest consumer. We must be relevant and appealing to the millennial generation, who has now eclipsed baby boomers as having the world’s largest purchasing power. The available workforce surrounding our multiple manufacturing locations has changed as well. Technology and automated process jobs will be most appealing to the next generations. The population of each, ‘Generation X’ and the ‘Millennials’ have surpassed Baby Boomers in the workforce.

What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? First and foremost, surround yourself with good, honest, and hardworking people.   No matter how successful and well established you believe your company has become, you should never forget that it’s only as good as its people.  I learned the second principle early in life while moving irrigation pipe in the grain and potato fields of Osgood, Idaho and it is that there’s really no substitute for good honest hard work and determination, with growing a business in Idaho being no exception to that rule.  Finally, always be honest with yourself, your employer, and anyone else with whom you rub shoulders. 

HOLMAN TRANSPORT SERVICES, INC. Robert F. Holman, Jr., President What advice would you give to those aspiring to become Chief Executive Officer? You will have to take many chances and put in a lot more time than you ever imagined. Treat people with respect and always remember their name.

JACKSONS FOOD STORES INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES John Jackson, CEO How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years? Payment methods is an ever changing technology and I think it will continue to innovate giving the consumers new and easier ways to pay. Credit card based payment systems will likely go away due to their propensity of fraud.  Consumers will likely have some type of electronic wallet that will allow them to pay within a proximity to a payment terminal and with a fingerprint or other two-factor method.  Apple and Android are some of the innovators in this space and are already moving in that direction. As retailers, we have to constantly keep up with these newer payment methods which are being adopted quickly by the younger generations.  Of course, a primary concern will always be to ensure our ability to protect the customer’s private information and focus on preventing fraud. 

What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? Be and do the very best that you can every day at the job you have. Don’t look to far down the road for the next advancement positions, excel in the one you have today and advancement will come. Take courses and read leadership development books. Find a successful leader as your mentor.

NORTHWEST EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. Jim Hibler, President How do you see technology changing your world in the next five years Technology on class 8 trucks will be changing dramatically. EPA regulations on trucks through technology advances will be extreme. Air coming out of the truck will be cleaner than the air going in. Companies will always know within 5Oyds of where their trucks are in North America. Companies will know if their trucks (drivers)are speeding. Drivers will know if there is an issues with their truck, what the issue is, where the nearest dealer is, and that dealer will be informed the truck is coming and what parts are needed. Yes technology will be changing the Transportation Industry. What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? Technology is changing all the time, but some of the basics of management will always be there. Things like always insist on being on time, always treat your employees fair, if you tell somebody you will do something do it. Always remember that employees are your companies strongest asset, hire accordingly.

Be bold in your convictions. Today, more than ever, it is too easy to let yourself be sidetracked by people saying, “That’s not how we do things.”  Just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way.  A true leader recognizes this even in the face of fierce opposition.

QUEST GROUPS Joe Kosakowski, CEO Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth? Valencia Kosakowski. She planted the seed 25 years ago and introduced me to top motivational speakers and leaders. She changed my thinking and challenged me to believe in myself and grow. King David, Following the teachings of King David for spiritual and professional growth has also been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? Be bold. Don’t let fear dictate your decisions. Outwork your competition. Have faith in yourself and where you want to go before you can see it.  What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? Same as above advice to CEO. Trust in yourself, challenge yourself to grow. Lead with Vision. With no vision the people will parish. Don’t justify your decisions. Don’t make excuses. Self-reflect often. Give back to your people, show them you care. John Maxwell: People don’t care about how much you know unless they know how much you care.

REGENCE BLUESHIELD OF IDAHO Scott Kreiling, President How do you see technology changing your world in the next 5 to 10 years? I can envision two overarching changes that will come as a result of the accelerating pace of technological innovation. On the one hand, I can see self-driving cars and other assistive technologies giving us more time to focus on who and what matters most to us in life. On the other hand, new informationsharing technologies – particularly in health care – will both empower us as individual consumers … and demand that we become more engaged and take more responsibility for choosing how, when, where and from whom we seek care. How has the growth of the millennial population and the aging baby boom population affected your business? I think the growth of both segments with their often highly diverse interests and expectations has been good for us – and most other

16 IDAHO PRIVATE 100 • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2016 businesses. We’ve had to “up our game” to be more creative and more consumer-focused. Both populations want easy access to information and options. It’s a powerful incentive to reject complacency; to instead pursue continuous improvement in everything we do. What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? I’d encourage them to pursue their passions and to never forget the people in their lives who enable their success. And in today’s constantly evolving marketplaces, do more than accept change; embrace and celebrate it! The future belongs to the nimble.

J.R. SIMPLOT COMPANY Bill Whitacre, President and CEO How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years? One of the amazing things about technology today is that projecting how it will change and what will emerge in five to ten years is almost impossible. I saw something the other day that said our children would be learning about things that we haven’t yet discovered through devices and channels that we have not yet invented. Technology is changing so quickly that even projecting changes and innovation year to year can be difficult, so that’s a real challenge for businesses. But one area that I think we’re just scratching the surface of is big data. Technology has given us access to so much more information than we’ve ever had and it’s only speeding up. The people and companies who can use this information and react quickly to it are the ones who will succeed. Has the visibility through numerous accolades and the growth in Idaho’s business environment had an impact on your business? If so, how? Idaho is and has always been the perfect place for us. Local and state officials are very receptive and supportive of the business community. One thing that I think is often overlooked is how well Idahoans work together to overcome differences and work toward solutions. That’s pretty unique in this day and age and something that we still find in Idaho. And of course the people. We do business throughout the state and the local communities where we work are tremendously supportive and passionate about the work they do and where they live. What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? One piece of advice that was given to me came from J.R. Simplot. He liked to say something along the lines of: “surround yourself with good people and turn them loose.” A good leader doesn’t try to control everything and doesn’t think he or she always has the best answer. At Simplot, we foster a family environment and recognize that good ideas and good work can come from anywhere in the business, so you’ve got to be open and looking for that.

STANDLEE HAY COMPANY Dusty Standlee, President and CEO How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years? There are many technology innovations in Agriculture today and there will be many more in the future. I envision autonomous tractors with connected drones and applications telling us where our food is grown and produced.  One thing is certain, we must embrace technology or we will fall behind! Over the last five years, what change was completely unforeseen and what did you learn from it? Just when you think you know how the market will react, it is inevi-

IDAHO STATESMAN • IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM table you will get re-educated. When markets are high, they will likely decline and when markets are low, they might go even lower.  Never say never, stay disciplined! Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth?  Mike & Gene? My grandfather, Gene Standlee, and father, Mike Standlee, have been my greatest mentors.  I grew up working for both of them and they have always supported me in my good decisions and guided me through the difficult ones. 

THORNTON OLIVER KELLER COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Michael J. Ballantyne, Managing Partner What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? I told my daughters when they were in high school that they should double major in Psychology and Accounting if they want to run a company. Being a CEO is all about understanding people and numbers.  Of the two, people are the most important, but learning your way around a spreadsheet is critical in business. Has the visibility through numerous accolades and the growth in Idaho’s business environment   had an impact on your business?  If so, how? Thornton Oliver Keller opened for business in Boise 25 years ago.    Idaho is our home and we have been fortunate to participate in its growth. As Idaho has hit every “Top 10” list imaginable over the past few years, the state has garnered national attention.  That has created terrific business opportunities for us.   Our client base both in and outside the state of Idaho has also grown and attracted more attention.   Because we are an Idaho company, we enjoy huge reach in the commercial real estate industry. What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? I have two pieces of advice.  First, do what you love.  If you are passionate about your work it shows.   Second, every great leader takes time for the members of their team.  No matter how busy you are, take time to sit down and listen to a team mate share their challenges or their successes.  It keeps you centered and connected.

TRACK UTILITIES, LLC Jim Baumgardner, CEO and Chairman What advice do you have for upcoming leaders? People, people, people. It all starts and ends with people. Surround yourself with people that share your vision, beliefs, and commitment. If you get the people piece right, everything else falls into place.

UNITED HERITAGE FINANCIAL GROUP Dennis Johnson, President and CEO How do you see technology changing your world in the next five to ten years? Autonomous vehicles will change the landscape for automobile insurance. We are exploring innovative new “transportation policy” options to address a world that includes autonomous vehicles, Uber/Lyft and vehicle sharing.  The introduction of highly efficient electric vehicles will also increase the complexity of roadways, charging stations, and home  based electric charging which affect our insurance underwriting. How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business?  We have life insurance that is focused on baby boomers in retirement years and for funeral planning—not traditional life product markets.  We have embraced a “sustainability, insurance and technology” ethos that is driven by the millennials and their values.  We use solar power and provide electric vehicle charging stations for our customers and employees as an outward sign of this commitment.

WRIGHT BROTHERS, THE BUILDING COMPANY, EAGLE LLC Robert A. Wright CCM, LEED AP Member Who is your greatest mentor and how have they influenced your professional growth? Jim Everett Retired CEO of the Treasure Valley YMCA helped me to understand that we need to define, “Why do we exist as a business?” The answer I’ve applied to life in and out of the workplace is, People first, Product, then Profit. We exist because we believe society needs more leaders and providers, and most importantly to advance our families first and foremost, providing for a balance in life. What advice would you offer those aspiring to become a Chief Executive Officer? Be a leader who is described as an individual of honesty and integrity. To succeed, you must work with an open book philosophy, be knowledgeable, creative, responsible, educated, talented and motivated. Be a hard worker genuinely inspired to create! Being a CEO means recognizing you are building relationships and communities for a lasting future. So do something you are proud of – reach out to tomorrow. How has the growth in the millennial population and the aging baby boomer population effected your business? It is so inspiring to see The millennial or “Generation Next” individuals filling the shoes of the baby boomer entrepreneurs. They bring new energy, high touch service, creative ideas and are owning it! Wright Brothers, The Building Company has always promoted no ceilings and they have taken advantage of that by becoming great businessmen and the future of our company, industry and communities – truly they are Building The Future.


BVEP continues to upgrade its approach Clark Krause leads the way BY DUSTY PARNELL Idaho already has a proven reputation as a business-friendly state with good job growth and a low cost of doing business, as well as an attractive place for entrepreneurs and tech jobs. Getting that word out and getting companies in the door is where the Boise Valley Economic Partnership comes in. And it has done one heck of a job under Executive Director Clark Krause’s leadership, in conjunction with the organization’s business, government and higher education partnerships. “Over the last five years, we have worked to bring 22 companies and over 4,300 direct jobs to the Boise valley,” Krause said. “We also worked closely with Idaho Commerce and other economic development organizations to pass the Idaho Tax Reimbursement Incentive, which supports high-wage job growth for both existing Idaho companies and those looking to relocate or expand here. Since TRI was passed, we have seen a significant growth in inquiries from companies considering the valley.” The goal is to bring people and community assets together to attract, retain and grow business. In fact, that is its mantra: “Grow. Ideas. Here.” Grow Ideas Here is also a storytelling platform that

showcases the people, the stories and the potential of the Boise valley with a website that “brings to life the pulse of this place to support in talent recruitment.” This is one of the areas where BVEP is making a big push to craft customized marketing materials and programs to help attract more talent to the Idaho business scene. “Today’s challenges are around talent and people,” Krause said. “Companies need to pay attention to a new workforce as specific talent is harder to find. Companies will need to look inward and grow those talents. Relationships with eduClark Krause cation partners like the community college, universities and high schools will become incredibly important to ensure the training they are looking for, but also in developing a relationship with those who have been trained.” BVEP is attacking this on a variety of fronts. Global talent acquisition is more than just sending out pam-


“We are seeing a lot more foodprocessing and manufacturing projects looking at the Valley compared to past years. Sixtyfive percent of the companies in BVEP’s active project list are in manufacturing or food production.” — Clark Krause, Executive Director of the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP)

phlets or making cold calls to business leaders to suggest how cool it would be for them to set up shop in Boise and Idaho. It’s also about finding and growing talent. Early in 2016, BVEP brought in Charity Nelson as project and strategy manager to help design and launch this effort. Nelson had spent more than a decade in human resources at Micron Technology, so she brought a lot of global talent acquisition experience with her.

There are several elements to this program: Talent Strategy Consultation — Review and help build a talent acquisition strategy for companies based on BVEP’s knowledge of the local workforce, along with wider-reach recruitment strategies. Wage and Benefits Evaluation and Consultation — Provides information on local wages, benefits, costs and workforce trends to assist a company to be competitive in the local market. Evaluation of Staffing Strategy and Introductions to “Best Fit” Staffing Resources — Based on your company needs, BVEP can recommend and introduce you to local staffing partners. Connection to Community Talent Resources — Helps companies to identify a local talent pipeline by connecting businesses to resources for employee training (technical schools), student hiring (college and universities) and consultants. “First, our goal is to help the companies that are here already and give them the support they need to continue to grow,” Krause said. “Second, we work to make sure that there is a quality growth of companies and people with the skills needed to meet the demands and skill gaps. It is important to work with companies to make sure their strategies, when it comes to workforce, will lead them to greater success.”

BVEP continues on P.18

FACTBOX The Boise Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is the third largest in the Northwest. From 2010 to 2015, the Boise MSA saw a 9.8 percent population growth. With a 2015 Census Bureau estimate of almost 677,000 people, the area could grow by another 47 percent over the next 15 years and reach a population of 1 million by 2030, some research indicates.

NORTHWEST EQUIPMENT SALES INC along with the established areas in Idaho. Along with the two truck franchises, Northwest Equipment Sales also represents Trail-Eze (implement and lowboy trailers), Manac (end dump, belly dump, flatbed, agricultural, and specialized trailers), and Neville Built (aluminum or steel grain, drop decks, livestock and sprayer dropdeck trailers). Northwest Equipment Sales, Inc. opened its third dealership in 2007, this one in Hermiston, Oregon, serving Eastern Oregon and Southwest Washington and representing those companies shown above. With experienced and dedicated personnel, Northwest Equipment Sales, Inc. has become recognized by local customers and itinerant truckers alike as a place they can find equipment, parts, service, and friendly faces from the Columbia River to the Utah and Wyoming borders. An Idaho success story, from beginning to end……



Northwest Equipment Sales, Inc. is honored to be part of the Idaho Private 75. Northwest Equipment Sales, Inc. started as a new trailer, used truck sales business by Jim Hibler in 1981. The business outgrew a succession of small but ever larger sales facilities in Boise during the 1980’s, and a sales and full service dealership was purchased in Twin Falls in 1988. When Mack Trucks, Inc. awarded the company the franchise for Eastern and Southern Idaho the following year the Twin Falls location became the face the company. In 1995, with growth in the Boise area, and with the success of the company, Jim built a new flagship facility in Boise, combining the Mack Truck and diverse trailer franchises into a large freeway facing dealership. Municipalities, fleets, and individuals all found equipment, parts, and service available for their “Heavy Truck” needs in the Boise area. Eventually, Volvo Trucks North America also established Northwest Equipment Sales as its franchise dealer, and the area of responsibility Northwest Equipment Sales was given for its two heavy truck manufacturers was extended to all of Eastern Oregon

Northwest Equipment Sales 2718649-01


BVEP continued from P.17 These initiatives are just the latest mechanisms to bring more work and more life to the local business scene. BVEP has always worked as a one-stop organization for companies looking for detailed information about the area. It also has great support, not only on the government front, but from the business community itself. After all, business feeds business. “Over 80 percent of our funding comes from the


generous contributions of private business within the Boise Metro region,” he said. Take a look at some of the successes over the past couple of years: The Blower Shop manufactures high-performance engine parts for automotive and marine markets. It is relocating to Boise from Simi Valley, Calif., and will work closely with the College of Western Idaho to support its training needs. The American Food Equipment Company broke ground on an expansion project in Caldwell after out-


growing its facilities in Hayward, Calif. Athlos Academies is a part of Downtown Boise’s head-spinning growth with the opening of a new training facility and corporate headquarters in the former Macy’s building. Paylocity provides cloud-based payroll and human capital management software solutions to mediumsized businesses and selected the Boise area for a new expansion facility that will create more than 500 jobs. Mother Earth Brew Company is a San Diego craft

brewer that has chosen Nampa to build a second brewery and its first outside of Southern California. It doesn’t hurt that Idaho is the third largest producer of hops in the U.S., and craft beer is one of the burgeoning industries in the state. The brewery could potentially become the largest producer in the state, providing Nampa with a possible new marketing tack, too. Heartland Recreational Vehicles is a leader in rec-

BVEP continues on P.23


Healthwise is a nonprofit global provider of health information, decision support tools, behavior change assistance, and personal care planning for the top health plans, care management companies, hospitals, and consumer health portals. Each year, millions of people use our content and tools to manage their health, make better health decisions, and live healthier lives.

Hayden Beverage is Idaho’s largest distributor of beer, wine, Red Bull and premium non-alcoholic beverages. In the ever-demanding beverage industry, we depend on the strength of our brands and our employees’ relationships, work ethic, knowledge, and creativity to maintain our competitive advantage. All accounting, ordering, reporting, and administrative functions are performed in our Boise, Idaho office. Sales management is directed out of Boise, and individual market programming and execution are managed by offices in Boise, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, Post Falls (Coeur D’Alene), Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. The majority of our orders are processed, picked and shipped out of our Boise and Post Falls distribution centers. Our satellite warehouses in Ket-


Healthwise 2718611-01

chum/Sun Valley, Twin Falls, McCall, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls carry some inventory to meet immediate customer service (especially on-premise) needs. We are proud to be family owned and operated, providing us the ability to make decisions to enhance the long-term health of our business and that of our partners. We have shown consistent growth, enabling our employees to enjoy a stable career and rewarding lifestyle. We work hard, we execute, and we have fun!


Hayden Beverage 2718332-01







I daho ’ s t op p ri vate c ompan ie s


2015 Rank

Company Name



Albertsons Companies Boise Retail Trade One of the largest food and drug retailers in the US | operating stores across 35 states and the District of Columbia under 19 well-known banners.

Robert Miller, Brad Street



WinCo Holdings, Inc. Boise Retail grocery operating 108 stores in 8 states across the U.S.

Steven L. Goddard, Richard L. Charrier David Butler



J.R. Simplot Company Boise Agribusiness Principally engaged in food processing, fertilizer manufacturing, cattle production, farming, and other enterprises related to agribusiness.

William J. “Bill” Whitacre, Joel G. Barker



Blue Cross of Idaho Meridian Insurance Not-for-profit mutual insurance company, a leader in delivering innovative health insurance products and services.

Charlene Maher, Dave Jeppesen



Jacksons Food Stores Inc. and Subsidiaries Wholesale, retail, transportation, real estate, and aviation.

John Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Cory Jackson



Melaleuca Inc. Idaho Falls Consumer Direct Marketing World leader in consumer direct marketing including both manufacturing and distribution of personal care, home hygiene, nutritional and health products.

Frank L. VanderSloot McKay Christensen



Agri Beef Co. Producer of high quality branded meat products.

Robert Rebholtz, Jr., Kim Stuart



Kendall Dealership Holdings, LLC Boise Retail Trade A family owned automotive enterprise with dealerships and service centers in Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.

Paul Skillern, David Blewett



The Amalgamated Sugar Co. LLC Boise Manufacturing Duane Grant, John C. McCreedy An agricultural cooperative, composed of approximately 800 Idaho, Oregon, and Washington growers. Second largest U.S. Beet Sugar producer providing 10% of the country’s sugar requirements.



Dave Smith Motors Kellogg Retail Trade Ken Smith World’s largest Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram dealer; Northwest’s largest GM dealer; full service sales, service, accessories, parts, body shop and tire departments



Employers Resource Management Company Boise Services -(PEO) Professional Employer Organization George H. Gersema, Mary D. Gersema Preserving the American Dream for businesses by handling employer related responsibilities and functions for business owners through PEO services.


12, LLC Boise Internet retailer of sports, fitness and nutritional supplements.



Woodgrain Millwork, Inc. Fruitland Manufacturing Manufacturer and distributor of doors, windows and mouldings. Family owned and operated for over 60 years. In Idaho since 1969.



Regence BlueShield of Idaho Lewiston Health Insurance Scott Kreiling, Scott Jones An Idaho-original health insurer offering distinctly different and uncommonly effective solutions that deliver lower costs, better experiences and better outcomes.



Scentsy Inc. Meridian Direct Selling An international direct-selling company offering a family of brands including Scentsy Fragrance and Velata through Independent Consultants.



Keynetics Inc. Boise Technology Bradley J. Wiskirchen, Edward Katzin Keynetics has two operating subsidiaries: ClickBank, is an internet retailer; and Kount is an online fraud prevention and sales acceleration solution.



POWER Engineers Incorporated Hailey Engineering/consulting Bret Moffett, Jim Haynes A global consulting services and engineering firm specializing in integrated solutions for power delivery, power generation, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, and federal government.



Ridley’s Family Markets Jerome Retail Trade A family owned chain of supermarkets, pharmacies, and Ace hardware stores with locations in Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Anita Ridley, Jerry Ridley



Potandon Produce L.L.C. Idaho Falls A national sales and marketing company for fresh potatoes and onions.

Mel Davenport, Steve Ottum



Dennis Dillon Auto Group Boise Retail Trade Dennis E. Dillon, Bradley B. Dillon Proudly representing sales, servicing and manufacturing of several of Americas top brands of automobiles, recreational vehicles, marine watercraft and powersports – providing the highest quality products and services at an affordable price.



Peterson Auto Group Boise Retail Trade Mark M. Peterson Sales, service and insurance for new and used automobiles; auto parts and body shop; new brands include Toyota, Scion, Lexus, BMW, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram.



Western Power Sports Inc. Boise Wholesale Trade Wholesale distributor of motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, bicycle, and personal watercraft parts and accessories.

Craig Shoemaker, Steve Lester



Manito Super 1 Foods Hayden Retail Trade Family owned company operating grocery stores and convenience stores in North Idaho and Western Montana.

Ronald B. McIntire, Randy McIntire



Engineered Structures Inc.(ESI) Meridian Construction Thomas D. Hill, Neil W. Nelson Among the nation’s leading commercial contractors, headquartered in Meridian and operating throughout the United States in diverse market sectors.



Norco, Inc. Boise Retail/Wholesale Distributor With 70+ locations, Norco is the largest gas manufacturer/distributor of welding, safety, medical equipment and supplies in the nation.






Retail Trade

Wholesale & Retail Trade


Retail Trade


Web site address

Top Executives

Richard Jalichandra, Chris Olsen Kelly Dame, Reed Dame

Orville Thompson, Heidi Thompson

Jim Kissler, Ned Pontious




I d a h o ’ s

t o p

p r i


2015 Rank

Company Name



Edmark Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC / Volkswagen Audi Boise Nampa Retail - Automotive & Service Automotive sales and service including Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Buick, Volkswagen, and Audi.



D&S Factors LLC Fruitland Transportation D&S purchases accounts receivable to help small transportation companies with cash flow in the transportation industry.



Land View Inc. Rupert Agribusiness Roy M. Young, Lance L. Whitney Manufactures, warehouses, distributes, and delivers agricultural crop inputs, dairy and livestock feeds and ingredients, and industrial and food process chemicals.



ECCO Safety Group Boise Manufacturing Doug Phillips, Tom Mazzei Designs, manufactures, and markets commercial and emergency vehicle warning products - reversing safety, mirrors, white lighting, warning lights and lighting systems.



Stinker Stores Boise Retail Trade Charley D. Jones, Steve Watts Idaho convenience store chain founded in 1936, with 65 stores and more than 500 employees. Arrowrock Supply and Westpoint Transportation are affiliated companies.



Litehouse Inc. Sandpoint Manufacturing Jim Frank, Kelly Prior Leading manufacturer and distributor of dressing, dips, sauces, apple cider, instantly fresh herbs & artisan cheese selling retail, foodservice and value add channels nationwide and international.



Capitol Distributing Meridian Wholesale Trade Tremayne Arnold, Rich Faw Provides merchandising and technology solutions to convenience retailers. Distribution of broad-line products to stores in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.



United Heritage Financial Group Meridian Insurance Offering life, property and auto insurance products, and annuities and investments in 39 states, primarily in the western U.S.

Dennis Johnson, Jack Winderl



Idaho Pacific Lumber Company Inc. Meridian Wholesale Trade Wholesale nation-wide distribution of lumber and building materials to contractors on large, single family, multi-family, and commercial projects.

Eric D. Grandeen, Rick J. Sullivan



CBH Homes Meridian Construction CBH Homes has been building homes for Idahoans for over 24 years, and as Idaho’s #1 builder has over 15,000 happy homeowners.

Corey Barton, Ronda Conger



Oppenheimer Companies, Inc. Boise Food Sales & Mkg., Food Processing & Real Estate Dev., Investment & Property Mgmt. Food processing, distribution, sales and marketing industries as well as two affiliated companies involved in real estate.

Arthur F. (Skip) Oppenheimer Douglas F. Oppenheimer



Small Mine Development LLC Boise The leader in safe, productive and innovative mining solutions.


Cheryl Gmirkin, Jesse Leib



Broulims Super Markets Inc. Rigby Retail grocery stores with pharmacies and hardware stores.

Retail Trade

Robert W. Broulim, Mark L. Oswald



Hansen-Rice, Inc. Nampa Construction Burke Hansen, John Rice Solutions driven organization providing value to construction projects through Pre-Construction, Design, General Contracting and Self-Performing capabilities.



Great Floors Coeur d’ Alene Retail Trade Providing quality floor coverings and countertops for Northwest homeowners and businesses for over 40 years.

Doug & Ken Chadderdon, Jim McGee



Commercial Tire Inc. Meridian Retail Trade Providing tire sales and service for over 40 years in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Utah.

Bob Schwenkfelder, J. Trent Schwenkfelder



Hayden Beverage Co Boise Wholesale Trade/Distributor Idaho’s largest distributor of beer, wine, Red Bull, and premium non-alcoholic beverages.

Dodds Hayden, Dan Scovel



Franklin Building Supply Co. Boise Full service building supply sales to builders, remodelers and consumers.

Rick Lierz, Rhonda Millick



Western Trailer Sales Co. Boise Manufacturing Manufacturer of over-the-road trailers, producing flatbed, wood residual, agricultural and refuse trailers serving industries across the U.S.



McAlvain Group of Companies, Inc Boise Construction & Torry McAlvain Since 1980, McAlvain has been the contractor of choice providing exceptional general contracting, construction management, design/build, and concrete services throughout our regions of work.



Delta Dental of Idaho Boise Services-Dental Benefits Idaho’s leading dental benefit carrier, offering quality, affordable plans and committed to improving the dental health of all Idahoans.



Smith Chevrolet Co. Inc. Idaho Falls Retail Trade Stafford L. Smith, Cannon Smith A family owned corporation (now in its fourth generation) specializing in the sales and service of new Chevrolet, new Honda; pre-owned and recreational vehicles.



D&B Supply Co. Caldwell Retail Trade Mark Schmitt, Blaine Ream A lifestyle retailer that supplies everything the homeowner, rancher or farmer needs to manage their property, nurture their animals and pets and raise their families while they live their “country lifestyle”.



Brighton Corporation Boise Real Estate Development David Turnbull, Blake Alder Idaho’s largest diversified real estate developer. Offers a full range of real estate development disciplines including premier residential communities, business parks and shopping centers.



Hawkins Companies Boise Real Estate Development & Mgmt Co National commercial real estate development company of over 250 real estate projects in 22 states in excess of 10m SF.




Retail Trade

Web site address

Top Executives

Jim Chalfant, David Edmark II Diana Luoma, Andrea Knoblauch-Wright

Jerald (Jerry) M. Whitehead, Vicki L. Kovash

Jean De Luca, Greg Donaca

Gary R. Hawkins, Brian Huffaker




v a t e

c o m p a n i e s


2015 Rank

Company Name



Bronco Motors Inc Boise Retail Trade Family owned & operated, provides retail automotive services including service and parts.





Web site address

Top Executives

Grant L. Petersen, Jr.

StandLee Forage Kimberly Agribusiness Dusty Standlee, Scott Plew Producer of premium quality western hay forage and hay forage products to distributors, feed and farm stores and other retail dealers across the U.S.



Boise Peterbilt, Inc. Boise Transportation A full-service distributor (sales, service, body shop and financing) of Peterbilt heavy and medium duty transportation equipment.

Blake A. Jackson, Bruce Adams



Cradlepoint Technologies Boise Technology Global leader in cloud-managed 4G LTE networking solutions, providing business grade and secure connectivity to distributed enterprises.

George Mulhern, Val Heusinkveld



Clear Springs Foods Inc. Buhl Manufacturing Largest producer of aquacultured Rainbow Trout. Products can be found nationwide and in Canada.

Larry W. Cope, Keith Quigley



Kingston Companies Idaho Falls Wholesale/Transportation/Diversified David O. Kingston, Cory Wengreen Food distribution & cold storage, farming, transportation brokerage & trucking, property development & management, “green” energy production, distressed bank loan portfolios, real estate & loan workout servicing.



RSCI Boise Construction Construction firm specializing in federal government, wastewater/water treatment facilities and design/build services.

Zeke Johnson



Tomlinson & Associates, Inc. Boise Diversified Holdings A vertically integrated multifamily commercial real estate company, providing property/asset management, development and rehabilitation services throughout the Northwest.

Gregory Tomlinson, Randy Mason, Katie Rosanbalm

Connect Wireless Eagle Retail Trade An AT&T National Authorized Retailer who delivers advanced mobile services, next generation TV and smart solutions for people and businesses.

Dave Stearns, Jade Wells




Northwest Equipment Sales Inc Boise Transportation Jim Hibler, Jesse Hibler Franchised dealer for Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks; Franchised dealer for Trail-Eze, Mac, Ranco and Neville Built Trailers. Sales, parts, service, leasing and rental.



Steed Construction, Inc. Eagle Construction Randy S. Steed, Scott J. Raymes Commercial General Building Contractor specializing in the design and construction of office, warehouse/distribution, hospitality, retail, healthcare, religious, and educational facilities.


Tom Scott Toyota Nampa New Toyota Dealer and Preowned Dealership servicing the Treasure Valley.


D. H. Moss, Margaret Moss



Hoff Companies, Inc. Meridian Diversified Holdings Wholesale distribution of building materials, vinyl window manufacturing, timberland management and land development.



Empire Airlines Inc Hayden Airline / Aerospace Air freight services - western U.S. and Alaska, airplane maintenance repair and overhaul, Hawaiian inter-island passenger service and UAV’s in the agricultural, mining, engineering and road construction arena.



Premier Technology, Inc. Blackfoot Manufacturing Shelly Sayer, Douglas A. Sayer Woman owned design, engineering, and custom fabrication company. Proudly serving industries such as Federal services, food & beverage, commercial nuclear and mining.


Brian Hoff, Todd Armstrong, Timothy D. Komberec, Scott Marikis

Primary Health Medical Group Garden City Healthcare Medical group offering primary care, urgent care and specialty services in 17 clinics based on a patient-centered concept.

David L. Peterman, M.D., Tracy Morris



Syringa Networks Boise Technology - Telecommunications Greg Lowe Specializing in custom network solutions for businesses, providing high performance fiber-optic networks, services, and equipment throughout the region.



Portage, Inc. Idaho Falls Services A full service engineering and environmental services company supporting federal, state, tribal, and local governments and private industry.



Thomas Cuisine Management Meridian Services - Food Mark Kadell, Greg Turpen On-site management company using fresh ingredients, scratch cooking, and dedicated employees providing an exceptional culinary experience in healthcare and corporate settings.


Nick Stanisich, Kevin Poor Harry Fugate

Boise Hunter Homes Eagle Construction Jim Hunter, Jan Hunter Treasure Valley’s largest move-up home builder, working hard to provide most affordable homes on excellent real estate without comprising construction quality.



Global Travel Boise Services - Travel Related Evelyn Loveless, Kevin Loveless An Idaho Corporation specializing in the Art of Travel; Corporate, Leisure, Group & Event planning. “Space Travel Coming Soon” One call does it all 387-1000.



Petra Inc. Meridian Construction Preco is a recognized leader in pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, and design/build services.


Jerry S. Frank, John Quapp

Track Utilities Holdings, LLC Meridian Construction James R. Baumgardner, Anthony J. Burt Provides electric, natural gas, and telecommunications construction services in the Western United States through it’s subsidiaries, Track Utilities, LLC and SiteWise LLC.



Hubble Homes LLC Meridian Construction E. Don Hubble, Michelle Jacobi Your Community Builder as Idaho’s premier residential homebuilder, offering high value, exceptional design and lifestyle personalization in beautifully planned communities.



Independent Meat Company Twin Falls Agribusiness Producer of “Falls Brand” packaged meats and “Salmon Creek Farms” natural pork, serving the Western U.S. and Pacific Rim.

Patrick Florence, Rob Stephens





I daho ’ s t op p ri vate c ompan ie s

2016 Rank

2015 Rank

Company Name



Web site address

Top Executives


Holman Transport Services, Inc. Caldwell Transportation Refrigerated longhaul carrier providing service to and from 37 states - hauling frozen, refrigerated and dry goods.

Robert F. Holman, Jr., Sherry L. Holman


Headwaters Construction Company Victor Construction Industry leading general contractor and construction manager with expertise in commercial and high-end residential construction.

Stan Marshall, Jason Streit

J-U-B ENGINEERS Inc Boise Engineering The largest Idaho based civil engineering firm providing planning, design, construction management and related services.

Lee E. Cammack, Chuck A. Larson




Stein Distributing Co. Boise Wholesale Trade Catherine Stein, John A. Grizzaffi Wholesaler of beer, specialty malt beverages and non-alcoholic products; servicing over 30,000 sq miles in 10.5 counties with a population over 700,000.


Wright Brothers, The Building Company, Eagle LLC Eagle Construction Robert A. Wright, Joseph L. Rausch General construction and construction management company covering the western and mid-western states, including real estate development in the Treasure Valley.


Healthwise Boise Healthcare More than 1.8 billion times, people have turned to Healthwise information to help them make better health decisions and live happier lives.

Bob Kyte, Jim Giuffre‘


Contractors Northwest Inc. Coeur d’Alene Construction Providing general contracting, design-build, and construction management services throughout the Pacific Northwest for 41 years.

Jason Cates, Tom LaRiviere


AmeriBen/IEC Group Meridian Services T. Andrew (Andy) Fujimoto, Carrie Hatch Providing comprehensive services in Third Party Medical Claims Administration for self-funded and partially self-funded companies, Human Resource Management and Consulting, and Retirement Benefit Plan Administration.




Bateman-Hall, Inc. Idaho Falls Construction General contractor and construction management firm specializing in commercial buildings, public facilities, industrial buildings and warehouses for over 40 years.

Shay Moon, Mike Clements, Aaron Johnson


CM Company, Inc. Boise Construction Commercial general contractor/construction manager working primarily in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Trey Crookston, Anna Ellis


Ashley Manor LLC Meridian Healthcare Small, home-like assisted living homes specializing in Alzheimer’s and memory losscare, with a hospice affilliate.

Keith Fletcher, Dave Martin


Western Electronics LLC Meridian Manufacturing Contract electronics manufacturing services of printed circuit board assemblies, cables, and final assembly of electronic products.

Rob Subia, Brad Grover


SummerWinds Garden Centers, Inc. Boise Retail Trade Operating upscale retail nursery and garden centers with 12 locations in Arizona, California and Missouri.

Frank Benzing, Quinn Tremayne


D&D Transportation Services Inc. Gooding Transportation Provides nationwide transportation services of refrigerated and dry goods for food grade shippers.

Calvin Kuntz, Jennifer Graves


BPA Health, Inc. Boise Services D. Whitman Jones, Sarah J. Woodley BPA Health offers employer and community based behavorial health programs which make lives better, organizations more effective and communities stronger.


AIM International, Inc. dba The AIM Companies Nampa Network marketing company of whole food and nutritional supplements.


Eaglewood Homes Meridian Construction Abram Neider Building homes of tremoudous value and craftsmanship, making the building process easy for our homeowners-working hard to guarantee their long term happiness.


Valley Office Systems Boise Technology Authorized vendor for Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, HP, and Kyocera products. Critical focus for service, delivery, software and work flow solutions.


Fisher’s Technology Boise Technology Chris Taylor, Eric Strand, J.T. Jones Manages IT environments, sells and services copiers and printers and streamlines business operations with electronic document management solutions.


Pita Pit USA, Inc. Coeur d’Alene Restaurant Franchise Pita Pit USA is the holding company for the franchisor of Pita Pit quick-service restaurants in the U.S.- providing healthy food that’s fresh grilled and flavor filled.

Jack T. Riggs, Peter J. Riggs, D. Corey Bowman


Kount Boise Technology Provides an all in one Software as a Service platform to reduce fraudulent payments in the e-commerce industry.

Rich Stuppy, Jim Gasaway


The Caxton Printers Ltd. Caldwell Manufacturing/wholesale trade Commercial printing and packaging, book production, wholesale distribution of school supplies and curricular materials, trade book publishing.

Scott Gipson, Ron Gipson


Quest Groups Boise Human Capital Human capital investment firm focusing in the disruptive startup technology world connecting top companies with top talent.

Joe Kosakowski


Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate Boise Services-Real Estate/Property Mgmt We provide commercial real estate services to owners and businesses, managing over 5 million SF and list nearly 500 properties throughout Idaho.

Michael Ballantyne, Marc Stimpson


FAMCO (Fresh Air Manufacturing Co.) Meridian Manufacturing Manufacturer and distributor of quality ventilation and roofing products. Family owned and operated since 1989.

Martin Artis

Wholesale Trade

Dennis J. Itami, Ronald A. Wright

Tom Gwin, Howard Hansen Brent Kelly, Jeff Bennett


IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM • IDAHO STATESMAN GoGo squeeZ opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nampa to package its on-the-go, fruit applesauce pouches.

BVEP continued from P.18 reational vehicle manufacturing and selected Nampa for a new manufacturing facility for travel trailers. Sykes Enterprises has opened a customer support center on the Hewlett-Packard campus with an estimated employee base of 900. Gayle Manufacturing Company relocated its headquarters from Woodland, Calif., to Caldwell, along with the addition of a new steel fabrication facility.

STILL WETTING THE HOOK When you look at Idaho’s Growing Reputation, you see the accolades right and left, especially for the state’s capital — Top 10 Places to Live, Lowest Cost Metro in the Pacific U.S., America’s Fastest Growing Cities, job growth, housing, entrepreneurs and on it goes.

“When it comes to regions seeing an influx of people moving in, the Boise Metro has been among the top 10 metro regions for the past few years,” Krause said. “If you exclude the Florida cities that are seeing an influx of retirees, the Boise Metro was No. 6 for highest in-migration rates according to the Census Bureau in 2015 behind Austin, Charleston, Raleigh, San Antonio and Denver.” That is some healthy company to be in. “If you look across the country, you’d be hard pressed to find a mid-size city’s downtown like Boise

centers. Steed looks at each job singularly, and as an opportunity to bring rəˈlāSH(ə)nˌSHip/

PLANNING A FINANCIAL FUTURE your unique vision into reality. We do this all while maintaining our highest (Meridian, ID) October 30, 2016 – Over the past noun achieve the ultimate customer-contractor RELATION100 years, United Heritage Insurance has helped 1. the way are in whichstandards two orto more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the noun 1. the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people state of being connected. SHIP. And we don’t do this alone. We partner with creative and talented families and businesses plan for their financial future. 1. the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the connected, or the state of being connected. state of being connected. architects, engineers and subcontractors who assist us in bringing success Today with offices in Idaho, Oregon and California, We at Steed Construction know that without you, there to our clients, our company, and our community. These collaborations are the companies of United Heritage Financial Group would be no us. Our key focus for the past 28 years has been We at Steed Construction know without the foundations for the relationships that havethat spanned the 28 years we’ve you, serve residents across the nation. about BUILDING LASTING RELATIONSHIPS We at Steed Construction know that without you, been in business. United 28 Heritage Life Insurance Company, founded there would be no us. Our key focus for the past with owners, agents, architects and subcontractors. We invite you tofor call onthe us, andpast our team of28 trusted professionals, to in 1934, provides a portfolio of individual and group there would be no years us. Our key focus BUILDING Steed Construction has been building successful commercial has been experience about a true collaboration with the latest in Leed certified construc- life insurance and annuities and group disability insuryears hasIdaho, been BUILDING LASTING with owners, agents, construction projects through Utah, andabout the western United States RELATIONSHIPS tion, BIM design, and the ance in 38 states and the District of Columbia. since 1988. Locally owned and RELATIONSHIPS operated, we take pride in adding value with most innovative processes agents, LASTING owners, Founded in Canyon County in 1908, United architects and subcontractors. # to your complex, quality driven and time sensitive projects. Our diverse and materials available. Let’s Heritage Property & Casualty insures autos, homes, architects and subcontractors. portfolio reflects everything from remodels andSteed tenantConstruction improvements, has to beenlook forwardsuccessful to the possibilifarms and businesses in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and building commercial construction projects through Idaho, Utah, and large-scale hospitality, corporate headquarters, and warehouse distribution ties. TOGETHER. Utah. Steed Construction has been building successful commercial construction projects through Idaho, Utah, and


BVEP continues on P.24


STEED CONSTRUCTION, INC. re·la·tion·ship re·la·tion·ship

that has had such great long-term planning, connectivity, and still offers a family environment,” he said. If you’ve tried to maneuver around construction cones and lane restrictions in Boise lately, you can see that long-term planning everywhere you turn. Bridges are being rebuilt, hotels are sprouting up around Downtown, a transportation hub will soon be completed beneath the new, expanded convention center, and the J.R. Simplot Company is moving its

Sublimity Insurance Company, founded 1896, offers auto, home, farm and other personal lines insurance in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. Merced Property & Casualty Company, founded 1906, specializes in auto, homeowner and dwelling fire insurance serving the state of California. Today, these companies formed prior to and during the Great Depression have weathered economic turbulence well to meet the challenges of planning for a dynamic future.



the western United States since 1988. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in adding value to your

the western United States since 1988.complex, Locally owned operated, wesensitive take pride in adding to your quality and driven and time projects. Ourvalue diverse portfolio reflects everything from remodels and complex, quality driven and time sensitive Our diverse portfolio reflects everything fromheadquarters, remodels andand warehouse distribution centers. tenantprojects. improvements, to large-scale hospitality, corporate tenant improvements, to large-scale hospitality, headquarters, and as warehouse distribution centers. Steed lookscorporate at each job singularly, and an opportunity to bring your unique vision into reality. We do this all Steed looks at each job singularly, and as an opportunity bring your unique to vision into the reality. We do this all while maintaining ourtohighest standards achieve ultimate customer-contractor RELATIONSHIP. And while maintaining our highest standards achieve thealone. ultimate . And engineers and subcontractors who we to don’t do this Wecustomer-contractor partner with creativeRELATIONSHIP and talented architects, we don’t do this alone. We partner with creative talented architects, and subcontractors who assist us in and bringing success to our engineers clients, our company , and our community. These collaborations are assist us in bringing success to our clients , our company our community . These collaborations the foundations for the, and relationships that have spanned the 28 yearsare we’ve been in business. the foundations for the relationships that have spanned the 28 years we’ve been in business.

D ream Big. . Plan s ma rt

We invite you to call on us, and our team of trusted professionals, to experience a Choosing the right direction takes more than imagination. You need smart people on your dream team. We invite you to call on us, true and our team of trusted professionals, tocertified experience a collaboration with the latest in Leed construction, BIM design, and

For business and individuals, United Heritage Insurance provides a full-service network offering life insurance, true collaboration with the latest in Leed certified construction, BIM design, and the most innovative processes and materials available. Let’s look forward to the annuities, automobile, property and casualty, group life and disability income insurance. the most innovative processes and materials available.. Let’s look forward to the TOGETHER possibilities. We’ve been helping families live their dreams for nearly 100 years.

possibilities. TOGETHER.

Steed Construction 2725528-01

United Heritage 2718384-01


Life insurance and annuities offered through United Heritage Life Insurance Company. Automobile and Property & Casualty insurance offered through United Heritage Property & Casualty Company, Sublimity Insurance Company, and Merced Property & Casualty Company. Not all products available in all states.


WWW.STEEDCONSTRUCTION.COM | 800-657-6351 | Meridian, ID 0002725528-01





BVEP continued from P.23

Congratulations to the following Idaho Private 100 companies for their achievements:

ALBERTSONS COMPANIES HIGHEST REVENUE GROWTH Highest percentage revenue growth – year over year – in the top 100

headquarters to a new Downtown location along with a unique multi-use facility called JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place). It’s been years since the Boise skyline was without building cranes. The connectivity can be seen at the Boise Airport, which has added five new nonstop destinations in the past four years — San Diego, Chicago Midway, Reno, Houston and Dallas. And there is more to come. The airport has been ahead of this curve and is prepared to nearly double its capacity in the coming years. And nonstop flights to the East Coast are just a matter of time. Business travelers and convention-goers are all but ready. The family environment part almost goes without saying. Skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, good schools, affordability, low crime -- they all contribute to the reasons people and businesses want to come here that don’t show up on the spreadsheets. “When we have a client in for a first visit to our metro, there is not a day that goes by where they aren’t surprised and amazed about the vibrancy, people and lifestyle choices available here,” Krause said. “Anybody with an inkling of knowledge about the Boise Metro has heard nothing but positive things. Once they do know about Boise, they love it. We are

Where is Idaho’s new population coming from? 20% — California 10% — Oregon 13% — Washington 9% — Utah accessible and welcoming. And you can grow ideas, businesses and careers here.” The surprising part of all these accolades over the past decade is that there is still more potential for our growing reputation. That whole Iowa-Idaho thing is apparently still out there, despite those three Fiesta Bowl wins. “A lot of people just don’t know about the Boise Metro yet. Ninety-nine percent of the time, if people know about Boise, they have great things to say or impressions about it. That’s not the challenge,” Krause said. “The challenge is around the people who don’t know anything about us; they tend to be image neutral or only know about Idaho potatoes or the blue turf. Getting them here — to meet the people, be introduced to our innovative business leaders, explore our vibrant communities and accessible recreation — is the key to getting them to understand the full breadth of what our Metro offers and the amazing potential of this place.”

MCALVAIN GROUP OF COMPANIES MOVING ON UP Company that moved up the most spots from the previous year’s ranking in the top 100

STANDLEE FORAGE NEW TO THE CLUB Top-ranking newcomer – first time inclusion in the top 100

BPA Health 2718565-01 BPA Health is a Boise, Idaho based company with over 40 years of experience providing M E A S U R I N G R O I I N WAY S T H AT M AT T E R TO A L L O F U S

managed behavioral health services to more than 450 regional organizations including the State of Idaho. And we’re dedicated to helping people address the problems that adversely impact their job performance, health and wellbeing. Let us demonstrate how an effective Employee Assistance Program provides a strong return on your investment.


Idaho Private 100 is available online at:



Great Floors exhibits enduring reputation Northern Idaho-based company is a perennial winner BY DUSTY PARNELL While Great Floors struggled through the same issues other construction-related industries had to deal with during the economic downturn, the company stayed tough and came out of it with its reputation intact and just some scuff marks to show for it. Checking in at No. 40, this Coeur d’Alene-based company has always been a solid performer on the Idaho Private 75 list, ranging from the No. 29 position back in 2007 and 2008 to No. 46 in 2013. Talk about entrepreneurship. Just look at Great Floors’ origins back in 1971. Keith Chadderdon drove around Montana and Idaho peddling carpet from the back of his car. His first retail store opened in 1977 under the name The Carpet Center. Over the years, his son, Doug Chadderdon, expanded the company from North Idaho to Puget Sound. In 2000, the company acquired the 11 Carpet Exchange stores in Western Washington and then in 2005 added commercial sales and service teams in the Puget Sound and Eastern Washington. In 2005, all the units were brought under the Great Floors umbrella with the ownership group of Chadderdon, Jim McGee and Doug’s cousin Ken Chadderdon. The company’s corporate offices are still located just one block from that first meager showroom. New 40,000-square-foot stores replaced three of the smaller stores and, in 2007, the company built a granite fabrication plant in Post Falls. Today, that simple carpet retail store opened by Keith and Marge Chadderdon four decades ago now

“Our philosophy is simple. Treat every customer as you would treat your mother.” — Jim McGee, Great Floors CFO employs more than 450 people. “We built and opened a state-of-the art 27,000-square-foot store in Kennewick, Wash., in the past year and are in the process of completing 37 stories of floorcovering for the Amazon Tower in downtown Seattle — in addition to providing flooring on PHOTO BY DUSTY PARNELL several other multimillion-dollar projects,” said Jim Morris Weatherford is the manager of the Meridian store on Fairview Avenue just west of Eagle Road. McGee, the chief financial officer of Great Floors. “In 2016, we also entered the commercial furniture and related interior finishes market DBA Great Spaces, which we operate as a separate company under the same ownership. Our five-year target is for annual revenue of 30-40mm. That’s a ways out, but we believe this is realistic.” That’s a pretty healthy showing for an industry that was hit hard just a few years ago. “Those of us in the housing industry would agree that outlasting the great housing depression from 2008-2012 was by far the biggest challenge many of us have faced,” McGee said. “Those who survived made many cuts as a means of survival. In our case, we had large workforce reductions in both headcount


GREAT FLOORS continues on P.26

BPA HEALTH, INC. no large national corporation can. And our deeply held belief that behavioral health is a critical part of overall health motivates our professionals to deliver services with all they have to offer – in mind, body and spirit.





BPA Health is a Boise, Idaho behavioral health and managed services company that connects people to services to make individual lives better, organizations more effective and communities stronger. Working throughout the Northwest and nationally, BPA Health helps people address problems that adversely impact their personal relationships, job performance, health and overall wellbeing. Behavioral health is a matter of overall health, and our expert-designed behavioral health and managed services create efficiency and value that helps businesses improve operations and performance. Our company’s established regional roots allow us to understand communities and resources like

Industry-leading web-based anti-fraud solutions, proudly built Kountup USA from the ground right here in 2718595-01 Boise, Idaho.



J.R. SIMPLOT COMPANY The J.R. Simplot Company is proud to be one of Idaho’s largest privately held food and agribusiness companies. Our Idaho roots go back nearly a 100 years when company founder J.R. Simplot left home in 1923 at the age of 14 to start a one-man farming operation. Even then, J.R. Simplot embraced new ideas. J.R. founded the company in 1929 after winning a potato sorter from a business partner in a coin toss. Never one to back away from a challenge or an opportunity, J.R.’s vision set our company on a course grounded in innovation with a goal of always seeking out new ways of making food plentiful and accessible to everyone. J.R. pioneered advancements in food production – from perfecting the dehydration of onions and potatoes in World War II, to the development of the frozen french fry. J.R.’s innovative spirit continues today as we use the latest advancements in farming and food processing to bring quality food to millions of people. “Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life” is more than just our company mission, it’s at the heart of all that we do. Each of Simplot’s more than 10,000 employees share the same drive for innovation that touches every aspect of our Company. Today, our Company’s global reach spreads

across North America and to Mexico, China and Australia. Yet as a Company, we stay true to our farming and ranching roots and believe in taking care of the planet that takes care of us. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our company, driving us to work smarter and seek out new more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Our spirit of innovation, respect for resources, and passion for people combine to help create a brighter future. At Simplot we are dedicated to cultivating a world of possibilities. To find out more visit


Based in Coeur d’Alene, Great Floors has always been a solid performer on the IP100, even during the homebuilding downturn. This company comes in at No. 40 this year.

GREAT FLOORS continued from P.25


and in work hours for those still employed. These cuts were difficult, yet critical, to counter a 40 percent revenue decline over an 18-month period.” In business, there are always challenges. The successful companies, like Great Floors, always manage to come out the other side.

The newest challenges, he said, come in the area of health care, increasing federal and state regulations beyond Affordable Care Act compliance, exempt vs. nonexempt minimum wage employees pertaining to overtime, and employee vs. subcontractor interpretations and compliance. Such is the life of today’s business leaders. There are also the challenges within one’s own realm.

Cultivating more plentiful harvests. How do you feed more people with fewer resources? That’s quite a challenge. But we’re up to the task. We’re JR Simplot motivated to unearth new technologies and processes that help produce better, safer food, and result in faster, more 2718473-01 abundant harvests. We’re focused on Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life to help feed a growing world. And that makes a world of difference. Discover more at


© 2015 J.R. Simplot Company.


IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM • IDAHO STATESMAN “Specific to our industry is the change in product flooring mix, with a growing migration from soft surface (carpet) to resilient (tile, hardwood, and vinyl) flooring products, which have an average replacement cycle two times longer than carpet,” McGee said. But it seems pretty likely that for any company that can sell carpet out of the back of a car or can stay in the middle of the pack on the IP75 lists during all the ups and downs, odds look good. “It’s hard to bat nine for 10, but if you go six, or say seven for 10 over the long haul, you should be in the game,” McGee said. “Our success starts with our employees and the commitment to following our mission statement, followed by a loyal customer base and, lastly, having the discipline to make the right decisions when presented with an opportunity.”

These are the kind of companies that represent Idaho’s Growing Reputation. “Our business model has evolved to what we like to call a three-legged stool approach to our markets,” he said. “To the general consumer, we are viewed as the retailer who provides full service to their home-remodel project. But we can’t survive strictly on retail, which is one of our legs — and a key one at that. “So to balance out our stool, servicing the home builders is our second critical leg. The third and largest leg is the commercial market. This customer base includes businesses, schools, health care and government, as well as negotiated and hard-bid work through general contractors. We constantly focus on these legs and put our efforts where they are needed while trying to not miss opportunities on the other legs.”

FACTBOX Great Floors operates 17 stores in Idaho and Washington. It offers carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic and porcelain tile floors, stone and vinyl, as well as countertops and commercial flooring.

BLUE CROSS OF IDAHO As the oldest and largest health insurance company in the state, Blue Cross of Idaho is committed to a healthier Idaho. Since we began more than 70 years ago, we have provided our members the best value in health insurance, as well as the tools for maintaining and improving their health. As One mission: you the health insurance and healthcare industry continues to evolve, we remain focused on the mission of being the best choice for healthcare coverage while advocating for our members and giving them As the oldest and largest health insurance the best customer experience possible. company in the state, Blue Cross of Idaho Our long history is rooted in the heart of the is committed to a healthier Idaho. Since we great state of Idaho. Today, Blue Cross of Idaho began more than 70 years ago, we have Health Service Inc. is a tax-paying, not-for-profit mutual insurance company with more than 800,000 provided our members the best value in members enrolled in our medical and dental insur- health insurance, as well as the tools for ance programs. maintaining and improving their health. As We measure our success by making sure our the health insurance and healthcare industry members have access to quality healthcare while continues to evolve, we remain focused giving them financial peace of mind. We understand on the mission of being the best choice that a successful health plan helps keep healthcare for healthcare coverage while advocating costs down while giving members the tools and for our members and giving them the best access they need to take care of their health. customer experience possible. By improving health outcomes and reducing costs, we will fulfill our commitment to providing Our long history is rooted in the heart of the best value in health insurance.


the great state of Idaho. Today, Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service Inc. is a tax-paying, © 2016 by Blue Cross of Idaho, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association not-for-profit mutual insurance company with more than 800,000 members enrolled in our medical and dental insurance programs.

We measure our success by making sure our members have access to quality healthcare while giving them financial peace of mind. We understand that a successful health plan helps keep healthcare costs down while giving members the tools and access they need to take care of their health.

You have questions about health insurance? We have answers.

There are many reasons moreByIdahoans choose improving health outcomes and reducing Blue Cross of Idaho than any costs, otherwe health insurance will fulfill our commitment to providing the best value in health insurance. company: great plans, competitive prices, tools that empower you to know more, and local brokers to © 2016 by Blue Cross of Idaho, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association help you find the Blue Cross of Idaho plan that is right for you.

Blue Cross of Idaho 2718241-01

One mission: you 0002718241-01

© 2016 by Blue Cross of Idaho, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association



HOLMAN TRANSPORT SERVICES, INC. Bob Holman opened Holman Transportation Services, Inc. in January 1997. This coming year Bob and Sherry Holman will be celebrating their 20th year in business, the company is located in Caldwell, ID. We are a long haul refrigerated trucking company, providing service to 38 states. We have built our successful business by hard work and determination. We are a forward thinking company that is concerned with our environment. We’re a US EPA SmartWay carrier that takes great pride in being environmentally responsible. We were one of the first carriers that equipped our trailers with side skirts and trailer tails to help conserve fuel. All of our equipment is the latest state of the art, fully equipped trucks and trailers. We value and greatly appreciate our drivers, providing them with top pay in the industry along with great benefits and all the comforts affordable. Our drivers take great pride in their job, our company and their equipment. We have been hauling for many local, very well known, large frozen food companies since day one. We have a strong, solid reputation as a well run fleet that delivers on time and has beautiful equipment. A substantial amount of our employees have been with us for many years. We currently employ approx 225 people, all with full benefits and no one is paid under $15.00

WE ARE GROWING, COME GROW Best WITH US Pass • 38 State Fleet .42¢ Per Mile To Start with yearly increases

• Huge Quarterly Fuel Bonus Up To .08¢ Per Mile • Detention Pay Enforced

• Western & Eastern Fleets Available

Primary Health sees robust growth Medical Group enters list at No. 66 BY DUSTY PARNELL The independent Primary Health Medical Group (PHMG) has entered the Top 100 list this year for the first time, and it has a healthy future in front of it. “In the last five years, PHMG has built five new clinics, increased patient visits by over 100,000, doubled gross revenue, hired over 30 providers, and now has over 400 employees,” said David Peterman, pediatrician and president of this blossoming medical organization. “Even during the Great Recession, PHMG was able to continue to expand business, avoid layoffs and contribute to economic recovery.” At the moment, Primary Health Medical Group has 17 clinics and 77 providers who see 350,000 patient visits a year across the Treasure Valley, including two clinics in Nampa and one each in Caldwell and Eagle. It has two clinics within a mile of Boise State University, one on Myrtle Street and one on Broadway Avenue.



What this company has been doing the past year or two is equivalent to a good cardio workout. In October 2015, it opened a clinic at Orchard and Overland roads. In February 2016, another one opened near Chinden Boulevard and Linder Road in Meridian. This is the largest clinic it has built in the past six years, with 11 exam rooms, an X-ray suite, trauma room, lab and procedure room. In May 2016, it opened its 17th clinic in Garden City near the Fred Meyer store on Chinden Boulevard, and it expanded its Broadway location into the second floor of the building it occupies and added another doctor. Later this year, PHMG will open a new facility at Meridian Road and Cherry Lane to replace its first clinic on East Fairview Avenue, which had been at that location for 23 years. Since that facility opened its doors in 1993, its original exam rooms have easily outgrown the demand. “Over the last two years, we have had over 20 per-




Freight = Miles


WE OFFER • Blue Cross of Idaho Health

Insurance, Dental, Vision, Holman Transportation Life Insurance all paid 2719792-01 in full for driver


• 579 Pete’s and 670 Volvo’s • 13 Speed and Automatics • Flat Screen TV, Sirius-XM Radio, Webasco Heaters, APU Units, Refrigerators, Fully Loaded with All Options

• Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah hiring area • Lots of freight with great customers, no sitting time


• All Picks & Drops Paid at $25.00 Each

per hour at our organization. Holman Transportation Services, Inc. is a wonderful asset to Idaho and prides itself as a great place to work.

• Very professional, quality office and shop


Family Owned and Operated

1010 HOLMAN CT. CALDWELL, ID 83605 | PHONE: 208-454-0779 | TOLL FREE: 800-375-2416





Primary Health Group is ever-growing with 17 clinics now across the Treasure Valley. Now with 350,000 patient visits a year, Primary Health enters the IP100 list for the first time at No. 66. cent growth in patient visits, opened three new clinics and hired 25 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants,” Peterman said. “We have been recognized by a national insurance company as having achieved the highest performance of a medical group in Idaho for patient quality measurements and in the highest tier nationally.” While the state’s health news often seems to be dominated by the latest battlefronts and growth issues of the two regional medical centers, Primary Health Medical Group just keeps its steady beat of doing what it does best — offer easy-access health options in com-

munity settings. “We are Idaho’s largest independent medical group,” Peterman said. “We are a doctor-run company whose top priority is to provide the highest quality care to our patients. We work with all the hospitals and every network in our region.” Most of the clinics offer walk-in urgent care and appointment-based family medicine. The group has physicians in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, sports medicine, dermatology, occupational medicine

PRIMARY HEALTH continues on P.30

LITEHOUSE INC. Litehouse Foods, Inc. is an award-winning leader innovator in refrigerated salad dressings, dips, cheese and herbs, employing 650 people throughout the nation. The Litehouse brand founded by the Hawkins brothers Doug & Edward, began in Hope, Idaho as a family owned restaurant over 50 years ago. Patrons loved the blue cheese dressing, and would come in with empty jars to get them filled.  Since that time, it has become the leader in refrigerated salad dressings, veggie dips, sauces, instantly fresh herbs, blue cheese, caramel dips, fruit dips, glazes and fresh pressed apple cider, manufacturing these delicious products at its three U.S. facilities based in Michigan, Utah and Idaho.  The success of the Litehouse brand and the move to a 100 percent employee-owned company is a strong reflection of our founders Guiding Principles: Faith, Stewardship, Integrity, Commitment to Excellence and Accountability, which continue to guide us today. Our goal is to make delicious, high quality products – we are families making food for families! Our mission is:  1) engage proud & passionate employee owners dedicated to building a family of Litehouse brands & products, 2) preserve our long standing tradition of unsurpassed customer service, 3) create & deliver products to our customers that enhance the consumer’s eating experience and 4) build a company that will prosper and inspire future generations.

Litehouse Foods 2718340-01





THE CAXTON PRINTERS LTD. For more than a century The Caxton Printers Ltd. has served the business and educational markets in Idaho and the region. Founded as the Gem State Rural publishing company in 1896 by A.E. Gipson, today Caxton provides a wide array of services through its commercial printing, publishing and school products divisions. Caxton’s printing division utilizes a mix of cutting edge digital production capabilities and traditional offset print technologies to provide our valued customers with a wide range of options for quality, long and short run, full-color, print, packaging, and publication manufacturing. Caxton has served as the Idaho State Textbook depository since 1937 and continues to serve the public and private schools of the state of Idaho through the sale and distribution of K-12 curricular materials and school and office supplies. Caxton Press is among the oldest independent publishing companies in the West. With over 150 titles in print, Caxton Press focuses on the publication of quality, regional, non-fiction, on topics dealing with the history, people and places of the western United States. For six generations the Gipson family has been proud of its employees and customers and of its place in the economy of Idaho. A continued focus

PRIMARY HEALTH continued from P.29 on consistent quality in service, production and customer service remains the focus of Caxton and its current employees and will continue to remain the focus of their efforts in the future.

and ear, nose and throat. And unlike the traditional model, providers can work together to address acute and chronic care needs, he said. It’s a model that has existed in its current form since 2005. “We are known for having accessible primary care clinics with multiple locations and extended hours that offer affordable, high-quality care,” Peterman said. “Our clinics are based on a combination clinic model that offers both urgent care and family practice at the same site. “If a patient chooses us for urgent care and doesn’t have a family doctor, we are able to refer them to our family medicine and specialty practices. If a patient already has a primary care physician, we can see them without an appointment in urgent care and refer them back to their own doctor. Every year, more and more patients are experiencing the benefits of having virtually all their health care needs met under one roof and the ability to be seen seven days a week without an appointment.” This approach, along with convenient extended hours, is attractive to today’s busy individuals and families. “Our patient growth is driven by quality care in highly visible locations with easy access, and compre-


hensive, affordable care offered by our urgent care providers, family physicians and specialists,” Peterman said. “The staff and the doctors at Primary Health Medical Group understand the importance of meeting all the patient needs and helping them to navigate the complicated health care system.” Along with the area’s increasing population, the Affordable Care Act has also grown the numbers of patients who now have expanded opportunities for insurance. “The ACA emphasizes the need to provide patientcentered care that establishes a medical home for every patient,” he said. Providing primary care in neighborhood settings is what makes the name Primary Health Medical Group make so much sense. “We have built systems to assure the patient gets quality care which also coordinates the care with the health care system to assure the patient gets the right care in the right place.” And Peterman promises that the number of those places will continue to grow and continue to offer both urgent care and family practice together, as well as finding the right solutions for each patient. “We will work with area hospitals, networks and insurance companies to improve the coordination care,” he said. “We will always emphasize the importance of giving quality care.”

- Serving Idaho For Over 100 Years -

Caxton Printers 2718642-01






(208) 459-7421




2016 Idaho Private 100 Statistics • 53 of 100 or 53% are family owned • C  ompany Structure 48% – S Corps 25% – C Corps 20% – Partnerships 7% – Other

• A  ge of Companies 5 are over 100 years 23 are 51 to 100 years 44 are 26 to 50 years 25 are 11 to 25 years 3 are 10 years or less

• M  ore than 50% of the companies experienced year over year revenue growth INFORMATION PROVIDED BY KPMG

To be ranked among the top, we’re all grins. Congratulations to all of the honorees in Idaho’s Private 100! Delta Dental of Idaho is proud to be among Idaho’s top privately held companies, and the state’s leading dental benefits provider. We’re also big on leading programs that benefit the health of our communities. Case in point — the Grins on the Go program, which provides free dental sealants to students across the gem state. According to the Pew Charitable Trusts’ children’s dental campaign report, Idaho received an A grade when it comes to school-based dental sealant programs (only 1 in 5 states to receive such an honor!). The report shows progress from 2012 where Idaho climbed from a B grade to an A grade in just two years. The improvement is attributed to the effectiveness of sealant programs serving highneed schools throughout the state. Dental sealants help protect teeth from decay, one of the most common health conditions among children. Delta Dental of Idaho’s Grins on the Go mobile dental clinic teams visit more than 120 elementary and middle schools annually, many of them in rural communities. Last year, the Grins on the Go program served a record high of nearly 7,500 students. Since 2007, the program has seen over 40,000 Idaho kids, partnering with schools

where more than 50% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. Dental Dental of Idaho is honored to serve people of all ages and needs throughout the gem state. We are a local, not-for-profit organization fueled by the passion of advancing the dental health (and overall health) of our communities through our outreach programs.


There’s an even stronger connection between profits and smiles.

Delta Dental A healthy bottom-line is attributable to healthy, happy smiles. More than 72 million Americans 2718288-01 report that they’ve missed work due to a dental related illness.* Dental disease is preventable, and employees who regularly visit their dentist are happier and more productive. Plans for businesses of any size at


POWER 0002718288-01

*2016 Delta Dental Plans Association National Adult’s Oral Health Survey



GREAT FLOORS For over 40 years, Great Floors has been serving the flooring needs of Idaho businesses and families. From humble beginnings in Coeur d’Alene, the company has grown to 19 Northwest locations including the Treasure Valley showroom on Fairview Avenue in Meridian. The company¹s success has been based on a three-prong approach of servicing three distinct markets, ­residential, commercial and builder, according to President and CEO Doug Chadderdon. “We have team members at each of our locations who specialize in dealing with specific customers including multifamily and insurance restoration clients. Our retail team is most visible to the public with our builder and commercial associates often away on job sites or working with installers to get the flooring down,” the Idaho native stated. The company’s Meridian Showroom is located at 2855 East Fairview Avenue, just west on Eagle Road. Under the direction of Manager Morris Weatherford, the Treasure Valley location offers a full range of flooring options for the region’s homeowners, from today’s eco-friendly, super-soft carpets to American-milled hardwood and next generation laminates to exotics such as cork, rubber and natural linoleums.

QUEST GROUPS As my dad used to say, “if your house has a floor, we’ve got you covered,” Chadderdon says.


Quest Groups was founded in 2001 by Joe Kosakowski, establishing its recruiting roots in the Silicon Valley Tech industry. The original headquarters was in Eagle, ID employing two people. In the past 15 years we have grown to over 50 employees and relocated to downtown Boise, ID. We promote from within; we have nine team managers and five employees are now partners in the firm. We have expanded the industries we recruit in along with the locations. We currently service NY, Texas, and the SF Bay Area. We are always constantly developing new markets to expand our reach. Our verticals consist of: Technology, Marketing & Product, Sales, Business, Finance/Accounting. Quest Groups is a human capital investment firm connecting hand-selected talent with emerging companies. We focus on finding the best talent to scale startups at a rapid rate. We work with top companies/startups as well as elite talent in the nation. Quest Groups takes time to make the best match and align; skills, vision, growth, and culture. We work as a team to ensure the success of all parties. We build long lasting partnerships with the clients and candidates we work with. Our teams consist of top recruiters trained in their specific vertical and location. Quest Groups has a total of nine teams that work collaboratively to share


information making it efficient and effective for all parties. We have deep industry knowledge and great relationships which allows us to recruit in many market conditions. Here at Quest Groups we have fostered a culture of “work hard and be rewarded.” Our office is an energetic environment where we encourage personal and professional growth. We teach our recruiters to put others first and are excited to take on this ever changing market.


, Scaling tech companies our employees lives. careers, while changing

Quest Groups, LLC 2718624-01 0002718624-01

In business for 15 years with deep roots in Silicon Valley and New York venture capital funded startups in Tech market. Working with the top talent & the top emerging companies in the nation Scaling startups with human capital. We believe in our employees and they makes us one of the best places to work. 755 W. Front St • Fostering endless personal and professional growth from the start for all employees. Boise, ID 83703 208.388.3534 • Creating a team competitive environment, everyone succeeds.



Idaho’s Garden of Eden is forage

Standlee Hay Company — highest-ranked newcomer to Idaho Private 100 BY DUSTY PARNELL When a company enters the Idaho Private 100 (IP100) list for the first time at No. 52, it ain’t hay. Except, in this case, it really is. Nearly 34 years ago, Mike and Whendy Standlee founded the Standlee Hay Company in the small farming community of Eden, Idaho. They shipped high-quality hay to East Coast thoroughbred racing and training facilities and farms. Since that time, the company has expanded to more than 4,000 retail outlets across the country. “The company was started in 1983,” said Dusty Standlee, who took over the reins in 2015. “My father started the company with $900, a hay truck, hard work, and a lot of vision. He bought his first farm in

the early ‘90s, which was 240 acres.” Today, the company farms and harvests more than 30,000 acres and supplies forage to retail farms and ranches around the U.S., as well as Asian and Middle Eastern customers. “We started by shipping bales and bags into retail to grow the business and take care of a need for forage that was not in the marketplace,” he said. “There is a lot of variation in forage. It was relatively


Our highest-ranked newcomer to the IP100 list represents our agricultural industry and the fact that Idaho ranks fourth in the country in alfalfa. Founded nearly 34 years ago in Eden, Idaho, the Standlee Hay Company (Standlee Forage) stands firm at No. 52. easy to supply consistent product on a smaller scale. Now we have to group up stacks of forage across our farms and the many other Idaho hay growers we purchase from in order to supply a consistent product 365 days a year. Our internal

process has evolved from myself looking at each stack or sample into many team members putting the right products to the right consumers.

STANDLEE continues on P.34


Coeur d’Alene Casino

The Terraces

WSU Martin Stadium

Jefferson Middle School


For Every GreatFlooring FloorsNeed There is a Great Floors Solution. At Great2718432-01 Floors we take pride in offering top quality products, hassle-free installation and a knowledgeable team of floor covering experts for many of the top projects in the Northwest including the Stueckle Sky Center at Bronco Stadium. We invite you to visit our Treasure Valley showroom to learn how you can benefit by adding Great Floors to your development team.

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“Nor do we just have bags and bales anymore. We have many types, packages and qualities that play into the equation, with many more to come in the future.” Standlee Premium Western Forage products have an excellent reputation in the equine landscape. The company has also established a growing reputation in bedding products, including other livestock categories like chickens, goats and small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Recent equine and poultry bedding products include Horse Fresh and Flock Fresh, which contain zeolite, a volcanic rock product that helps reduce odor and moisture. That’s another benefit of the mineral-rich volcanic soils of southern Idaho, where on-demand irrigation and long, dry summer nights can give you some of the best growing conditions you could ask for when it comes to the highly nutritional forage upon which the company has built its reputation. “Idaho ranks 4th in the U.S. in the production of alfalfa hay,” said Jay Shansby, the general manager of marketing with Standlee Hay Company. “While dairy expansion has accounted for some of the growth of hay, Standlee’s high-quality products and

MAKES A DIFFERENCE. THESE ARE THE FACES OF FISHER’S. Our employees are the amazing people behind our exceptional customer experiences.

“Just like Idaho potatoes relate to our state, we really believe Idaho alfalfa and other forages are unique to the state.” — Dusty Standlee, CEO & President of Standlee Hay Company demand for such products outside of Idaho has also stimulated growth. Furthermore, Idaho is ideal for growing Timothy and Orchard Grass hays, which are preferred by equine athletes and their owners.” Of course, there’s a lot more to this company’s growing reputation than just darn good hay, the right weather and an efficient hay baler. “The livestock feed market, like any other, is an ever-changing and dynamic market,” Shansby said. “Standlee sees new competitors and products in the domestic and international market every month.” To that end, Standlee Hay Company continues to explore better forage products and solutions for its customers. “Education and research will continue to be a focus to spearhead the benefits of feeding the best


Fishers Technology This award is because 2718574-01

The team at Fisher’s has built something special—a group of highly talented Idahoans not only focused on implementing and supporting office technology, but also on supporting one another in a culture that is high energy and extremely fun. Fisher’s constant drive to always improve our client experience is engrained in us. Our best days and our worst days hang on the experiences we deliver to our clients. Some accolades to let us know that our efforts are working include:

of them.


• 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 Best Places to Work in Idaho • 2015 Innovative Company of the Year Finalist, Idaho Innovation Awards • 2015 Innovator of the Year Finalist, Idaho Innovation Awards • 2014 U.S. Chamber Top 100 Small Business of the Year • 2013 Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year • 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009 Inc. Magazine Inc 500/5000 Award



IT Services, Copiers & Printers, Electronic Document Solutions


production print, wide format, output management) Managed Content Services (electronic document management, workflow, capture) Managed Health Information (HIPAA compliancy consulting, PHI security, EMR integration) With four locations throughout Idaho, Fisher’s number one priority is to fill those offices with amazing, client-centric technologists. And technologists with personality. With an 80-year history of providing Idaho with office technology (starting with Underwood typewriters), we could not be prouder to be recognized alongside such amazing Idaho companies. Thank you Idaho!

And now we are in the Idaho Private 100!


We focus on providing Idaho companies with technology, expertise and services in the following areas: Managed IT Services (IT infrastructure, cloud services, telephony, desktop support) Managed Print Services (copiers, printers,



IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM • IDAHO STATESMAN forage available,” he said. Horse Fresh and Flock Fresh are two recent examples of that. In addition, nutritionist Dr. Stephen Duren has helped to develop tools on the website to assist consumers on making the right feeding choices for their animals and pets. “Our consumers want the best for their animals, and we have to continue with new products and innovation to service their needs,” Standlee said. “Our brand is positioned in every state across the nation. Now we have to expand on that and make sure consumers know they are feeding a premium safe feed to their beloved animals.” Any rural-raised kid who spent a summer bucking hay knows this kind of work can be hard and can take a lot of sun-up to sun-down dedication to become successful, even with the help of technology to manage the diverse range of crops and products, as well as the supply chain that reaches around the world. “Standlee’s biggest challenges include distribution and education,” Shansby said. “It isn’t easy to economically ship a 40-pound bag up to a 1-ton bale of forage around the U.S. and the globe, but they have figured it out.” “The pace at which business moves is incredible,” Standlee said. “Making sure that we take advantage of the right opportunities is important.

The more you grow, the more opportunities (good and bad) that come your way. How we deal with peaks and valleys in agriculture is important. Hay has not changed much through the years, but it will be rewarding to see how we can change the forage industry — better products, new products, convenience, etc.” Like any successful business, Standlee has to credit his family and the teamwork of his employees. “My family — all of them — have showed support and taught me every day how to be better,” Standlee said. “And our employees. We really have the best team there is. They get a lot of credit for what we have done and where we are going in the future.” With three generations of experience, more than 300 employees and a worldwide reputation, Standlee Hay Company promises to grow even bigger, and it clearly represents what makes Idaho such a strong agricultural state. “We started our journey in farm and ranch stores with a plain bag, with very limited marketing plans, and have now developed into a recognized feed and forage brand across the nation,” Standlee said. “We grow, harvest and ship the best forage in the world, and that is something we are all very proud of.”

WRIGHT BROTHERS, THE BUILDING COMPANY, EAGLE LLC The Building Company is excited to be part of the Idaho Private 100. Wright Brothers was founded in 1956 when brothers Lawrence and Damian Wright started the company in southeast Idaho. Focusing on commercial as well as residential projects, Wright Brothers built a quality reputation, set high standards, and had an honest approach to construction. Following their success, the company soon expanded their services across the state of Idaho. The company became Wright Brothers, The Building Company in 1986 by incorporating with the current owners. Today, Wright Brothers is a three-generational company that continues to build for future generations across 12 states. As a full-service contractor, we have the ability to contract for a wide range of job types and sizes including Design-Build and Construction Management. We pride ourselves in setting new standards in the construction industry. Our commitment is to provide a high-quality product within the time frame and budget established. This commitment has contributed to an excellent success rate in meeting project goals. We are hard workers building relationships and communities for a lasting future and are genuinely inspired to create high-performance, high-quality buildings. Also selected as a 2016 Top General Contractor by the Idaho Business Review,

our commercial portfolio most recently includes projects for: Holiday Inn Express, St. Ignatius Catholic School, Mountain West Bank, the YMCA, Rhodes Skate Park, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Verizon Wireless, Boise Downtown Streetscapes, The Springs Apartments in McCall, The Tilted Kilt restaurant in Boston, Novitas Academy, Bruneel Point S Tire & Auto, Wells Fargo, The Vineyard at Eagle apartments, Trailers Plus in Texas, and the Eagle Storage Condos.  




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The acquisition of Safeway keeps Albertsons high atop the standings again this year as the country’s second largest grocer. The company recently announced an expansion of its Boise headquarters with 300 new jobs, thanks, in part, to the state’s Tax Reimbursement Incentive program.

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and almost 129,000 square feet of paving. For its work, McAlvain was a recipient of a 2016 Excellence in Concrete Award from the American Concrete Institute Intermountain Chapter.

A CLOSER LOOK The J.R. Simplot Company and WinCo are always an important part of Idaho’s Growing Reputation. Simplot is also building a new beef processing plant near Kuna that will add up to 600 new jobs. And WinCo, one year away from its 50th anniversary, is the seventh largest employee-owned company in the country. The grocery chain has 110 stores in seven Western states plus Texas, and more are on the way. Both of these companies are pretty firmly established near the top of the list year after year. Albertsons sits atop the list again this year, thanks to some serious growth and acquisition moves (Safeway) that now makes it the second largest grocer in the U.S. with 18 banners in 35 states. In 2016, the company has added 29 Haggen stores in Washington and Oregon, as well as rebranding four Paul’s Markets with the Albertsons name in the Idaho market. The company’s goal is for continued growth and to open about two dozen new stores a year. In addition, Albertsons recently announced the expansion of its Boise headquarters with 300 new jobs as part of the state’s TRI (tax reimbursement incentive) program. The company is keeping up techwise, too, with a new shopping app with coupons and personalized deals.

“One of the most important things for people to know is that in Idaho, you’re usually no more than one or two people away from the great business partners you need.” — John Williamson, KeyBank Otherwise, the Top 15 looks roughly the same. Although it is never completely boring. Changes do take place once in awhile. Boise Cascade and BMC are both former companies in the Top 10 that are no longer there after changes. Woodgrain Millwork remains strongly entrenched but has not seen the Top 10 recently due to the increased competition and expansion from all sides and in all sectors of the business community. There are three auto retailers in the Top 20, with both Kendall Dealership and Dave Smith Motors in the Top 10. When Albertsons moved back to Idaho, it immediately jumped into the No. 1 spot. The company still anticipates going public when the time seems right, and that would make some room at the top of the list if and when that happens.

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IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM • IDAHO STATESMAN TECHNOLOGY “The ability to leverage technology and social media continues to impact the business community,” Hayhurst said. “For smaller companies, it enhances the ability for them to be global in reach and, in essence, the world continues to get smaller and closer to their virtual doorstep.” You can see that everywhere, from business software advances to online convenience through payment solutions and phone apps. There are six companies on the IP100 that are listed in the technology industry, and that doesn’t count the companies involved with tech sales or manufacturing.

“Technology, and the application of technology, will help us make advances in our core industries,” Williamson said. He also says Idaho’s technology sector should not be overlooked. It is playing an ever-growing role in the state’s business profile. “Growth in the technology sector presents a substantial opportunity for our state,” he said. “While Idaho has been strong in agriculture, energy and natural resources for many years, I am particularly optimistic to see the number of technology companies that call Idaho home growing so

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GLANCING AT THE NUMBERS • Out of the 75 companies on last year’s list, 31 of them showed upward movement, and 13 of them stayed in the same position. That is just slightly above the past couple of years. More than half of the companies experienced year over year revenue growth. • Family-owned businesses make up more than half of the companies on this year’s list — 53 of 100. Even with the expansion of the list from 75 to 100, that number is almost identical. • Five of the companies are centenarians, while only three are less than 10 years old. Seventy-two percent of the companies are at least 26 years old. Nearly half are S corporations. A fourth of the companies are C corporations.

REGENCE BLUE SHIELD OF IDAHO If it’s true that we’re all “known by the company we keep,” we at Regence couldn’t be happier or more honored to once again appear in this eagerly awaited annual publication alongside so many other extraordinary privately held Idaho companies. Like our peers here, we’re proud of our Idaho roots, our employees, and the great people and companies we’re fortunate enough to be able to call customers. A LEGACY OF SERVICE We trace our beginnings to 1946, when a couple dozen Lewiston-area physicians came together to pool their personal resources to create a prepaid medical service plan to meet the needs of their neighbors. From that north Idaho base, where our headquarters remain today, we’ve grown to serve all of Idaho. That service begins with innovative health and wellness solutions but also includes an unshakeable commitment to be the best corporate neighbor we can be. We’re proud of our employees who give so tirelessly of their time and means – and add to that with our corporate support of causes from border to border. A COMMITMENT TO INNOVATE Though most will probably think of our state’s

universities and strong high-tech companies when they think of innovation, we believe the case can be made for including Regence BlueShield on any Idaho innovators list. For instance, it was a team within Regence that developed the first health care shopping tool back in 2008. It was Regence that introduced the state’s first and most comprehensive palliative care benefit for those dealing with serious illnesses. And it is Regence that is working with hospitals, doctors and allied health providers to roll out forward-looking new agreements that are advancing every patient’s desire for better care outcomes, higher satisfaction and better-managed costs. TO 2017 AND BEYOND Considering our strong made-in-Idaho foundation and our proven ability to innovate, we’re excited about what the future holds. And again, we’re deeply honored to be counted among this state’s top 100 private companies.


YOUR PARTNER IN HEALTH FOR 70 YEARS. For 70 years, Regence BlueShield of Idaho has helped businesses and consumers navigate the ever-changing health care environment. We’re still leading the way in making the health care system more accessible, sustainable and affordable.

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BRIGHTON CORPORATION Brighton Corporation is honored to be part of the Idaho Private 100. Brighton began in 1968 as a small group of entrepreneurs developing residential neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho. Today, Brighton has matured into a team of professionals with expertise in every area of real estate development and construction, including residential, homebuilding, office, retail, and industrial properties. Over the last 48 years, we’ve focused our energies on one thing: Creating places of long-term value for our customers. This is why, from the earliest stages, we design and manage our projects to become attractive integral parts of the communities – and to remain so for decades. Brighton’s portfolio of residential communities and commercial properties are recognized among the finest in the region. These projects include office, retail and industrial properties, as well as mixed-use communities, residential neighborhoods and homebuilding operations throughout the Treasure Valley. Brighton’s current residential communities include: Paramount, Ashbury, Bainbridge, Century Farm, Homestead, Mill District Square at Harris Ranch, Park Place at Barber Station, River Heights at Barber Valley, SpurWing Greens, Syringa, and Tuscany.

INTRO continued from P.37 Brighton’s current commercial properties and portfolio include: Arboretum at Barber Station, Barber Station, Boise Research Center, C.W. Moore Plaza, Idaho Independent Bank Building, Karcher Crossing, Paramount Marketplace, Paramount Square, Ten Mile Creek, Ten Mile Crossing, Ustick Marketplace, Veranda Senior Living, and Victory Business Center.


rapidly. These companies are helping to bring not only new industry to our state, but new ways of doing business and developing traditional industries that have been the mainstay for decades. “Many technology leaders are very active in the global economy, and attracting more of these businesses to Idaho will also help increase the reach of local businesses around the world,” he said. Williamson also cites Idaho as continuing to gain in popularity as a destination for entrepreneurs of all types who can find the type of business resources and lifestyle opportunities that create a balance that is so attractive these days. OTHER RESOURCES There is little shake-up on the list this year, and many companies have taken advantage of the economy’s forward movement to expand their reach. Along with a growing reputation, it also indicates a growing confidence. “The list overall signifies strength in our area,” Hayhurst said. “Companies are moving forward with their business strategies, utilizing technology and R&D to move the bar. Additionally, we are see-

ing an intersection between some of the industries, which leads to new opportunities across the board. At the same time, our universities are beginning to rethink their role in that pipeline and how they can develop innovators for Idaho companies.” “I am impressed at the way our local colleges and universities have risen to the challenge of providing the skilled workforce needed to support our growing economy,” Williamson said. “A great example is the expansion of the Boise State Computer Sciences program, which moved off campus and into the private sector in the new Clearwater building — essentially, putting educational resources where businesses are. This illustrates a great opportunity for higher education to position emerging talent with top companies, and in so doing, support sustained growth of Idahobased companies. I hope we continue to see more of these innovative programs, partnerships and solutions.” “Having a highly talented and motivated workforce is key in any market,” Hayhurst said. “However, Idaho has an attraction which is hard to come by in many areas — comfortable lifestyle, strong family values and ready access to recreation and a community that cares. People are placing more and more value on these attributes.”

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IDAHOSTATESMAN.COM • IDAHO STATESMAN “What strikes me most about the ongoing attention is the sheer number of awards and accolades both Boise and the entire state of Idaho are receiving,” Williamson said. “Being named to lists like “Best City to Find a Job,” “Top States for Job Growth” and “Best Cities for Millennial Startups” shows the vibrancy of our economy, job market and overall business environment.” THE WAY FORWARD It is easy to note that we should continue to keep our eye on the technology sector and how technology is being used across the board. We can also expect to see more results from the partnerships between business, government and education. At some point, downtown Boise will settle into some relative form of stasis once the current projects get their final touches. At least until the next wave. Although not an Idaho-based company, Holland & Hart Partner Brian Hansen gives a shoutout to the Gardner Company that has played such an impactful role in the community with its many investments and invaluable local partnerships. “In the past three years, they’ve completely revamped the Boise downtown core with added office space, the soon-to-be-open transit center and the addition to the Boise Centre.”

Williamson suggests watching Small Mine Development (No. 37). “Small Mine is a Boise-based company that provides underground, hard rock excavation and removal for mining projects in the Western United States,” he said. “They’ve created a new and specialized way to support our traditional mining industry, and their success and growth have placed them on the list year after year.” Williamson is also optimistic about Idaho’s future, both in terms of business growth and overall desirability as a place to live. He identifies three priorities for continued growth and business opportunity: — Continue to modernize and develop our traditional industries while inviting new ones to our state. — A bigger and improved airport. — Continued partnership between business and higher education, such as Boise State University, Idaho Technology Council and the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP). “These kinds of partnerships between business and education will be necessary for continued growth and development of our local workforce,” he said.

IDAHO ACCOLADES — N o. 1 Lowest Cost Metro in Pacific U.S. (Treasure Valley or Boise area) — KPMG COMPETITIVE ALTERNATIVES APRIL 2016 — No. 3 Best City to Find a Job This Spring 2016 (Boise) — BUSINESS INSIDER MARCH 2016 — No. 6 Best Place to Live (Boise) — U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT MARCH 2016 “Idaho’s capital city sits squarely on the boundary of urban and rural, civilized and wild, refined and raw. Yes, there are wilder places. Yes, there are more urbane places. But Boise is a good place to live if you enjoy easy access to both.” — Top 10 Best Places to Live 2016 “The Revamped Rocky Mountain City” (Boise) — MEN’S JOURNAL MARCH 2016 — No. 6 Best Downtown (Boise) — LIVABILITY MARCH 2016 — Hot Cities for Cool Downtown Meetings (Boise) — SMART MEETINGS FEB. 2016 — No. 6 Best State Capital — WALLETHUB.COM FEB. 2016 — Top 5 Best Cities for Millennial Startups (Boise) — TECHCO FEB. 2016 — Top 10 Hottest Housing Markets of 2016 — ZILLOW JAN. 2016 — No. 6 Top State for Job Growth — FORBES JAN. 2016 — No. 1 Most Caring City in America (Boise) — WALLETHUB DEC. 2015 — No. 2 State for Volunteerism — CORPORATION FOR NATIONAL & COMMUNITY SERVICE DEC. 2015 — No. 2 Most Artistic Mid-Sized City in America (Boise) — GOGOBOT NOV. 2015 — No. 1 Best City to Live In (Meridian) — 24/7 WALL ST. NOV. 2015 — Top 10 Best Air Quality (Boise/Nampa) — REALTOR.COM OCT. 2015 ALSO in the past couple of years: Best Town for College Football, Best City for Millennial Entrepreneurs, Best Corn Maze, State with Fastest Job Growth, Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs, Top Up-And-Coming Cities for Recent College Grads, Best City for Freelancers, Best Place to Save Money


Develop and implement a strategic growth plan By John Williamson Idaho business leaders have taken great strides over the last few years in managing expenses, investing in new technology and increasing cash flow. As a result, many local businesses are now in a position to grow. If you’re thinking about the next stage in your company’s evolution, focus on these five core value drivers of a business: expansion, technology, risk management, financial and human capital. EXPANSION The first step to determine growth readiness involves researching the competitive landscape to identify potential channels of expansion. Growth can come in the form of new products and services or extensions of existing products. Expansion may also involve changes in your distribution model and the way you deliver your product to customers. Growth can also be achieved in nonorganic ways, through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and alliances. TECHNOLOGY Investing in the right technology can enhance scalability or the capacity to add volume without increasing costs. Technology also plays a major role in a company’s growth plans by automating and streamlining processing in treasury and finance functions. Examples of technology opportunities include:

Receivables solutions, such as lockbox, remote deposit capture and e-commerce services enable companies to minimize collection float, collect funds faster and reduce Days Sales Outstanding. • Consolidating payables helps reduce costs across the entire payments process and achieve tighter control of cash flow. • Purchasing cards streamline company purchases made by employees and enhance supplier relations with faster payments. • Treasury information management systems deliver integrated balance and transaction reporting to strengthen decision making. • Liquidity and funds management tools can provide management with the ability to maximize daily cash positions and pay down debt or invest over the short term. FINANCIAL Financial forecasts can help identify potential obstacles and avoid situations that could halt growth initiatives. More importantly, detailed and reliable financial projections give confidence to lenders and investors when financing is needed. In addition to traditional bank loans and lines of credit, growing companies may find that other vehicles can meet their funding requirements. For example: • Equipment leasing allows a business to grow while preserving working capital and gaining access to the

latest technology. • Asset-based financing helps businesses where working capital assets dominate the balance sheet and there is a need to fund growth. RISK MANAGEMENT Effective risk management is an important driver of business valuation. In addition to liability and asset protection insurance, effective risk management strategies include: • Interest rate hedging instruments such as swaps, options and collars can enable companies to control borrowing costs and bring some much-needed certainty to their financial outlook. • Letters of credit, documentary collections and foreign exchange services help reduce the risk of international trade. • Automated payments and treasury functions can help businesses guard against payment fraud and protect bank accounts. Your growth plan needs to incorporate regularly scheduled reviews of your internal controls to ensure that taking advantage of new markets and opportunities will not make the company more vulnerable. Remember, no matter how good a plan is, there will be bumps in the road. Be prepared for them with contingency plans that will help you address challenges as

they arise, and reach out to trusted advisors like banking partners. They can help guide you through steps you can take to grow your company’s value. About the author: John Williamson is senior vice president, commercial banking manager for KeyBank’s Idaho market. He can be reached at John_P_Williamson@ This material is presented for informational purposes only and should not be construed as individual tax or financial advice. Please consult with legal, tax and/or financial advisors. KeyBank does not provide legal advice.




Working together, succeeding together.

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Teamwork, cooperation, and respect for others. We understand how these three things are instrumental to everyone’s professional success. That’s why Key supports programs that help people advance in their careers. KeyBank proudly supports the Idaho Private 100. KeyBank helps people and businesses thrive. Learn more. Visit your local branch. is federally registered service mark of KeyCorp. ©2016 KeyCorp. KeyBank is a Member FDIC. 3466369


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