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COVER STORY: Unlocked doors are easy targets The most prevalent crime in Meridian is one of opportunity: the theft that occurs when residents in ordinarily safe neighborhoods leave doors unlocked.

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SPORTS Q&A with Mountain View junior Taurie Pogue, who committed last April to play softball for the University of California Golden Bears after receiving offers from multiple schools.


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No idea what to do with your kids during spring break? We’ve compiled a list of active, fun, family-friendly activities that will keep even the pickiest young ones entertained.

LOCAL NEWS The Club at Spurwing will soon be home to a new nine-hole golf course, including three lakes and 23 homes. Club managers hope it will fill the void left by the closure of Foxtail Golf Course.

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love interviewing people who are taking risks. The most recent example is Joe Kozlowski, who opened a law firm in downtown Meridian last month. Read more about his story on page 10. For 10 years, Kozlowski consulted people who wanted to open their own business. He integrated their business, tax and estate planning to streamline the process for them. He can thank some of these clients for motivating him to leave the security of working for an established firm in Boise and starting his own business. “There are certain clients that have inspired me to do this. So I meet with them, I help them with these great deals, I see what they’re doing and it just motivates me to want to put my neck out on the line and do something with my name,” he said. He doesn’t regret taking the leap. “I wish I had done it years ago. I thought about it years ago.”

CRIME WATCH Meridian Police Department Log

Learn about Kozlowski Law Firm, which opened last month in downtown Meridian, on page 10.

ROADREPORT Cherry Lane between McDermott Road and Linder Road, mobile lane restriction with flagging until Wednesday for utility work.  Cholla Hills Street and Rio Lomas Avenue between Rio Vista Way and Rio Colinas Drive, closed through Tuesday for sewer work.  Edmonds Court east of Meridian Road, closed until March 30 for sewer work.  Fairview Avenue between Stonehenge Way and Meridian Road, lane restriction with flagging, night work only through Sunday for overhead utility work.  Fairview Avenue between Barbara Drive and Crestmont Drive, lane restriction until May 22 for road rebuilding.  Franklin Road between Linder Road and Ten Mile Road, lane restriction with flagging and shoulder work until Sept. 30 for road rebuilding and sewer repair.  Hubbard Road leading into Ten Mile Creek Road east of Cloverdale Road, closed until April 1 for bridge work.  Meridian Road between Fairview Avenue and James Court Drive, lane restriction with flagging through May 8 for road rebuilding.  Meridian Road between Franklin Road and Pine Avenue, closed

1 runaway 1 petty theft 1 fraud 2 citizen assists 1 arson 1 custody interference 1 reckless driving 1 tampering with vehicle 1 juvenile problem 2 vandalisms 1 EMS assist 1 domestic battery 1 medical assist 1 battery

Police also took calls, investigated or assisted: 2 vehicle burglaries 1 residential burglaries 1 juvenile beyond control 5 grand thefts 1 attempted grand theft

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Idaho Dems want Latino Caucus

TREASURE VALLEY — Latino voters have

numbers in Idaho. Now they want the representation in state and local government to go along with it. That’s one of the ideas behind an effort to establish an Idaho Democratic Latino Caucus. Two Nampa women, Estefania Mondragon and Maria Mabbutt, serve on an interim committee charged with bringing the caucus to life. Read more at

Idaho House easily backs personal property tax cut

BOISE — The Idaho House voted 67-2 Tuesday to eliminate the personal

until Oct. 14 for road rebuilding and sewer work.  Victory Road between Meridian Road and Locust Grove Road, closed until April 1 for bridge work.  Northwest 1st Street north of Pine Avenue, closed with pedestrian restrictions until March 29 for water-main installation or repair work.  Cholla Hills Street between Meridian Road and Beaham Avenue, closed through March 29 for sewer work.  Pine Avenue between Main Street and Linder Road, closed until May 31 for road rebuilding, sewer and water main work.  Intersection of Meridian Road and Pine Avenue, closed through April 1 allow crews to install storm drain and irrigation crossings and utility companies to install services.

property tax for about 90 percent of Idaho businesses, favoring a plan by counties over a broader industry proposal that lawmakers decided was too expensive. The bill flew through the House. Introduced Monday, it got a brief public hearing Tuesday morning and by mid-afternoon was dispatched to the Senate for consideration. The proposal exempts businesses’ first $100,000 worth of computers, tables, chairs and other personal property from taxation. Purchases up to $3,000 would be exempt from future taxes, while the bill would also streamline the process by requiring reports just once every five years, instead of annually.

New officers graduate from POST Academy

MERIDIAN — Thirty-nine new law enforcement officers graduated

Friday from the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Academy. The strenuous curriculum focuses on the foundation of knowledge and practical skills necessary for patrol duties. During the 10-week POST Basic Patrol Academy students, or recruits, are trained to assume responsibilities of a peace officer in the State of Idaho.

Man charged with first-degree murder in infant’s death


Reach 11,000 MeRidian hoMes foR only $40.00


by Holly Beech © 2013 MERIDIAN PRESS

Kozlowski Law Firm

March 13-19 Meridian Police made the following arrests or issued charges: 10 warrants 5 driving under the influence 1 possession of marijuana 3 domestic batteries 2 vandalisms 1 petty theft 1 resisting arrest 1 shoplifting 1 attempted strangulation 1 telephone harassment

You should see the way he talks about his new law firm. The light on his face is hard to put into words. Not only is he overjoyed to be a part of downtown Meridian’s community, but he’s excited to continue building relationships with his clients. “It’s not like I have clients, it’s like I’ve become friends with these people and they just seek my advice. It’s a nice way of doing things, really. It’s all about building relationships and being there to provide whatever it is they need.” He remembers one phone call in particular that drove this philosophy home for him. “I knew I had ‘made it’ when one of my clients called me … on a Saturday, it was something totally unrelated, but he knew that I could help him.”

Join ACHD and Meridian City staff to learn about the split corridor project’s progress, upcoming milestones and impacts, and ask questions. Presentations are posted to the project web site, the day following the meeting.  March 25 at 6 p.m.  Meridian City Hall, 33 E. Broadway

MOUNTAIN HOME — A Mountain Home airman who was originally charged with felony injury to a child is now facing firstdegree murder charges after the Ada County coroner ruled the 22-month-old’s death a homicide by way of abusive head injury. Airman Richard Ryan Laubach, 20, is being charged in connection with the death of his stepson, Joseph Wayne Graham, who was pronounced dead March 12.

Nampa victim named in Meridian rollover crash

ADA COUNTY — The Nampa man who died in a single-vehicle crash

in Meridian has been identified as 35-year-old Shane Lee Peterson, the Ada County Coroner’s Office announced Wednesday. Ada County deputies found the Toyota Tacoma crashed on West Chinden Road in Meridian, just west of North Tree Farm Way. Peterson had been thrown from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. Investigators say Peterson was traveling west on Chinden at about 8:40 p.m. when the pickup drifted onto the right shoulder. He apparently overcorrected, causing the truck to roll.

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Unlocked doors are easy target for thieves

Photo illustration by Randy Lavorante/MP

meridian property crime reports Larceny/theft 2010: 966 offenses, 337 cleared 2011: 879 offenses, 308 cleared

Burglary 2010: 197 offenses, 29 cleared 2011: 160 offenses, 19 cleared


Aaric Bryan/MP

Meridian Police Officer Tyler Marston walks back to his car after telling a resident their garage was left open at night.

2010: 11 offenses, 4 cleared 2011: 3 offenses, 0 cleared


f you live in a safe, quiet neighborhood, you might forget to lock up your car at night or the back door to your house when you run errands. But that mistake is one reason why property crime — notably theft from vehicles — is the issue Meridian Police officers deal with the most. “We’re such a safe community that people forget that they can become victims, so they don’t lock things up,” Deputy Po2007: $141 million lice Chief Tracy Basterrechea said. 2008: $49 million Having a stereo stolen from your car isn’t fun, but on the 2009: $45 million bright side, another reason why property crime is the No. 1 2010: $45 million offense police deal with is because crimes against people are 2011: $43 million dropping, he said. Theft and burglary crimes also deby Holly Beech clined from 2010 to 2011, according to Idaho State Police records, but are still © 2013 Meridian Press the most frequent offenses. “We put out safety tips every year … yet we still go so often to places where a laptop is stolen, a purse is stolen from an unlocked car, or people leave it, they Larceny/theft: the unlawful taking of leave things right out in the open for somebody to see,” Basterproperty from someone else; makes up half rechea said. of the state's property crimes cases. Police have seen cases where thieves comb through neighBurglary: the unlawful entry of a structure borhoods checking for unlocked car doors. Slipping an iPad to commit a theft or felony. from an unlocked car or a bicycle from an open garage is what Robbery: taking, or trying to take, Meridian Police officer Tyler Marston calls “crimes of opportusomething of value from someone by force nity” — crimes that don’t require confrontation with the vicor intimidation. tim. It’s rare that someone would break into a home and rob or Clearance: offenses are considered threaten residents. “cleared” when at least one offender is “They want to make sure people aren’t there,” Basterrechea arrested for a crime or the reporting agency said. clears the offenses by exceptional means. Police officers on the graveyard shift patrol neighborhoods to deter crimes of opportunity. One task is alerting residents n Source: Idaho State Police whose garage doors are left open — a prime target for a thief. “The vast majority of time people are very, very apprecia-

statewide stolen property loss


tive. But you would be amazed at how angry some people get with our officers for waking them up at 1 in the morning,” Basterrechea said.

Protect your stuff

top 10 stolen items money radios/TV/VCR n merchandise n tools n purses/wallets n bicycles n jewelry/precious metals n computer hardware/software n clothes/furs n n

1. Lock your doors “That’s really our biggest issue is people not locking things up,” Basterrechea said. “... Our spikes in burglaries usually come from vehicle burglaries because people don’t lock their cars.” 2. Write down serial numbers Police check pawn shop records online, so knowing the serial number of your valuables really helps them recover your stolen property, Basterrechea said. If your valuable doesn’t have a serial number, such as jewelry, keep photos of it. 3. Conceal it Don’t leave your valuable lying on the seat of your car on in your open garage.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County offer free parenting seminars MERIDIAN — Parenting columnist and IF YOU GO author Sandy McDaniel will present a series of WHEN: April 1, and first Monday free classes on successful of each month, 6:30-8 p.m. techniques for everyday WHERE: Boys & Girls Club of parenting problems. Meridian, 911 N. Meridian McDaniel will focus Road, Meridian on how to make children ADMISSION: Free, no RSVP mind without threats or required. bribes, stop fighting and CONTACT: Boys & Girls Clubs of defiant behavior, comAda County, 639.3170 plete homework and chores and make wise choices. The seminar is based on McDaniel’s book “Don’t Feed the Dragon” and draws on her 50 years of experience in child development. McDaniel wrote a successful parenting column for the Orange County Register newspaper, and is the creator of

Submitted by Meridian Humane Society

Sadie is a 4-year-old spayed female Labrador. Sadie is good with children, cats and other dogs. She likes to play fetch and appears to be house trained. Sadie does have a treatable (with medicine and quality food) skin condition. She is currently in a foster home; call the shelter at 794-0944 to meet her. Her adoption fee is $23.50. If Sadie isn’t the dog for you, check out our other available dogs at

GOING PLACES Hawley Troxell has named Bret Busacker as partner. Justin Cranney has joined the firm as an associate attorney in the real estate group.  Idaho Business for EducaBret Busacker tion named Rod Gramer as president and CEO. Gramer has served as news director at KTVB and as a reporter and editor at the Idaho Statesman.  Joseph Kozlowski has opened Kozlowski Law Office PLLC in downtown Meridian. His practice includes estate planning, business planning and tax planning.

THINGS TO DO Today MERIDIAN — Spring Softball registration deadline, Parks and Recreation Office. MERIDIAN — Lenten lunch, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Church of the Holy Nativity (gym behind the church), 828 W. Cherry Lane, $6. Soup, bread, salad, beverage. Pie a la mode available for $2. NAMPA — Boise Philharmonic: “Copland and Piano,” 8 p.m., Swayne Auditorium, NNU, 707 Fern St. $23.


MERIDIAN — Alive at 25 Safe Driving Course, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Rocky Mountain High School. Drivers aged 15-24 are encouraged to take this free safe driving class taught by Meridian Police Officers. This course is offered several times a month. Pre-registration is required. Justin Cranney

Joseph Kozlowski

Monday MERIDIAN — Split Corridor Update meeting, 6-7 p.m., Meridian City Hall, 33 E. Broadway Ave. The public is invited to come learn more about downtown Meridian’s Split Corridor construction project. Receive progress reports, hear about what’s next and ask questions about the project. MERIDIAN — Boise Ukulele Group, 6:30


All obituaries for Meridian Press must be placed by your mortuary or at Deadline is 3 p.m. Wednesdays for Friday publication. If you have questions call 465-8128.

Richard Dale Brown, 66, of Richard L. “Rich” Naylor, New Meadows, died March 16, 2013, at a local hospital. Arrangements are under the direction of Accent Funeral Home, Meridian. 888-5833.

49, of Middleton, died March 18, 2013, at a local hospital of natural causes. Services are pending at Dakan Funeral Chapel, Caldwell. 459-3629

Jesse L. Dendy Jr., 49, of Me- Clara Nell Smith, ridian, died March 15, 2013, at a local hospital. Arrangements are under the direction of Accent Funeral Home, Meridian. 888-5833.

Charles F. Langford,

76, of Homedale, died March 12, 2013, at a Homedale care center of natural causes. Cremation is under the direction of Dakan Funeral Chapel, Caldwell. 459-3629

p.m., Meadow Lakes Village Senior Center, 650 Arbor Circle, free. All levels welcome, second and fourth Monday of each month. EAGLE — Scottish Country Dance Class, 7-9 p.m., Eagle Performing Arts Center, 1125 E. State St., $6 general public; $5 for Thistle & Ghillies members.

Tuesday MERIDIAN — NBWN Meridian Chapter meeting, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Meridian ETC, 33 E. Idaho Ave.

Wednesday MERIDIAN — Ribbon cutting and open house for “Urban Liaison” magazine, 5:50-6:30 p.m., 33 E. Idaho St. (former city hall building). Free. NAMPA — “No Greater Love,” 7 p.m., Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd. St. S., $5. A vibrant musical drama that celebrates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Thursday NAMPA — “No Greater Love,” 7 p.m., Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd. St. S., $5. A vibrant musical drama that celebrates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. MERIDIAN — The Meridian Singers, 7:30-9 p.m., The Music Den, 245 E. Blue Heron Lane. Women’s group that sings a cappella in barbershop style. The ability to read music is not necessary. For more information, call 724-6311.

92, of Nampa, died March 16, 2013, at a local care center. Services are under the direction and care of Alsip & Persons Funeral Home, Nampa. 466-3545.

Stella Grace Wemp, infant, died March 16, 2013. The family has placed their trust in Alsip Funeral Chapel, Nampa for their final arrangements. 208-466-3545

MARCH 23 EASTER EVENTS MERIDIAN — Easter Egg Hunt, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Valley Life Community Church, 6325 N. Locust Grove. Free Easter Egg Hunt for the community. There will be a hunt at 10 a.m. for kids with special needs. At noon, kids up to age 12 will have an egg hunt as well. A hot dog lunch will be provided for a small fee, with proceeds to benefit the student ministries. There will be candy, prizes and a chance to win a large Easter Basket in each age group. There will also be a jump house and lots of fun for the family. BOISE — Easter “EGG”stravaganza, 10 a.m.5 p.m., (last admission, 4:30 p.m.), Zoo Boise, 355 Julia Davis Drive. Join the Easter Bunny for fun activities, including Egg Scrambles, photo ops, face painting, Easter Egg toss, animal enrichment activities and, of course, the zoo. NAMPA — 5th Annual Easter Bonnet Scholarship Luncheon, sponsored by Nampa Charter Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association, 11:15 a.m. (doors), Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd. St. S.$17 adults; $12 children 12 and younger. Sit-down luncheon, silent auction, raffles, door prizes and an Easter Bonnet parade with prizes in five categories for women and three age groups for children. All proceeds go to scholarships for women. Tickets must be purchased in advance from Barbara at 466-5132, barbarajl517@msn. com or

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about ryan wilhite Barbara Morgan STEM Academy principal, starting fall 2013 Heritage Middle School assistant principal, 2007-2013 Sawtooth Middle School assistant principal, 2006-2007 Meridian High School, science teacher, department chair, 1999-2006 Boise Friends youth pastor, 1996-1999 Earned bachelor’s in biology from Whitworth University, 1996

family Wilhite and his high school sweetheart, Julie Wilhite, and their three kids raise sheep in Eagle. He grew up in Joint School District No. 2 and graduated from Meridian High School. “We love to camp and hike and fish and canoe and mountain bike,” he said. “If it’s outside, we love to do it. … I also like music. I play in a local band (Pushing Mediocre) and we have a lot of fun with that.”

learn more Informational meetings will be held at three elementary schools in Barbara Morgan STEM Academy’s attendance zone. More information is online at

Get to know new principal R Ryan Wilhite yan Wilhite, the new principal at the soon-to-be Barbara Morgan STEM Academy, relates to students who are drawn to science. “They are just curious about how and why things work, and they like to explore. And I was always that type of kid,” Wilhite, of Eagle, said. Linder Elementary will become Barbara Morgan STEM this fall, and Wilhite will leave his assistant principal position at Heritage Middle School to lead the transition. The school’s redesignation might be concerning for Linder parents, Wilhite said. His son was at Eagle Elementary when it became Eagle Elementary School of the Arts a few years ago. “I think the biggest concern for me as a parent was the fear of the unknown — ‘What is this going to look like for my child? Are they going to just paint and play the flute all day or are they still going to be learning all the curriculum?’” he said. He learned that state standards still apply. “Even a school of choice like Barbara Morgan, we are still held accountable to all of the Common Core State Standards and will teach them all,” he said. “So in that sense kids will receive a similar experience that they would in any other elementary school.” The difference will be the focus on STEM education, including an elective taught by a STEM specialist to provide hands-on learning opportunities. Although Wilhite is excited about where he’s going, he enjoys where he’s been. He helped develop the science magnet program at Heritage, where the staff is driven and innovative, he said. “It’s been a very special group to work with.”

by Holly Beech © 2013 Meridian Press

grand champion: rocky mountain

5A Military

5A Hip Hop

1. Rocky Mountain 2. Centennial 3. Mountain View

1. Centennial 2. Capital 3. Mountain View

5A Kick

5A Cheer

1. Centennial 2. Rocky Mountain 3. Vallivue

Show Cheer All-Girl 3. Rocky Mountain 4. Eagle Sideline Cheer 3. Eagle Pom 4. Eagle

5A Prop 1. Rocky Mountain 2. Centennial 3. Mountain View

5A Dance 1. Rocky Mountain 2. Centennial 2. Mountain View

Photos by Adam Eschbach/MP

Heritage Middle School Principal Ryan Wilhite looks over a math assignment Cassidy Quick, 12, in a 6th-grade math class Tuesday at Heritage Middle School. Wilhite has been hired as the new principal at Barbara Morgan STEM Academy opening this fall. “It’s an opportunity to be a part of something new centered around something I’m passionate about,” Wilhite said.

DIAMOND GEMS SPARKLE Rocky Mountain High School reigns as 5A Dance champions


ocky Mountain High School’s Diamond Dancers became the third straight Meridian school to capture the 5A Division of the Idaho Dance and Cheer State Championship Saturday. The 25-member team, coached by Tricia Godfrey and assistant coach Kamrie Carter, dethroned reigning champ and perennial powerby Dan Lea house nial to take the © 2013 Meridian Press crown at Northwest Nazarene University’s Johnson Sports Center. Rocky Mountain finished first in three of the four categories it competed in and Centennial took the other two. The Dia-

mond Dancers were tops in dance, military and prop competition. Centennial’s Sweet Liberty Dancers won kick and hip hop. Rocky Mountain was runner-up in kick while Centennial finished second in dance, prop and military. Mountain View, which won the 2011 title, garnered third in four categories. Meridian schools have dominated the division over the years. No non-Meridian school has ever won a 5A title.

Rocky Mountain’s Diamond Dancers were named 5A Grand Champion. Dan Lea/MP

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Paige Noehring had a triple and Sid Hazen drove in a run for the Centennial softball team in a 5-2 loss to Meridian in nine innings on March 15.

Liz Raphael struck out 10 and walked two through nine innings and Amy Burtcher had two doubles and drove in one run as the Meridian softball team scored three runs in the top of the ninth to defeat 5A SIC rival Centennial 5-2 on March 15.

Adam Eschbach/MP

Jordyn Franco drove in a pair of runs and had two hits and Kylie Orr added a pair of hits as the Mountain View softball team lost 10-9 to Centennial on Tuesday.

Mountain View softball player Taurie Pogue gets under a flyball for an out during a game against Centennial Tuesday at Centennial High School. Pogue has committed to play at California.

CALIFORNIA DREAMING by John Wustrow © 2013 MERIDIAN PRESS Courtney Pestka had a pair of hits for the Rocky Mountain softball team on Tuesday, but the Grizzlies fell to Vallviue by a score of 5-0. Coaches, report results to (208) 465-8111



Baseball: Centennial at Meridian, 6 p.m.; Rocky Mountain at Mountain View, 7 p.m.; Eagle at Timberline, 5 p.m. Softball: Meridian at Mountain View, 5 p.m.; Capital at Rocky Mountain, 5 p.m.; Eagle at Centennial, 5 p.m.


aurie Pogue is no stranger to being in the spotlight on the softball field. The Mountain View High junior received her first scholarship offer when she was in eighth grade, from Northern Colorado. Over the next few years, she received more offers from schools all over the country. But it was the University of California Golden Bears who earned her commitment on April 3, 2012. The Meridian Press’s John Wustrow spent a few minutes at practice this week talking to Pogue about her recruiting process. MERIDIAN PRESS: Having your recruiting decision out of the way for your junior season, how much of a load is it off your shoulders? TAURIE POGUE: It’s such a relief. It’s a lot more time for me to focus and work on myself. I don’t have to worry about getting recruited. I can focus on my skills and helping bettering the team here. MP: Was it overwhelming for you how many schools were interested in you? TP: The first time it happened, I went to a tournament in Washington and Heather Tarr from (the University of Washington) saw me and I was like ‘oh my gosh, what?’ because they were interested a little bit. When I went to Florida last fall I got like nine offers that weekend, out of nowhere. Then I realized, okay I’m actually that good, I’m actually good enough to play ball. MP: As an eighth grader, what was it like getting a scholarship offer? TP: Overwhelming. I was like ‘full ride, what does that mean, mom?’ She’s like ‘you don’t have to pay for anything,’ and my dad’s like ‘oh, it’s great.’ I had no idea. I couldn’t even tell you how much I grew and matured over those six

or seven months. I was this inexperience little kid going and asking ‘where do you guys play football?,’ instead of ‘what is your academic setup here?,’ all these different questions I was learning to how ask. I grew up so quickly, and I think it’s kind of a blessing I was able to learn that. MP: What was it about Cal that stood out for you and made you want to commit there? TP: It was everything. The moment I got there, I’m not a cold weather person, but the fact that it was raining, but it was still warm. The coaching staff is what won me away. They were just incredible. And the level of ball, that’s another thing that separated them from everyone else. They’re a great team and they have great academics. I’ll walk out with a great degree from there, no matter what I do. MP: Why did you commit so early? TP: I had a deadline, I was going to go on a visit to the east coast, see North Carolina, South Carolina, Syracuse, all these places. They were like ‘you only have a month, we’re going to need you to make your choice.’ I ended up getting it pushed back a couple months and I was like ‘this means they care about me.’ I would have cut it off if they didn’t. I went and made sure I saw Arkansas and Oklahoma, and I was like ‘nope, I’ve got to go see Cal.’ So I went back to Cal for a second visit and was like ‘okay, here it is, it’s done.’ MP: Is it surprising to you that it’s almost been a year since you’ve committed? TP: It has. Just looking back on my life in the last year, I feel like I haven’t done the recruiting process in years. I feel like it’s been gone forever. Just looking back, a year, I’m growing up, I’ll be 18 this year. MP: Do other coaches still try to contact you? TP: No, out of respect if a kid’s committed, they tend to back off. Sometimes they do go after kids, but I would never look into someone else. MP: So you’re pretty firm in your commitment? TP: Oh yeah, I look forward to being a Bear in 2014, easily.




Must include custom frame, glazing, backing. Expires 5-15-13


Up to 22x28 . . . . $60 Up to 36x24 . . . . $70 Up to 32x40 . . . $100 Includes metal frame, glazing, mounting. Expires 5-15-13

208.898.9176 ~ 1722 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian, Idaho 83642 853624 C M Y K

On the corner of Ten Mile and Franklin - 888.3101


 03.22.13 // 8


Spurwing expands with nine-hole course, new homes

about the club at spurwing $7 million new investment, includes: 9-hole golf course, opening spring 2014 3 lakes 23 home sites Tour golf video training studio, now open Practice facility tee complex, driving range, now open Expansion to the existing lounge, under construction

connect 887-1800 6800 N. Spurwing Way, Meridian

Submitted photos

The Club at Spurwing in Meridian is in the midst of a $7 million expansion that includes a new nine-hole golf course, home sites and a massive tee complex.


uring a time when private golf clubs nationwide have struggled to maintain membership, The Club at Spurwing has gained 200 members in the last two years. Membership isn’t the only thing expanding at the club. A new nine-hole golf course that includes three lakes and 23 home sites is under construction off West Chinden Boulevard in Meridian. “Instead of seeing an old potato field, now you’ll see a nine-hole golf course,” The Club at Spurwing General Manager John Thomas said. by Holly Beech Nine-hole courses, as opposed to the full 18, are gaining traction as people’s © 2013 Meridian Press lives get busier, he said. The $7 million investment also includes a video training facility, golf shop and lounge expansion. Spurwing’s success stems from a few factors. Two years ago, the club’s management switched hands from members to The Sundance Company, which is investing in the expansion. Plus, Meridian’s flourishing population helps. “The demographic is very strong for us here, and I believe also that the growth factor that Meridian is seeing right now is a great benefit to us,” Thomas said.

The Spurwing community started out with about 70 homes in the early 1990s, Spurwing spokesman Jason Bideganeta said. After this expansion, there will be more than 400 homes in four Spurwing neighborhoods.

NEARBY COURSE CLOSES Neighboring public course Foxtail shut down this year and will become a subdivision, according to Foxtail’s Facebook page. Management could not be reached for comment. Thomas said it’s concerning to see another golf course close down, but it might draw new members to Spurwing. “It helps our market share certainly here and allows us to pull from those people that have played (Foxtail) and to look at the possibility of private club membership versus paying public fees on a daily basis,” Thomas said. Spurwing’s family membership rate is $4,680 a year, but it’s not just about golf, he said. An outdoor Olympic-sized pool, fitness facility, dining and community events are all part of the package. “It’s more of, I think, a lifestyle choice when you come to a private club like ours because there are just a lot of things for everybody,” Thomas said.

HLIES BACKTalk REAC FAMI Meridian Businesses











Bulging Disc

Ask? Answer!

households in meridian for as low as$40

I have been told I have a “bulging disc”, what does that mean and can RehabAuthority Physical Therapy help?

Erica Bunnell, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT Silverstone Clinic 3551 E. Overland Meridian, Idaho 208-888-3900

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The term “bulging disc” describes a condition where the disc will bulge out similar to what you may see in a tire when the rubber is weak. This injury can cause significant pain not only in the back, but potentially in the leg. However, research has shown that many people have bulging discs and have absolutely no symptoms. This means that just because you have a bulging disc it isn’t necessarily the cause of your pain. Physical therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating disorders of the spine including a bulging disc. Physical therapy will not only help you treat your current episode of pain, but we at RehabAuthority work towards preventing future occurrences of your pain utilizing the latest in advanced technology and research including the McKenzie Method and MedX. Find out more at where you can request a FREE Patient Guide loaded with valuable information regarding disc problems.


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For more information, go to

Players subject to change. C M Y K

Photos ©Getty Images. © 2013 USTA.

 03.22.13 // 10


about joe kozlowski

Grew up in Meridian Graduated from Meridian High School in 1987 n Practiced law for 10 years at Thornton Byron in Boise n Opened Kozlowski Law Office earlier this year n Married with three boys, ages 16, 14 and 10 n

‘The Idaho 1913’



Meridian native opens law firm downtown


fter studying law at University of Idaho and New York University, Meridian native Joe Kozlowski knew that the Treasure Valley was the only place he wanted Kozlowski Law Office PLLC to be, he said. With 10 years of law expe- 136 E. Idaho Ave., Suite rience at a Boise firm under 203, Meridian his belt, Kozlowski branched 859-2700 out and opened his own firm in downtown Meridian in February. He moved into an old, refurbished building that reads “The Idaho 1913” across the front. “There’s a certain excitement about historic downtown Meridian,” he said. “... That’s part of the fun of having a business here, is being a part of that, at the same time providing this service that I enjoy doing and helping people.” Adam Eschbach/MP Kozlowski specializes in estate, business and Joe Kozlowski stands outside his new law office in downtown Meridian, which opened in February. Kozlowski tax planning. specializes in estate, business and tax planning. “You’re able to watch someone, they’ve got this great idea for a business, and I’m here helping whether it’s a ranch or small business,” Kozlowski said. by Holly Beech them build that. I’m the person that they At his new office, he’s excited to take clients to neighboring talk to when they have questions, when nesses for meetings, such as Sunrise Cafe and Rick’s Press Room. © 2013 Meridian Press they have tax questions.” “People come in and I get to brag about who’s down the street and His interest in estate planning peaked who’s here, being a part of the community. It’s exciting,” he said. when he watched his grandparents pass down their ranch to the next Kozlowski sees the attraction growing in downtown Meridian — generation. he sees it becoming a core for community and foot traffic. “Two years down the road there’s going to be people that go, ‘Why “(To) help make sure the hard work of one generation is still available for the next — that’s what motivates me, and it doesn’t matter didn’t we jump on Meridian when we had the chance?’”

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Boise State will offer scholarships to adults re-entering school BOISE — Boise State University has $50,000 in scholarships to award to re-entry students during the 2013-14 academic year, thanks to the Bernard Osher Foundation, which has provided this funding for three years. The University will award about 25 scholarships, ranging up to $1,250 for part-time students and $2,500 for full-time students.

Recipients must be admitted as a degreeseeking undergraduate student at BSU seeking their first bachelor’s degrees. They must be a re-entry student whose college studies have been interrupted for a total of at least five years. Find other qualifications online at

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Get active for


25-29 break.

this spring break ON THE

common theme for local spring break activities is “get active!” Here are some ideas for a fun March


Omni-Fit invites kids to put their game face on for activities. AGES: 4th-12th graders WHEN: March 25-28  4th-6th grades, 9-11 a.m.  7th-8th grades, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. compiled by Holly Beech  9th-12th grades, 1-3 p.m. FEE: $75 for the week, sibling © 2013 MERIDIAN PRESS discount of $25 ONLINE: JumpTime Check out JumpTime’s specials all week. Sunday is family day, Thursday is dodge ball day and Friday night is geared toward teens. WHERE: 1375 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian PHONE: 855-JUMP ONLINE: Ash Dash Memorial Run Join in a 10K or one mile race and honor those killed or injured while fighting fires. A post-race party with live music by The B-Town Hitmen, a silent auction and raffle, barbecue and awards ceremony is near the finish line at The Symposium. AGES: All WHEN: March 30, 12-4 p.m. WHERE: Boise. Route information at FEE: $35 for 10K; $20 for 1 mile race

Spring Break Dance Camp Take a trip around the world with dance moves from Egypt, Iran, Spain, Morocco and more. AGES: 13-17 WHEN: March 26-27, 12:30-3:30 p.m. WHERE: Meridian Community Center, 201 E. Idaho Ave. FEE: $60, includes instruction, craft material and meal CONTACT: Meridian Parks & Rec, 888-3579

JUST FOR KICKS Boys & Girls Club of Ada County Events for Meridian club members who register. WHERE: Meet at the Meridian club, 911 N. Meridian Road WHEN:  March 25, 12:30-4 p.m.: Trip to Settler’s Park.  March 26, around 2-4 p.m.: Trip to Table Rock to pick up garbage along the hike to the top, followed by a picnic lunch at the top.  March 27, 12:30-1 p.m.: Youth Ranch Book Giveaway.  March 28, around 2-4 p.m.: Trip to Boise Rescue Mission for service project.  March 29, 12:30-4 p.m.: Westy’s bowling trip, $5. CONTACT: Jamie Hihath at or 954-5030. Wahooz and Pinz  Wahooz Family Fun Zone has $12 Buck Tuesday, including unlimited miniature golf, laser tag, video arcade (excluding ticket redemption games) and Kiddie Cove. WHEN: Tuesday, 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.  Pinz Bowling Center has daily specials Sunday through Thursday of spring break. WHERE: 1385 Blue Marlin Lane, Meridian ONLINE: Big Al’s bowling specials WHEN: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. all week. COST: $2 games, $2 shoes for guests 18 and under WHERE: Big Al’s, 1900 N. Eagle Road, Meridian

DANCE AND THEATER ‘The Secret Garden’ The Missoula Children’s Theatre, with the help of young local actors, is putting on a production of “The Secret Garden.” AGES: All WHEN: Today, 7:30 p.m., and March 23, 1 p.m. WHERE: Rocky Mountain High School, 5450 N. Linder Road, Meridian TICKETS: sold at the door ONLINE:

want more? Check out more spring break activities in the Meridian Parks and Recreation activity guide: bit. ly/Meridianspringbreak


Spring Break Theatre Camp to present ‘Tumbleweeds’ KUNA — Travel back to the legendary days of the Wild, Wild West with this action-packed stage adventure at Starlight Mountain Theatre’s Spring Break Camp. Participants will present the fast-paced musical melodrama “Tumbleweeds,” based on Tom Ryan’s comic strip of the same name, at the Kuna Performing Arts Center. The play features wonderful music, lively lyrics and hilarious jokes and takes a cheerfully irreverent look at the “Old West.” Join the likeable hero, the lovable heroine and the nasty villains, along with a cast of eccentric characters. Spring break campers will work on all aspects of the hour-long musical, capped by a public performance at 7 p.m. March 29. Campers, grades 6 to 12 (full-day) attend from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 25 to 29. Campers in grades 1 to 5 (half-day) attend a workshop from 9 a.m. to noon on the same days. A dress rehearsal is set for 2 p.m. on March 29. Participants can sign up and tickets can be purchased at 462-5523.

Easter ‘EGG’stravaganza at Zoo Boise BOISE — Get a jumpstart on spring at Easter ‘EGG’stravaganza from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Zoo Boise, located in Julia Davis Park, 355 Julia Davis Drive. Join the Easter Bunny for fun activities


Baskin Robbins 1770 E. Fairview Ave. 31 flavors of ice cream to choose from and toppings.

Think warm thoughts of summer as you enjoy a frozen treat at one of these five places Coldstone Creamery 1400 N. Eagle Road No. 103 The ice cream and toppings you choose are mixed into a delicious confection. Gelato Cafe 2053 E. Fairview Ave. Pizza and sushi are both on the menu with a full bar and more than 20 flavors of gelato. U-Swirl 3319 N. Eagle Road 20 rotating flavors of nonfat frozen yogurt and up to 60 toppings.

Vintage motorcycle show in Caldwell CALDWELL — The 37th annual Vintage Motorcycle and Bicycle Rally & Show returns to O’Connor Field House, 23rd and Blaine, Saturday and Sunday. More than 150 classic and antique motorcycles, road racers and dirt bikes from the earBrainSnack © 2011 PeterFrank t.v. Dist. by Creators Syndicate Inc. 03/23/13 ly 1900s to 1993 will be on display at the Sunday show indoors at the Field House. The showYour and swap meet run from Train Brain noon to 4 p.m. Adult admission level is $4. Children under 12 are free with an adult admission. The weekend kicks off at the Caldwell City Park on South Kimball on Saturday with a motorcycle rally event. The rally travels 32 miles from Caldwell to the Snake River, Lake Lowell and back and is followed by a banquet at the Jade Garden Restaurant. The Saturday ride is free and open to the public.


Where (1-3) should which stack (A or B) be placed? Puzzles on pageAnswer 13 like this: 1B.

Music What: 2nd annual Treefort Music Fest When: Today to Sunday Where: Various downtown Boise venues Website: tickets Tickets: General admission four-day passes $119 What: Singer-songwriter Donovan Frankenreiter When: 8 p.m. Wednesday Where: Knitting Factory, 416 S. 9th St., Boise Website: or Tickets: $16/adv., $18/ DOS, $35/skybox

Theater What: Fred Meyer Broadway in Boise presents “West Side Story” When: 8 p.m. Monday; 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday Where: Morrison Center, 2201 Cesar Chavez Lane, (BSU campus), Boise Website: Tickets: $35, $45 and $55 What: “SPANK! The Fifty Shades parody musical” When: 8 p.m. April 19 Where: Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Boise Website: or Tickets: $30

Show What: Sesame Street Live “Can’t Stop Singing” & Play Zone! When: 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. April 27; 1 and 4:30 p.m. April 28 Where: Taco Bell Arena, 1910 University Drive, Boise Website: idahotickets. com Tickets: $15 to $50 What: Comedian Tracy Morgan’s “Excuse My French” Tour When: 7 p.m. March 30 Where: Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Boise Website: Tickets: $55


BrainSnack: Solution 03/22/13 TCBY Necklace 5. All the other necklaces have just as many 1800 N. Locust Grove Road white pearls before and after the red pearl. Frozen yogurt and a variety of toppings including fruit to keep your Today’s Tip treat healthy.

shapes and colors shift


including egg scrambles, photo ops, face painting, Easter egg toss, animal enrichment activities and, of course, the zoo itself. Egg scrambles are set for 10:30 a.m., noon and 1:30 p.m. for ages 2 and under; 11 a.m., 12:30 and 2 p.m. for ages 3 to 5; 11:30 a.m., 1 and 2:30 p.m. for ages 6 to 10 and 3 p.m. for special needs. Admission is $7 for adults, $4.25 for children (4 to 11), $4.50 for seniors and free for children 3 and under. Friends of Zoo Boise annual pass holders enter for free with pass and photo ID.


Talk Talk to to your your neighbors, neighbors, then then talk talk to me. to me.

what? Reach 11,000 MeRidian hoMes foR only $40.00

Kathy Chambers, Agent Kathy 3035 Chambers, W McMillan Agent Road 3035 W McMillan Road Meridian, ID 83646 Meridian, ID 83646 Bus: 208-888-4334 Bus: 208-888-4334

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PLUGGED IN in your words

UP & Local law enforcement must continue DOWN to the high school students who pledged to stay nicotine-free this week during the event Take a Stand Against Nicotine. to the kids who tried out and are performing in the Missoula Children’s Theatre’s version of “The Secret Garden” this weekend. to the dance team at Rocky Mountain High School for winning the 5A state championship. to the re-striping of McMillan Road between Meridian and Eagle roads. It was very confusing driving eastbound as to where the traffic lane was. if more round-the-clock time was spent on these major road closures. It is not uncommon to see road crews working day and night to expedite major interruptions to commuter routes. Specifically Meridian Road and Main Street. There are no close residential areas that would be disturbed by all-night crews. I live on Cherry Lane, have to use 8th Street to Pine to Main to Franklin to Meridian just to get on the freeway. Now Pine Street is closing? I really didn’t want to go down Linder. Geez, when is this going to stop? Hate all this crap.  Send your thumbs up or thumbs down to

to work with federal partners

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, U.S. Marshals Service and all of our partner federal law enforcement agencies are committed to working in close partnership with city police, county sheriffs, state police, the Idaho Attorney General’s Office and Idaho’s prosecuting attorneys to ensure Idaho communities have the resources to identify and prosecute methamphetamine traffickers, aggressively pursue child sexual predators, target violent criminal street gang members and stop financial fraud. The laws we enforce are enacted by independent legislative bodies. However, we believe it is important to state that limits of any sort on cooperative law enforcement efforts jeopardize public and law enforcement officer safety. We believe no officer at any level should have to think about whether he or she will face criminal charges simply for assisting a fellow officer. In Idaho, there are 50 state, county and city law-enforcement officers deputized federally to work with FBI, ATF, DBA and U.S. Marshals Service task forces. These forces deal with drug, gang, violent and child sexual exploitation crime. These forces function well because each officer knows he or she can trust every other officer on that task force in every operation. Federal, state, county and city law enforcement officers work together on a number of task forces in Idaho. In just the last two years, the work of the Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crime Task Force,

comprised of federal, state and city law enforcement agencies, resulted in federal and state prosecution of more than 60 gang members. Throughout Idaho, state, county and city law enforcement officers work with the U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force. They identify and arrest those for whom warrants have been issued and who pose a direct threat. Six federal, county and local agencies serve on a Drug Enforcement Administrationsponsored task force that combats drug trafficking in Idaho. Federal law enforcement also combines intelligence and training resources with state specialized investigating units, including Idaho’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Idaho Sex Offender Watch Task Forces. We are both Idaho natives with long careers in law enforcement. We are committed to the public safety of the Idaho communities we grew up in and that we now serve as representatives of the federal government. We have been and will continue to be strong partners of state, county, city and tribal law enforcement. A stable constitutional government relies on the rule of law as a foundation principle — and for law enforcement at all levels to enforce the law. 

Wendy Olson is U.S. attorney for the District of Idaho. Brian Underwood is U.S. Marshal for the District of Idaho.

in our words

There’s no place like home? When I moved to Meridian from Riverside, Calif., in February 1994, the dairy town had a modest population of about 16,500. The Challenge Butter tower still stood proudly near the railroad tracks. There was no Eagle High School, let alone Mountain View or Rocky Mountain. There was only one Albertsons (where I got my first after-school job), and certainly no Walmart. I still remember getting off I-84 that first day in Meridian, driving slowly past the water tower and the feed store and the bowling alley, and wondering, “What on Earth are my parents thinking?” It took years for Meridian to feel like home. And I guess it’s true that history repeats itself, because Meridian is once again a strange and unfamiliar place to me. This time it’s not scary, though — it’s actually kind of exciting. In the early planning stages of Meridian Press, I took our Meridian reporter Holly Beech on a tour of Meridian through the eyes of a local. And man, did I feel dumb. Every time we turned a corner, there was a new business I’d never heard of before, a new park I had never seen, a new subdivision I didn’t even know existed. Some tour guide I am. Planning and producing the Meridian Press has given me a whole new perspective on my hometown. For example, when Holly reported on Rick’s Press Room — a beloved Meridian restaurant featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” — I was blown away by the number of readers who said they’d known about the place for years and dined there often. And I’d never heard of it. A more bittersweet revelation: Linder Elementary, my old stomping grounds, will soon be transformed into the Barbara Morgan STEM Academy. You can read about the school’s new principal, Ryan Wilhite, on Page 6 of today’s edition. Rather than be sad or overwhelmed at vast differences between the Meridian of my childhood and this sprawling suburb of more than 76,000 people, I’ve decided to get reacquainted with my hometown. And I need your help. I need you, my 76,000 friends and neighbors, to tell me about all the things I’ve been missing in my own backyard. Is there an amazing restaurant I haven’t lived until I’ve eaten at? A little-known park (bonus points for a bocce court) or a nifty familyowned boutique? I want to hear about it! You can reach me at (208) 465-8123 or

Charlotte Wiemerslage is the Meridian Press local editor.

what you’re saying on facebook about ...

what’s on your mind?

Property crime in Meridian “People have a false sense of security. I really wish people would lock their cars and home. We have lived here for 21 years, and there has always been crime. A lot that happens does not get on the evening news. Please start locking doors, even when you are home.” — Pattie McFarlin Walker

“Deterrence works best. Thieves get off way too easily these days. Arm, alarm, do some harm. Lights, especially sensor lights, scare off would-be crooks.” — Thom Hollis

 Tell us what you think about the goings on in Meridian by “liking” the Meridian Press page on Facebook and posting comments. We’ll use those comments in some of our future editions.

car, and keep your valuables out of sight. As the economy continues to spiral down, those people who look for opportunities will find them.” — Sandra Laney

leave my car unlocked, at home or elsewhere … temptation has a strong calling. And in Boise, I had my car stolen right out of my driveway while I was cleaning the inside of the garage. Lesson learned!” — Susan White

“I had my car stolen right from my driveway with it locked! Nothing is safe.” — Eric R. Bush

“Even in our wonderful city we have to lock everything because you just never know what could happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry!” — Alicia Wilkinson

“Thanks for the motivation. I rarely lock my car when I’m running errands. I don’t have anything in there to be stolen — maybe they will take my old French fry containers. I’ll try to be better.” — Angie Bramwell Wycherly

“I also feel safe in Meridian, but I would never

“Meridian is safe, but there are still the elements from outside of our city that will take advantage. Crime is partially attributed to opportunity. If the opportunity is there, the crime will be committed. Lock your doors, whether it be your home or your

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Solution on page 11


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Train Your Brain level

Which necklace (1-6) does not belong? Solutionon 03/21/13 Solution page 11 Flower branch 2. The top flower of all the other branches has just as many petals as flowers on the branch. before and after red

Today’s Tip


Merchandise PUBLIC NOTICE The Following information is provided as pursuant To FCC Rules & Regulations 73.3571, 72, 73 and 78. concerning Assignment of License of Full Power Television Station KKJB, Channel 39, Boise, Id. FCC Accepted for Filing, 2/25/2013, Assignment Of License, KKJB from Boise Telecasters, LLC, Gary M. Cocola 51%, Diane Dostinich 49% To IAM Broadcasting, LLC, Diane Dostinich, Individual, Sole Member, 100%. Related materials are on file for public inspection At 1976 Century Way, Boise, ID

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Deadline to get your Classified ads in for the following Friday is 4:30pm on Wedneday. Please call us if you have questions 467-9253.

LOST DOG black and white Border Collie, friendly. ndLost in Middleton February 22 . Was wearing brown leather collar, answers to Boots. 585-3475.

MONEY LEFT BEHIND IN EMMETT Older gentlemen left his change behind in the Emmett NAPA Store. Please come to the Emmett NAPA Store with receipt to claim money.

FREE perma bark rock. Light color. Come & get it. Call 585-2560

Amana side by side 36x68”. Ice-maker. Excellent condition. $300. 466-5709

9 Piece Sony Sound System, $150.00 or best reasonable offer. 697-2975

PREMIUM Fruitwood $220/cord. Small cherry $140. Free same day delivery. Cedric 899-5246 or 454-8804 FREE fence wood. 1508 Sunset Ave., Caldwell Call 402-1658

7 FOOT GREEN SOFA good condition. $75.00 Call 208-467-5132. ENTERTAINMENT CENTER with 27 inch TV, $60 cash only. 467-7203.

7 ROYAL Copenhagen plates. 1969 thru 1980. $85. 467-1290

EXECUTIVE office chair. Fabric & chrome. Excellent condition. $35. 463-8383

NOW YOUR CLASSIFIED 7+ day ad will hit 11,000 more homes!

LAZY BOY ROCKER RECLINER. Light blue, excellent condition. $85. 461-2054. POWELL GLIDER ROCKER blue. $35. Call 467-5037.


3/4" SELF-PRIMING ELECTRIC UTILITY PUMP With 15' hose $25.00 467-6397

Queen Bed, 9 Drawer Dresser with Mirror, 5 piece Dinnette Set, like new, Air Nail Gun, Disc Sander, Microwave, Power Wood Carver. Reasonable offers. 409-9255 4 piece wicker bathroom set. Includes chair, wall shelf, corner hutch & tissue holder. $35.00. 250-7073 leave a message. 8' ALUMINUM LADDER Good condition. $25.00. 466-5709


Piano, Guitar, Violin, Fiddle or Ukulele lessons. All ages & levels. Call 467-6244.

TOOL CHEST New in box. $125. Call 631-9867

Will Barter My Electrical Experience for Pre 1964 US Coins or anything of value.

Maria Rosas Owner ICCP Certified Child & Infant First Aid & CPR Monday-Saturday 6am-6pm 1910 3rd Street N. Nampa, Idaho 83687 (208) 461-2681 Call for more information.

Everyday deals Don’t miss out!

Call 208-880-6571 if no answer, leave a message.

REESE EQUILIZER HITCH. $250. Call 989-4174.

3 MINIATURE DACHSHUNDS. $50 each to ensure good home. 284-4598/318-5587.


Deadline to get your Classified ads in for the following Friday is 4:30pm on Wednesday. Please call us if you have questions 467-9253.


BLACK Border Collie, female-6 months. Free to good home. 631-2900

WE BUY GUNS. Top prices paid.

Boulevard Guns & Pawn

205 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa

Call 467-7296


Thursday-Saturday, 9am-7pm. Antiques and vintage collectibles. Treasures will include: furniture, quilts, glassware, collection of Candlewick, linens, vintage fabric and sewing notions, kitchen collectibles, vintage clothing, jewelry, retro decor, primitives, guy stuff, tools, and much more 14483 Lake Ave. dead end of Smith

BLACK LAB PUPPIES Purebred. 1 male & 1 female. 9 weeks old, had shots. $100. Call 880-2872 EVELYN'S GROOMING Small personal shop. Over 20 years experience. Professional groom at a great price. Cat grooming also available. Evelyn 459-1995 FULL bred female Border Collie. 2 years old. $50. 454-8036 JACK Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Female-spayed, 2 years old. Free. 515-5649 YOUNG FEMALE KITTEN, gray with stripes. Up to date on shots, has been spayed. $15 to ensure good home. 585-3475. C M Y K


Employment AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance. 1-877-804-5293. (PNDC)

GENERAL Immediate openings for

PHONE REPS In Nampa. Moderate computer skills required. Sales, survey or collections experience is beneficial. Monday-Friday hours available. Please apply in person.


LOOKING FOR A GREAT CAREER? Simplot Transportation currently has a temporary position available for an Equipment Operator/Truck Driver. Successful candidates must have a current CLASS A CDL, DOT PHYSICAL, and must meet all other DOT requirements. 100,000 miles or 1 year experience required. NO CITATIONS OR ACCIDENTS IN THE PAST 3 YEARS. Rate of pay is $16.41. Apply in person between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM ONLY at 323 La Fond Street, Caldwell, ID. Provide a current Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) & Driver PSP Report to obtain an application. EEOC

Call 208-989-5191 or email resumes at 200 Holly Street in Holly Plaza Pay is $9/hour plus incentives.






Drivers: Inexperienced? Get on the Road to a Successful Career with CDL Training. Regional Training Locations. Train and WORK for Central Refrigerated 800-993-7483

Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls

Full-time and part-time positions available for various shifts. Must be an Idahocertified nursing assistant. Long-term care experience preferred. We offer great pay and benefits to full-time associates, including medical coverage, 401(k) and paid vacation, sick days and holidays. Lela Higgins 208-736-3933 208-736-3941 Fax 1828 Bridgeview Blvd. Twin Falls, ID 83301 Visit us online at LCCA.COM. EOE/M/F/V/D 39139

Advertising Sales- Entry Level


The Idaho Press-Tribune is seeking qualified candidates for an entry level Advertising Sales Representative. This is a full-time 40 hour a week position with a base salary plus commissions.



PT & FT, days and PM shifts, for 46-bed skilled facility. Needed immediately. Full benefits FT staff. Contact Linda Vail, at Sunny Ridge Rehab, 2609 Sunnybrook Dr., Nampa. 475-1950 EOE.


Everyday deals Don’t miss out!

Are you a creative mind and self-starter that works best without close supervision? Do you enjoy working directly with local businesses? Do you appreciate clever advertising? Can you spend the majority of your day in working with customers and prospects to help grow their business? Are you comfortable making a high level of telephone sales calls on a daily basis? If you answered YES to all these questions you should consider applying for this job opportunity. We are a local privately owned company that has been doing business in the Treasure Valley for 130 years. We are well respected and well known. In this role you will work closely with local businesses on a variety of advertising and marketing fronts including print, digital, mobile and social media. You will develop a deep understand of a client's needs and ultimately provide expertise that include custom tailored marketing programs designed to drive results.


Call Diana Zigars 208-482-6074 for more information. Applications may be downloaded at our website: or picked up at the COSSA office at 109 Penny Lane, Wilder, ID 83676



COSSA seeks applicants for:

PT position (12 hours a week) located in Homedale.


Post your job online

This is an entry level sales position with excellent career advancement opportunities. We provide an outstanding work environment, training, support, resources, a competitive base salary, a monthly bonus program with excellent earning potential. The advertising department culture is very fast paced and extremely deadline driven. Strong attention to detail and accuracy is a must. We offer a full suite of benefits including health, dental, life, 401k, paid vacation and sick time. You must have a valid Idaho driver's license along with a good driving record. Please email a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect fit for this opportunity, include specific examples of past success in a similar role. Email the cover letter and resume to

30 days, as low as $ 50 per day FREE Photo!

Real Estate/Rentals

5. .com

TO ADVERTISE CALL 208-467-9253 /// M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. /// ONLINE 24/7 PUBLISHER'S NOTICE: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation ore discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the ages of 18 living with parent or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The tollfree telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800927-9275

Need Cash?

Sell it fast!

HOMES FOR SALE Low downs, in Nampa Happy Valley Park. OAC/OWC

465-5353 or 250-8873 NEWER REPOS Manufactured Homes. Ready to move into. Low down payment. Located in Nampa & Caldwell. OWC/OAC. 454-1639 between 10am-3pm, M-F or after hours & weekend. Call 989-8721

20 acres. Set up for cattle. 36x36 shop. 20x30 guest house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, family room. $350,000. Donna Murdock Caldwell Banker Malheur Realty 208-880-4938

PUBLISHER'S NOTICE: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation ore discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the ages of 18 living with parent or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The tollfree telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800927-9275

First month free. Caldwell 2 bedroom apt. $475 + $475 deposit. No pets/smoking. 454-2027/249-0451 CALDWELL clean 2 bedroom, near CofI. NO SMOKING/ PETS, stove, refrigerator. 2nd floor. References. $395 + $250 deposit Call 459-8912. CALDWELL 1 bedroom, 1 bath. $450 + $400 deposit ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED Gardner Property Management 208-989-5677 NAMPA 1 bedroom apartments. $375-$450 + $300 deposit. $99 move-in special. All units are 1 bedroom, prices vary. Pet cats with additional deposit. Excellent location, laundry, and off street parking. Call 465-0507.

CALDWELL 3 bedroom, gas fireplace, wood floors. Immaculate. $800/month. 810 Coopers court. Ken, KWA Property Management. 880-1099

CALDWELL HOME 4921 Buffalo Grass Ave. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fenced yard and garage, no pets/smoking. $750 per month, $700 deposit. Contact 208-631-9100.

Everyday deals

NAMPA 123 Davis. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, appliances, fireplace. Patio. Pets? Available April 1. $625 + $450 deposit. Owners Choice Property Management 467-0027

Don’t miss out!

AFFORDABLE HOUSING Sandlewood & Nottingshire Apts. Caldwell.

Call 459-4434. Equal Housing Opportunity

To place an ad call the

Idaho Press-Tribune Classifieds 467-9253

OPEN THE DOOR TO s9/52$2%!-(/-% s9/52$2%!-(/-% s-, 33%!2#( s-,33%!2#( s&%!452%$02 s&%! 452%$02/0%24)%3 s&%!452%$02/0%24)%3 s-/24'! s-/2 4'!'%# 4'! '%#!,#5,! '%# !,#5,!44/2 !,#5,! s-/24'!'%#!,#5,!4/2 s&%!452%$#/--5.)4)%3 s&%! 452%$#/--5.)4)%3 s,/#!,54),)4)%3 s,/# !,54),)4)%3

s.!-0!# s.!-0 !#!,$ !# !,$7%,,#(!-"%23 !,$ 7%,,#(!-"%23 s.!-0!#!,$7%,,#(!-"%23 s,%.$%23 s).352!.#% s2 2%!#().' 2%!$%23 2%! #().' 2%!$%23 s %!#().' 2%!$%23 ).02).4/.,).%

For more For more information information or tto infor o advertise, advertise, please contact: contact: Tammy Tammy Chadwick Chadwick (208) 465-8192 or C any an yonC yonC onCo ountyHo C M Y K



NAMPA 2415 E. Ohio. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car. Appliances, fenced yard. Pets? Available April 1. $795 + $700 deposit. Owners Choice Property Management 467-0027

CALDWELL CONDO, 2 large bedrooms, 2 BATH, vaulted ceilings, very nice unit in good location. Water, sewer, trash paid, $690 per month + deposit. 454-1759.


Logan Park Come & enjoy fun times doing crafts, games, puzzles & potlucks. We have covered parking, club house & a limited access building.

Serving Nampa/Caldwell


1-2-3 Bedroom Units $300-$900 RCE-401

We are close to West Valley Medical Center in a country setting. Must be 62+.

NAMPA 113 Ivy. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, carport. Wa/se/tr paid. Appliances. Pets? Available April 1. $525 + $450 deposit. Owners Choice Property Management 467-0027

Call 459-7075 or ITT 800-545-1833 ext. 315 to see your future home.

Has 1 bedroom apartments in country setting ready for you to move in. Low income elderly complex with loving family atmosphere.

NOTE: The following advertisers have certified that these properties meet the standards set by the Fair Housing Act of 1968; amended on 1989, and therefore qualify as “Housing for the Elderly,” and may be advertised as such.


Rent subsidized, non medical services, including meals at additional fee. First response staff on duty 24 hours.

MIDWAY PARK Quiet Country Park 2 spaces available. 465-5353

612 West Logan Street, Caldwell. Call 454-0004 for appointment. Logan Park is an Opportunity Provider

Find your perfect home

Looking to lease? FOR LEASE

1 BEDROOM IN MARSING FOR RENT $100. Utilities included. Call 340-9717 for details.



HAPPY VALLEY PARK Double/singlewide lots available. Quick freeway access.

7 days, 25 words $ 25 FREE Photo!


TO ADVERTISE CALL 208-467-9253 /// M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. /// ONLINE 24/7

Grass alfalfa clover mix. $6.00 bale. 65 pound bales. Call 454-9006

Alfalfa, Corn & Grass Seed's

Looking for Chickens?

Lowest prices, we deliver. Ray Odermott 800-910-4101 208-465-5280

Greg Granden Custom Haystacking & Retrieving

All cuttings alfalfa hay.

(Treasure Valley) Heavy 2-string bales. No rain-covered-$210- per-toncash only. Sold in 88 bales only. Delivery available. 208-467-4798

20+ Years Experience Hay & Grass For sale 4 Ton Minimum Call 250-1965 Thank You!

STRAW $3.50/bale. Delivery available! Call 454-5146 or 570-2603.


Transportation T ranspor orta tation ta tion



Blue Ribbon Private Treaty horse sale. Still a few openings left. Treaty Horse Sale at the Idaho Horse Expo, Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, April 19-21.

Salers Bull and Female Sale. Tues. March 26th, 1PM Treasure Valley Livestock, Caldwell, Idaho For catalogs 1-208-924-5106.


Potter's Emmett Valley Ranch Angus & Gelbvieh Bulls for sale (208) 365-3621 or see them online at

7 days, 25 words $ 50 FREE Photo!


MyMeridianClassif MyM

TO T O ADVERTISE ADVERTISE CALL CALL 208-467-9253 208-467-9253 /// M-F M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. p.m. /// ONLINE 24/7 24/7 MyMeridianClassif 1993 CHEVY PICKUP ½ ton. $2000 or best offer. 455-7756

NOW YOUR CLASSIFIED 7+ day ad will hit 11,000 more homes!


Reach 110,000 Canyon County Readers each week!

To place an ad call the

Idaho Press-Tribune Classifieds 467-9253


UP TO $300 PAID For unwanted vehicles. We remove. Call 466-5301 days or 466-4155 evenings.

Service Directory tory .com

2005 GMC SIERRA X-CAB 4x4 5.3 Auto, A.C., power window/locks, tilit, cruise. Hard tonneau cover, bed slider, tow package. 80K miles. $12,600. Call 409-3702.



30 days, 25 words $ 50 FREE Logo!


TO ADVERTISE CALL 208-467-9253 /// M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. /// ONLINE 24/7 Chimney Services

CHIMNEY SWEEP • Chimney Relines • Rebuilds/Repairs • Caps/dampers • Furnaces Cleaned • Smoke problems solved

866-829-2872 or 208-695-7542

Construction CLIFF RODERICK CONSTRUCTION HANDYMAN SERVICES Bath and Kitchen Remodel Painting, tiles, doors, windows, cabinets, moldings, countertops, laminates, drywall, fencing, and much more! Licensed and insured, 33 years experience. Call 631-9939. Handyman Service

Computer Services


All phases of home repairs, 25 years experience, no job too big or small. One Call, That's All.

Call Ed 899-6232. COMPUTER REPAIR

Hauling Services

PC's or Laptops. Home and Small Business. Tune-ups $25, Virus Removal $40, or buy combo package with both for $55. Purchase combo and mention this ad and get a 4gig flash drive at no cost. Call Chad at 208-283-7555.

Landscaping Need gravel. We deliver.

Eden Landscape Construction

459-3579 KODIAK LANDSCAPE LLC Full service landscaping, installation & removal, lawncare, weekly service & aerating, thatching, spring cleanups, pruning & tree trimming. Free estimates. Call 631-0279 PEACEFUL VALLEY LAWNCARE

Lawn Maintenance, tree and shrub trimming/removal, fertilizing, dethatching. Spring/Fall cleanup. Call 208-369-1773 for free estimate! Lawn Care

Landscape, shrub, rose bush, tree trim, hauling & cleanup.

Curtis 830-4459 Home Repair


Quality window & door screens Re-screen & repair. Solar sun screens Bug screens Call 888-9955

Need Cash?

Sell it fast!

20 Years of Quality Service Mow'N • Trim'N • Prun'N • Haul'N

• Spring Cleanups • Free estimates Senior Discounts 250-3200

Lawn Care TYRONE SHIPPY'S LAWN MOWING. Tree, shrub, trim & removal. Cleanups. Call 880-8466


Dick's Garden Rototilling

Starting at $35. Nampa/ Caldwell area. Call 880-7880



“Dependable Lawn Care With Professional Service” • Weekly Mowing, Trimming & Edging • Lawn Fertilization • Shrub Trimming • Free Estimate/Insured • Senior Discount

A Lawn mowing, Troybilt rototilling, rose pruning, tree/shrub trim/removal, stump grinding, landscape. Cleanup & hauling. Call Riley 602-9860

$15 & Up Lawn Mowing


Wind damage, leaks, tear offs, reroofing, roof overlay. Additions, remodels, and flooring. Licensed and insured. Call 991-7648




Lawn Care


Alex's Lawn Care & More

Ollie Palmer • 37 Years Experience • References Available Office: 323-1445 Cell: 353-8657 Remodeling/ Construction


Ollie Palmer • 37 Years Experience • References Available Office: 323-1445 Cell: 353-8657

INCOME TAX preparations as low as $25.00 for Federal & State Returns. All types of returns prepared. Form 1040, 1040A, 1040 EZ, 1065 & 1120. Call Stuart 887-2816 & leave voice message. Scorpion LLP Tree Service


Painting, Roofing, Fence Building and Repairs. Remodeling and More. Free estimates. Call 208-680-0318

Jake's Lawn Mowing


SPRING CLEANUP & HAULING Tree & shrubs, trim or removal, power raking, free estimates Call 989-2352 or 467-2566.

Call 941-1514 Taxes

Lawn mowing, Shrub Trimming, Deck's, Re-Roofing, Fencing, Tree Trimming & removal. Cleanups. FREE ESTIMATES Call 608-9027 Build fences/repair, tree & shrub trimming removal & landscaping. Free estimates. 914-4351/ 914-5485

Rototilling Mowing Hauling Cleanup Grading


Since 1971 Certified Arborist Licensed and Insured.

Steve Wood 459-6533 Window Cleaning


Ollie Palmer • 37 Years Experience • References Available Office: 323-1445 Cell: 353-8657

SPRING WINDOW CLEANING SPECIAL Local, family owned, great references, call Barbara at 208-936-0892.


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