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It’s a new, secure surveillance and security system at Union High School in Nampa that makes students and teachers safe. There’s a new bus lane and dedicated parent pick-up lane that improves traffic flow and provides safe access to the elementary school in Orofino. It’s the development of a new outdoor educational pavilion at New Horizons Alternative High School in Pocatello to improve academics. There is a new seed potato facility for Agriculture and Extension Services on the campus of the University of Idaho, an expansion of facilities for the nursing program at the Idaho State University campus in Meridian, and campus-wide outdoor lighting safety improvements for the new College of Eastern Idaho. These are only some of the benefits from your responsible play in Idaho. Any time anyone plays the Lottery in Idaho, you, your community, the businesses in your area, your local schools; they all benefit.

Where the Money Goes Fiscal Year 2018 Overview During the summer of 2018, the Idaho Lottery returned the largest dividend in its history - $53.5 million. These dividends provide meaningful contribution to the budgets for maintenance, repairs and capital improvement projects for Idaho’s public schools and the State of Idaho’s permanent facilities, places like our college campuses and operational infrastructure. Since 1989, the first year of operations, the Idaho Lottery has returned $846 million for the benefit and betterment of schools from kindergarten through college. The Idaho Lottery provides dividend dollars to three different public funds: the Department of Education’s Public School Building Fund, the Department of Education’s Bond Levy Equalization Fund, and the Department of Administration’s Permanent Building Fund. Players claimed a record $176.1 million in prizes, about 66% of all revenues. Also a record, over $15.6 million in commissions was earned by our network of nearly 1,200 retail locations in 168 communities across the Gem State for providing lottery products to their customers, roughly 6% of sales. Rigorous fiscal management of Idaho Lottery’s operating costs is paramount to its overall success. Prizes 66% Dividend 21%

Retailer Commissions 6% Marketing/ Communications 1%

Program Operations/ Game Support 4% Administration 2%

Public Building Fund Projects in Fiscal Year 2018: Dollars returned to the Department of Administration’s Permanent Building Fund are used on State owned facilities for improvement to State parks, renovations, new facilities for our college campuses, and maintenance projects for administrative buildings in the State of Idaho. The following projects are to be completed in FY19 and funded by FY18 dividends: ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF

- Complete Replacement of Domestic Water Service, JRW Bldg - Replace 5th Floor Surface Coating - Replace Roof, Alexander House - Replace Switch Gear and install New ADA Restrooms, JRW Bldg


- Replace Sub-Surface & Paving Areas 4 and 5, Old Pen Road - Repair Sprinkler System, Landscaping, Old Pen Road


- Access Control Replacement, Phase 2, Campus Wide - Replace Roof, Yanke Center - Irrigation Central Pumping Station/Irrigation Main Line, So Campus - Upgrade HVAC and Electrical, Riverfront Hall - Water Ugprade, Phase 2, Science Building - Outdoor Plant Upgrades and Rewire Albertsons Library, OIT - Repair Southeast Air Handler, Albertsons Library - Renovations, Sixth Floor, and ADA Upgrades (Phase 2) Education Building - Roof Replacement, Yanke - Roof Replacement, Gage Warehouse - Lab Space Conversions/Renovations - Campus Lighting - Upgrade Fire Alarm & Emergency Notification - Renovations, Liberal Arts Space and Infrastructure - Upgrades, Distraction Free Testing - Upgrade Pneumatic Controls to DOC, Science Building - Theater Curtain Fire Resistance Survey & Replacement


- Sidewalk Repair/Improvement - Lighting Upgrade, Select Bldgs - Irrigation Conversion, Phase 2 - Repair Asphalt Parking Areas - Heat Pump Replacement, Alexander Creek Bldg, Phase 1 - Irrigation Conversion, Phase 3 - Light Upgrade, Welding, Diesel & Automotive - Window Replacement, Robertson Building - LED Conversion, Campus Outdoor Lighting


- Canyon Building Remodel - Geothermal Well 2 Enclosure - LED Sidewalk and Campus Wide Lighting - Fire Alarm Upgrades, Herrett Museum, Evergreen and Meverhoeffer - North College Road Bike Lane Completion - Replace Return Air Fans Jl and J2, Canyon Building - Upgrade Fire Alarm, Evergreen Building - Paving, Child Care Center, IOOA, Gym, Main Campus, Jerome Center - Replace Sidewalk, Hepworth and Taylor Buildings - LED Upgrade, HSHS Building Parking Lot Lights - Window Upgrade, Shields Building - Fire Alarm Upgrade, Meyerhoeffer Building - Window Upgrade, Evergreen Building C-wing - Replace Sidewalk, Taylor Building - Flooring, Replace Carpets, Various Classrooms and Offices - Repair Parking Lots, Roadways, Main Campus and Jerome Center - Entry Access Controls, Phase 1 - Roof Replacement, CSI Refugee Center - Sidewalk Lighting, Eagle View


- Health Sciences Building, Nampa (Matching Funds Required) - Flooring Upgrade, Corridor/Common Area, NCAB - Classroom Improvements, Upgrade Flooring/Lighting, 102E, 105, 106 - Electrical Sub-Metering, Campus Wide - Lighting Control Replacement, NCAB - Underground Utility Mapping/Utility Master Plan


- Waste Water Lagoon Upgrade, NICI - Upgrade Restrooms, Unit 1, 3, & 4, NICI - Restroom Remodel, Unit 3 and 551 Con Fixtures, NICI - Community Re-entry Center, Twin Falls - Replace Roof, McKelway, ICIO - Upgrade Fire Life Safety System, IMSI and NICI - Repair Hydronic Pipes, A & J Block, Phase II, IMSI - Upgrade Restrooms, Unit 8 & 10, ISCI - Replace Roof, Work Camp Main Bldg, St. Anthony - HVAC Upgrades, Unit 8 thru 11, ISCI - Restroom Upgrades, Tier 1 & Tier 2, TVCRC and IFCRC - HVAC Improvements, N Dorm, SICI - Replace Roof, McKelway, ICIO - Roof Replacement, Main Double, SAWC - South Boise Women’s Correctional Center


- Reception, Lobby, Receiving, and Add New Perimeter, Admin - Replace Interior Sewer Lines and Fan Coil Units, HDC, Pocatello - Exterior Painting, Whitehall, SWITC - Campus Water System Update, SWITC - HVAC Controls, Ramsey, SWITC - Demolish Medical Building, SWITC - Replace Heating Boilers, Aspen, Pine, Birch Buildings, SWITC - Upgrade Exterior Fire Sprinklers to Aspen, Pine, Birch Bldgs, SWITC - Cabinet Heaters and Thermostat Replacement, Whitehall - Replace Low Slope Roof, SHN - Replace Perimeter Electric Door Locks/Controls, SHN - Concrete Repair to Include Additional Slab/Suppy Delivery, SHN - Renovate Campus Cottage, SHN - Upgrade Storage Building, SHN - Replace Exterior Doors, PTF,SHS - Rebuild Large Parking Lot, SHS - Replace Windows Admin,Add Wall Enclosure/Emergency Gen, SHS - Enclose/Upgrade Administration Backup Generator, SHS - Replace Boilers, State Health Lab - Upgrade Environmental Monitoring Lab, State Health Lab - Room Environmental Monitoring, State Health Lab - Safety Railing, Roof Perimeter, State Health Lab - Replace Roof and Safety Railing, Flammable Storage, State Health Lab - Renovate Rcvg & Admin Area, State Health Lab

IDAHO EDUCATION SERVICES FOR THE DEAF & BLIND - Cottage Renovation, Phase 1 - School Safety and Security


- Replace Roof, Idaho History Center - Complete Restoration/Enhance Public Access/Stricker Ranch/Rock Crk - Install HVAC System, Old Pen Shirt Factory - Restoration/Enhancement Public Access, Stricker Ranch/Rock Crk - Old Pen Road Improvements

IDAHO STATE LIQUOR DISPENSARY - Warehouse Concrete Repair - Asphalt Installation, Parking Lot/Truck Turnaround


- Replace Carpet, Admin Bldg, Meridian - Flooring, Carpet & Base Replacement, Bldg 3 - Remodel Front Entrance/Security, Forensics, Bldg 1 - Parking Awning/Patrol Motors Unit, Bldg 9


- Conduct 50-year Inspections, Replace Fire Sprinkler Heads - Repalce Boiler #3 Refractory, Heat Plant - Repair Utility Tunnel, Replace Steam/Condensate Lines - Replace Roof and Expand Nursing Department, Meridian - Replace Ceilings, Provide Ducted HVAC Returns, Tingey Admin - Replace Damaged Concrete/Walkways, Campus Wide - HVAC Upgrade, Reed Gym - Replace Roof System, ESTEC - Replace Roof, CHE (University Place) - Remodel Dietetics Food Lab, Albion Hall - Backflow Check Valves, Campus Irrigation System - Door Access Control, Exterior Doors - Roof System Replacement, Carpenter Shop - Roof System Replacement, Rendezvous - Replace Fire Escape Stairs, Colonial Hall - Flooring, Replace Tile/Carpet, Liberal Arts - Light Fixtures, Upgrade to LED, CHE (University Place) - New ADA Elevator, Family Medicine

JUVENILE CORRECTIONS, DEPARTMENT OF - Replace Roof, JCC Nampa - Resurface Roadways, Phase 2, JCC St. Anthony - Replace Flooring, JCC Lewiston, Phase 2 - Shower Remodel, JCC Lewiston - Cover Outdoor Recreation Yard, JCC Nampa, Phase 2

LABOR, DEPARTMENT OF - Interior Renovation, Lewiston HVAC - Renovation, Pocatello - Reroof Annex Building, Boise - Renovate HVAC, Pocatello


-Office Reception Area Expansion, Pend Orielle - Carpet/Paint Supervisory Area Office, Maggie Creek - HVAC System Replacement, Payette Lake Supervisory Area - Replace Air Handler & Condensing Unit, Staff Office, CDA


- Repairs, Center for Arts & History - Electrical Engineering Study - 1st Floor Buildout, Clearwater Hall - Remodel & Space Expansion/Movement & Sports Sciences, Activity Center - Replace Windows, Center for Arts & History - Fire Alarm System, Library - ADA Accessibility - Campus Doors - Upgrade President’s Residence


- MWR Facility - Interior Repair Bldg 950, Gowen Field - Repair Compound Drainage, Nampa - RC Interior Repair/Engergy Upgrade, Post Falls - RC Repair Roof, Bldg 500/501, Gowen Field - Interior/Landscape Upgrades, Pocatello - Repair Parking Lot and Flagpole, Rexburg RC - Readiness Center, Post Falls Interior Repair, Bldg 500 - Roof Repair, Burley - Restroom Repair, Bldg 600

NORTH IDAHO COLLEGE - Parking Lot, Old Mill Site - Schuler Performing Arts Refresh - Mechanical Upgrade, Boswell Hall

PARKS & RECREATION, DEPARTMENT OF - Re-roof Headquarters, Boise - Install New Carpet, North Region Office - Install New Carpet, Land of the Yankee Fork S.P.

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS - Communication Site, Lewiston Hill


- Seed Potato Facility, Ag & Extension Services - Engineering Shop and Storage Addition, KUID Building - Campus Sidewalks, Stadium Drive & Blake Avenue - 7th Street Pedestrian Improvements - Line Street Steam Tunnel Lid Repair/Replacement - Repair/Renovate East Entry Steps/Planters, Menard Law Bldg - Replace Roof, Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory - Administration Building Rated Building Improvements - Exterior Masonry Repairs, Buchanan Engineering Laboratory - Replace Roof, Niccolls Building - HVAC Upgrade, Lifes Sciences South, Phase 3 - Recoat Tank Exterior, Domestic Water Tank - Exterior Envelope Repairs, Pitman Center - Acoustic Mitigation/Isolation, Phase 1, LHSOM and Ridenbaugh - Pedestrian Mall Steps, Idaho Avenue - Window Replacement, Phase 1, Morrill Hall - Replace Cab and Lift Equipment, Ag Science Elevator - Repairs, Campus Drive and Administration Circle - Fire Lane, South Academic Mall


- Replace Flooring, Activity, Therapy, and Public Restrooms, VET-L - Replace Flooring, Resident Rooms, VET-P - Replace Cabinets, Phase 2, VET-P - Remodel Business Office/Replace Windows, VET-L - Remodel Soiled/Clean Linen, and Break Rooms, West Wing, VET-B - Expand Dining Room, VET-L

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

ADA Anser Charter School

Science room remodel, flooring $22,800 replacement, handicap accessible door, classroom lighting, HVAC repairs, maintenance, and replacement


Boise Independent

Paint, flooring, roof upgrades boiler improvements

Compass Charter

HVAC repair, tile floor maintenance, water damage repair, plumbing and electrical repairs, painting, and miscellaneous projects



Falcon Ridge Charter

Ice damage repairs, painting, carpet cleaning, annual inspections gym floor refinished



$1,582,079 $34,715,009

Garden City Community (closed)



Hidden Springs Charter (closed)



Idaho College & Career N/A* Idaho Connects


Idaho Virtual Academy N/A*





$121,641 $1,847,933

Inspire Virtual Charter




iSucceed Virtual




Kuna Joint

General maintenance, HVAC, $330,986 $5,395,967 carpeting, door hardware, KHS roof KMS PA system, flooring, plumbing and fixtures, painting and other projects

Meridian Charter HS

Not reported*



Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School

Not reported*



North Star Charter

Repairs to gym bleachers, art room upgrade, painting, changes to existing office space, upgrades to classrooms



Rolling Hills Charter

Flooring, walls, electrical, lighting, various repairs due to flooding



Sage International School of Boise

Repair of building internal surfaces, fixtures and systems



The Village Charter

Not reported*



West Ada

Roofing, classroom remodel


$2,405,927 $39,582,331 $4,831,940 $85,177,834

ADAMS Council

Maintenance, elementary bathroom



Meadows Valley

Plumbing repairs, gym floor refinish, asbestos removal










BANNOCK Connor Academy

Repair window, door, misc

Gem Prep: Pocatello

Not reported*

Marsh Valley Joint

Roofing repairs, plumbing, interior $79,582 $1,991,637 painting, rain gutter replacement, replace windows, doors, carpet and flooring


Carpeting, roofing, HVAC

Pocatello Community Charter School

Carpet classrooms, ventilation system, $21,323 routine maintenance


$764,026 $16,952,069 $260,900

$908,855 $19,463,326

BEAR LAKE Bear Lake County

Maintenance, personnel, repairs, asbestos removal, carpet, roof repairs, MS gym locker rooms remodel, AG shop upgrade lights, HS repairs and computer lab countertops


$72,974 $1,921,023

$72,974 $1,921,023

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

BENEWAH Plummer/Worley Joint

Repair brick, replace linoleum, $19,668 update cafeteria, replace main doors, replaced gym lights, install awning, misc

St. Maries Joint

Wiring HVAC, biomass boiler repair, annual inspections



$60,695 $1,624,951 $80,363 $2,313,974

BINGHAM Aberdeen

Repairs, HS library rennovation, computer room, special education classroom, career center, and student common areas

Bingham Academy Charter

Repairs of existing classrooms


Partial new roof and gym floor bathroom and HVAC repairs

Blackfoot Charter Classroom repairs Community Learning Ctr. Chief Tahgee

Not reported*


Furnace, replaced roof, carpet, paint

Idaho Leadership Acad. (closed)

$45,223 $1,191,759



$239,608 $5,890,352 $38,006




$50,272 $1,235,434 -




Idaho Science & Technology Charter

Regular repairs and maintenance

Shelley Joint

Fire inspections/maintenance, ceiling $143,196 $3,000,097 and heat pump repairs, kitchen repair, HVAC controls, refinish gym floors, salaries and benefits

Snake River

Paint, correction of safety issues, $109,661 $2,770,690 electrical and mechanical repairs, heating systems, extinguisher and alarm inspections, replace carpet, wages and benefits for maintenance


$652,443 $14,511,073

BLAINE Blaine County

Repair locker room, carpet interior paint, repair science lab

Syringa Mountain

Not reported*


$208,027 $4,160,562 $7,914


$215,941 $4,194,101


Refinished gym floor, flooring in elementary, repaired roof and soffit



Garden Valley

Safety inspections, water testing, $15,425 upkeep of wastewater plant, repairing auto flush toilets, drinking water well replaced, new heating system, maintenance


Horseshoe Bend

New siding and trim in Annex Building, $13,969 roof gutter replacement (all schools), re-roof gym building and cafeteria



$50,484 $1,404,087

BONNER Bonner County (former) (closed) Forrest M. Bird Charter Maintenance, repair of MS heating system, repairs to fire alarm/sprinkler system, installed safety ladder on HS





Lake Pend Oreille

Roof repairs, interior pipe repairs, $222,050 $3,985,529 sewer repairs, hallway tile and carpet, painting, and general maintenance

West Bonner County

Major boiler upgrades and repairs, exterior doors, windows at elementary and new heat system controls


$64,495 $1,455,612 $307,681 $7,553,715

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

BONNEVILLE Alturas International Academy

Not reported*



American Heritage Charter School

Foundation repairs



Bonneville Joint

Maintenance and repairs to buildings, $775,971 $12,644,763 locker room and stairwell renovations, roof repairs

Idaho Falls

Maintenance and repairs, new carpet $621,517 $14,157,673 and doors, roofing projects, HVAC repairs

Monticello Montessori

Maintenance and repairs to buildings


Odyssey Charter School Not reported*




Swan Valley Elementary Repair kitchen oven, new water heater, $2,556 window replacement, repair heating system, security cameras and basketball backboards


Taylor’s Crossing Charter School

Doors/locks repaired, ballasts, HVAC service, fire inspections, roof patched, gym walls carpeted, painting, carpet cleaning/floor maintenance



White Pine Charter

General building maintenance




$1,512,546 $27,785,056

BOUNDARY Boundary County

Maintenance, salaries and benefits of maintenance personnel, replaced all windows at BCMS, elementary gym floor and BFHS gym floor


$89,057 $2,231,773

$89,057 $2,231,773

BUTTE Butte County

Annual inspections, alarm monitoring, $26,158 refinish gym floors, paint, furnace central module, ignitors and repairs, toilet and drain repairs, lights and electrical wiring, locker room heaters, salaries/benefits





CAMAS Camas County

Repairs to boilers and plumbing, roof remodel, school bleachers








CANYON Another Choice Virtual Not reported* Charter School Caldwell

Security system Caldwell HS, $387,839 $8,111,223 partial roof replacement Syringa Middle


Maintenance items including salaries/benefits, materials/supplies, HVAC repairs, and alarm system

Gem Prep - Nampa

Not reported*



Heritage Community Charter

Not reported*



Idaho Arts Charter

Ongoing repairs and maintenance



Legacy Charter

Annual repair and maintenance



Liberty Charter

Gym floors resurfaced, HVAC repairs, alarm system repairs, blinds, paint, staff salary and benefits, maintenance



Melba Joint

Replaced locks and keys, carpet and water line replacement

$52,292 $1,041,461


Maintenance of buildings including painting, windows, floor replacement and mechanical diagnostics/repairs


Roof repairs, other internal repairs $864,499 $17,033,595 and maintenance, HVAC and bathroom updates in elementary school



$247,880 $3,880,664

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

CANYON continued... Nampa Classical (closed) Academy Charter School Notus



HVAC system, clean up and repair from $26,151 fire sprinkler line breaks; replace/repair security system


OWL Charter Academy (closed) Parma



Painted multipurpose room, repaired $69,415 $1,464,879 roof at MS, carpet and tile at elementary due to flood, door for Ag Shop

Pathways in Education Not reported*





Thomas Jefferson Charter School

Repairs and maintenance as needed


Major remodel of elementary schools, $536,876 $7,612,135 carpet/tile repairs, electrical/mechanic repairs, restroom upgrades, upgrades to fire/security systems, HVAC repairs, salary/benefits fro staff performing repairs

Victory Charter School Annual repair and maintenance



Vision Charter School

Carpets, circuits for kitchen warmers, outlet for printer hub, roof repairs, AC maintenance and repairs, building care, salaries and benefits




Roofing, water system, security upgrades and telephone system




$2,520,843 $43,000,795

CARIBOU Grace Joint

Security camera at school entrance, $32,879 maintenance staff salaries and benefits


North Gem

Maintenance staff salaries and benefits $10,307 summer labor, painting, roof repair, replaced carpet, building maintenance


Soda Springs Joint

Re-roof HS music room, re-wire MS data, heater in HS locker room, general maintenance and upkeep


$52,521 $1,396,230 $95,707 $2,495,340

CASSIA Cassia County Joint

Fine Arts center renovation, elementary restroom remodel, new flooring, grease interceptor, asbestos abatement


$337,095 $7,240,889

$337,095 $7,240,889

CLARK Clark County Joint

Replaced furnace over storage and new gym, wired welding stations






CLEARWATER Orofino Joint

Water pump at Cavendish, boiler $76,723 $1,991,585 repair and carpet at OES, roof and entry doors at OJSHS and TS, HVAC at TS


$76,723 $1,991,585

CUSTER Challis Joint

Maintenance staff salary and benefits, $21,569 three heat unit replacements, CHS window replacement, contract repairs, wall heaters, contract repairs, supplies and materials


Mackay Joint

Annual inspections, refinish the gym $13,075 and auditorium floors, roof membrane replacement, boiler repair, bathroom pipe repair, paint, salaries and benefit



$34,644 $1,120,815

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

ELMORE Glenns Ferry Joint

New high school gym floor, repaired middle school gym floor

Mountain Home

Roof repairs, flooring, security cameras and wireless installation

Prairie Elementary

Plumbing, new pressure tank and water heater, other maintenance



Richard McKenna Charter High School

Cleaned carpets, repaired gas leak in $28,071 classroom heating system, electrical repairs, locking storage cabinets, doors, surveillance system, refinish floors, locks





$238,035 $5,518,230

$292,201 $6,594,027

FRANKLIN Preston Joint

Maintenance staff salaries/benefits, $145,700 $3,288,909 roofing, replaced carpet, polished hallway concrete, remodeled Pioneer Elementary cafeteria, painting


Not reported*



West Side Joint

Maintenance salaries and benefits, $43,435 replaced carpet, cabinets, other supplies



$202,021 $4,228,853

FREMONT Fremont County Joint

Boiler repairs at SFJH, replaced floors $133,670 $3,394,718 and HVAC at SFH, replaced alert on controls and security doors NFHS, AC compressor server room SFH, replaced AC unit HFE, roof repairs


$133,670 $3,394,718

GEM Emmett Independent

Door replaced, safety lighting, $147,271 $3,757,395 replaced modular ramp at BV Complex, refinish/paint gym floors, partial elevator install, light replacement

Payette River Technical Academy

Not reported*




$159,961 $3,868,517

GOODING Bliss Joint

Roof repairs, electrical repairs

Gooding Joint

Replaced bathroom stalls and water stations, plumbing, electrical, HVAC repairs, security system/fire alarm repairs, replaced AC units, keys

$82,743 $1,746,925

Hagerman Joint

AC and heat pump repairs, rewiring, classroom and building maintenance



Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind

Not reported*



North Valley Academy

Roof repair, new toilets, gym heater, electrical throughout building




Upgrades to thermostats systems, energy efficiency bulbs, water heaters

$68,500 $1,526,721




$201,032 $4,323,361

IDAHO Cottonwood Joint

Maintenance, counselor office and $25,113 classroom remodel, gym heating at HS

Grangeville Joint (former) (closed)




Mountain View

Maintenance staff and materials, $78,187 replaced elevator, roof prep, floor covering, replaced HVAC and auto scrubber


Salmon River Joint

Repair and replaced heating units, $7,003 floor covering,upgraded drinking fountains at HS, upgrade locks and security system



$110,303 $2,917,435

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

JEFFERSON Jefferson County Joint Replaced carpet, maintenance, heat pumps, HS heating system maintenance

$361,121 $6,234,598

Ririe Joint

Door, window and lock repairs, painting, floor and furnace repairs

$43,610 $1,007,060

West Jefferson

Maintenance and repair of buildings, classroom remodels, boiler upgrade, restroom remodels, new doors




$441,294 $8,238,121

JEROME Heritage Academy

Electrical upgrade, plumbing, boiler

Jerome Joint

Ongoing maintenance, replaced $246,351 $4,558,413 roof at Jefferson Elementary, replaced and repaired HS roof, replaced tile


Roof replacement and repairs, HVAC repair and ongoing maintenance






$292,864 $5,577,296

KOOTENAI Coeur d’ Alene

Replaced CHS roof, asbestos removal $654,193 $12,833,980 at Borah Elementary, fire system testing, air quality at Dalton Elementary, painting, Fire system repair at Skyway Elementary, NEXA Elementary elevator repair

Coeur d’ Alene Charter Academy

Mechanical HVAC replacement and general repairs/maintenance



Kootenai Bridge Academy Charter

Carpet, heating systems repairs and maintenance, supplies



Kootenai Joint

Monitoring strips for cracks in HS walls, lighting retro-fit, floors stripping and waxing




Roof repair projects, HVAC repairs $268,693 $5,529,806 and upgrades, classroom renovations, replaced carpet, and routine maintenance

North Idaho Stem Charter School

General maintenance, roof repair and replace, heater and heat pump repair, heat tape on roof, ceiling tile repair

Post Falls

Repaired/replaced carpet and HVAC, $359,943 $6,655,445 roof repairs, painting




$1,378,682 $26,144,285

LATAH Genesee Joint

Replaced windows, boiler repairs, cyber keys, furnace parts, office remodel and general repairs



Idaho Distance Education Academy

Plumbing repairs, restroom fixtures





Kendrick Joint

Installed new windows and HVAC


Maintenance, ADA bathroom and $145,304 $3,335,684 wheel chair lifts, security doors and cameras

Moscow Charter

Interior painting, roof repair, LED bulb installation, general maintenance

Palouse Prairie Charter Not reported*






Replaced roofing membrane, replaced $27,647 doors at HS, retro-fit lights with LED lenses, painting and replaced carpet at HS, elementary bathroom updates



Salaries and benefits for staff, fire $16,406 alarm inspection, roof repair from ice damage, HVAC and air duct cleaning, repairs as needed, extractor for carpets


Whitepine Joint

Roof repairs and brick restoration at Deary, sink and toilet repairs





Whitepine Joint (former) (closed) TOTAL

$296,455 $6,837,987

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

LEMHI Salmon

Finished replacing galvanized water lines, painting, roof repairs

South Lemhi

Cleaned boiler, repaired counter tops $6,514 and replaced kitchen cabinets, repaired furnace, water testing, condenser pump, repaired fire alarm, extinguishers inspection

Upper Carmen Charter Remodeled building into classroom for HS students, remodeled interiors of two elementary classrooms TOTAL

$48,235 $1,430,731




$61,809 $1,704,980

LEWIS Highland Joint

Ongoing repairs and maintenance, replaced gym windows



Kamiah Joint

Painted classrooms and offices, $26,606 asbestos removal, weight room remodel, two lab relocations, windows district office, HVAC repairs, repair of MS roof


Nezperce Joint

Repair gym boiler, replaced carpet in three classrooms, replace swimming pool boiler and pump




$46,759 $1,442,017

LINCOLN Dietrich

Updated HVAC, wiring, painting, carpet $12,833



Waxing of school floors, repaired boiler, $11,571 repaired bathroom facilities, replaced light fixtures, plumbing repairs, classroom blinds, security system, painting


Shoshone Joint

Book cases in library and classrooms, entrance door repairs, HVAC repairs, carpet rotation, repaired leaks in classrooms, painting maintenance




$57,229 $1,367,372


Roof repairs JHS and MMS, refinish gym floors, Lincoln windows, MMS brick repair, Adams gym repair

$326,465 $6,368,748

Sugar-Salem Joint

Replaced heating controls and hot water system at HS, refinished gym floors, repaired roofs at JH and MS, replaced carpet

$101,905 $2,042,735


$428,370 $8,411,483

MINIDOKA Minidoka County Joint

Carpet, paint, water heater, restroom $256,722 $6,095,838 remodels, doors and locks, roof at TLC, HVAC repair study, well repair, security systems, indoor bleachers


$256,722 $6,095,838

NEZ PERCE Culdesac Joint

Cleaned carpets, fire extinguishers $5,964 maintenance, security camera system updated, fixed leaking roof, cleaned sewer lines, installed HVAC units, fixed leaking furnace/boiler, update light-fixtures to LED



Ongoing repairs and maintenance, installed carpet in classrooms


Lewiston Independent

Gymnasium roof, replaced water heater, repaired roof and replaced HVAC, remodel bathrooms and installed security system

Tammany Elementary

(Ended in 1995)



$288,161 $6,711,774



$323,474 $7,778,937

District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

ONEIDA Oneida County

Elementary school boiler and heating $88,965 $1,360,586 system, middle school heating, roofing at high school, carpet replacement


$88,965 $1,360,586

OWYHEE Bruneau-Grand View Joint

Maintenance, painting, repairs to office and doors

Homedale Joint

Maintenance, HS gym bleachers $75,222 $1,724,540 replacement, roof repair/replacement, boiler and HVAC repairs, doors and locks

Marsing Joint

HVAC unit replacement at high school $51,381 $1,118,408 and elementary school, carpet

Pleasant Valley

Repairs and maintenance as needed






$145,962 $3,519,838

PAYETTE Fruitland

Maintenance staff salaries/benefits, $110,580 $2,153,842 roof snow removal and repair, upgrade wiring for internet, general maintenance, HVAC, carpet, paint, lights

New Plymouth

Flooring, electrical lights, plumbing parts, boiler and HVAC maintenance, paint, doors, etc

Payette Joint

Maintenance staff salaries/benefits, $92,444 $2,369,232 replaced/repaired HVAC at PPS, MMS, WS PHS, and Alt PHS, snow removal, replaced roof


$61,668 $1,330,574

$264,692 $5,853,648

POWER American Falls Joint

All buildings general maintenance

Arbon Elementary

Carpet, general maintenance

Rockland Classroom improvements, restroom repairs, new classroom and restroom facilities TOTAL

$90,293 $2,194,818 $1,104




$102,415 $2,494,445


Servicing existing equipment

Kellogg Joint

Repaired roofs, kitchen equipment $66,235 $1,956,297 and storage, replaced interior gym doors


Remodeled and repaired Voc-Ed shop and consumer science room




Installed heater units, entry way $29,441 heaters and sliding doors with windows, general safety/maintenance including roof repair at both schools





$103,333 $3,143,548

TETON Teton County

Roof membrane at Tetonia and $108,574 $2,002,110 Driggs Elementary, carpet and flooring at Victor Elementary and Teton High, heating system upgrades and auditorium lighting, PA system upgrade


$108,574 $2,002,110

TWIN FALLS ARTEC Charter School Not reported*


Buhl Joint

New roofs, furnace replacements, internal security, bathroom repairs, classroom flooring

$80,556 $1,871,061


Castleford Joint

Restroom fixtures, carpeting, repairs and maintenance



District FY17 Use

FY18 Total Amount

TWIN FALLS continued... Filer

Salaries/benefits for maintenance, repaired windows and furnaces, painting, carpets, lights, sewer pump

$101,974 $1,939,251


Fire suppression system, finished roof, $20,173 maintenance, air compressor for heating system, electrical outlet, upgraded lighting, replaced drain in lunch room


Salaries/benefits for maintenance, replaced carpet, blinds, door locks, drinking fountain and toilets

Murtaugh Joint

New roof for high school

Three Creek Joint

Finish breezeway and classroom

Twin Falls

Remodeled Alternative High School, $586,848 $10,351,445 deep cleaning, window, replaced door, HVAC upgrades, security upgrades, maintenance, window coverings, flooring


$120,627 $1,984,690 $22,075




Wings Middle Charter




Xavier Charter School

Maintenance/repairs of HVAC units, $45,760 replaced carpets, repaired doors, added electrical outlets, repaired classrooms, deep cleaning



$1,010,871 $18,178,424

VALLEY Cascade

Asbestos removal, refinish gym floor, roof repairs

McCall-Donnelly Joint

Refinish of gym floor at Barbara $73,887 $1,487,430 Morgan Elementary, HS drywall work, Payette Lakes Middle School computer room remodel, carpet, painting




$87,600 $1,961,665

WASHINGTON Cambridge Joint

Replace elementary roof, flooring in one $7,975 classroom, ongoing daily maintenance



Repairs of building



Snow removal for roofs, alarm system $95,138 $2,228,088 tested and updated, new ceiling tiles, painting, repaired boiler, HS auditorium refurbishment and upgrade



$110,025 $2,735,331

TOTAL $18,562,500 $364,738,375 *Idaho Code 33-1019 requires that the Department of Education collect information from schools on how they spent their 2% requirement. If they do not own the facility, they are not required to report.

SUMMARY OF DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION LOTTERY DIVIDENDS 1992 Public School Funds Study HB 315 Facilities Trans 2004 (Whitepine)

$500,000 $377,500

Bond Levy Equalization FY 2003 - 2007


Bond Levy Equalization FY 2009 - 2017


Carry Over Balance Interest Paid (1990 - 2002)

$1,436,555 -$587,739

Public Education FY 1990 - 2017


Permanent Buildings FY 1990 - 2017




The Idaho Lottery launched on July 19, 1989. Dividends are transferred to the Public School District Building Account, the Permanent Building Fund, and the Bond Equalization Fund for distribution. Dividend distribution occurs annually in July. Distribution at the district level is based on average daily attendance. The Idaho Lottery office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. Our offices are closed on State and Federal holidays. For more information, please contact: IDAHO LOTTERY P.O. BOX 6537 Boise, ID 83707-6537 208-334-2600

Benefiting Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY.

Profile for Idaho Lottery

2018 Where the Money Goes Brochure  

The Idaho Lottery gave a record $53.5 Million back to Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund.

2018 Where the Money Goes Brochure  

The Idaho Lottery gave a record $53.5 Million back to Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund.