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Idaho Home Run Team Are you looking for your dream home In the State of Idaho, We provide real estate properties and houses around BOISE City the Capital of Idaho and surrounding cities. We are Boise and Treasure valley Real Estate consultant, we provide real estate through the Idaho multiple listing services, for the people who want to sell or buy property in Idaho communities. Just go through this document, it will brief you about Idaho cities real estate.

Idaho Idaho is the 14th largest United States. The state's largest city and capital is Boise. Idaho is beautiful state. Idaho has too many cities.

Boise, Idaho

Located in Idaho, Boise is a beautiful city in the heart of arid, southwestern Idaho, just 350 miles from Salt Lake City and 490 miles from Seattle. There are many advantages to living in Boise. The people in the city have a fast-paced lifestyle. The city offers many opportunities in Real Estate and is the perfect place to live, work, and play with a perfect mix of communitybased activity and big city life. Boise is a place which is amazingly peaceful. You will enjoy relaxing in the sun, kayaking and mountain climbing.

Meridian, Idaho People are so fond of buying homes in Meridian; there are plenty of good houses that are available for less than 250 K, making them a good buy. Homes in Meridian are in a prime location. It is the third largest city in Idaho, just behind Boise and Nampa. Investing in “Meridian Homes� will surely reap benefits in the future as there will be a large population base, since it is the fastest growing city in the state.

Eagle, Idaho Eagle Idaho is the most popular area of Boise for real estate buyers. Lifestyle in this area is a main reason for the attraction. Eagle Idaho homes are located between the Boise foothills and the Boise River. Eagle provides many facilities like horseback riding, biking, and enjoying water sports. Parks such as Arboretum Park, Friendship Park, Merrill Park, Guerber, and Eagle-Ada Parks each offer their own variety of recreation. World class cycling facilities are undergoing construction. The people residing here can enjoy playing golf at Eagle Hills Golf Course.

Kuna, Idaho Kuna is known as the Gateway City to the Birds of Prey National Habitat Area (PNHA). Kuna also assists with The Western Heritage Byways Project. Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area has been selected as a “watch-able wildlife� area by the people. The citizens of Kuna are very enthusiastic, actively participating through the Chamber of Commerce and other types of community activities.

Star, Idaho Twenty miles west of Boise in Idaho exists a small, but beautiful town, known as Star. People of the town live a prosperous life complete with leisure activities as well as business opportunities that are flooding the area. The local church, which is more than 100 years old, is a frequent place for the Star community residents to visit and still continues to bring people together.

Middleton, Idaho The small town of Middleton situated in the Treasure Valley is one of its kind rural community and howsoever new the residents settling or settled may be its assured you will feel at home. It even provides a picturesque view with a full view of two beautiful mountain ranges.

Nampa, Idaho If you want to own a property with the benefits of hunting, fishing, mountain biking and plenty of other exciting outdoor sports accessible nearby, then Nampa is the place for you. If you are a person who likes to stay active, Nampa gives you 120 acres of public parks, tennis courts, jogging tracks, swimming pools and other facilities.

Caldwell, Idaho Caldwell’s name is registered in the Historic Places Register. Also known by the name “The Treasure Valley”, Caldwell is enriched by its heritage and has welcoming, friendly faces. People are skeptical when they read about the heritage. Caldwell offers numerous recreational activities including soccer, volleyball, hiking, bike riding and much more.

Know About Me I am Randy Gridley I have been in business in Idaho for over 40 years. I have been a real estate consultant serving the Boise and Meridian, Idaho real estate market since 1996. Real estate market is a passion of mine.

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