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Imagine yourself heading for Rome to participate in a conference. There’s an intermediate landing in Amsterdam, the hour is late and your flight is delayed for at least six hours. Do you feel the choice of your regular €200 hotel room for six hours of rest worth the price? Or would you rather spend those hours half asleep on one of those uncomfortable airport couches, constantly worrying that someone might snag your luggage?

Any other options?

Cubinn - Compact accomodations

Full scale prototype - exhibited at Stockholm Furniture fair 2007

The main purpose for developing the Cubinn-concept is to fulfill an increasingly higher need for temporary low-price accomodations, foremost in connection to various infrastructural key-points (e.g airports, train- and busstations, etc.). In short, the room consists of a five m2 cube - simply furnished and suited for a temporary rest; from a couple of hours of sleep to an overnight stay. The idea is to locate the Cubinn boxes in close proximity to WC- and (where available) shower-facilities. Each Cubinn unit is also equipped with Wi-Fi internet connection as well as electric sockets and some extra luggage space. In addition, the Cubinn is based on a light-weight modular system which provides for assembling and disassembling as well as compact storage. A feature that makes it possible to easily move and store the hotel-boxes at any given time; for example during seasons with higher demand (such as a bigger sports- or musical event), more Cubinns may quickly be assembled in order to house more customers and thereby meet those demands. We feel that the need for this alternative solution of accomodation is huge in many of the world’s infrastructural centres and thus, Cubinn may penetrate a market with scarcely any competitors present to this day. Why this gap? Is there no market for this kind of living? We don’t think that this is the case here, but more so there hasn’t been any solutions good or flexible enogh to meet the needs of the market.


Meetinn - The business application With just a few modifications in design, this system may also be used for yet another purpose, the private business meeting. The quiet and secluded space is something we believe to be very important, especially when you represent your company at a business fair. This is why we created an application that will let you go through with those important meetings or phone calls that would normally require an office, regardless of what’s going on outside.


Storgatan 90 851 70 Sundsvall

Cubinn - Compact hotel