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About Us One of the contributors to the vicious cycle of poverty is the lack of access by the world’s poor to quality financial services. Services necessary to start a business venture, establish credit worthiness, securely save money or have money available to mitigate against risks. Since the world’s wealthy and poor are separated, oftentimes across borders, the poor are further disadvantaged by the relative inconvenience of receiving remittance payments. Mobile money provides access to financial services. More than the ability to store value, mobile money provides the ability to securely transfer money locally or abroad and complete a purchase or sale cost effectively. When coupled with access to low-cost micro loans, mobile money can be tranformational for micro enterprises.


At Transcel alleviating this challenge presented a unique business opportunity for us, a Jamaican owned technology start up born in Silicon Valley. Jamaica receives the 2nd highest amount of remittances per capita in the world. Given the value of these inbound social payments Jamaica provided the ideal venue for our pilot which is underway. Transcel is different. We separate ourselves from our mobile money counterparts by delivering services using a number of participating financial institutions. We do this to promote financial inclusion rather than creating a proprietary system

that is unable to integrate well with other players in the market. Our strength is that we are independent of either the mobile or financial providers thus allowing us to create simultaneous access for all. Various entitites and institutions can participate and provide Mcommerce services within our sophisticated platform, which is unlike any other solution currently available. Our high end global finance infrastructure, is delivered in partnership with providers that are delivering services to Oracle and American Express. This allows us to certify our global financial transfers.

Mobile Money for Microfinance Pilot In Jamaica Transcel’s market entry is through a pilot called M3 (Mobile Money for Microfinance). It is a partnership between the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), National Commercial Bank Jamaica (NCB) and Transcel Limited (Transcel). Through our involvement in this program we are directly assisting in providing access to capital for microenterprise, creating the opportunity to grow out of poverty.

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THE TRANSCEL DIFFERENCE Transcel provides the adaptive interoperation technology needed to implement complex mobile money ecosystems. This diffentiates us from other mobile money deployments that haven’t delivered the promise of financial inclusion.

Transcel provides a suite of solutions tailored to the Financial Services and Microfinance industries.








Sending or receiving money should not be limited by where you are, or where you are sending money. Transcel’s interoperability platform makes transferring money easier than a phone call. Money can be sent from mobile to mobile, mobile to bank, bank to phone or merchant to phone across borders. Transcel Global brings us all together.

Transcel’s Mobile Money solution delivers the Simple, Safe and Reliable option for in country mobile money transfers. The robust solution has the added advantage of a Conversation Manager that allows your organization to automate front line customer service. The conversation manager is delivered in a chat interface reducing the cost of serving customers while improving their experience as customers.

Microfinance organizations utilize Transcel’s M3 solution to improve the efficiency of their business. Transcel’s M3 solution speeds up loan disbursement and collections. Microfinance organizations by improving their efficiency can be more competitive. This reduces their costs while thus providing a solution of great value to their customers.

Behind the scenes Transcel’s FMS delivers benefits to customers while providing flexibility and security to any financial institution. FMS is a future proof solution to any financial services institution as it is both open source and mobile ready. This versatile, customer centric, efficient solution will grow your business.

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Key members of the Advisory, Board and Management of Transcel Limited.

The Team

Adam Cheyer, Advisory Chairman

Fredrick Moe, Director

Inventor of the Siri intelligent mobile assistant technology; preeminent expert in services. Interoperation technology Director of iPhone/iOS engineering at Apple. Chief architect of CALO, largest AI project in US history. Founder of Genetic Finance, AI-driven investment platform.

Owner and operator of one of Jamaica’s largest real estate development companies. Owner and operator of Jamaica’s largest gas station chain and a chain of fast food franchises. Venture investments include, a US-based supply chain company, and an automated financial trading systems company.

Hugh Daley, CEO & Chairman

Richard Chen, COO & Director

Veteran entrepreneur from Silicon Valley; founder of several successful technology ventures including Isadra, Inc. a global logistics venture that was acquired for US$50 million. Former Vice President for Advanced Technology, Verticalnet, Inc.; led the strategy for the deployment of his advanced supply-chain products into the Global 1000 marketplace.

Over twenty years of experience in retail management and business development. Managed the complex operations of a supermarket chain with more than 30 outlets, employing over 2,000 individuals and registering annual sales of more than USD 200M. Fifteen years in the general management of alternative financial services including FX trading, remittances and bill payments.




Racquel Moses, Chief Commercial Officer

Ron Wilson, Chief Quality Officer

15 years executive leadership in Banking, Information Technology and Telecommunications industries. Led customer acquisition projects generating up to 250M USD in Revenue from a single transaction. Award winning entrepreneur and public speaker.

Ron will provide

Antroy Ashton, Director of Engineering

Carrie Lukatch, Advisor

Former Chief Enterprise Architect, Fiscal Services Limited. IT consultant with extensive project management and implementation experience in GoJ technology projects, including PayGate system.

Director, Product Strategy/Analytics, Oracle Corporation. Eighteen years of experience in product development and market entry strategy in technology.

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OUR PARTNERS ARE Mobile Money Providers As a mobile money provider the reach of the solution determines your ability to grow. Transcel can extend the reach of your mobile money solution to a global audience using our Global Gateway, which makes transferring money from one region to another simpler than a phone call. Our gateway ties all of the mobile money, and traditional money operators together providing access to the masses.

Mobile Network Operators Mobile network operators have realized the importance of being able to provide a mobile money solution. Transcel’s solution is ready out of the box to enable your organizations mobile readiness. In a competitive market, you need a mobile money solution that Provides real value to your customers Is inexpensive to deploy Improves your customer satisfaction Generates additional income

Microfinance Institutions As a Microfinance operator you have no doubt realized that efficiently serving your customer base makes all the difference in your business. Innovative and new channels of managing loans and providing access to funds and a preapproved merchant network can improve

the growth and health of your business. Micropayments by design are inefficient. The current economic environment requires that any new solution be future proof. Adopting in a solution that is mobile ready can grow your market share while simultaneously serving the needs of your customers.

Commercial Banks Commercial Banks partner with Transcel to open up new lines of business to new kinds of customers. By partnering with Transcel Banks are quickly able to process mobile payments to provide greater financial inclusion. The transaction fees represent a new line of income to Commercial Banks. As an independent third party Transcel was able to develop a mobile money solution that works as well for all participants rather than being either MNO or Bank centric. Our Global Gateway provides new potential markets for Banks instantaneously.

Merchants As a merchant the more forms of currency you accept the more you are able to increase your likelihood of a sale. Credit Cards charge high fees that can be prohibitive to your business. Alternatively mobile payments increase your efficiency without adding costs. Mobility is doing the same for money that it did for communication making it available everywhere for any purpose. Accepting Mobile Money will increase your income as a merchant.

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Payroll Processors There is nothing more important to keeping talent than ensuring they feel valued. Using Transcel to process your payroll means that you have a simple tool to deliver immediate payments to your team. Whether your staff are bank account holders or not, Transcel is able to safely deliver their wages to an account that they can use. Our service provides the added value in these challenging times of creating for them an account that allows them to receive payments from overseas as well as negotiated rates with merchants to receive special rates on the goods and services that they already buy.

Device Manufacturers Partner with Transcel in various roll out efforts around the world. Have your devices pre approved for a variety of mobile money functions. Transcel’s Mobile Money solution is creating a whole new market of demand for the devices that are preinstalled with Transcel Mobile Money. The Global Gateway generates demand in new markets. As devices continue to evolve and innovate, manufactures are required to continue to turn up the value proposition provided to end users, Transcel provides the opportunity to deliver that value.

Transcel Global Transactions

Let’s Connect There is an opporutnity for you to work with us in delivering a solution that provides financial inclusion for the masses. Please engage us. We are passionate about our solution and relish the opporutnity to deliver services into new markets or industries.


Telephone: (876) 631-2288 E-mail: 24 Trafalgar Road
Kingston 10
Jamaica , WI

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