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Ida AraĂşjo

Once upon a time there was a tower.

A princess lived there, and she was always bored.

She couldn’t escape because the moat was very deep.

And there was also a very scary dragon.

Then one day a brave knight showed up.

“Don’t be afraid, beautiful princess! I am here to save you.”

“That’s great!” the princess said. “Can you swim? Or fight? Or climb? Did you bring some stairs?”

“No, no!” exclaimed the prince. “I am the son of a great King, and it is my duty to marry you!”

The princess was furious. “I am the daughter of a great king too, and that is useless!

But then she had an idea. She shouted to the dragon: “I want to get out of here!�

The dragon was surprised. “Who do you think you are to ask me that?�

“I am the daughter of a great King!” the princess answered. “And it is my duty to be free!”

The dragon thought for a moment, then answered: “It is true, I have sworn to obey your father, the King.�

The dragon helped the princess down from the tower. “Thank you dragon! Do you want to come on an adventure with me?� she asked.

“I would love to!� said the dragon. So the two of them left the tower behind (and saved the prince on their way.)

The story of a princess who learned to fight her dragon, even if there were no stairs to help.

Ida Araújo

© 2012 Edições INFNET

Don't Forget the Stairs  

vaguely feminist children's book

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