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Chris Sharma Pro Climber and Sterling Athlete

Lt. Dan DiRenzo Cherry Hill Fire Department and Survival and Rescue Instructor 2

Just as our company is more than a building and our product line is more than just ropes, our brand is more than a logo; it’s our attitude, our beliefs and our character. Our brand is who we are, what we do and what we mean to our customers. It’s our identity, best encapsulated by our brand promise. Living this brand is about presenting our core aspects to the world, clearly and consistently. It’s what we say about ourselves and how we say it, every day.

The New Sterling Brand

Rebranding is a process of creating a new visual and verbal language that communicates who we are. It’s about retaining what works and changing what doesn’t.

we are_ _ still the same... We’re not changing our core values, our commitment to our products and customers, our ownership structure or our down-to-earth approach.

Mayan Smith-Gobat (Pro Climber, Sterling Athlete)

Jim Ogle (FDNY Firefighter, Safety Instructor)

Sonnie Trotter (Pro Climber, Sterling Athlete)

Mark Synnott (Pro Climber, Sterling Athlete)

Ed Carpenter (ISA certified Arborist and Lead Instructor, North American Training Solutions)

Our Brand Character: the words which define our actions.

_ Sterling. ...but better. We are changing how we present ourselves and the story we tell. We’re improving the information and educational services we provide to our customers and expanding our product line beyond ropes and into complete solutions.

We’ve grown up and have become the company we always wanted to be. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve come by our success honestly. The new look and feel of Sterling reflects more accurately who we are.

The New Logo

Humanity and Gravity are the enduring forces that drive us. Sterling aids people in the battle against the negative force of gravity. This core symbol interprets the struggle as two directionals in their most reduced forms: triangles. The will of humanity; the force of gravity: unified to create a single, distinctive logo that immediately expresses the forces which guide us.

Official versions

Use Example: Pico™ Double Pulley




What We Do

The industries we serve. >> We call them “WORK” and “CLIMB.”




Industrial Safety







The tools we make.



Kits & Systems



Rick Denbeau (Arborist, NATS Instructor)

Joe Kinder (Pro Climber, Sterling Athlete)

This intentionally says nothing about ropes. While our core product and the methods we use to make them are at the heart of who we are, what we do goes far beyond that. We engineer, fabricate, build, test and refine a wide variety of products, each a highly refined tool; each a solution to address a particular job or situation. These are our customers and the ones whose lives and livelihoods depend on our products working reliably. They’re a diverse bunch. Climbers seek adventure, challenge and embrace obstacles. Professionals need to do a job, do it right, do it responsibly and go home at the end of the day.

We build tools that allow climbers and professionals to confront challenging environments.

We don’t engineer ropes and gear for bestcase scenarios. We don’t strive to meet “good enough” test results and we certainly don’t cut corners in production to save a couple bucks. The conditions our customers face are serious and we’re serious about our products’ performance standing up to the worst conditions imaginable.

Who We Are

Defining who we are unites us with a common cause. We’re ready to lead our industry and set new standards for product and customer service quality.

1. productdriven and qualityobsessed. It’s not right until it’s perfect. The pursuit of better, more functional, higher-performing products is our lifeblood. People’s lives are at stake and our well-earned reputation is on the line with every product we produce.

3. customercentric. We’re in the business of safeguarding human life. Our customers rely on our products, our knowledge and our responsiveness.

2. tireless innovators. We have a history of developing new and innovative products. We will never rest on these laurels and we will always work to outdo ourselves, improve technology and quality.

6. made in Maine but known globally. Investing in stateside production goes beyond patriotism; it just makes good sense. Climbers and workers trust in our products to work reliably. By designing and producing here, under one roof, we can assure a better outcome, more consistency and higher quality. Despite our humble, local roots, our name is known and respected internationally, and our products esteemed worldwide.

7. not for everyone. We won’t be everything to everyone. But to discerning climbers and work professionals, we are indispensable.

5. involved. We’re unafraid to venture into our customers’ environments and get some dirt on our hands. We are experienced climbers and arborists. We spend our weeks working closely with firefighters, rescuers, rope access techs and tower workers and we spend our weekends at the crag.

4. in it for the long haul. We’ve been at this for years, and for many of us, most of our lives. We do not make impulsive decisions in pursuit of a quick profit. We take our time, evaluate all possibilities and invest judiciously in actions that best serve our customers.

Brand Promise This isn’t a tagline. It’s a statement of how we act and approach every aspect of our business, every day— from the biggest decision to the smallest detail— it’s the objective toward which we constantly strive.


sterling is the respected authority— a customer-engaged innovator; relentlessly developing highperformance products, services and educational experiences that enable climbers and professionals to confront challenging environments.

Phil Kelley ISA Certified Arborist and Lead Instructor, North American Training Solutions

Whitney Boland Pro Climber and Sterling Athlete


Sterling Rope Company, Inc.

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