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about id11 id11 creates artist residencies and exhibition spaces where artistic experimentation is nurtured. id11 does not have permanent living- or working spaces for the realisation of projects, but responds to what arises locally and plans accordingly. site-specific Since 2008 id11 has been realising projects in Delft, The Netherlands. Empty property is temporarily used as living and working space for (international) artists. The spaces themselves - houses, apartments, shops or offices - are seen as an important element in the creation of new artwork. id11 selects artists who will create work related to these spaces. presentation Though every id11 project is different, each starts with bij_wijze_van_SPREKEN, where the participating artists present their project proposal and explain their work. The artists then work on their projects, which may differ in length and are sometimes based around a specific theme. At the end of each project id11 organises a final public presentation. artist-in-residence HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF (HTV) HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF is the name for the living accommodation of the resident artists. The location of this space also changes, depending on the availability of temporary housing, but is located in Delft. id11 projects BUITENgewoon (2012) onderZOEKT (2011) op_LOCATIE (2010) FLAT_land (2009) HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF (2008) ontwikkeling (2002) foundation id11

PETRA VAN NOORT keep sweet wall painting / installation location kruisstraat 35-37 delft

IEKE TRINKS reconstructions of what we would have done performances locations kruisstraat 35-37 and asvest 20-28 delft

GUDA KOSTER just the two of us installation location asvest 20-28 delft

HESTER PLOMP alles is tijdelijk en alles is te leen installation location asvest 20-28 delft

EGIED SIMONS liquid files | aqua morgana installation location hippolytusbuurt 14 delft

MARIANNE HAMERSMA quasi installation location kruisstraat 35-37 delft

STEFAN HOFFMANN te huur screen print on windows and blinds location asvest 20-28 delft

ROSA EVERTS untitled installation location asvest 20-28 delft

MARK SWYSEN ongoing climate experiment on sol 3 installation location asvest 20-28 delft

SERENA LEE pax and komplement performances location asvest 20-28 delft

onderZOEKT tijdelijkheid versus permanent october-november 2011 locations kruisstraat 35-37, asvest 20-28 and hippolytusbuurt 14 delft

onderZOEKT In 2011 id11 investigated the cooperation opportunities for the realisation of a (permanent) artist-in-residence program using temporary work and presentation spaces in Delft, The Netherlands. Connected with these investigations, id11 realised the project onderZOEKT. In October and November 2011, 10 artists realised projects at temporary locations around Delft with temporary versus permanent as their starting-point. id11 invited Egied Simons, Guda Koster, Hester Plomp, Ieke Trinks, Petra van Noort in October 2011 and Marianne Hamersma, Mark Swysen. Rosa Everts, Serena Lee, Stefan Hoffmann in November 2011. Apart from Egied Simons, who developed and showed his work at the former post office at the Hippolytusbuurt 14 in Delft, all the artists created site-specific work at two temporary locations, one a former office at Asvest 20-28 and the other, previously a shop, on Kruisstraat 35-37. In a period of one month, each artist worked towards a final public presentation, which took place at the end of each month. upcoming and ongoing projects id11 continues to realize projects in temporary spaces. In 2012, id11 was invited by De Kabelfabriek, formerly NKF (cable factory), to deve-lop a project. In June, July and August 2012 they will realise the project BUITENgewoon. At the same location, in cooperation with Car Art Festival, id11 will work on the 2012 edition of the Car Art festival. Car Art is a multidisciplinary festival, where cars and car parts are, in their most literal or abstracted forms, the source of inspiration. id11 will organise contributions from the visual arts for this festival. id11 is also involved in a 5 year long European project called CreArt. id11 participates, together with 13 other European organisations, in the CreArt network. The European Commission selected CreArt to receive European funds for the next 5 years within the framework of the Culture Programme. In Delft, id11 will realise two European seminars and will invite artists from the 13 cities for their artist-inresidence program. foundation id11


colophon This publication was printed in an edition of 500 and illustrates the project onderZOEKT in Delft, The Netherlands, October-November 2011. participating artists Egied Simons | Guda Koster | Hester Plomp | Ieke Trinks | Marianne Hamersma | Mark Swysen | Petra van Noort | Rosa Everts | Serena Lee | Stefan Hoffmann | design Rolina Nell photographs Marco Zwinkels and by the artitsts themselves. acknowledgements Working and presentation space at the property of Vestia at the Kruisstraat 3537 and the property of G.A.M. van Leeuwen Beheer B.V. and mr. R. Stam at the Asvest 20-28, the former post-office Hypo Kunstsuper at the Hippolytusbuurt 14. HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF, the temporary living place of the artists, at the property of Vestia, Tijn Noordenbos, Linda Ammerlaan and Anke and Ton Pruissen. Funding of the Gemeente Delft and foundation Link. Participated in Delftse Atelierroute and Museumnacht Delft. Office facilities of the Popunie. Corrections by Sam Bunn and printed by Oranje van Loon Drukkers. contact P.O.Box 3380 2601 DJ Delft The Netherlands Š2012 foundation id11

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onderZOEKT In 2011 id11 investigated the cooperation opportunities for the realisation of an (permanent) artist-in-residence and temporary w...


onderZOEKT In 2011 id11 investigated the cooperation opportunities for the realisation of an (permanent) artist-in-residence and temporary w...

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