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of the best examples of how urban planning can increase the quality of life in borgerhout. The biggest problem in Borgerhout is the Moroccan youngsters; they believe that they can’t get any job because of discrimination, therefore the drop out of school, because they don’t see the use of studying when they can’t get a job. Instead of going to school they spend their time on the streets. These youngsters want to show their status by wealth, but because they don’t have an income are easily tempted to fall into criminality. The older generation doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. Most of them are embarrassed by the actions of their children. In 2002 the Moroccan youngsters started a riot against the police because of the murder of Mohammed Achrak. This riot started as a demonstration against racism but after a confrontation with the police ended in a riot. In the book “Antwerpen: twintig wijken, twintig werelden” Guy Moonen ( owner of a shop that got damaged in the riot ) said: “A lot of Moroccan people came to his shop to apologize for the actions of the youngsters, they were embarrassed but when I said that I didn’t blame them they hugged me, it is just how you handle people. A new phenomenon in Borgerhout is the immigration of young professionals, the so called “ Positivo’s” who come to Borgerhout because of the cheap houses and easy connection to the innercity. From the analysis of Borgerhout it can be concluded that the urban planning has been a major cause to the detoriation of the area. This is also a major component in the Bijlmer.

Bijlmer Bijlmermeer (better known as Bijlmer) is an resi-

dential area in Amsterdam. In 1966 the construction for this area began. The plan for this area was inspired by the ideas of Le Corbusier of a city with residential and working area separated, the residential area should have as little as traffic as possible. This was done by creating a lot of high apartment buildings. This set-up for the area seemed to be disastrous. The area was designed for young professionals but 10 years after the start it became clear that the young professionals liked to life in houses, instead of apartments. The result of this was that the apartments were inhabited by immigrants. A lot of these immigrants came from Suriname which became independent. This flow of immigrants caused a high unemployment rate. This unemployment met that criminality increased. In 1994 a plane crashed into one of the apartment buildings causing 43 deaths, this is a black day in the history of the neighborhood. In the 90’s the municipality of Amsterdam started with renewing the neighborhood by demolishing a large number of apartment buildings and replacing them with normal houses, the shopping centre was renewed, the number of public buildings increased and the coming of the ArenA football-stadion ment more activity in the area. These things made the place more pleasant and increased the quality of life. The urban planning of a neighborhood can dictate the aesthetics, logistics and hence the social cohesion of an area. In both Antwerpen and Amsterdam it is apparent that the urban planning has had a major effect in the detoriation of the area. This is later also seen in the analysis of the problems of the Brabantwijk.


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