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16 |  07-09 / 24-09 Research Report

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Conclusion For preparation to the ‘Brabantwijk’ the IDEO methods are chosen that are going to be used. First of all an anthropometric analysis will be done before going to Brussels. The next method that is going to be used is the behavioral archeology by observing the neighborhood and looking for evidence that shows how people behave. Another purpose is to create a relationship with the persons in the area from the beginning. This allows for research values or opinions about the neighborhood that otherwise would not be accessible. By visiting public places like cafeteria’s has shown to be a useful method to create such a relationship through time. The ideas from the methods behavioral archeology and empathy tools were more concrete and tangible ideas than the other methods that were researched. Different research methods lead to different types of ideas. Ideas from looking tend to be more focused on spatial/real world problems, while the ideas from asking tend to be more on an abstract level. It is important to consider these methods on these different idea outcomes in order to keep control of the design process and its result.


research report  

research report