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dren and a man who was volunteer in the activity center and already lived 40 years in Woenselwest. Conclusion: The group noticed that asking which way the habitants go not showed which area’s or streets they avoid or where it is very busy in the area. Most of the time the habitants just took the easiest and shortest way to their destination. Also when the group asked which streets or area’s they avoid there was no certain place. But because of asking these questions, a conversation could be start with the habitants and other relevant information could be collect. For example a man was walking his dog where the prostitution is still going on. The group responded to this given by asking what the man thinks of the prostitution and other problems in the neighborhood. So cognitive maps was in this case more a tool to win other relevant information about the neighborhood and the social cohesion.

Empathy Tools What? Empathy tools is a method to empathize into the live of certain people to get understanding about how they live, feel, behave, do, talk etc. and to experience it for yourself. Why? Participate in a process or situation gives a good view on the society and the feeling/sphere about the neighborhood. It is simple and quick because there is not much to organize and the habitants don’t have to be involved yet. It is also very relevant to the ‘Brabantwijk’ because it is a way to learn fast about the neighborhood how the society is, what kind of sphere there is, and what

kind of people there live in the neighborhood and how they feel. Simple, quick and relevant to the Brabantwijk where the criteria for choosing this method. How? To get understanding about the neighborhood and the habitants the group went to the cafeteria ‘De Edison’ in the middle of the neighborhood ‘Woensel-west’. When the group got there they hit upon some habitants who were eating their snack. The group also ordered a snack and mingled among the habitants. Conclusion: Talking about how they felt about the neighborhood it was clear that they were dissatisfied and angry on the government. Another discovery was that the people were very direct in saying things and were very blunt. Noticing that Woensel-west is a little village/area in a big city where everybody knows each other and knows where everybody lives. Further the group got the feeling that the social cohesion was not a big problem in the area because everyone did normal to each other, but there was no mingling between different groups from different origins.


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