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Protocol of use for ICU Rooms This protocol applies to all multi-user bookable rooms/spaces within the Main Union Building in Beit Quad and applies equally to usage by students and staff members.

Overarching basis of this protocol •S  paces must be booked before use via the Student Activities Centre

•S  paces will be found in a clean & tidy state and should be left like this at the end of each usage. Every space has a standard setup, the room should be returned to this setup after use •U  sers should respect the spaces provided, which are not charged for and treat them appropriately •F  ines will be automatically applied to groups not leaving the areas in a fit and proper state; damages will be charged for and disciplinary action will be taken. CCTV coverage is provided at a variety of locations which will be used to identify perpetrators •U  sers who find a space in a condition they feel is inappropriate should contact Union Reception in the first instance and take photographic evidence

General Rules for all spaces

• Items must never be dragged across the floor • Users must not put feet on the walls or mirrors • Any equipment that has even the mildest potential of • • • • •

damaging the floor must be placed on a mat or other protective surface but preferably not used in the Gym Scaffolding systems must not be erected in the Gym No tape should be applied to the floor Windows on the North (Royal Albert Hall) side of the Gym must remain closed at all times Food and drink should not be taken into the Gym Bricks, blocks, tiles, wood or any other item must not be broken in the Gym

Union Dining Hall • Windows on the North (Royal Albert Hall) side of the room must remain closed at all times Union Concert Hall • For the purposes of set construction prior permission must be sought and approved, and the floor covered using materials provided • When moving heavy equipment in and out of the space care should be taken not to damage the floors, walls and doors

• The furniture for each space will be in a standard setup (indicated on a sign near the door of each space); the furniture must be returned to this setup at the end of the usage • All rubbish must be removed, then binned or recycled • Any glasses or cutlery must be returned from where it came • Furniture should not be broken, stood on or damaged • Only water-based masking tape may be applied to the floors this must be removed at the end of the use. No tape should be applied to the floor in the Union Gym. Gaffa and other non-water based tapes must not be used in any location. • Tape, glue, blutak etc.. must not be stuck to the walls • No painting, drawing, sculpture or other artwork shall be carried out without prior permission

Schedule of fines • Rubbish left in a room - £20 • Damage to walls, furniture or equipment will be charged at cost, eg: - Replacement Chair - £80 - Replacement Table - £350 - Replacement Projector - £1500 - Wall repair - £500 - Cost of repairing a damaged floor - approximately £2,500 • Not returning furniture to standard setup - £20 • When a fine is applied or costs passed on then disciplinary action may be taken. • Any quantity of significant mess will be charged at the respective cleaning costs, together with the value of any lost business or irrecoverable costs due to areas being unusable, as well as a £100 fine. In these cases disciplinary action will almost certainly be taken.

Area specific rules within the Union Building Union Gym • No furniture is to be moved in from other rooms Version 1.0 - 01 June 2010

Meeting Room 3 • The projector fixed to the ceiling should not be tampered with - all controls are available on the wall Meeting Rooms 4 & 5 • The partition wall must not be removed, or attempted to be. Prior removal of the wall must be arranged if required. • The projectors fixed to the ceiling should not be tampered with - all controls are available on the wall

Standard setups Union Dining Hall • Floor clear of items • Chairs stacked in groups at the kitchen (West) end of the room • Foldable tables located in cupboard behind the Ents Store • Window sills clear • Windows closed Union Concert Hall • Floor completely clear of items • Chairs stacked on trolleys in 2nd floor Chair store • Stage clear (where appropriate) • Window sills clear • Windows closed Union Gym • Floor should be completely clear • Windows closed Meeting Rooms 1-7 • Tables arranged in board room style, with chairs placed at the table • Additional chairs stacked neatly at the sides of the room • Windows closed

Room Protocol v1.1  

Information sheet regarding protocol for use of rooms

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