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WEIGHING ON DATA VALIDATION IN ORGANISATIONS All organizations have data. In fact, there is no one single organization that can run without data, because it is from data that meaningful information can be obtained. However data can fail to bring

meaning to an organization if it is not correctly gathered or secured. Think of phone numbers as an example. If the minimum length of the required phone number is not reached, you will not be able to reach your clients. If a customer’s full information or personal details are not captured, then shipping goods, contacting them or even billing them will be a huge problem. That’s where data validation comes in. What is Data Validation? Data validation can have a wide scope in meaning, as it encompasses many professions. However in the business organization setting, data validation is the checking of the correctness and completeness of data that is entered into a computer system. This data is mostly about purchases, customer details and other details crucial to the running of the business organization. Data validation can thus be viewed as a tool used to improve the quality of data as well as the resulting information in a business organization.

Methods of data Validation Some organizations maintain strict rules on how data is to be collected and entered into a computer system. This includes editing of the entered data, checking whether data entered in the computer system compares to data gathered on paper as well as printing out the data and comparing it to the one on paper. This may be a long process and since human error is sometimes inevitable, the use of a data validation software solution may come in handy. It has the advantage of speed, as a large volume of data can be validated at a given time. Errors are normally checked during the screening and verification process of data validation. An organization can mostly buy the data validation software and have it installed to validate the data entered as well as that stored in their data system or warehouse. This may come with its own challenges. You want to make sure that data is validated throughout the organization, and installing software may be a bit costly and sometimes not solve all the problems related to your data. Seeking the services of a data validation provider may be an answer to this. Choosing the Right Data Validation Provider A good data validation provider will ensure that all the data that pertains to your business organization, be it customer details or contact information, is correct and accurate. This will help your business avoid running into false contacts which will have a negative impact on the sales. Thus, the provider should be able to give you great data quality. For data to qualify as having great quality it should be up-to-date as well as delivered in real time. The provider should also give you accurate data, data that comes from legitimate sources which you will be able to reach to verify the accuracy of the data. Most importantly, the security and privacy of the data should be guaranteed at all times.

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