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runaway success. Post-it flags were introduced as a new way to organize with colour coding, filing and indexing and they simply exploded. Today, Post-it products, which are more than 4000 in number, are sold across 150 countries. The men behind this superstar product, Silver and Fry, finished their careers at 3M having won the highest honours for research as well as numerous other awards within international engineering. When talking about enterprises facilitating the Intrapreneurial zeal among their employees, it can’t go without mentioning Google’s 20 percent policy which encourages employees to spend twenty percent of their work time on experimenting with their own ideas. It is said to have produced nearly 50 percent of Google products amongst which some of the remarkable ones are: Gmail- which liberated users by freeing them from the trouble of managing mail space, AdSense- which accounts for one fourth of Google’s annual revenue, highly popular Google news and Google maps. Another fabulous and ‘creatively destructive’ idea which changed the entire upper class flying experience came from a young designer at Virgin Atlantic, Joe Ferry, who came up with the herringbone-configured private sleeper

sushant’s entrepreneurial journey | tringgr suites design and, as Richard Branson puts it, “put Virgin Atlantic years ahead of the pack and made for millions of very happy horizontal fliers.” Business class experience has never been the same since. Another remarkable example is that of the Macintosh team at Apple which operated independently under the leadership of Steve Jobs towards bringing a revolution. This team of fanatics, like those at Skunk Works,

declared the dawn of a new era which transformed the lives of consumers through a product which improved the lives of millions of users. These stories provide enough confidence about the fact that there is enough potential in an intrapreneurial activity in bringing about a revolutionary change. There are numerous other examples amongst established firms like Toyota, DuPont, GE, Texas Instruments, Genentech, Sun Microsystems, AT&T, Corona Data Systems, Data General and many more which have experimented with Intrapreneurial undertakings and met with success. Hence, there is enough proof to testify that intrapreneurs could be the source of the energy behind innovations that help large corporations meet continuously arising challenges of the modern market and thereby helping them stay profitable and prevent stagnancy. As Gary Hamel remarked, “To succeed, a business has to reinvent itself again and again – otherwise it becomes commercially irrelevant”. In RIM and Kodak, we have examples of companies which were virtually swept away by a technological change wave. Evidently, it would only be smart of organisations to recognise the mavericks within their structure, respect

their creativity and act as an incubator to capitalize on their potential rather than losing out on an opportunity to power themselves ahead of others.


QUIZ TIME 1. What do we now know the Henry Ford Company as? 2. Le marchand de la mort est mort (“The merchant of death is dead”). What did this line, published in a wrong context by a French newspaper in 1888 lead to? 3. Link The Sun, Dow Jones and Company, Harper Collins, 20th Century Fox 4. Which famous website was founded by Dr Simon King 5. Which fashion house was established by Donna Karan in New York in 1984? 6. 10. Which food item, consumed worldwide, was first developed by Frank Epperson in Oakland, California in 1923?

ANSWERS 1.Cadillac Automobile Company 2. Founding of the Nobel prizes 3. All owned by Rupert Murdoch 4. Cricinfo 5. DKNY 6. Popsicle

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He, along with Silver, began developing the product. It was tried in 3M’s office, received great responses and then commercial production started in the late 70’s. In 1977, the product launched under the name ‘Press n’ Peel’ couldn’t garner expected response in the test markets but 3M’s belief in its potential lead it to launch ‘Post-it notes’ again in 1979 through a massive sampling strategy. The product was a

The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” –Walt Disney

Details on my Entrepreneurial Journey and love for technology to develop Products that solve a problem and thus are helping people Tell us a bit about yourself. What motivated to take up entrepreneurship? I am Sushant Pandey, A 2005 CSE grad from IIIT Hyd. I started with my career with Microsoft IDC but was bitten by the start-up bug early in my career and hence after a short stint with a start-up, I co-founded IT Services Company called Effect Labs. After running it for more than 4 years, I was still finding some gaps between my product mindset, reaching out to a much broader audience and really making the difference and hence went on to bootstrap “Tringgr” which is aimed to democratize web communication and make it usable with ease without worrying much about bandwidths. There have been several odds in my entrepreneurial journey but one thing remained the same – My passion for technology which helps people. In the beginning of my professional career, I too got some good offers from the US and at one time I wanted to go as well but as I gave a deep thought and asked myself that how much would I be impacting the world and what is that I actually want to do, I realized that my natural

interest is in developing products/ services in the Technology space which could be instrumental in solving some real problems. That led me to drop the US option and in fact leave Microsoft for a start-up. [How working at Microsoft and my earlier experience helped me] While working at Microsoft I gained the technical expertise which is required for pure technology oriented product development. The experience from my previous start-up and the one before that, helped me with planning in a better manner, sales, full product development, execution and providing me with initial clientele. Please throw some light upon webRTC and IETF? What makes the best webRTC service in India? What separates you from the others? Tringgr is a FREE cloud-based video conference and communication infrastructure platform. The USP of Tringgr is that it Works well even on bandwidths as low as 30kbps for voice and 128kbps for video giving us huge opportunity to help the growing markets’ conferencing needs and that it doesn’t require any plug-in or download. All you need is an html5 compliant browser on any device and you can go live!! Tringgr provides a 360 degree solution for video or voice calls and additionally provides support for file transfer, recording, screen sharing etc. Tringgr is based on top of WebRTC which is an open source project backed by Google. has its own communication stack called TringgrRTC on top of it. We have our own full back end servers and JS libraries that makes us a complete WebRTC player. is probably the first WebRTC based full communication service from India where we provide ability to communicate anywhere, anytime across really low bandwidths. Also, we provide JavaScript libraries and hence adding Tringgr’s capability in your product or service is just about adding 5 lines of code and less than 5 minutes of

job. This makes us special.’s next release will present it as a native mobile app, and a user would be able to call between mobile, browser, VOIP and PSTN phones (mobile and landline) at really low cost or may be completely free of cost (we will announce this with the release). The platform of is FREE where Tringgr hosts the conferences and our business edition is called Tringgr Connect where we provide integration with your CRM and other Enterprise workflows. Tringgr Engage is another offering which helps websites to add Live chat support along with voice and video. What is your business model? How do you generate revenue? Our business model is based on the ‘Saas model’ where we charge for TringgrConnect and TringgrEngage on per user per month basis. This comes with some storage space also to store recordings. Additional recording spaces are also sold. Recordings become crucial for Recruitment, Important meetings, Web Consultation and Web Teaching etc. We have thought of keeping Tringgr. com as a FREE service. A Freemium on that might come later for end users but is planned for near future. So, all new additions would come to end users for free. Since internet penetration in India is still pretty weak and the 3G and the 4G services are still in their nascent stages, how do you see yourself expanding? Internet reach is constantly increasing and we have given a deeper thought on the prevailing problems. A lot of this would be handled in our next and future releases. Smartphone reach is very high in India and our next rollout (in September) is coming out with a native Android app. On the bandwidth, we are creating low bandwidth running as our USP and hence we are constantly work-

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.” –Richard Branson

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Incubator, in its second issue, celebrates the fire that burns in entrepreneurs! Get ready to conquer you fears! Happy reading!!

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