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cummins ictal EEG art 001

I used EEG with PureData to generate audiovisual output (2008) • epilepsy was shown in this format • at a solo exhibition in Exeter • and at a performance venue in London

However • the EEG was recorded • and the work was burnt to DVD • therefore devoid of interactivity

live data -

move data collection a

live processing

and processing to gallery

Results • more dynamic output • artist’s presence required • performance art

Consider • my unwillingness to use live epilepsy • EEG from viewers’ response • cost of quality hardware

I want to distinguish this from the work of biofeedback artists. A reason to use medically recorded data is the quality. I’m not confident this can be achieved in a gallery.

Consider • recorded EEG with live processing • viewer input in other ways • use video recordings


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