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ICT Africa Consulting Services Ltd, Steel Makers Compound, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya P.O. Box 43578, 00100-GPO, Nairobi. TEL +254 (20) 8059455/6 CELL +254 (0) 707908929 / 734903113 FAX +254 (20) 233275 EMAIL

TRUSTWORTHY ADVICE FOR YOUR ICT NEEDS ICT Africa (ICTA) is a consulting company which provides unbiased, professional and quality consulting services for Software, ERPs, Hardware, Networking, Business Intelligence/Dashboards, Internet Security, Mobile Applications and Cloud Computing as well as customized solutions based on individual client needs. Founded in 2012, as part of the Ramco Group of Companies, our aim is to become a distinguished and strategic information technology and software engineering service provider with a diverse range of technologies within multiple industry settings.

Our Mission Our mission is to empower you to build a solid IT strategy thus enabling you to cut costs and optimize the performance of your ICT systems. We can transform your IT infrastructure into an effective commercial tool, developing solutions that help your organization to work more efficiently while guaranteeing better returns on your investment.

Our Vision An important aspect of our vision is that we never sell or represent vendors for IT hardware and software. This is an important principle in ensuring that our advice remains impartial and is always suited to each client’s unique requirements. Our consultancy services are focused on business growth and operational efficiency. Our key services are as follows: • Business Process Study & Analysis • System Design & Project Management • ERP Recommendation • Identifying Hardware, Software & Networking needs • Mobile Applications • Identifying Wireless and Network Security • Business Intelligence Solutions & Dashboard • Cloud Computing • Management of KPI Dashboard

Business Process Study Services

Business Process Study is a structured method of understanding, documenting, modeling, analyzing and determining the best process for executing an evolving end-to-end business process to optimize efficiency. Many companies lack the time and ability to get such a project off the ground when faced with new enterprise resource planning software. It is of utmost importance for IT decision makers to understand their organization’s current business processes and identify the most pressing concerns before they begin to consider potential solutions. Making the transition into a process-managed enterprise requires proper planning and analysis to ensure essential components are in place and the right steps are taken in the right order. ICT Africa’s Business Process Studies expertise delivers this full-fledged IT strategy to organizations seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition, increase their efficiency and cut back on costs. Benefits • Define and document your as-is business processes • Translate those processes into a set of prioritized requirements • A long-term focus, clear vision and management commitment • A structured approach • Communicate goals and progress

Our Study Process

Business Process Study is designed to help you select the right software solution quickly and with minimal impact on your day-to-day business operations. It involves: • Reviewing the structure and dynamics of the business domain from organizational charts to existing process documents. • Documenting your business processes based on our interviews and your internal documentation as well as conducting GAP analysis on each process. • Mapping your business processes to a standardized ERP software feature/function model. It’s the standard industr y language that vendors understand. • Generating your unique requirements using the vendor-friendly feature/func tion model that a company needs and vendors can understand and respond to accurately.

Identifying Networking Needs

In an ideal world, networking would just work. Your network connection would be fast, reliable and have low latency. In reality however, networking works most of the time; and when it breaks, it often paralyzes an organization. For example: • An overloaded or broken network link can result in packet loss. If a link loses enough packets, it may be difficult to establish connections across that link resulting in below par performance. • When a network link becomes saturated, routers on either side of that link buffer the traffic to avoid losing data. This adds additional latency. It is not uncommon to see latency measured in whole seconds over heavily loaded DSL connections. • Captive networks (often used in hotels, coffee shops, and other public places) may intercept your HTTP requests and provide a login page instead of the expected data. • Firewalls between the user and the destination may block connections on all but a handful of ports. • Firewalls that perform network address translation (NAT) may not allow remote servers to connect back to ports on the user’s computer or other devices. • Third-party firewall software may block your outgoing connection requests for minutes at a time while waiting for the user to grant permission to open the connection.

Identifying Networking Needs

Although software cannot magically fix a broken network, poorly written networking code can easily make things much worse. If for example, a server is heavily overloaded and takes 45 seconds to respond to each request and your software connects to that server with a 30-second timeout, it contributes to the server’s workload but in essence, never successfully receives any data. In light of these possible challenges, ICT Africa provides the following services: • Network trending and forecasting • Network design • Network planning • Network build-out

Identifying Hardware Needs

The need for new hardware seems to constantly plague IT departments. Company employees constantly request new functionality without a clear understanding of the underlying hardware requirements, leases run out and servers fail, often resulting in replace-or-purchase decisions and new technologies being incompatible with older equipment. So how do you ensure that amongst all this conicting information, you are able to make cost effective and suitable decisions? ICT Africa will help you understand the technology and will engineer a sound hardware blueprint that will prove to be cost effective and will ensure optimal use of your existing infrastructure.

Business Process Outsourcing

ICT Africa has partnered with an Indian company to provide BPO services in Kenya and the East Africa Region which will assist our clients in innovating and streamlining their business processes by offering custom solutions for technology and operations outsourcing. Our solutions are driven by innovation and aimed at delivering consistent outperformance to our clients. We fully understand the importance of quality work delivered in a timely, reliable and secure manner. To put it simply, our goal is to be the number one business process outsourcing service provider to all our clients. This motivates our team to think outside-the-box and look at your challenges as opportunities. ICT Africa guarantees: • Skilled and professional expertise. • Faster ramp-up, launch of new campaigns/processes. • Hands-on experience with all the projects we handle. • Rapid response to market conditions.

Business Process Outsourcing

We currently offer the following BPO Services: • Data Entry, Data Collation and Clean-up using MS Office tools. • Data Digitization Services with latest market technologies (including content generation). • Inbound Contact Centre Management–Customer Service and Technical Support. • MSDS or SDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Data Compilation. • Physical Facility and Setup.

System Design & Project Management

We provide consulting services for the analysis and design phases of your system development projects as well as project management services. We have experience in a variety of projects across various industries and wholly believe in enabling the rapid transfer of knowledge to ensure that our clients have minimum exposure to external resources and maximum development of their own capability. This is achieved by careful evaluation of the scope of work involved for each client and preparing a plan that will incorporate as many of the client's personnel. This enables us to concentrate on providing the coaching and support that the staff actually need. The result is a very rapid return on investment. Our consulting service includes: • Assisting the management with requirement specifications needed for their projects or systems. • Advice on the best software design for your system. • Facilitating business process redesign. • Planning and facilitating a project management environment. • Coaching & mentoring project managers and project teams.

System Design & Project Management

Our project management objectives are as follows: • To define the functions and capabilities to be included in the new system. • To verify that the identified capabilities are necessary and are important priorities for the project at hand. • To control the set of functions to guarantee proper growth. Techniques used by ICT Africa for successful project management ICT Africa has categorized the management of projects into three different segments for an effective and efficient process: • Defining the scope of the project. • Verifying the scope of the project with the management. • Controlling the scope of the project. ICT Africa has developed a strategy for effective analysis and design that greatly reduces the time and money spent developing requirement and technical specifications. The strategy is methodology neutral thus can be easily adapted by our clients. If you don't currently use a methodology, the ICT Africa strategy can be used on its own.

System Design

Implementation Design

Project Management

System Specification User Requirements

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ICT Africa Consulting Services Ltd, Steel Makers Compound, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya P.O. Box 43578, 00100-GPO, Nairobi. TEL +254 (20) 8059455/6 CELL +254 (0) 707908929 / 734903113 FAX +254 (20) 233275 EMAIL

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