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• Masterclasses 2014 • Symposia 2014 • 4th International Triennial of Silicate Art

cover image: Susan Halls firing two of her sculptures during the the Spirited Creatures Symposium

• Art from the Cloister of Clay pictures of the exhibition.


• Ohio University Transylvanian Travels 2013

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ICONIC IMAGES . . . fro m t h e c o ll e c tio n

Anna Zamorska, Poland. “Art from the Cloister of Clay” Image from the 2013 exhibition of the studio’s collection at the Museum of Applied Art, Budapest, Hungary. More images of the exhibition on page 8.




Welcome to the first newsletter issue of 2014. The program for 2014 is well underway and some courses are boking up fast as they continue to prove popular. Full information on the courses organised for 2014 are on our website. If you would like to participate in any of these courses, led by internationally acknowledged artists, then please email for an application form as soon as possible. May/June is always a busy time at ICS and again we will welcome Kansas City Art Institute on our study abroad program, now in its 8th successful year. There is a PDF download on our website about our Study Abroad programs and what we can organise for your school . . . http://www.icshu.org/studyabroad.html

above: Markus Bรถhm from Germany who returns to teach a glaze course for wood firing. See page 6 Questions or information ? please email Steve Mattison International Co-ordinator at icshu@me.com

We can also organise field trips to meet artists and craftspeople, see interesting museums, towns and factories. See the field trip images from Transylvania on page 12 to give you an idea. The first of our artists in residence has already begun and next month sees the Norwegian group F36 in residence. If you are considering a residency with us then please email us for further information and an application form. We accept applications at any time but to ensure your preferred time slot please apply as early as possible. Limited spaces are available for June, July and August this summer.




LOFT GALLERY RE-OPENS Since the founding of the International Ceramics Studio we have collected contemporary ceramic works. As a result of our continued commitment the collection is currently about 4,000 works by 500 artists. The artists represent 45 different countries on 5 continents and all the works were made here in the studio, making it one of the most unique collections in the world. The collection is regularly exhibited at home and abroad. Our permanent exhibition space, “The Loft Gallery”, has re-opened after a renovation and re-fit, with new plinths, display cases and features information boards as an easy way to describe the diversity of the collection.

technologies. The show convincingly represent important and innovative steps taken by the ICS as its role within the ceramic arts. Our permanent exhibition is open to the public for guided tours by our staff. Visitors will see over 200 works selected from our large collection. The permanent exhibition is open on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm for visitors. Groups by appointment can also be admitted at the weekends but we need a minimum of 4 days notice for this.

The exhibition gives our visitors a glimpse of the history of contemporary ceramic works of art over the last thirty years, the trends represent a wide variety of artists who are acknowledged as being among the 20th and 21st century’s significant ceramic artists. www.mozaikmuzeumtura.hu Our exhibition provides an insight into the diversity of the universal language of creative ceramic materials and techniques. In 2013 a completely new concept for our permanent exhibition was designed. The works have been displayed in thematic groups as well as unique

Visiting this exhibition is co-ordinated by the Cultural Heritage Policy Institute, Mosaic Museum Tour implemented NKA support program.

4th INTERNATIONAL TRIENNIAL OF SILICATE ARTS Organised by the Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts, the 4th International Triennial will again include an international competition, an exhibition and an international ceramics symposium. The theme for the 2014 Triennial is "NEW ENERGY". The organisers expect artists to use the given theme with complete freedom and innovation. The works must be in clay, concrete, porcelain or glass and artists are free to choose the technical methods and approach to the given theme. The objects must be original works and not previously prizewinning works in any international competition.

The aims of the triennial are to stimulate both fine and applied artists to create works which give scope to the industrial and artistic application of new materials and technologies, encouraging the widening of directions in 21st century silicate arts. Application deadline: 30 April 2014 The exhibition of the 4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts will be held from 3 August to 7 September 2014 in the Kecskemét Cultural and Conference Centre. The official languages of the Triennial are English and Hungarian. For more information and download an application form please go to the Triennial website - www.kitsa.org






Our popular series of short mastercourses In addition to new course leaders this year we also welcome back Ilona Romule who will again be leading a special three week course - “Porcelain A to Z” (see next page), and Susan Nemeth who will leading another coloured porcelain week. Full information on our website - www.icshu.org/ week. programs.html

9 - 15 April, 2014

Copper Matt and Lustre Raku with John Wheeldon (Great Britain)

“Copper Matt is essentially a Raku process using a simple glaze, the difficulties involved in producing it however occur in the firing. Success relies on very close control of all the variables involved in the firing and relies on being able to repeat every time the correct formula.”

8 - 15 May, 2014

Developing Wood-Fire Glazes

with Markus Böhm (Germany)

Markus Böhm is fascinated by glazes. Although he fires his pots in a woodfired kiln all of his work is glazed in addition to the effects that wood ash, soda and salt are providing. In his workshop he will use stoneware glazes as examples, but many principles and procedures can be used also for other firing ranges.

1 - 7 July, 2014

Thrown Figures

with Gerit Grimm (USA) Gerit Grimm will lead you through the process of throwing, altering and assembling wheelthrown parts into a figurative menagerie. Grimm’s process utilizes traditional production pottery skills as a vehicle to craft monumental figurative sculptural assemblages that are at once both technically brilliant and dynamic in form.

Cost for the one week masterclass is only 150,000 Hungarian forints and includes accommodation, teaching, materials and firings costs required for the course.

9 - 15 September, 2014

Coloured Porcelain

with Susan Nemeth (Great Britain) In this course Susan Nemeth will explore colour, pattern and imagery using various techniques of staining and layering slips and porcelains. There will be plenty of demonstrations and students will develop their design and technical skills and have ample opportunity to experiment freely.

14 - 25 August, 2014

Build and Fire the Super E Wood Kiln with Frederick Olsen (U.S.A.)

Over the years master kiln designer Frederick Olsen has built many different kilns in various parts of the world. University and college kiln yards have been developed using his kiln designs and he has led many workshops, facilitating wishes for interesting but efficient firing kilns. With recent interest in the environmental considerations in kiln firing, Olsen has developed his latest kiln, the “Super E”, capable of highly efficient firing cycles. Olsen will lead this workshop to build and fire one of these kilns at ICS. Come and join us to learn the skills and gain confidence in building your own wood firing kiln.



Ilona Romule Masterclasses 2014

PORCELAIN A-Z 1. Model and Mouldmaking 2. Slip casting and assembly 3. China painting Ilona Romule is a studio artist from Riga, Latvia. She was granted her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in 2003 from the Latvian Art Academy. Ilona has received international recognition with her slip cast porcelain figures examining the figure as a hollow vessel which through exquisite painting that is simultaneously two- & threedimensional. Her human or animal figures are at the same time meticulously drawn on the sides of her pots meanwhile partially emerging from those pots as three-dimensional forms. Ilona is known for her use of ironic and erotic imagery both in the form of her fine porcelain pieces and also in the surface decoration with the china paints. In ceramics Ilona is interested in the opportunity of three dimensional expression, using the scope of graphics and painting. This is a series of three one week masterclasses covering the major elements in the creation of porcelain slip cast objects. It is possible to take just one of the courses or all of them. If you book for two or more of these courses then the participation fee will be discounted (please see website for details).



2 - 27 June, 2014

30 June - 4 July, 2014

During this 5 day workshop, Ilona Romule will demonstrate her stepby-step approach to design, model and mould making, describing how she transfers factory technology to a studio environment to create her unique porcelain works. Participants will learn the process of design, creating the original model from plaster and making the moulds ready for slip casting.

During this 5 day workshop, Ilona Romule will demonstrate her way of slip casting in high quality, translucent porcelain and constructing her pieces from cast and assembled parts. There will be a possibility to fire one high fire porcelain kiln with some of the finished works in at the end of the course. Participants can be provided with moulds to cast from or if you were part of the week 1 course then you will use your own moulds.

CHINA PAINTING 7 - 11 July, 2014

Ilona has received international recognition with her slip cast porcelain figures and is renowned for her use of semierotic imagery both in the form of her fine porcelain pieces and also in the surface decoration. She uses a variety of onglaze enamel techniques which she will be demonstrating during this Masterclass. White, glazed, porcelain "blank" pieces will be supplied for the participants to paint.





photos: テ[ent Gellテゥrt




In recent decades artists have re-embraced tradition as a basis for both critical commentary and creative intervention. The inheritance and re-interpretation of ceramic traditions is an underlying theme to many contemporary artists, some using traditional techniques of firing, materials and glazes or classic form to create modern sculptural works. These invited artists are taking the lessons from old traditions and shaping their work for the future. Meet and work alongside emerging and established ceramic artists and find out what influences their work and where ceramic traditions are taken in new and surprising directions. This symposium is organised by the Foundation for Contemporary Ceramics in conjunction with the International Ceramics Studio, to co-incide with the 4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts.

inter national ceramics symposium

NEW ENERGY 8 - 31 July, 2014 invited artists include:

GERIT GRIMM (United States of America) "If I had to make one person responsible for the fact that I became a ceramic artist, it would be Hungarian artist Margit Kovacs. Since I was twelve years old I have been worshiping her as a ceramicist. My reinterpretation of this tradition combines both narrative and form - synthesizing pots with fairytales in a way that tests the boundaries of each. The result is often an uncanny union - one that evokes all manner of stories about dolls, puppets and statues coming to life. It is a union at once wonderful, elegant and fanciful but also at times uncomfortable and awkward.

MONIKA PATUSZYNSKA (Poland) "I usually work on solid blocks of plaster and found plaster moulds which I modify by sawing, smashing and breaking them into pieces. Then, after they are reassembled, I cast the void inside, sometimes adding bits and pieces cast from other moulds and manipulating the cast itself. The process of breaking up and reassembling the broken pieces allows me to define the object again, deprives it of its earlier designed character and gives it a new, different meaning."

MICHAEL FLYNN (Great Britain) Few great minds have the gift of turning everything they are confronted with into elements of their own imagination, into elements of their own vocabulary. It requires a certain capacity for absorbing, accumulating and finally processing the accumulated knowledge. Even though all artists, by definition, are explorers, that inner mind's imperative of constant broadening, the life-long investigation completed by insight and unrestrained imagination, describes just a few of them. It definitely describes Michael Flynn. plus artists to be confirmed . . .



The Banquet - a feast, a celebration. Throughout history friends and colleagues have gathered round the dining table to celebrate and commemorate in a communal occasion. Usually a large meal or feast is laid for the guests.

inter national ceramics symposium

BANQUET 12 August - 4 September, 2014

In this Banquet the objects for the table are as important as the food they serve. What better way to celebrate a group of artistic colleagues that an exhibition around the dinner table where the works created in response to the theme of Banquet are a visual feast.

Invited artists include:

SUSAN NEMETH (Great Britain) My ceramics are about expressing individuality and exploring the handmade mark. I am looking for the vulnerability, the spirit and the essence of the human touchwith all its imperfections. The Sevres vase was a symbol of perfection and decadence in the 19th century and although the vase was painted and finished by hand, the makers mark was always removed. Using this as a starting point, Nemeth explores the contrasting ideas between the handmade and things considered ‘perfect’. Taking the basic Sevres shape she presented the vase in various forms and at various stages of conception, capturing human qualities of the clay by purposely emphasizing the makers hand marks and exposing drawn lines and sketches on the body of the object; elements that would usually be eliminated or painted over.

BLAIR CLEMO (U.S.A.) I am deeply influenced by the flagrant excess present in the ornate history of the European Decorative Arts, in particular porcelain and silver soup tureens and service ware. These objects flaunt their position at the center of the table as well as their owner's position in society. They serve food, however their greater intent is to serve as status symbol. plus artists to be confirmed . . . .



OHIO UNIVERSITY 2013 TRANSYLVANIA As part of their 4 week study abroad workshop at the ICS we organised a special 8 day field trip to visit some of the artists and craftspeople in Transylvania and Romania. Here is a flavour of the trip. More detailed accounts in the next issue . . .






DESIGN NETWORK 6 - 31 October, 2014

Design Network Symposium is a one month symposium for recent graduates (within the last three years) to be held every year at the ICS. Our aim is to offer young, talented ceramic designers the opportunity to create a series of works in a creative and mutually supportive studio environment. We encourage international exchange and hope participants will benefit from the possibility of working alongside other graduates from many countries and specially invited international designers. Participants will be able to build confidence in your own work and build lifelong friendships and contacts with colleagues working on the symposium. While each participant will work on their own specific project the invited guest artists work alongside participants and will facilitate discussion and presentations. Participants will also gain experience in curating and exhibiting their work in the end of symposium exhibition in our Kápolna Gallery. Budapest Design Week is scheduled during the symposium so there will be opportunities to visit many of the exhibitions and shows during the event. We offer discounted prices on accommodation for successful applicants for DESIGN NETWORK. If you are interested to participate please email us as soon as possible to register your interest as places will be limited. More information will be posted in the very near future so keep looking at the website for updates.

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ICS CERAMICS NEWS issue 1 : 2014  

News and information from the International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary

ICS CERAMICS NEWS issue 1 : 2014  

News and information from the International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary

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