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UPCOMING EVENTS April 8 - 15 - Week Without Walls April 20 & 21 - Nic @ Night April 22 - 24 - Easter Weekend

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International Night shows beauty of many cultures BY MRS. JORDAN DONALD If I could describe this year’s International Night in one word it would be: spectacular. I cannot tell you how amazed I am at the talent of our students. The performance was incredible. The unity of our community was indescribable. The tradition of International Night has been held at ICS for years. It is to honor the diversity of our student body and celebrate the vast cultural richness of our school. Students of all ages

participate, from kindergarten up through the seniors. To be a part of the performance, students must audition. Our students take pride in their cultural heritage and their peers’ cultural background. Students participate in various acts regardless of their nationality. Unity is a major theme of this event. The night began with an introduction by MC Tyler Creasman in his well-known “singlish” accent. The audience was captivated by his speech,

laughter spreading throughout the gymnasium. The performances were followed by fellowship and the enjoyment of cultural cuisine. Parents brought immense amounts of food to share with one another. There were varieties from nearly every continental region represented at ICS. If you happened to miss this year’s celebration of International Night, mark your calendar for next year. This is one event that should not be missed!



APRIL 2011 | VOL 3 . ISSUE 3

DIRECTOR’S NOTE ICS, Singapore is part of NICS – the Network of International Christian Schools. NICS was founded in 1983 by Joe Hale. The first school was in Korea and enrolled 83 students that first year. Today, NICS has over 4,500 students enrolled in 20 schools located in 16 countries! Over 700 teachers serve in these schools. The mission of NICS is to establish a worldwide network of international Christian schools staffed by qualified Christian educators, instilling in each student a Biblical world-view in an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions. I recently spent several weeks in the US attending meetings with the directors from the NICS schools. We spent time in meetings discussing policy, best practices and leadership strategies. I also participated in two teacher recruitment fairs, one in Southern California and one in Southaven, Mississippi. As I talked to prospective teachers, I found it easy to “promote” ICS and Singapore. The main reason is because of the people. I spoke of our students and how friendly they are, how they get along with each other so well, and how they work hard at school. I shared about our parents and how they volunteer and support the school in so many ways. I shared the support we receive in such areas as the Carnival, International Night, the Christmas Program and the high school plays. Of course, it is fun to talk about the enthusiastic support our sports teams receive from parents, too!

“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority.” — Colossians 2:9-10 (NIV)

Finally, I told these prospective teachers about the faculty at ICS. We have a qualified, dedicated faculty that care about their students and are engaged at every level of school life. Our teachers are willing to spend extra time with their students, and always show their support at school events and activities. Our faculty are also committed followers of Christ who are a daily testimony to our students. It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that I had many prospective teachers interested to join us at ICS. Please join us in prayer that we will hire the right people to become a part of this special organization – International Community School.

Director, International Community School

International Community School (S) Ltd. is a member of the Network of International Christian Schools. For more information, please visit Page 2

CLASS OF 2011 This is the largest graduating class in our history. We have had over 150 colleges and universities from around the world visit our campus and recruit our seniors. This is a sample of where some of our seniors have been accepted and/or are planning to attend university next year.

COMMENCEMENT Friday, 3 June 2011 7.00p @ ICS Gymnasium

Rutgers SCAD OTIS Columbia College Chicago Liverpool Edinburgh Emmanuel Roger Williams Portland Purdue Texas A & M Carson Newman Judson BIOLA Azusa Pacific

Cincinnati Penn State Ohio State Baylor U Texas Arlington Colorado State Calvin UMASS Iowa State St. Johns Fairleigh Dickinson DePaul Wisconsin Lutheran Indiana Emerson Temple

Missouri St. Francis Florida Gulf Coast West Florida Concordia Minnesota Iowa Michigan State Tampa Greenville Northwest Nazarene Southern Nazarene CCA SAIC SVA Cal Poly



APRIL 2011 | VOL 3 . ISSUE 3

Spiritual Emphasis Week brings lasting effect to campus


e had a need begging for a solution! Many students in grades 6 through 12 at ICS took significant steps of growth and several made key life decisions during Spiritual Emphasis Week held at ICS back on January 17-21. Several ICS teachers, parents, students, and staff noted the time-sensitive need for doing something to help our students, while decisions were still fresh in their minds, and while students were open to further development of their then recent commitments. After brainstorming by ICS staff and parents, we decided to ask high school students who were interested to help lead Small Groups of Middle School Students during their shared Chapel time every other Tuesday. Initially, about 10 or 11 high school students volunteered to help, but as the development of the Small Groups program quickly grew, by

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the 2nd week, we had 26 ICS high school students who caught a vision for getting involved in order to make a difference in the lives of other students. These high school students were not satisfied with sitting on the sideline and merely being a spectator. They also understood that their involvement would affect their own lives. Our high school students have been taking Bible classes for years. Many of our high school students have been attending and helping in their respective local churches for several years as well. A lot of them have been trained to serve, so why not give them real opportunities for service right on our campus? In addition, several of our high school students are natural leaders who are in positions of influence on campus. Leading a Small Group would provide these high school students with opportunities to teach and lead our students in grades 6, 7, and 8.

It was time for a real world final exam, and our new high school Small Group leaders bravely stepped up to the challenge. From all we have seen and heard so far, these leaders are doing an incredible job with their Small Groups. We have 26 high school students directly impacting the lives of 95 middle school students. 26 students who decided to make a difference. Praise the Lord! Have we found an effective solution for addressing a critical spiritual need in the lives of our secondary students at ICS? The story isn’t finished. With continued prayer in their behalf, we hope this Small Group program will have a real and lasting effect. --Mr. Chris Herring Middle School Principal


8 Teams. 2 Seasons. 1 Community.

FUND RUN 2011 The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to our missions and ministry families. Without this fund many ministry families could not afford to have their children attend ICS. Nearly S$49,000 has been raised so far through individual donations and a record 441 registered runners. The FUNd Run brings attention to the Scholarship Fund and donations can be made at any time. If you have not already done so, please consider making a donation to the Scholarship Fund. Thank you.

We are thrilled to work with you in fulfilling your desire to invest in student’s lives at ICS! Donations are essential to the school's long-term growth and success. Donations help us continue on the path of excellence at ICS - adding programs, improving facilities, keeping pace with technology and providing faculty with professional development opportunities. All contributions are acknowledged with sincere gratitude while maintaining donor information in strict confidence.

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