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Mission Report from the Grade Three Space Team

Mrs. Buesking’s 3rd Grade Class 10 January - 13 January 2017


Matthew 21:12-17

- Sinful anger vs. Righteous Anger


Why should we have righteous anger?

Why should we avoid sinful anger? Student Work


Students created a short video describing the difference. Students found examples of anger in the Bible and decided whether they were examples of sinful or righteous anger.


Daily 5

We have a new system‌ Our Classroom Tasks board will support students in time management, keep track of class work that needs to be completed, and give an easy visual for knowing what they have already finished. A couple of items on this board will be there each week. Students must complete and turn in two pages of word work by Friday [this is to ensure students are spending some time on Word Work during Daily 5] and write one story problem for math [to ensure students are spending some time on Writing in Math during Daily 5]. This is class work, not homework. If students do not complete work by Friday, they will need to work on it during recess that day. If they still have incomplete class work, it will be sent home with a note. This is work that students are given time to complete throughout the week multiple times during the day. Our goal and my expectation for students is to not send home any of this class work or have them work during recess! However, this is their chance to receive points for class work and not fall behind.


- Xtra Math

- A new program for practicing math facts. This is replacing Rocket Math.

Students learned about...


Identifying place value to hundreds Writing three-digit numbers in expanded form. Using mental computation to add two-digit numbers [review].


Informational Writing



- We explored Brad Meltzer’s biographies (a series called “Ordinary People Change the World”). - Students will be working on their own biography in the coming weeks.

- Prefixes - We will be building up our knowledge of these word parts to give us clues about the definition of unknown words. Did you know...we are learning about “Growth Mindset” in all subjects? Students have been setting goals and learning about “The Power of Yet!”

- “im-” and “in-” (these mean “not”)


Geography Students discussed‌


How some activities and wants lead us to specific locations What makes a good location for settlement Why people tend to settle near the shore Types of migration and people who migrate

Exploring a website about settlement location decisions.

Choosing the layout of a digital city! Where should we put leisure, business, and residential plots?

Why do people settle near bodies of water?

Migration Vocabulary - Students took turns either acting out or drawing one of our new terms. The rest of the class guessed the vocabulary.


“Find Somebody Who…”

We reviewed procedures the first day back. Students had a lot of fun with it!

“Find someone who can demonstrate how NOT to enter the classroom”...uh oh!

JANUARY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION… will be Thursday, January 26th (no school Friday) at 2:45PM. January birthday students may bring a treat to share with the class that day (we have 15 students).

Please see Schoology for upcoming due dates and spelling tests!

MATH Be Silly – Be Honest – Be Kind

January 13th Update  

Mrs. Buesking's 3rd Grade Class

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