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ISSUE 04 March 2014


This Issue ICRRA and Indian Recharger Expo- 2014 Page 1

Expo Kicks Off.

ICRRA’s Stall.

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Indian Recharger Expo-2014

Recycling Times now in India

ICRRA was given a complimentary booth in the Indian Recharger Expo 2014 held in Mumbai.

ICRRA Times is likely to become the Regional partner for Recycling Times in India if the discussions for a strategic partnership come about.

Executive Committee President Anil Sultania Mobile : +91-9845016964 email: Vice-President Santosh Kumar G. Mobile : +91-9845381920 email: Secretary Deepak M Jalihal Mobile : +91-9880718834 email: Treasurer Parmeshwar Varma Mobile : +91-8431711155 email:

The Association made the best of it by reaching out to the visitors and exhibitors alike and received a very encouraging response. Issure 3 of ICRRA Times was released just before the Expo. According to Mr. Anil Sultania, President of ICRRA, the response from the visitors was extraordinary. Visitors and exhibitors have committed to give advertisements and content for ICRRA Times. “We require wholehearted support of the industry to strengthen the Association and its activities” Mr. Anil Sultania said in an appeal to the industry.

The proposed alliance will increase the circulation of Recycling Times in India by 3400 copies instantly. On the other side, ICRRA Times will be able to convey more international news to its ardent readers. Mr. David Gibbons of Recycling Times and Mr. Deepak Jalihal of ICRRA Times are keenly looking forward to this mutually beneficial association as it would take the awareness levels of the people in Indian remanufacturing industry to a different plateau altogether.

32/2, LALBAGH MAIN ROAD BANGALORE - 560 027 Ph: +91 80 22227216, 22279124, 22235067 email :


From The Editor’s desk .....

Printed and Published by: Indian Cartridge Remanufacturers and Recyclers Association ICRRA No.63, 5th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560003 Editor: Santoshkumar G email:

February was an eventful month for the Indian remanufacturing industry with Indian Recharger Sources successfully concluding the exhibition in Mumbai. Kudos to the organizers who managed to rope in a good number of foreign and Indian participants for the show.Despite speculations, serious visitors turned up in large numbers. It is an indicator to the enthusiasm among Indian remanufacturers. ITDL, pioneers in India to manufacture raw materials put up a grand show. We found a steady stream of visitors to their stall. Training sessions conducted by Static Controls saw jam packed crowds for all the sessions. It is time more and more companies take cue and offer technical sessions to their customers. It is interesting to note that most of the visitors spent hours together at the stalls to understand latest technologies, trends, solutions etc. The focus was clearly more on Toner powder. The terms “Quality” and “Consistency” were heard frequently. The feedback at ICRRA's stall was nothing different. Visitors wanted to learn more on the technical front and were looking for training on quality oriented remanufacturing process of latest models. There was a strong demand to set up a full time training center that can offer complete training on remanufacturing and fine tuning the technical skills as well. The Toner Test Laboratory set up by ICRRA at Bangalore was appreciated by one and all. ICRRA received 12 registrations from visitors to utilize the test facility and ascertain the quality of the Toner powder they use. It is a good sign for the industry in general. Quality is here to stay. The industry is looking forward to the next exhibition in New Delhi – RechargExpo 2014 INDIA taking place at NSIC Exhibition Hall from 6th to 8th March. Conveniently scheduled towards a weekend, the exhibition will definitely benefit the players in North India which constitutes about 35 % of the Indian market. ICRRA Times seeks news and reports from its readers across the country. The topic can be any interesting event happening in your region, which you would like to share with our valued readers. Please write to us, after all, it is your magazine! Your articles and photos may be mailed to Best wishes !

For Advertising contact: Anil Sultania Mobile : +91 9845016964 email:

Santosh Kumar G.

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Volume 1 - Issue 4

Bestrefilling Services Bestrefilling Services opens its first Franchise in Bangalore. Bestrefilling services, is a Bangalore based company, owned by Sheela Jalihal, a women entrepreneur. The company is managed by the husband and wife team and is known to be quality conscious company. The entire refilling is process driven and professionally managed.

Be a part of the most profitable business in India! REFILLING INKJET PRINTER CARTRIDGES!!! Franchise with us. Bestrefilling Services +91-9880718836 080-23312014

Having studied other refilling franchise and toying with the idea for quite some time, finally decided to open its first “Company Owned Company Operated” franchise. Located on main road called “Sampaige Road” on the 17th Cross of Malleswaram Area, the Store was opened on 9th February 2014. “We will operate this for a year see how it functions before we open any other or offer it to others. Like our cartridges, we would like to be doubly sure that this works before we start selling the franchise. We believe that the franchisee must succeed for the franchisor to exist. Refilling being a service industry requires a lot of technical support in addition to marketing support. We plan to make sure that this is available to the franchisee when he takes our franchise.” said the CEO Sheela Jalihal when asked when the next store is likely to be opened. Ph: 080-40124536

Bestrefilling Services has invested in CBR-SME's inkjet factory – A fully automated computerized inkjet filling Machine along with the CBR-Tester for pre and post testing of Inkjet cartridges. Along with that they have the Toner Cleaning Machine and whole lot of printers to test print the refilled cartridges. Bestrefilling services does not believe in “fill-and-pray” concept. They believe in print testing all cartridges before delivering it to the customers.

This Space can be Yours for Rs.2400/-

RechargExpo Thailand 2014 is taking place in Thailand from 24-26 July 2014. Conveniently located in Bangkok at the Impact Convention Center, the Expo is expected to attract a large number of exhibitors from the ink and toner manufacturers segment, copier segment and inkjet and laserjet cartridge manufacturers. Visitors /exhibitors interested in attending the show may contact ICRRA at or at Stall No. A 0004, RechargExpo, New Delhi, INDIAMarch 6th - 8th 2014. Register in advance for attractive gains on travel.

Volume 1 - Issue 4

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Volume 1 - Issue 4

Volume 1 - Issue 4

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Recharger Expo 2014 - Mumbai Amidst the speculation, controversies and rumors, the IRE took place as scheduled in hall II of the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon Mumbai. Anxiety was high particularly as the last year's exhibition in Bangalore was cancelled due to Karnataka Government withdrawing permissions for the venue at the last moment. The RC expo being held in New Delhi in March added to the confusion. ICRRA received numerous calls wanting to confirm the event(s). One can't but applaud the promoters for their insistent efforts which made this event a great success. The event was promoted by email blasts, tele-calling, SMS and last but not least jingles on local FM Radio station. This resulted in a steady turnout from morning to evening. There were a total of 40 exhibitors including exhibitors from China and US besides the Indian exhibitors. Some of the prominent players in the Indian market were conspicuous by their absence. The total number of footfalls posted by the promoters is

approximately 3000+ footfalls. This was substantiated by many exhibitors. What was heartening and probably confirms the need for such events is the spectrum of visitors. Visitors came from remote places and big cities alike. What one must salute and appreciate are the entrepreneurs who run the shows single handedly in small towns and remote places, thought the event important enough to close shop for a day and travel to be there. Almost all the exhibitors said that they received serious visitors and business took place. Almost all the exhibitors said they were very happy with the entire arrangements and were very happy that they participated and would do so next year. The Association has always maintained that Trade Shows help the trade. This also provides a very good social platform for who-iswho of the industry to interact and bond. After all it is the networking that is important, business just happens. Let's hope that we have more and more of trade shows happening all over India.

Here are some interesting feed back from the exhibitors at Indian Recharger Expo 2014. M/s SPLASHJET PRINT TECHNOLOGIES - Mr. Amar Chaunore said they had a good number of visitors. He is completely satisfied with the arrangements made by the organizers of the exhibition. And he looks forward to similar events in future. Mr. Ganesh at ITDL is happy with the number of visitors at his stall. In his opinion, about 1500 people would have visited the expo. The arrangements at the venue were just okay. The response from the visitors was good. And he would take part in such events in future too.

major crowd puller of the event. He is happy with the visitors turn out. He is happy with the arrangements at the venue, 7 on a 10 scale. And he would certainly look forward to similar events in future. Ms. Sanjana of Lipap Systems is happy with the number of visitors turned up at the venue. She feels about 1000 people would have visited the expo. Mr. Jagadish of M/s GLOBE TECHNOLOGY too is happy with the number of visitors turned up. He had close to 2000 people visited his stall. He will definitely take part in similar events in future.

Mr. Nikhil Dubaria of M/s Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. Represents Static Controls in India. Their stall was one of the

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Volume 1 - Issue 4

Volume 1 - Issue 4

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