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Vol. 137, Issue 4

Coach Brings Controversy By DAN LEWIS The Rambler


These cardboard boxes and other recyclables will be outsourced to Champaign to a plant that can properly recycle them.

Recycling On-Campus

Saving the Earth or Wasting Time? By ANDREA KLINEDINST The Rambler For at least the past four years, Illinois College has promoted and enacted a recycling plan across campus. Large blue recycling bins marked with the familiar triangle of arrows have become a staple in dorms and academic and administrative buildings. New this year, a group of students formed a go-green living-learning community in one of the campus houses. They called themselves “Ecostreet” and vowed to save energy and cut back on the amount of trash by recycling. One of the ways they implemented this program was by setting up a recycling station in their house where they sort and keep track of the amount of recycling they produce. The products of campus-wide recycling are placed on the curb in clear plastic bags or blue bins clearly marked recycling each week, waiting to be picked up and sent to a recycling center, or

are they? Seeds of doubt have been scattered across campus. The same truck that has picked up the trash, has also been seen and photographed picking up the recycling on multiple accounts by both students and staff. Is all of the extra effort to recycle being wasted? Where does our recycling really go? A trip out to the recycling and waste facility, “Buster Sanitation Services,” cleared up a few of the questions that surfaced on campus. Joe Buster made it clear that the recycling was indeed recycled, well 99% of it, at least. The other 1% he said is legitimately trash: leftover food and bottle caps. But Buster Sanitation Services no longer processes the recycling, so they do not consider any of IC’s recycling to be trash. Buster explained that the recycling at IC is part of what they call single stream recycling. Single stream contains all material and is usually from commercial places. Some of the other places with single stream are

Blue Cross Blue Shield and various department stores around Jacksonville. From the curbside, the recycling is placed into one of Buster Sanitation Services’ trucks, meaning that it could also be one of the trucks that picks up the garbage, just not on the same day. Then the recycling is compressed at the facility and placed in a special trailer where it is hauled to Bloomington to Midwest Fiber where it is processed and bailed and shipped to a mill. After a thorough explanation of what happens to the recycling, Buster brought up the IC controversy himself. He stated that they were an ethical company and that throwing away people’s recycling just wasn’t ethical. He stated that it never has been and never will be. He explained that the prices of recycling nose-dive every once in a while, but they always come out of it, and those nose-dives don’t scare his company away from continuing to recycle. When asked about the truck situation, he replied that the most economi-

cal way was to use the same trucks. They have a side load truck used for recycling on residential routes, but with the single stream places and the bins, the garbage trucks are the only ones that can lift the bins to empty them. On any given day, any of the trucks are fair game depending on what is taking the longest and what trucks have already been sent out. His company gets paid better if their recycling is clean, so they try to keep it as clean and recyclable as possible. The blue backed recycling trailer sat on the far side of their lot, not to be confused with the garbage trailers, waiting for the haul to Bloomington, and when it was opened, it was only full of recycling. Buster Sanitation takes care of Jacksonville and many of the surrounding areas. In December, they are starting a program in Petersburg after receiving positive feedback for their program. They work to be a trusted and ethical business. Take hope in Joe Buster’s words that your effort to recycle is not being wasted.

The newly-formed Varsity Club and Sigma Pi literary society teamed up to bring basketball coaching legend, Bobby Knight, to campus earlier this month for a fundraiser amid a storm of opposition led by faculty and staff members. Junior Matt Justice, president of both student body and Sigma Pi, helped organizing the event, which brought in about 60 people. Justice says that Coach Knight is an “extremely intelligent and great coach,” but the leaders of the opposition are not so eager to compliment the man. Sociology Professor and Director of Service Learning, Kelly Dagan says that Knight has shown a “consistent pattern of psychological and physical intimidation against others,” including players, reporters, and, allegedly, his own athletic director. Knight was accused of kicking and dragging his son by his jersey’s collar when he played for him. “Knight’s ego and temper are as big as he is,” said Justice. “That’s just Bobby Knight . . . he is hard to understand.” Another leader of the opposition to Knight’s speaking was Caryn Riswold, a Professor of Religion and Chair of the Gender and Women’s Studies Department. “[Knight] represents everything that is wrong with the culture of sports,” Riswold says. She also believes that his past aggressive and angry actions are “not the message students should get.” Riswold and Dagan were not the only people on campus that were against Bob Knight and his coming to speak on campus. The two professors created a petition months ago that claimed that the coach “represents some of the worst elements of collegiate and professional athletics” and they subsequently sent the petition via email to the entire Illinois College faculty and staff. Thirty-one people signed the petition and it was sent to President Steuer and his cabinet, where the petition stopped. Riswold and Dagan said that their intent never was to actually get Knight off of campus, but rather show that they disagreed with the

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas By KATIE STARK The Rambler

Just escaped from a cave full of midterms and papers wondering when it became October? Have the procrastination bug? You’re not alone. Here are some quick and easy ideas for costumes at the last minute. Iron Chef Are you a big fan of the show Iron Chef? Well here’s your chance to be one! This costume is slightly witty and will require some explaining to your friends, but if you can handle being smart and complex then you’ll be cooking up a storm all night. All that Iron Chef wannabes need for this costume is a chef’s hat and a clothes iron. Put on the hat and carry the iron around with you. Congrats! You’re an Iron Chef! What you will need: -Chef’s hat -Clothes iron Painting Halloween is the one

night a year when people can pretend to be whoever or whatever they want, but why be something else when you’re the best thing around? Be the star of the night and make yourself a work of art. Grab a large picture frame and hold it in front of yourself. Everyone around you will see your beauty for what it really is: a masterpiece! What you will need: -A picture frame (without the glass) Blue Man from the Blue Man Group or a Smurf Two costumes in one!? Is it possible? Yes, yes it is. Hide your hair underneath a blue rubber cap. Do not shave your hair off for this costume! If you do, you might care about Halloween a little too much. All that you need is blue face/body paint and black clothes. Paint yourself up and look at you! You’re a Blue Man! If you aren’t bald but have the desire to be blue, don’t worry. You can still paint yourself blue without

losing all your hair and be a Smurf! If you want to be an overachiever and wear Smurf-style clothes (little white hats and pants) then go for it. But, let’s face it, we’re all procrastinators here. Wear whatever you want and you will be just fine. If anyone asks, just say “I’m a Smurf with a sense of style.” What you will need: -Blue face/body paint -Black shirt and pants (Blue Man) -Rubber cap (Blue Man) -White pants/dress and hat (Smurf – optional) Binder Full of Women Mitt Romney has a binder full of women. You can do better than that. For Halloween, BE a binder full of women! Fold a large piece of cardboard in half to make your binder. Now find some pictures of women. Once you have these pictures, glue them in your cardboard binder. Attach string to your binder and put it around your neck. Now you have a binder bigger than Romney’s.

What you will need: -String -Cardboard -Pictures of women

Harry Potter Why not go as your favorite boy wizard for Halloween? All you need is face paint for a lightning scar, a wand, and glasses. Making a wand is always an option, but you’re a procrastinator so why do that? Go outside and get yourself the perfect twig to be your wand. Put on some fake circular glasses and you’re ready to go. Have fun casting spells all night but remember not to poke someone’s eye out! What you will need: -Face paint -A wand (twig) -Glasses Ninja Ninjas are the coolest and easiest costume to pull off. Sounds like the perfect idea for a procrastinator! To be these sneaky assassins all you need is a black ski mask and black clothes. If your mask doesn’t have a hole for the eyes cut one

yourself. Put on your outfit and become the ninja you were always meant to be. Nunchucks not included. What you will need: -Black ski mask -Black clothes Vampire Vampires are a classic Halloween costume that never goes out of style. Luckily it’s also an easy costume to put together at the last minute. Get yourself some fake vampire teeth and you’re already halfway there. Put some white powder on your face to look “undead.” Use lipstick, face paint, or even red Kool-Aid to put some blood stains around your mouth so people know you mean business. For all you Twilight fans who want to sparkle add some body glitter and you are ready to suck some blood. What you will need: -Fake vampire teeth -White face powder -Red lipstick, face paint, Kool-Aid, etc. -Body glitter (Optional)

2 Staff Size Normal Everyone I know makes fun of the way mannequins stand, with their arms in awkward angles or their heads twisted in an outrageous position. But I think we are ignoring something rather important about them, something that I didn’t realize until I was on the second floor of a Forever 21 last week staring at them. They’re bone thin. (Though, I don’t know if the metaphor works here given that, well, mannequins don’t have bones.) In fact, they are so thin that most mannequins wear size extra small. Like Barbie dolls, mannequins are on display to the world to show shoppers what perfection looks like, what beautiful looks like, what normal looks like. And it is not just the mannequins that illustrate this notion to us. Every single day we are bombarded with an idealized image of what is beautiful—blonde hair, blue eyes, small waist, weighs under a hundred and ten pounds. That is the description of the people we see walking up and down the runaways. That is the description of the people we see on every page of Vogue,

People, Seventeen. That is the description of beautiful. Is it any surprise that eight million Americans have eating disorders? One in two hundred women suffer from anorexia, three in a hundred suffer from bulimia, and over half of the country knows someone personally who suffers from this illness. Whenever the topic of eating disorders comes up, there is always someone who argues that by fighting against bone thin models and telling people it’s okay not to starve yourself, we are actually doing the opposite of promoting a healthy image—we are, in fact, promoting obesity. But, in all honesty, doesn’t that seem like a slippery slope? Isn’t encouraging people to be healthy, not skinny, the opposite of encouraging obesity? Obesity is not at the state it is today because of the fact that we are encouraging people to be comfortable in their skin. It is at the state is it because of the food we offer—the fast food chains that serve fatty, “cheap” food fast, or the fact that fresh produce prices are rising at a rate that working class people cannot afford. One in three Americans is obese because

of our culture of all-you-caneat buffets and unhealthy portion sizes. In our culture of work, work, work, there is little time left for exercising. In our school system where we keep cutting physical education or allowing individuals to skip out of the class, we are not teaching children to exercise, but to sit and work. Our country has a thirty-

pro-life. Although, lately it is hard to tell exactly what a candidate’s position is on the topic. One moment a candidate is completely against abortion and claiming they will work to overturn Roe v. Wade, the court case that states that no state can make abortion illegal, and the next they are stating they would allow abortion in cases of rape, incest, and in order to protect the mother’s health. So how do we know what is true and what isn’t? Governor Mitt Romney, was quoted in an interview while in Iowa saying, “there’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.” However, a spokeswoman for the Romney campaign quickly clarified his remark saying that the Governor was definitely “pro-life and will be a pro-life president.” Romney’s official campaign Website says that Romney would work to have Roe v. Wade overturned and that “[he] also supports the Hyde Amendment,” which bars the federal government from funding organizations

that support the freedom to abortion, most notably Planned Parenthood. More recently, Romney’s campaign released a TV ad suggesting the candidate believes abortion “should be an option” in certain cases. So even after months of statements from both the Governor and his campaign, I still have no idea what Mr. Romney’s stance is on the matter. It is clear that the Romney team knows their candidate’s real agenda for women’s health , ending safe and legal abortion and ending Planned Parenthood’s preventive care, is deeply unpopular and are trying to make it seem less drastic. Romney faces a tricky balancing act as he tries to persuade middle-of-the road women without antagonizing religious conservatives, who already are wary because Romney supported abortion rights in the past. However, this disguising of the Governor’s view on the important issue of the right to abortion is exasperating. Whatever his view is, it would be nice if he would tell us before November 6th.

Flip-Floppers By SKYLAR KLINE The Rambler Why do so many candidates these days seem to think it is okay to flip-flop their views on certain issues? It appears that some of the candidates running for office this election year are telling one group of people one thing and another group a different thing. The reason for the inconsistency is simple: while no candidate wants to alienate the voters on their side of the spectrum, they do want to try and capture the votes of those in the middle who may still be undecided. Candidates are giving their strong supporters answers with hard decree, and then when they speak to undecided voters, they soften their views to seem less extreme. Nevertheless, this balancing on the tight-rope act is getting a little old. One of the most controversial social issues of this election year is the topic of abortion. Usually, the issue is split down the middle of the party lines – democrats are labeled pro-choice, while republicans are categorized

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three percent obesity rate because of the culture we live in. But that is not to say that we should be teaching girls (and boys) that beautiful and healthy looks like a stick figure. Beauty should be about health. Size should be about health. The images displayed to women (and to men) do not demonstrate heath and they shouldn’t demonstrate beauty. We should stop thinking about beauty as a size or a figure or a number and we start thinking about it as how healthy we are. Best,

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Vol. 137, Issue 4

Priority of Parking By CIARA SWEATMAN The Rambler A popular issue among the IC community as of late is parking--or should I say the lack thereof. The city of Jacksonville recently made some changes to the availability of parking alongside the streets (College Ave., Lockwood, and Park), which is one of our primary ways of parking here at Illinois College, especially for faculty and commuters. While there are a fair amount of parking lots on campus, the prices are unfavorable to many, especially considering a spot in these lots isn’t necessarily guaranteed. So many times I have circled around campus, searching for an opening to park my Honda just minutes before class. While usually there is a parking spot to be found along the street, the time it takes to negotiate and renegotiate is enough to make me late, not to mention how unsafe it can be to try and open my car door while other cars whiz by going 30 mph near a cross walk. The whole process is frustrating to say the least. During these times of frustration, I often think to

myself, if Illinois College plans to expand their enrollment, like I’m sure they do, then isn’t it vital that we have enough parking for existing and future students? Before writing off Illinois College as careless in this respect, I spoke to a faculty member who is a part of the parking committee, who laid the whole issue out in a way that helped me see this issue isn’t as easy as “parking or no parking.” Illinois College has gone to the city council of Jacksonville more than once to ask they not make street-parking so restricting, especially since this issue affects so many people who are a part of the IC community, and they did manage to compromise in some ways and allow for a little more parking. Also, Illinois College has been seeking more places to add parking, but is “landlocked” as there are not many places to put new lots. According to President Steuer, “We are surrounded by neighborhoods. We’ve been here 183 years; it’s not surprising that we have a lot of neighbors, but we want to be good neighbors, and at the same time, I think, we want to insure the vitality of the college. The challenge

By KYLE CODY The Rambler


Illinois College is facing new restrictions for parking, which could result in very limited parking for students, faculty and staff. New lots are being created to alleviate this problem. the college has is that it is surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood, and we don’t want to disrupt that.” Thankfully, they are working on adding a new lot on Park Street, so this will provide more parking for the IC community. A top priority for Illinois College is students’ educa-

tional needs. This is something that I have never questioned or doubted. Deciding where funds will go is not an easy decision, but we can be sure that Illinois College is using our money wisely and for our benefit in places that are vital to our learning and growth.

Walk of Shame vs. Walk of Fame By IRA DAWSON The Rambler At the start of freshmen year, many of us experience complete independence for the first time in our lives. We are able to make all decisions we face on our own. We go to bed when we want, skip class when we feel like it, and decide who we’re going to get to know better, and ultimately, have sex with. Students in college have sex. It is merely part of the campus experience. Whether it is with their partner, or someone they just met in Kirby, sex is happening. For us, the topic isn’t taboo, but it’s nothing we want to write home about. Researchers at the University of Montana found college students said they were frequently “hooking up” with other students. Casual sex has become the norm, if it wasn’t already. But why do we, as a society, have different outlooks

In an absolutely magicfree world, far away from Hogwarts, J.K. Rowling takes her readers on a new adventure through the struggles of class and realities of life in her first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy. Whether it be through sex, drugs, vulgarity, murder, or more, Rowling has gone above and beyond proving that she can write more than a children’s book, the question, however,

In most cases, when the “stud” leaves the room, he can expect high fives and cheers, but if the “tramp” leaves the room she can expect most people to think she is on a “walk of shame.” When, and more important- are not studs. Women are not ly, why, do we accept this tramps. We are all human. double standard as the way No one is inferior. No one it has to be? is superior. We are all on the I have more questions same playing field. than I do answers, but I do As soon as we understand know one thing, despite our this, we will understand no gender, we are the same, one is better or worse than made of the same material. another, but rather, we are We have the same urges and truly all the same. commit the same acts. Men

is does she do it well? While the former Harry Potter author once wrote “bloody hell” and magical deaths as the most vulgar things in her stories, she now has moved on to using the worst of the English vocabulary and almost disturbingly grotesque descriptions in order to appeal to her new audience; but does she try too hard? Her new novel addresses ideas such as separation of class and liberal versus conservative views, but in my opinion, Rowling loses what

could have been an incredible piece of literature by inserting too much adult content that in a way seems almost needy for attention. Especially for readers who know her style of writing, the change can be distracting from the storyline which is of the death of a man who leaves an empty seat, or casual vacancy, behind on the town council, that begins a highly political town war, in a small town in England. But as Rowling’s storyline progresses, it seems to become more about how

much vulgarity can be put into the smallest amount of pages than a story about class struggle. While I am a huge J.K. Rowling fan and would still say that the book is worth reading as a way of seeing a completely different side of an author, I am surprised by the text that such an amazing storyteller has produced. Ultimately, it is for the reader to decide whether or not it is enjoyable, however I would not classify this as Rowling’s best work.

follow a single story. The first 3 movies each travel further back in time, while the fourth continues forward. The slogan for number four even reads “all the activity has led to this.” I always love movies that build on each other; I find that it makes you get more into the movie than just enjoying the scares. Plot aside, demons and possessions and scary ghost stuff are awesome! Again, this movie is filmed through the perspective of camer-

as that exist in the movie. This enhances the sense of realism in the movie, adding to the already abundant amount of terror. However, it seems that many scenes are extremely predictable, but nevertheless still horrifying and entertaining. To add to the Paranormal Activity experience, consider asking your dorm’s ghost to watch the movies with you. I’m sure Gail in Ellis Hall would love to figure out new ways to creep out the dorm’s residents.

Personally, I am not a fan of the horror genre, but I find the Paranormal Activity series a very acceptable movie to watch during the Halloween season. It has a well developed plot with plenty of thrills and scares to leave you sleepless for days. Just remember, if your cabinet suddenly opens or slams shut or if something falls from your shelf, there is definitely a ghost or demon in your room. At this point, you should either fly out of your room, screaming and arms

Movie of the Bi-Week Paranormal Activity 4 By LEX SMITH The Rambler

Halloween is the time for monsters, ghosts, ghouls, and Paranormal Activity 4. Nobody can resist the urge to watch scary movies during the Halloween season, and Paranormal Activity 4 is perfect to chill your skin and make your hair stand on end. For those of you who care about plot: all four of these Paranormal Activity movies


on this subject depending on the person’s gender? When a male has one night stand, it is something to be proud of. He gets to tell his buddies all the details while standing a little taller and having an identifiable bounce in his step. He is treated exactly how he feels, like a stud. But if the script is flipped, and a female is ducking out someone’s dorm at sun up, we call it the “walk of shame.” She is viewed as a tramp. If she continues, she will soon have the reputation of being easy, which is frowned upon by most. And if she tells her girlfriends what she’s done, the gossiping will begin the second she leaves. Simply, it’s not fair. Even though she commits the same crime as her male counterpart, it is held against her and only her. Why can’t both individuals be held to the same set of rules? Why can’t both parties be deemed “gods” or “easy”?

Book of the Bi-Week The Casual Vacancy By SKYE ALFORD The Rambler

Goodbye America

Pack your bags and learn a language because America isn’t the land of opportunity anymore. In an age of a recession and unemployment, America is faltering. We can no longer be fed by the dream of working hard and pursuing education in hopes of getting rich. America now is like the Gilded Age that Mark Twain wrote about in the late 1800’s, with a high level of disparity between the rich and the poor. As our national debt raises past the trillions and debt with China grows, our generation is faced with a choice: rethink the economy or abandon the sinking ship that is America. Some people have already decided and their decision is to abandon their land of birth to pursue jobs overseas. Jonathon Levine decided to search for a more satisfying career in China after being stuck in dead-in job in America. He researched opportunities overseas and found jobs that had room for advancement. Furthermore, China has seen impressive growth in recent years, and has been accused of lowering currency to cash in on exports. Because of these negative aspects, President Obama has shifted his focus from Iran and Afghanistan to Asia. The president has placed more US troops in South Korea and Japan to put pressure on China. China’s Foreign Ministry said it was unfair for the United States to do this, and that the United States must trust China as it grows. As longs as China grows, there will be more jobs in its markets. The United States may lose more bright minds to these lucrative jobs if America does not turn its economy around. Also, the current exchange rate places the Japanese yen on top of the dollar. The Japanese must be doing something right in order for the yen to be placed so high. With presidential election looming, we need to select a president and an efficient government body to help us get back on track and become great again. We must also enlist the best economic minds in order to get us out of this downward spiral. We must seize the opportunity and rework our country, so America can be the leader it once was.


Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, publishes first book aimed at adults.

flailing, or pull out a video camera and investigate...and likely die. GOOGLE IMAGES

Paranormal Activity 4 continues the storyline of the previous Paranormal Activity movies.

4 Features

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

chair across the court during a home game. “The people of Indiana loved it. It inspired people,” Justice says. And he only said that the Knight’s session of campus was inspiring as well. Knight held a question and answer period and talked about topics such as teamwork, success, and determination. After listening to Knight speak and only hearing good things about it, Justice said that the opinions of the opposition were “immature” and based on “inside-the-box thinking” that shouldn’t belong in a college that is “supposed to be open to ideas.” This is not the first time that either Dagan or Riswold have opposed an event on campus. Some years ago, the two were adamantly against a speaker who talked about the idea that homosexuality is a disease that could be cured. They have organized

and participated in counterevents and other forms of protest in the past, within the college and outside of it. Justice heard rumors about protest before Knight came to campus, but Riswold and Dagan deny any knowledge of or involvement in any actual protesting that could have taken place upon the coach’s arrival. Justice thought it was noteworthy that there was little protest and no petition before last year’s controversial convocation featuring a speaker who insisted that Abraham Lincoln was gay but there is a lot of opposition to something as seemingly minor as this. Justice said that he would invite Coach Knight back to campus, even with the opposition. “I would love nothing more than to hear him speak again,”

Cardinals Fall Short By SHANE BLACKLEY The Rambler Last Monday night, the St. Louis Cardinals lost game seven of the National League Championship Series (NLCS) to the San Francisco Giants. This loss, the final loss of the season for the Cardinals, knocked the team out of the World Series. The final game of the season for the Cardinals was preceded by four wins and two losses, and it opened with the Cardinals starting pitcher, Kyle Loshe, who seemed less than impressive. Loshe, who will soon be moving to a free-agency, al-

lowed five runs in two innings before finally being replaced. Loshe had been the Cardinals’ starting ace for the majority of the season, with a 16-3 record and the league’s fifty best ERA—2.86. With a winning percentage of eighty-four percent, he is the highest percentage pitcher in Cardinal history. While the loss and missed opportunity seemed fresh in the minds of all of the Cardinal supporters, the fans have to be incredibly proud of how far the team advanced during the postseason. Though inconsistent, in games resulting in Cardinal wins, the team scored a to-

tal of seventeen runs, and in the games resulting in losses for the Cardinals, the Giants scored a combined total of twenty-seven runs, the team faced many season-long difficulties. Key Veteran Lance Berkman and pitchers Kyle McClellan, Jamie Garcia, and Chris Carpenter all faced injuries and the Cardinals also lost first basemen Albert Pujols in the postseason. But, despite all of that, the Cardinals still won the last eleven of the final fifteen games in the regular season to clinch the final wild card spot.

? n e we

o l l Ha


Costume: Wendy (from Peter Pan) Favorite part about Halloween: Scary movies


Costume: Blade Favorite part about Halloween: The creativity

Faculty Spotlight Visiting Professor Megan Milks

With a passion for writing, Visiting Professor Megan Milks came to teach creative writing courses here on campus. Milks also writes herself, with a book entitled Twins coming out next month. This semester she is teaching principles of writing, which is a class that coincides with the first-year seminar courses. She also

teaches English 207 and 307. Next semester she will be teaching a journalism course. When asked why she took the position here Milks said, “It is close to Chicago where I have a lot of family and friends at, and also Illinois College offered me a position where I got to teach creative writing courses.” When asked what she thought about her experience here in the Jacksonville community and on the Illinois College campus Milks



Professor Milks (above) teaches Creative Writing. said, “It has been terrific. Everyone here is so accommodating.”

Places to Study On-Campus By MATT MURPHY The Rambler Where is the perfect place to study on-campus? Many would answer that studying in their room or in the library is the ideal place. But a few people like to study in a special place, different from the normal places on campus. I am on a mission to find these “different” places where students choose to study. For me, the perfect place to study is in Parker 210. Nobody is usually there, making the place so quiet and serene.

Zach Dunker, a freshman on campus, prefers to study in the back conference room in Bruner on the third floor. I asked him why he prefers this location. “It is pretty quiet and dark there,” Zach said. Most of us think of Bruner as a loud place because of all the athletic activities that take place there, but it seems Bruner does have its quiet places. There is one place on campus that is very different and most have not even heard of it. According to an anonymous source, the best place to study is at the “Hidey Hole.” I asked them

the following questions. “Why do you choose this place to study?” “No one else knows where this place is it,” the source said. “Could you tell me where this place is at?” “If I reveal it, it won’t be a secret studying placed anymore,” the source said. So it seems that people usually choose a different place because of the quietness and nobody ever goes there. Do you have a special place to study? And then the bigger, and still unanswered question, where is Hidey Hole?

Sticking with SAGE By STEPHANIE LAW The Rambler From working with the diversity center on campus to working with charities off campus, SAGE, Straights and Gays for Equality, is a group that is very important, but not very well-known to most students at IC. SAGE is a group here at Illinois College that has been

around for 10 years. In those 10 years they have done many things on campus. A lot has been done with the diversity center on campus and they also work with the first year seminar classes on the topic of diversity. Cory Washington, president of SAGE, said, “It is fun, but a lot of work (to be president). I am in charge of all the numbers, all the different events, and bridging

Costume: Boo (from Monsters Inc.) Favorite part about Halloween: “dressing up and handing out candy”

the gap between SAGE and the faculty.” For anyone thinking it would be fun to join in SAGE, the group meets in Kirby 108 on Sundays at 7 p.m. Everyone is allowed to join in on the activities. According to Washington, “SAGE is full of students with very diverse majors and minor, activities and personalities.”

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leaders of the Varsity Club in that Coach Knight does not represent the values held by the institution. Professor Riswold said that their goal was to “speak for the people who couldn’t,” such as members of the faculty, staff, student body, and community. Justice, who felt disappointed about the opposition to Knight speaking at campus, said that, “Knight’s legacy will live forever.” Both Riswold and Justice site Knight’s history of high graduation rates among his players and the success of his teams as indications of the coach’s greatness. Dagan feels that Knight’s intimidation and violence outweigh the success he has brought to the Indiana basketball coach. The media, Justice says, corrupts Knight’s public image by only depicting the bad parts of his coaching history, such as the incident when he angrily through a

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Coach Brings Controversy


Costume: Egeus (from the play “Midsummer’s Night Dream”) Favorite part about Halloween: Seeing all the kids trick-or-treating

Halloween Haunted Houses By FAITH IRVIN The Rambler Need a little more fright in your Halloween night? 217 Terror: This haunted house, located near Jacksonville, has a new theme this year—Morning Mist. It also offers a zombie paintball shooting feature. It costs $8 and is open until October 31. SCAREFEST: In the St. Louis area and ranked number 13 on the list of America’s best haunted houses. There are three different houses to visit, all in the same neigh-

borhood. There is extra driving, extra cost (tickets range from $20 to $60), but it all adds up to being a great scare! Opened until November 3. Or, if you would rather look at something much closer, as in within a block from your room, you are in luck! IC has its own range of ghosts to offer you this Halloween season—from Gail in Ellis to the bride in Rammelkamp. Stop by almost any old building on-campus, Sturtevant, McGaw, Crampton, Smith House, and find out about all of the ghosts first hand.


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