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Touristic Information Centre TIC Idrija, Vodnikova 3 in Mestni trg 11, 5280 Idrija T: +386 5 37 43 916 • E: • I:,

Visit Idrija Lace Festival and discover the beauty of Idrija and its rich heritage. ANTHONY’S SHAFT – a tourist mine T: ++386 5 37 71 142 • E: • I:

An unforgettable experience in Idrija is a visit to the mercury mine, one of the largest mercury mines in the world. In the oldest part of the mine is Anthony’s Shaft; step into the world of mining and take a look at the miners’ work. You will get to see the precious cinnabar ore, drops of liquid mercury and visit the unique 18th century underground chapel. GEWERKENEGG CASTLE – Idrija Municipal Museum

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You can learn about the history of Idrija by visiting the Municipal Museum. Permanent exhibitions such as the exhibition of 500-year history of the mercury mine, the exhibition of Idrija in the 20th century, the exhibition of geological collections and the exhibition of lace, are regularly held there. The Idrija Municipal Museum was declared the best European museum for industrial and technical heritage in 1997. IDRIJA LACE SCHOOL

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Founded in 1876, Idrija Lace School is now the largest and oldest continuously operating lacemaking school. We offer our visitors a guided tour through

organisation: ICRA, d. o. o., Idrija • editorial board: Tadeja Bezeljak, Mirka Rupnik text: Tadeja Bezeljak, Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, Metka Fortuna proofreading and translation: OPTIMUS LINGUA, storitve, d. o. o. • photographs: arhiv ICRA d. o. o. Idrija, Andrej Križ - arhiv STO, Tomaž Lauko - Mestni muzej Idrija, Jani Peternelj, Robert Rijavec, Samo Trebižan • design: Klemen Rupnik s. p. • print: Tiskarna Čukgraf, d. o. o., Postojna publisher: Municipality Idrija, ICRA, d. o. o., Idrija • edition: 7.500 copies, Idrija, December 2011

the exhibition, where lace is on display, from the first experiments by the youngest pupils to the masterpieces by the oldest and most experienced ones. During the visit you can try to make your own lace or visit a lacemaking workshop. MINE HOUSE A residential building from the 18th century, just a stone's throw away from the centre, is an example of the dwellings typical of the Idrija mining community. HERITAGE OF WORLD WAR II – in Vojsko, there is an authentically preserved Partisan Printing Workshop Slovenija from 1944, the partisan cemetery Vojščica and a memorial to the Pavla hospital. The War Museum, in the town centre reveals war history from the last century, including the First and Second World Wars and the Revolutionary War for Slovenia. AQUARIUM M – the youngest and most beautiful public aquarium in Slovenia with an exceptionally diverse population. KAMŠT – water pump with one of the largest wooden wheels in Europe preserved to this day, with a diameter of 13.6 m. KLAVŽE – water barriers for floating timber in the valleys of the rivers Idrijca, Belca and Kanomljica. WILD LAKE – the first Slovenian museum in nature, with the shortest Slovenian surface river and the exceptional flora and fauna.

Idrija, the Capital of the Land of Idrija lace

ACTIVE HOLIDAYS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY After a pleasant stroll in the town of Idrija, take some time to relax in the surroundings. Idrija offers plenty of opportunities for free time activities throughout the year. Enjoy a pleasant hike or cycling on the marked trails. The unspoiled nature also offers the possibility of hunting, fishing, horseback riding or simply enjoying the peace and observing the natural beauty. On hot summer days, a nice and refreshing bathe in the river Bela will do you good.

Hand-made Idrija lace is a recognisable symbol of the hard-working, dedicated and creative women and girls from Idrija, who used this craft to enrich their modest family budgets in the past. Today, however, lacemaking is a creative way of spending quality free time. Every year the Idrija Lace Festival pays tribute to this noble tradition that started hundreds of years ago. The festival includes numerous events such as, professional, cultural, ethnological and entertainment events.

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In 2011 Idrija became the European Destination of Excellence 2011 and was also awarded the flattering title of Alpine Town of the Year 2011. bl

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The art of learning lacemaking has been continuously kept alive for over 130 years by the Idrija Lace School, which passes knowledge on to younger generations and those willing to learn. Traditional lacemaking values are now associated with youthful playfulness and creativity, using original and newly-discovered approaches to lace and its use. You can recognize Idrija lace by the geographical mark Idrija lace, which is only awarded to high quality made lace and sold in various shops across the town or in the Idrija Lace School. Idrija lace is a precious gift for any occasion, whether it is personal, protocol or a business gift.

At the festival ...

in 2008 – the most prominent Slovenian award for achievements in the field of museology.

Do not miss the gala event at the opening of the festival.

*Exhibition by Idrija Lace School pupils. Every year in June, there is a new exhibition, many true masterpieces by young lacemaking enthusiasts are on display. During the Idrija Lace Festival, visitors can vote for the most beautiful lace of their choice.

All lacemakers are invited to expert lacemaking workshops for adults, organised by the Idrija Lace School.

The International Idrija Lace Festival – where tradition and innovation go hand in hand

A real feast for the eyes are the always carefully prepared national and international lace exhibitions where you can see new ways of using Idrija lace, contemporary lace and traditional lace.

Permanent lace exhibitions The lacemaking tradition has marked the town of Idrija and is now the main characteristic Idrija is famous for. Stories of miners and lacemakers are told at various locations: at the Idrija Municipal Museum, located in Gewerkenegg castle, at the Idrija Lace School and at the International Idrija Lace Centre.

The biggest event on Sunday is the national lacemaking competition for children and adults for the Ivanka Ferjančič award, which attracts a great number of competitors and spectators.

Every third weekend in June, the International Idrija Lace Festival attracts several visitors to Idrija. Many events take part every year, from training, workshops and exhibitions to more entertaining events such as lacemaking and selling lace. The festival brings together and represents the work of different generations of lacemakers.

Take the opportunity to purchase a souvenir at the arts and crafts fair. The streets of Idrija also get their share of attention – in various

Idrija lace has left a strong impact on fashion, accessories, footwear, furniture etc. and has presented a challenge to a number of renowned fashion designers, artists and other creators. Together with the people of Idrija, who live and breathe Idrija lace, they greatly contribute to the further development of this wonderful craft.

corners of the town you can admire the lacemaking of the Idrija Lacemakers Society and by pupils from the Idrija Lace School. In the evenings, Idrija’s markets are full of pleasant Slovenian music. For lunch or dinner we recommend the Idrija culinary speciality – the excellent žlikrofi which are also protected by Europe, as a traditional Slovenian dish.

*The permanent Idrija lace exhibition, a history written in thread, at the Idrija Municipal Museum offers a comprehensive overview of lacemaking and related activities in Idrija and places Idrija lace and the town of Idrija on the European map of lacemaking centres. The creators of the exhibition received the Valvasor award

* Travelling exhibition of Idrija lace in the International Idrija Lace Centre. In the Centre you can see part of the travelling exhibition of lace, which started its way across Slovenia and abroad in 2004. Lace is the work of lacemakers from the Idrija Lacemakers’ society. The exhibition shows the development of lace from the older, traditional ones to more recent lace. Visitors can also see various objects generated through research and development work, particularly from collaborating with researchers and students from NTF, University of Ljubljana (Department of Textiles).

Zgibanka FIČ 2011 - ANG  
Zgibanka FIČ 2011 - ANG  

the exhibition, where lace is on display, from the first experiments by the youngest pupils to the masterpieces by the oldest and most exper...