ICPI 2020 Annual Report

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LETTER FROM THE CHAIR An important part of ICPI’s role is providing valued resources to our members. In a year like 2020, it has proven valuable for associations to transition those resources reliably as conditions frequently and unpredictably change. I am pleased to report that despite the tremendous challenges we all faced, ICPI was able to adapt resources very quickly for a new digital environment while continuing to make progress on our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Goals. 1.

“It was a year of remarkable challenge, and fortunately, a year of impressive adaptability.” Marshall Brown ICPI Chair

Industry Growth: THE GOAL: Increase understanding, awareness, and adoption of segmental concrete pavement systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided our industry with a truly historic opportunity to spotlight member products and services as we work to grow our industry. It has never been more important to make sure our digital first impression is impactful and memorable. With the investment ICPI has made in improving our ICPI website and digital presence, our members and industry influencers are better able to find the resources they need. Throughout the pages of this Annual Report, you will learn more about digital tactics and tools ICPI now employs to message to owners, designers, contractors, educators, and you, our member, more effectively.


Industry Expertise: THE GOAL: Deliver education and industry best practices as the recognized authority on segmental concrete pavement systems. ICPI’s reputation for excellence in education within the segmental concrete pavement industry remains unchallenged. In rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis, ICPI led the industry in making its certification programming available within 10 days of shelter-in-place orders around the U.S. and Canada. These web-based, on-demand resources provide designers and contractors with 24/7 access to the courses and certifications when and where they are needed. On pages 12-15 of this report, you will find details on ICPI online learning opportunities, and more.


Workforce Development: THE GOAL: Empower the industry to attract, train and retain a highly qualified workforce to meet market demand. Workforce development remains one of ICPI’s highest priorities. Research-based workforce development social media campaigns are reaching large audiences and providing important tools to young career-seekers and parents. If you have not already done so, please follow the @hardscapingis on Facebook and Instagram and visit the new workforce development website at hardscapingis.com.

CONTENTS 4. ICPI Strength: THE GOAL: Grow ICPI membership through increased awareness of benefits, participation in programs and perceived membership value. ICPI membership retention in 2020 hit a 14-year high with 87% of our members renewing their membership. Surveys reveal how much ICPI members value their membership and the opportunity to work with other like-minded people to advance our industry. In response to the pandemic, ICPI created two very successful digital events to expand awareness and deliver for our members. The 2020 Virtual Summer Meeting and Virtual Hardscape North America significantly grew participation and influence. In partnership with NCMA and CCMPA, ICPI launched a Covid-19 resource website to keep industry stakeholders informed about safety, business support, government regulations and more. The ICPI Board of Directors and staff continue to adapt ICPI programs and resources our members need to grow their businesses during this uniquely challenging time. As you read through this Annual Report, please take a moment to explore all the resources ICPI has to offer. Sincerely,

Industry Health Report ................................... 4 Institute Report Card ...................................... 5 ICPI 2019-22 Strategic Plan .......................... 6 Workforce Development ................................ 8 Working with Schools.................................... 10 Education Highlights ...................................... 12 Course Sponsors ..............................................14 ICPI Website .................................................... 16 Concrete Business Update ........................... 18 Virtual HNA ..................................................... 20 Technical Highlights....................................... 22 ICPI Foundation .............................................. 26 Paveshare ........................................................ 28 Statement of Financial Position .................30 Statement of Activities ................................. 31 Foundation Board of Trustees..................... 33 Foundation Donors......................................... 34 Board of Directors .......................................... 36 ICPI Member Producers ................................ 38 ICPI Member Associates .............................. 40 ICPI Member Voting Contractors ............... 42 ICPI Contacts................................................... 43

Marshall Brown, PhD ICPI Chair, February 2020




INSTITUTE REPORT CARD WHAT MEMBERS ARE SAYING Member satisfaction with ICPI services and progress toward goals remains exceptionally high. ICPI staff strives to provide an extra measure of professionalism and follow-through so that member needs are met or exceeded in every area of service. The past year provided a great deal of evidence that ICPI staff is willing and able to adapt as conditions warrant. This attitude enabled ICPI to continue progress toward goals despite significant disruptions to our working environment.





ADAPTING TO CONDITIONS ICPI Member Committees and Staff adapted quickly to dramatic changes in conditions. Demand for local courses was curtailed as a result of Covid-19 related travel and gathering restrictions, leaving contractors with few options to pursue training and certification. ICPI staff worked tirelessly to create and promote online versions of in-person courses resulting in over 600 individuals participating in a two-day Virtual training event. Details of the event can be found on pages 20-21.

Concrete Paver Installer

Commercial Specialist

Residential Specialist

PICP Specialist

Total YTD Courses Held

Total Year-End Courses Held

Year-End Cancelled



FY20 Workforce Development Marketing Efforts ICPI continues to partner successfully with Cue Career to continue promoting careers in the hardscape industry. Development of a strategic alliance with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) for promotion of careers in the hardscaping industry and promotion of a joint job board promoting hardscape industry job openings. A strategic alliance with the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) for promotion of hardscaping careers. NCMA’s contribution of $25,000 to the workforce development effort helped produce the registration area panels at Hardscape North America (HNA) promoting the @Hardscapingis campaign, revise and print the career path brochures used by both organizations, revise the workforce development video to include segmental retaining walls, and increase the @Hardscapingis social media ad buys. Contracting with Halstead Media Group to develop a social media campaign to reach 17-20 year-olds and their parents through Instagram and Facebook. The campaign handle is @Hardscapingis and is designed for industry professionals to tag the handle in posts promoting hardscaping careers and positive aspects of the industry. Halstead developed sample posts and memes to get the campaign launched, and staff have created additional memes to use. The social media campaign kicked off at HNA. In addition to the registration panels promoting the campaign, ICPI and NCMA had @Hardscapingis branded pop sockets and post-it notes available for participants to take. Social media ad buys began after HNA on Facebook and Instagram and results are shown below. The campaign was suspended in April while people were more focused on immediate concerns and was resumed in May with a campaign of post boosts nationwide on Instagram and in selected markets on Facebook. The Facebook page has 1,033 followers, while the Instagram page has 6,860 followers.


Social Media Memes Grab Attention

In addition to the social media campaign, staff developed several materials promoting careers in hardscaping. The Parent Download Kit helps parents learn more about the industry and dispels common myths. The “What Kind of Hardscaping Professional Should You Be?” quiz is a fun, interactive way to get younger individuals thinking about how their skills would best fit the hardscaping industry. Staff participated in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) conference in Indianapolis to help raise awareness about hardscaping as a career option. Students at the event provided hashtag ideas that we will be using in the social media campaign. ICPI member Engledow Estates provided support for the event by constructing a patio in the booth and providing additional staffing. Creation of a new HardscapingIs website in partnership with NCMA which launched in February 2021.

Facebook Audience Published Posts Interactions Clicks Shares Impressions Sessions New Contacts

728 58 94 25 25 11,916 1,708 20

Instagram Audience Published Posts Interactions Impressions Sessions New Contacts

6,705 179 25,731 849,041 161 2



Academic Use of Concrete Paver Installer Course

“I want to thank Merry Beth Hall, and the ICPI team up and down the ladder deserve many more thanks than I can give. ICPI was first to offer support and resources for helping faculty and educators fill the gaps in the rapid rollout of online education across the US & CA.” Tim Marten State University of New York


To date, 91 instructors representing 31 postsecondary schools, 41 high schools, and 1 federal prison have participated in ICPI’s Academic Instructor Training course. Courses have been held in Chantilly VA, Boston MA, Toronto ON, Sacramento CA, Pittsburgh PA, and Indianapolis IN. An online course was offered in April 2020, with instructors completing the online CPI course and attending a virtual session with staff. In order to license the Concrete Paver Installer Course, instructors must complete the course (at no cost) and sign a license agreement. Staff contacted all academic licensees to offer the temporary use of the recorded CPI modules for the rapid shift to online instruction that occurred in March. Several schools took advantage of this opportunity including SUNY – Cobleskill, whose instructor Tim Marten wrote ICPI’s assistance and support for educators went beyond my expectations of an allied trade association.” The current map of academic instructor locations follows. The addition of the online version of this training course allows ICPI to expand the range of the instructor training where there is interest without limiting ourselves to one location and set of dates. For FY21, ICPI staff will be focusing on better engaging the existing academic instructors and helping to connect them with the support needed to teach the CPI course with practical labs at their schools.


Campaign Results Since October, ICPI and NCMA have been advertising the @hardscapingis campaign on Facebook and Instagram. In FY20, the @hardscapingis campaign on Facebook and Instagram reached 1.13 million people and generated approximately 500 followers on Facebook and 3,000 followers on Instagram. Workforce Development Team members have access to the following items for promoting hardscaping careers in their community: •

Parent Download Kit – can be repurposed as a handout for career fairs

Career Path brochure and flyer

What Kind of Hardscaping Professional Should You Be? Quiz is available online.

@Hardscapingis videos

ICPI Workforce Development Video




Certified Concrete Paver Installers


Live education courses (additional 21 cancelled due


Participated in ICPI education courses.


Live webinars


Recorded webinars on LMS


People attended live webinars.


Academic instructors trained in Concrete Paver


AECDaily.com online courses taken by design


Students and educators visiting PaveShare.org


Installer Course (cumulative as of 6/30/20)


Numbers are from 7/1/19 to 6/30/20.


EDUCATION HIGHLIGHTS Launch of Virtual Concrete Paver Installer Courses in English and Spanish In rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis, ICPI led the industry in making its certification programming available within 10 days of shelter in place orders around the U.S. and Canada. These on-demand courses provide participants with 24/7 access to the courses and decreased expenses by eliminating travel to in-person courses. Launch of Residential and Commercial Professional Courses These Professional-level courses are available on-demand from ICPI’s online Learning Management System (LMS) and provide contractors with critical business know-how for a successful bottom line. Launch of Online PICP Specialist Course Rounding out the course offerings on the LMS, this course became available in May 2020, offering installers the opportunity to continue their education and prepare to earn their designation. Created opportunities for sponsors to hold courses in a live virtual environment.

FY20-21 Education Highlights




Michigan Green Industry Association

Mutual Materials

New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association

North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association


Pavers by Ideal

Belgard (18 courses)

Keystone Hardscapes (6 courses)

ICPI Southwest Chapter (3 courses)

ICPI (3 courses)

SiteOne Landscape Supply (3 courses)

ICPI Northern California Chapter (2 courses)

R.I. Lampus Company

Sequoia Stonescapes

Techo-Bloc Corp./APPQ (2 courses)

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia


Watkins Concrete Block

Bosun Group & Smart Stone

Zimmerman Mulch Products

California Landscape Supply

County Materials

CPS Distributors

DKC Landscaping

Eagle Bay Hardscapes

EP Henry

Indiana Green Expo

Landscape Ontario Hardscape Committee

Residential Specialist Course Sponsors 

ICPI Northern California Chapter

ICPI Southwest Chapter

Sauder’s Hardscape Supply

FY21 HIGHLIGHTS Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Specialist Course Sponsors 

Belgard (2 courses)

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Bosun Group & Smart Stone

ICPI Northern California Chapter

ICPI Southwest Chapter

Michigan Green Industry Association

Montgomery County, Maryland

North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association

Sauder’s Hardscape Supply LLC

Site One Landscape Supply

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

Virtual HNA Programming and production of 42 sessions. Details can be found on pages 20 and 21.

Job Task Analysis Workshop A JTA serve as a legallydefensible basis for curriculum. It will help ICPI construct and validate the program to meet a future certification industry standard. Most importantly, the JTA ensures that exam questions are relevant to the job and its required tasks. For the future, the JTA serves as the guidance document for establishing an apprenticeship program and/or justifying the need for licensure of installers should we decide to pursue those opportunities.



Focused on industry customer needs. The new ICPI website makes

finding the most sought after resources fast and easy from the home page and topic landing pages.

Simplified Journey. Throughout the

website, placement of information, links, and searches encourage exploration. Built-in search filters are particularly helpful for designers and contractors looking for answers among ICPI’s wealth of technical content.

Engaging Content. Auto-start video and compelling images attract interest and spotlight paver industry solutions.

Mobile-First. With more than 70% of

today’s digital audience viewing websites first, if not only, from a mobile device, it was essential to create our new website on a mobile adaptive platform that automatically recognizes and adapts to the device being used.


Idea Center The new ICPI

website features an ownerfocused landing page full of inspirational projects and member resources to get a project started. This section features project profiles and member product and services.

Local Course Search A Map-

based search feature helps prospective learners find the course most convenient to them by distance and date. This search feature may also be used to locate special industry technical events in the future.

Media Center We have made finding industry information and images easy for media reporters and bloggers.



Concrete Business Update is a website dedicated to collecting and sharing Covid-19

related information of particular interest to the concrete hardscape industry community. This partnership website consolidates information to a single location to make staying current with updates far more efficient. The development and management of the website is a collaborative effort involving ICPI, the National Concrete Masonry Association, and the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association. Information on the website is updated on a continual basis as timely and appropriate updates are published by credible health, business, and governmental authorities.


Personal Health. This landing page is focused on workplace safety and more personal preventative health measures.

Business Bulletins.

This landing page provides the most current business assistance programs, regulatory updates, and support for both United States and Canadian interests.

Email Updates. As new

information is available and conditions have warranted, this newsletter has been broadcast to industry subscribers.

Awareness Flyers.

Resource links have been shared in multiple locations and through media to encourage use of the Concrete Business Update website, special Covid-19 publications and emails.


Covid-19 Resources.

This landing page maintains resource connections (links) in tabbed sections organized by country as well as producer, and contractor roles.




“I look forward to seeing this event grow in future years and become another showcase of the value that HNA and ICPI provides to everyone in the Hardscapes Industry.” Travis Hilldore, HNA Advisory Committee Chair


First-ever Virtual HNA surpassed all goals.

Session Viewership

This special event came about to fill the education void that appeared when HNA 2020 could not be held. The loss of this annual event would impact ICPI and thousands of landscape and hardscape professionals that rely upon it to stay on top of their game. Virtual HNA not only provides the topnotch industry education, but the event app also provides an avenue for easy professional networking. Virtual HNA came together in record time with 42 education sessions, 3 education tracks, 30 CE Hours offered over 2-days. Supported by industry influencers, this event provided a much-needed learning venue and has also greatly expanded awareness of the HNA brand and in-person tradeshow event. The industry support in sponsorship of the event has been phenomenal. The industry all came together to help fill this need while keeping it at a low-cost education option for the industry participants.

States & Provinces Reached




Transportation Research Board (TRB) Conference Right before Covid-19 appeared, some 15,000 persons involved in all aspects of transportation attended the 99th annual TRB conference in Washington, DC. This massive event provides a wealth of technical information, committee participation, networking, and presentation opportunities for ICPI. The January 2020 conference set the stage for two ICPI staff presentations, each about 30 minutes. One was on ASCE 68-18, a national design standard on PICP, and another on A Permeable Pavement Road Map that outlined technical requirements and institutional changes required for broader acceptance and use. ICPI participates as a member in Transportation Research Board committee meetings and attends technical presentations on the latest developments on pavement materials, design, construction, maintenance, sustainability, and resilience, with a view toward applications to segmental concrete pavement systems. City of New Orleans, Louisiana Unlike most flat, coastal cities, the City of New Orleans stores and manages stormwater inside their roads using permeable pavements. This municipal flood-control system is being expanded with the introduction of more permeable road pavements. Moreover, in September 2019 the City passed an ordinance

requiring that all new parking lots on private property be constructed with permeable pavements. These events with previous ICPI staff technical assistance provided the context for two-hour virtual seminar in November 2020 on ASCE 68-18 hosted by City staff responsible for stormwater management. In addition, City staff received a detailed draft maintenance specification to aid in bids for outsourcing permeable pavement cleaning. The event was supported by ICPI producer members that service the New Orleans market. American Society of Civil Engineers Low Impact Development Conference The popular, biennial ASCE LID international conference included a one-hour, in-depth virtual technical session by ICPI staff in July 2020 on ASCE 68-18, a national design standard on PICP. Maintenance received special emphasis. In addition, a 30-minute presentation on A Permeable Pavement Road Map was given by the report’s main author, Professor John Harvey, Director of the UC (Davis) Pavement Research Center. That report issued by the Center for Sustainable Transportation was co-authored by ICPI technical staff as a result of a 2017 workshop co-sponsored by ICPI and ICPI Foundation for Education & Research.

Outreach Working Around Covid-19, ICPI members and staff organized high-impact technical presentations on permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICP) cohosted by national organizations and municipal governments.



FHWA Platform for Sustainable Pavements Since its inception nine years ago, ICPI staff participates in bi-annual meetings of the FHWA Sustainable Pavements Technical Work Group. A unique mix of ~40 municipal and state DOT representatives, pavement consultants, association technical staff, industry representatives, academics, and FHWA provided opportunities for past ICPI staff presentations and contributions to online guidance documents on sustainable pavements. Meetings in 2020 focused on developing a document on building resilient pavements especially with increased damage from coastal sea rise and higher rainfall across much of the continent. These meetings provide unique opportunities to promote and PICP and ICP as resilience tools. Canadian Cities Host PICP Seminar The municipalities of Calgary AB, London ON and Fredericton NB and ICPI jointly hosted a wellattended PICP virtual symposium in early December 2020. The session provided tools to design, specify, construct, and


maintain PICP. Session presentations from municipal staff, engineering consultants, researchers, and ICPI staff framed a clear picture of benefits and well as responsibilities that make for successful projects. The event was sponsored by the ICPI Canadian Activities Fund which is supported by Canadian producer and associate members.

New in 2020 ICPI Joins TAC as Member New in 2020, ICPI became an Association member of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC). Staff attended the online Spring and Fall Pavement and Soil & Materials committee meetings, as well as the Workforce Development Council meetings. Staff also attended the TAC Online Annual Conference and Trade Show with the plan to submit presentations at future conferences. Robert Bowers, ICPI Director of Engineering is active on TAC Pavements Committee, Soils & Materials Committee, and the Workforce Development Council.

2020 Projects Move Forward in 2021 to Institutionalize ICP and PICP ASCE Funds Update of 2015 Permeable Pavements Book ASCE’s Environmental Water Resources Institute’s Urban Water Resources Research Council and the ASCE Low Impact Development Committee supported updating the 250-page book, Permeable Pavements headed by editors Kelly Lindow, P.E. and ICPI’s David R. Smith. ASCE pledged $15,000 for updating the technical drawings and will handle the document’s layout. An ASCE Permeable Pavements Task Committee is being formed to review and update the ten book chapters. ICPI Technical Committee members have volunteered to participate on this committee. This is a two-year project with substantial updates made to the text and graphics.

AASHTO Pavements Handbook Committee to Review Proposed ICP and PICP Sections What a difference time makes. First requested in 1992 and again in 2000 with AASHTO, but resulting in declines, ICPI now has an unprecedented opportunity to introduce ICP and PICP to state DOT and municipal road agencies via AASHTO. The opportunity comes by submitting text that, if approved, would appear in an update to the 2015 AASHTO

Handbook on Pavement, Design, Construction and Management. Available in e-book format only, this opportunity emerged from an ongoing relationship of ICPI staff with AASHTO’s Subcommittee Chair on Pavement Design. This subcommittee is responsible for updating this 1000+ page manual sold by AASHTO.



Pedestal-set Paving Slab testing

With the ICPI Strategic Plan as its mission, the ICPI Foundation lays critical groundwork via research deliverables that ultimately point to the added value of segmental concrete pavements.


As a popular and practical roofing solution, pedestal-set paving slabs currently have no national standards quantifying suitability for such applications. Load testing 2 x 2 ft dry-cast and hydraulically pressed paving slabs typically used in pedestal-set roof applications is underway at the National Concrete Masonry Association research laboratory. The research should validate a simple center-load test method and acceptance criteria for submission to ASTM. For the first testing phase, 40 paving slabs have been donated each from three ICPI member manufacturers. Results are expected in the second quarter of 2021. A second phase will test paving slabs from a range of manufacturers later in 2021. Permeable Pavement Temperature Analysis Over the past six years, the U.S. Geologic Survey in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources collected surface and subsurface temperature data on a permeable pavement research installation in Madison. While impressive pollutant reduction data was well documented, temperature data on and within the pavements has not yet been analyzed. This project should better characterize the thermal response of permeable pavements to freeze-thaw cycles during winter months with implications for

management of deicers in cold-weather climates. Information from similar studies will be compared to help identify the timing and duration of subsurface temperatures compared to air temperatures and impacts of solar gain, surface color, and pavement types on snow melt patterns. Paveshare.org Website Rehabilitation Originally developed with ICPI Foundation funding some 11 years ago, this website will be reconstructed by ICPI staff and selected landscape architecture students using a more modern and flexible platform to meet the expectations of current students and educators, as well as a mobile-friendly, searchable format. The project includes outreach through Land8.com a wellestablished resource for landscape architects, students, and academics. This provides a ready audience for Paveshare. In addition, ICPI’s HubSpot digital marketing platform will manage email and social media campaigns employed to create engagement with the site among students in landscape design programs.

Landmark PICP Project: ASCE Headquarters Low Impact Development Parking Lot Retrofit Completed in October 2020, some 4,000 sf of PICP at the entrance to ASCE’s office building in Reston, Virginia, provides the crowning example among several low impact development (LID) technologies demonstrated around the site. The PICP refreshes the front entrance with gray PICP pavers for visitor parking spaces. The project also included a small, landscaped patio with engraved pavers memorializing project donors. The PICP was designed according to ASCE 68-18 on PICP. The pavement can store and infiltrate rainfall for a maximum 100-year storm. ICPI members supplied and installed the PICP.

Support for the ICPI Foundation enables very important work in research and education to advance industry best practices and grow the concrete paver market. Find out more at icpi.org/foundation.



A valuable resource for future decision-makers.

Adapting to the student preferences of today.

Paveshare is a landscape architecture student resource website that began life eleven years ago as a collaborative project with university colleges of landscape architecture. This effort was made possible by ICPI technical leadership and the generous support of the ICPI Foundation for Education and Research.

With advances in both technology and student expectations, it has become time to invest in re-developing the website and building upon our working relationship with Land8.

The use of the website has grown well beyond its original audience through the assistance of Land8, a landscape architects’ network with well-established ties to ASLA student chapters.

This work has already produced several new website features that improve usability and focus for aspiring landscape architects. As we move forward, we expect to engage with students across North America to help ICPI deliver the content students need and want in a manner that meets today’s expectations.




Reaching design professionals is a priority.

Interest in ICPI courses is growing rapidly.

ICPI has chosen AEC Daily as the primary platform for the delivery of the current 6 professional continuing education courses for architects, landscape architects, engineers, and contractors, all of which are influential in the selection of ICP and PICP pavements.

From its modest beginning of three courses and a handful of prospects, ICPI’s presence has grown steadily for two years. The courses have found audiences with design and construction professionals as well as public agencies.

ICPI currently maintains six courses on the AEC Daily website, all of which are approved for AIA continuing education credit and are promoted by ICPI and AEC Daily.

ICPI staff has proposed an additional 3 courses of study which we believe will continue to expand ICPI influence with early decisionmakers. The current courses are maintained as they continue to be productive.





Landscape Architects







STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ICPI and ICPI Foundation Audited Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 30-Jun-20

ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Investments, Certificates of Deposit Accounts receivables, prepaid expense and deferred compensation Foundation Pledges Receivable, net Inventory, property & equipment, net TOTAL ASSETS

132,180 733,254 $10,411,586

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts and notes payable, accrued expenses and deferred compensation Deferred revenue Total Liabilities

609,866 1,555,599

Net Assets Unrestricted Undesignated Board-designated Total without donor restrictions

2,891,346 5,832,461 8,723,807

With donor restrictions Total net assets

132,180 8,855,987



$1,265,186 7,685,009 595,957



The following summary financial information is derived from the audited statement of financial position and the statement of activities for the year ending June 30, 2020.

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Since the ICPI Foundation is affiliated with the ICPI and is operated exclusively for its benefit, the two organization’s statements of financial position are consolidated. The ICPI Foundation Board of Trustees continues to manage Foundation finances from an endowment fund to support research and education benefiting the ICPI and the industry. With the Foundation, ICPI continues to be strong and well-positioned to advance its mission to deliver education and technical guidance leading to awareness, acceptance and use of segmental concrete pavement systems in the United States and Canada.

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES ICPI Statement of Activities Revenue ICPI’s total operating revenue in 2019-20 was $3.90 million a decrease of $1,649 or 0%. Revenues from membership dues ($1.3 million) increased by $31,066. Meetings and Exhibits decreased by ($163,321) primarily due to a reduction in sponsorship for the Annual Meeting as in the previous year the 25th Annual Meeting occurred. Programs ($659 thousand) including contractor education increased by $109,709. Services/Investments ($182 thousand) increased by $40,122. Publications income ($26 thousand) decreased by $19,225.

Expenses ICPI contained 2019-20 operating expenses to $3.67 million, a decrease of $194,514 or 5%. ICPI continued to invest in member value in furtherance of its mission and keeping administrative and governance expenses at a total of 16% allowing 84% to be spent on programs and services for members. Meetings and Exhibits are the largest expense of $1.42 million which includes Hardscape North America, Annual and Summer Meetings. Programs/Research of $747,341 included expenditures for Concrete Paver Installation courses, development of Boot Camp training,




CONTINUED FROM PAGE 31 workforce development, technical resources developed by the Technical and Construction committees, support of ASTM, CSA, ASCE standards and university curriculum. ICPI also provided webinars for design professionals and contractors. Services expenses of $323,233 includes the ICPI web site, commercial technical promotion, regional municipal symposiums, social media, industry surveys and design professional services. Relations of $189,266 includes public relations, government, and association relations. Publications expenditures of $40,478 supported educating and informing design professionals, contractors, and manufacturers though the

Interlock Design Insights, Tech Specs, The PICP Design, Construction and Maintenance Manual, software, and other literature. In

addition, $303,028 was invested in membership services and development. ICPI supports the ICPI Foundation administrative and governance expenses.

ICPI Foundation Total Revenue Unrestricted $727,105.00 For the year ending June 30, 2020 ICPI Foundation FY 20 Revenue Investment Income Released from time restrictions/Contributions ICPI in-kind support Total Revenue

$305,580 $77,749 $727,105

ICPI Foundation Total Expenses $119,490.00 ICPI Foundation FY20 Expenses Programs and Research


Administration & Governance


Total Expenses


Change in Net Assets


Foundation Net Assets for year ending June 30, 2020





FOUNDATION MISSION To fund targeted educational and research programs and industry tools that will benefit the segmental concrete paver industry, in line with the strategic goals of ICPI, in a financially sustainable way.

Dave Carter Oaks Concrete Products Kevin Earley Oldcastle APG East Region Ed Fioroni, PhD Keystone Hardscapes Charles Gamarekian Cambridge Pavers, Inc.

David Pitre, Chair Keystone Hardscapes

Manfred Herold Brown's Concrete Products, Ltd.

Ted Light, Chair-Elect ACM Chemistries, Inc.

Travis Hilldore Pathfinder Systems/Tiger USA

Fred Adams, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer Fred Adams Paving Co., Inc.

Larry Nicolai Pavers by Ideal

Richard Goode, Immediate Past Chair Columbia Machine, Inc.

Roberto Nicolia Nicolock Paving Stones

Steve Berry Oldcastle APG

Ryan Suszek Besser Company

Joe Bowen Mutual Materials Company

Marshall Brown, PhD, Ex-Officio ACM Chemistries, Inc.

Andrew Bryant Unilock Group of Companies

Paul Pignatelli, Ex-Officio Best Way Stone


FOUNDATION DONORS – PAVER SOCIETY Chairman’s Cabinet- $500,000+ Columbia Machine, Inc.

Governor- $50,000+

Keystone Hardscapes, a Quikrete Company

Acker Stone Industries

Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.



Trustees- $250,000+ Besser Company Lafarge North America, Inc.

Founder- $150,000+ MASA GmbH/MASA-USA, LLC

Ambassador- $100,000+ ACM Chemistries, Inc. Argos Cement USA CEMEX USA Essroc Cement Lehigh Hanson, Inc. Mutual Materials Nicolock Paving Stones Pathfinder Systems/Tiger International St. Marys Cement Inc. Topwerk Hess Group Venator Materials Corp

Basalite Concrete Products LANXESS Corporation OAKS Concrete Products, Ltd. Rampf Molds Industries, Inc. Rekers (NA), Inc.

Regent- $25,000+ Anchor Block Company BASF Construction Chemicals Borgert Products, Inc. Midwest Block & Brick National Cement Company of Alabama ORCO Block and Hardscape Pavers by Ideal Solomon Colors, Inc. Standley Batch Systems, Inc. Unit Paving, Inc. Willamette Graystone, Inc.

Fellow- $15,000+ Ed & Diva Fioroni GCP Applied Technologies Krete Industries, Inc.



Santerra Stonecraft Fred & Paula Schultz and Family Team ICPI Foundation (Mt. Rainier Climb)

Patron- $10,000+ Steve Berry Joseph & Tress Bowen Brown’s Concrete Products Limited GIE+Expo/Sellers Expositions Hardscapes USA Ironsmith, Inc. Charles & Isabel McGrath RCP Block & Brick, Inc. Seal N’ Lock Systems Corporation Bobby Staten TEKA North America, Inc Tremron Group Eric Milot

Benefactor- $5,000+ Dancing Bear, Inc. Earth Shelter Developers

Matt & Ingrid Lynch Lee & Sylvia Martin Chris Ross Ross Yantzi’s Pavestone Plus Ltd. David & Sarah Pitre Stone Age Pavers, Inc.

Sponsor- $3,000+ Ray Clark Rick Crooks Oberfield’s, Inc Richard’s Paint Manufacturing Co., Inc. Bill Schneider Southwest Specialties Gary & Debbie Stowe

Friend- $1,000+ Advanced Concrete Technologies, Inc. Continental Hardscape Systems, LLC iwi group, LLC SEK, Inc. Site Technologies, Inc.

Euclid Chemical Company Fred Adams Paving Company, Inc. Richard “Rick” Goode ICPI Central Florida Chapter


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Marshall Brown, PhD, Chair EC ACM Chemistries, Inc. Paul Pignatelli, Chair-Elect EC Best Way Stone Ed Fioroni, PhD, Secretary/Treasurer EC Keystone Hardscapes Kendall Anderegg, Immediate Past Chair EC Mutual Materials Company Fred Adams, Jr. Fred Adams Paving Co., Inc. Joshua Barnes Permaloc Corporation Alwin Bennmann KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Soehne GmbH Steve Berry Oldcastle APG Richard Bodie EC Keystone Hardscapes Susan Borgert Borgert Products, Inc. Zach Boyd ACM Chemistries Conor Cooper Anchor, an Oldcastle Company


Jesse Cravath Rochester Concrete Products

Joseph Kerrigan, P.E. EC Basalite


Bill McHugh GCP Applied Technologies.

Kevin Duggan Topwerk America, Ltd.

William Miller Lehigh White Cement Company

Donny Duke, CCPI EC Arborgold

Mike Mueller EC TEKA North America, Inc.

Trevor Fearn EC Mutual Materials Company

Nino Nicolia EC Nicolock Paving Stones

Charles Gamarekian Cambridge Pavers, Inc.

Roberto Nicolia Nicolock Paving Stones

Frank Gandora, CCPI Creative Hardscape Company

Lincoln Paiva Techo-Bloc

Terri Grulke Besser Company

Claude Picard, P.Eng. Oaks Concrete Products

Brady Hawley Shaw Brick

Andy Savoie Brooklin Concrete Products Corp.

Manfred Herold Brown's Concrete Products, Ltd.

Matt Lynch- Advisor EC Anchor, an Oldcastle Company

Todd Holyfield Solomon Colors, Inc.

EC – Executive Committee

Dean Jurik ACM Chemistries, Inc.




Acker-Stone Industries Corona, CA

Calstone Company Gilroy, CA

Air Vol Block, Inc. San Luis Obispo, CA

Cambridge Pavers, Inc. Lyndhurst, NJ

Angelus Block Company, Inc. Rialto, CA

County Materials Corporation Marathon, WI

Artistic Pavers North Miami Beach, FL

E.P. Henry Corporation Woodbury, NJ

Barkman Concrete, Ltd. Steinbach, MB

Fendt Builders' Supply, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI

Basalite Concrete Products Dixon, CA

FireRock Building Materials Birmingham, AL

Best Way Stone, Ltd. Woodbridge, ON

Gagne and Son Belgrade, ME

Bolduc Concrete Products Ste-Marie, QC

Genest Sanford, ME

Borgert Products, Inc. Saint Joseph, MN

Interlock Paving Systems, Inc. Hampton, VA

Brooklin Concrete Products Corp Brooklin, ON

Keystone Hardscapes Grapevine, TX

Brown's Concrete Products, Ltd. Sudbury, ON

Lee Building Products Bowling Green, KY

Building Products Corporation East Saint Louis, IL

Lowcountry Paver Company Hardeeville, SC

McNear Brick & Block San Rafael, CA

R.I. Lampus Company Springdale, PA

Mutual Materials Company Bellevue, WA

RINOX - Canada Terrebonne, QC

Nicolock Paving Stones Lindenhurst, NY

Rochester Concrete Products Rochester, MN

Oaks Concrete Products Brampton, ON

Santerra Stonecraft Amherstburg, ON

Oberfields LLC Delaware, OH

Shaw Brick Lantz, NS

Oldcastle Architectural, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Southwest Block, Inc. Rio Rancho, NM

Olsen Pavingstone, Inc. San Juan Capistrano, CA

Stepstone, Inc. Gardena, CA

ORCO Block & Hardscape Stanton, CA

Techo-Bloc Saint Hubert, QC

Pavers by Ideal Westford, MA

Wausau Tile, Inc. Wausau, WI

RCP Block & Brick, Inc. Lemon Grove, CA

Willow Creek Concrete Products Oakdale, MN



ACM Chemistries, Inc. Norcross GA

Dyna Concord, ON

Advanced Concrete Technologies, Inc. Greenland, NH

Federated Insurance Owatonna, MN

Alabama Pallets, Division of Browning Enterprise, Inc. Attalla, AL Alliance Designer Products, Inc. Laval, QC

F. von Langsdorff Licensing, Ltd. Caledon, ON

KOBRA Molds, LLC Hudson, WI Krete Industries, Inc. Butler, WI KVM International A/S Kjellerup, Demark

GCP Applied Technologies Cambridge, MA

LANXESS Pittsburgh, PA

Haarup North America, Inc. Portland, OR

Lehigh White Cement Co. West Palm Beach, FL

Besser Company Alpena, MI

Innovative Concrete Technology, LLC Port Murray, NJ

MASA Green Bay, WI

BP Pro Santa Ana, CA

IQ Power Tools Moreno Valley, CA

Cathay Industries USA Inc. Bartlett, IL

iwi Concrete Equipment Group, a division of iwi group, LLC Norcross, GA

Arborgold Fishers, IN Automacad, Inc. Candiac, QC

Columbia Machine, Inc. Vancouver, WA


FORTRESS EngineeringDesign Prior Lake, MN

KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Soehne GmbH & Company KG Lachen, Germany

J. McCoy Equipment, Ltd. Port Perry, ON

Master Builders Solutions US, LLC Beachwood, OH P4 Infrastructure, Inc. Milwaukee, WI Pathfinder Systems/Tiger Machine Holland, MI

Penta US Inc. Albany, NY Permaloc Corporation Holland, MI POYATOS Export S.A. Albolote, Spain Probst Prior Lake, MN QUADRA USA, Inc. Phoenix, AZ Rampf Molds Industries, Inc . Hagerstown, MD Rekers (North America), Inc. Elmsford, NY Romex Canada North Vancouver, BC

Silca System LLC dba StoneDeks System Alliance, OH

The Euclid Chemical Company Cleveland, OH

Slab Innovation, Inc. St. Hubert, QC

Topwerk America Ltd. Burlington, ON

Solidia Technologies, Inc. Piscataway, NJ

Venator Americas LLC The Woodlands, TX

Solomon Colors, Inc. Springfield, IL

Weber MT, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI

SRW Products Princeton, MN

Wuerschum North America, Inc. New York, NY

STAMPI Brunello San Dona di Piave VE, Italy Standley Batch Systems, Inc. Cape Girardeau, MO

Sable Marco, Inc. Port-Rouge, QC

St Marys Cement, Inc. (Canada) / a VCNA Company Toronto, ON

Seal King, Inc. Brampton, ON

Techniseal Candiac, QC

SEK-Surebond Saint Charles, IL

TEKA North America, Inc. Chesapeake, VA

Sika Corporation Lyndhurst, NY


VOTING CONTRACTORS Aqua-Paving Construction Yorkville, IL Bauman Landscape and Construction San Francisco, CA

Exotic Landscaping Inc. Albrightsville, PA

B.C. Pavers, Inc. Renton, WA

Farley Interlocking Paving Palm Desert,CA

Creative Hardscape Company Lakewood, CO

Fidus Roofing & Construction, LLC St Augustine, FL

Decorative Paving, Inc. Loveland, OH

Fred Adams Paving Co., Inc. Morrisville, NC

Designs by Stonescapes Commerce City, CO

Greenmark Landscaping & Development, Inc. Ottawa, ON

Engledow Estates Carmel, IN European Pavers Southwest, Inc Phoenix, AZ


European Paving Designs, Inc. San Jose, CA

GT Contracting Corporation Washington, DC Landscape Concepts Inc. Keymar, MD

LPS Pavement Company Oswego, IL PaverBright NV LLC Reno, NV Precise Paving, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL Stowe Contracting, Inc. Marina, CA Structures, Inc. Shakopee, MN Unit Paving, Inc. Charlotte, NC Urban Earth Landscaping Albuquerque, NM

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

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