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The nineties gave birth to a revolution of crunk music propelled in part by the Iconz release of “Get Crunked Up”. A huge smash in the streets, the song established Iconz as an internationally recognized brand in todays hip-hop music scene while driving the “STREET MONEY” album to debut at number 10 on Billboard Magazines Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. After a long hiatus, a discussion with Iconz label head, Fentz, reveals the companys plans to set the streets on fire in 2006. With great confidence, Fentz proclaims; “We have discovered a hit artist. The streets cannot be lied to”; says Fentz, “In this game, if the streets don’t feel you, there’s no winning. Our new artist, SUTHUN BOY is a natural star and hes soon to be the darling of the industry and the streets.” In one meeting, it becomes clear why SUTHUN BOY is the designated flagship talent of Iconz Artist & Music. He is a man of few but powerful words. With his intriguing demeanor and humble spirit, Suthun Boy is no average rapper. He comes across like a philosopher, readily expounding upon life and its many facets. A devoted husband and father, Suthun Boy speaks candidly of his love and plans for his family. He wears the hallmark of a prophet unashamedly sharing his faith like an activist ready to stand up for what he believes in regardless of the personal cost. While hes no stranger to serving beat downs and hustles on the street, Suthun Boy demonstrates a great deal of spirituality, always attributing his successes to God. When asked about his feelings towards representing a brand that some consider tainted, Suthun Boy states; I thank the Lord for blessing me with the confidence to represent myself before a label. Thats where artists go wrong. They hide behind their labels. A company cant connect you with the streets. A label can open some doors, but the way the streets feel about you is in our own hands and in Gods hands. As the name suggests, Suthun Boys debut album, GHETTO MUSIC is inspired by and created for the ghetto. In his words; this album is for my ghetto people; people raised in the projects by their grand-mama daddies not around; people that get harassed and abused by crooked cops but live just long enough to watch those cops get promoted to higher ranks and get higher pay; all those hurt but blessed people. I see myself leading a flock into a revolution thats going to heal and change every ghetto with my gifts. Many rap artists transition from music to films. Like the late Tupac Shakur, Suthun Boy is launching his acting career simultaneously with his music career. Noted for his chilling portrayal of Koke, the loyal henchman of a powerful drug lord, in the Falcon Films/Twentieth Century Fox movie entitled BLOODLINE, Suthun Boy is already a double-edged sword!!!

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