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Icon Target Marketing is a full service Marketing Firm located in New York. We were established in 2002 and currently offer the following products and services in addition to our Pay Per Sale Programs:

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Local Search Engine Optimization ( First page rank on Google and all other search engines) Pay per Click campaigns Pay per Sale campaigns Direct mail campaign design, list building, sorting and mailing Catalogue, Presentation, Flyer, Brochure, Logo, Postcard, and other designs and printing Video creation and online or disc release Social Media marketing (such as Facebook) Website design Database creation Loyalty and rewards system design and implementation Media Placement Television and Radio ad design and placement Customer relationship management, email campaigns, newsletters

Icon has been helping customers throughout the US achieve success through online marketing for over ten years. Our expertise coupled with our business clients’ knowledge and excellent customer service has yielded enormous growth for our clients as well as for us. We only get paid if you do! All Icon Leads are 100% free and exclusive! Why would we offer such a service? Simply put, we know what we do works! However, you do not, and quite frankly we have grown tired of spending endless dollars and labor trying to convince business owners to pay for our services before getting any results. It just makes more sense to allocate those resources to providing better results and building better relationships with our business customers through risk free results. 100% Risk Free  Pay only for paid sales/jobs  Gain free exposure  No competition, Icon only accepts one customer per area  Build a career long relationship with a trusted marketing partner  Increased marketing based on your performance with our supplied leads

Icon will create a professional website with your logos and company information. We will then advertise that website in the following ways:

Search Engine Optimization: We will have your company on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for every service you provide in every location you cover. Contact us for a live demonstration  Pay per click: We will design expert campaigns and display ads. Icon covers all click costs.  Video creation: We will create and distribute professional videos displaying your projects to over 100 video sites such as YOUTUBE  Local directory submissions: We work with many popular local internet directories. Your Icon site will be listed everywhere necessary for you to be found. Many other web marketing avenues

Icon will purchase and assign a 1-800# to be placed on your new Icon website. All potential customers will contact you directly. These calls can be routed to any phone #s you wish or multiple #s simultaneously. You will be prompted to press1 to accept these calls.

You will also have a contact form on your website which will be emailed to you.

You will have a customer dashboard to follow and track leads. You can change the status of leads to keep us abreast of all leads.

Unfortunately No. Icon's Pay per sale program is a partnership between Icon and your business. The Pay per sale program is not a pre-paid service. Icon invests time and money advertising your business, we will only move forward if we believe it will be profitable for your business and ours. Our decision will be based on several factors including the demand for your product or service, the size of your service area, and your average sale amount. In addition, you must have adequate customer service and lead response capabilities. Icon will look at your conversion ratios on a monthly basis. Every time you make a sale, Icon will reinvest a portion of our commission in raising your advertising. This creates the opportunity for exponential growth. On the opposite end, poor sales ratios may lead to Icon terminating the partnership. In this case, we will return your deposit balance so there is no risk to you.

Google Search Results

Lead Dashboard—Actual leads

Naturally, you can imagine that our company will be incurring numerous costs in designing and advertising multiple marketing campaigns on your behalf. In order to protect our initial investment, we require an initial deposit. This deposit will be in a PayPal account which will be used to pay for future sales commissions to Icon. This deposit varies per industry and is usually equal to the average commission Icon receives on a sale. Icon's Per Sale commission is a small percentage of your total sale. This varies for different sale amounts. Please contact us for details. Icon does not take your credit card or personal information at anytime. All commissions are invoiced to you through Pay Pal to ensure your privacy and permission prior to any billing.

10% commission-$250 max 10% commission-$500 max $250 deposit

$500 deposit

100% refundable

100% refundable


Home Builders









Home Security





Commercial Services

All other services with an average sale of less than $5000

All other services with an average sale of more than $5000

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Pay Per Sale Lead Program  

Icon Target Marketing presents the 1st and largest Pay Per Sale lead service for Contractors and Local Service providers

Pay Per Sale Lead Program  

Icon Target Marketing presents the 1st and largest Pay Per Sale lead service for Contractors and Local Service providers