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Georgia alone, there are 600,000 youth living below the poverty line. Camp Grace seeks to partner with like-minded ministries that provide year long programs for the underserved youth of their community. We strive to strengthen what our urban partners do by providing a high capacity, high quality overnight camp experience coupled with three additional relevant camp events through the year. This year, we partnered with 17 ministries for six weeks of overnight camp. We had hundreds of individual partners and businesses give their time, energy, and money to make this year’s theme of “Hope and Soar� come alive. Our faithful donors, volunteers, staff, and partners all came together to create life change this summer.

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Urban Partners

Redeeming Hope Ministries I

just wanted to let you know the impact that camp had on our kids. Last night, we spent our small group time talking about camp. We combined our older groups, and then allowed the few younger ones that went to camp to join us, so they could participate as well. We started with a song that they learned at camp, “Awesome God”. It was incredible to watch them worship and really get in to it. (We have tried to implement worship in the past, and it hasn’t gone over well.) They were so pumped to sing last night. It also really touched the hearts of our food team. One of the ladies shared in tears how much it meant to her to hear them worship. Afterward, we sat in a big circle and talked about their week at camp. Of course, they couldn’t stop talking about how much they liked all of the activities. They also enjoyed talking about all that they did in their electives; outdoors was hands-down the favorite.

We then moved on to “Power Hour,” and I was so impressed as different ones put together the entire story of Joseph. Many of them also had Isaiah 40:31 memorized as well. We got a little more serious, and talked about Thursday night. One of my older girls explained about “CrossTalk,” and told the others that had not been to camp about the skit. One of the younger ones then explained Pastor Dave’s illustration in detail. We asked if any of them made important decisions that night, and one of my older girls explained how her group prayed with their counselor to ask Jesus to forgive their sins. Tears come to my eyes as I write this.

So, thank you, Camp Grace for doing what you do best: loving our kids and showing them that God loves them too! - Joy Walter Redeeming Hope Ministries

Mission Teams


Morning Star Church

Donors in Action

At Camp Grace, many hands come together to make life change. Our goal is to mobilize our partners to dive deeper into ministering with us. From serving a whole week on a mission team, speaking at a Dare 2 Dream session, or bringing snacks, many have taken this calling and blessed us so much with their service. This summer, we had four mission teams who served in the cafĂŠ for meal times, set up for large group activities, finished much needed projects, and showed love to many kids. We also had several of our partners join us for what we call Dare 2 Dream sessions where they challenged the kids to dream of a better future through their own life stories. Many others joined us for an afternoon of bringing and handing out goodies at snack time. This is a neat time for many of our donors to experience camp and interact with the kids for a short time. We are so blessed by the many hands that helped make summer 2013 a success.

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Crawford County Fire Department

Life Change

d l i u B e m e Extr In 2004, the vision of Camp Grace was born. Our dream was to have three camps on 300 acres serving 3,000 kids each summer. Soon, the first of three camps was drawn up, and we began the journey to build Frontier Town. This camp’s focal point would be a massive fourwalled fort with four, two-story towers, and a firepit in the middle.

In 2009, that dream began to take shape as we built one third of our fort. We continued to grow and had a great need for more cabins, but God was not ready to have us complete the building.

On January 7, 2013, Builders for Christ from Georgia, South Carolina, and Ohio all came together, and in 14 days, built 15,000 square feet under roof, which saved us $500,000 in labor cost. In the months leading up to summer camp, miracles of $300,000 came in for us to complete portions of the interior. Just before camp opened, we received our certificate of occupancy for most of the new building. Praise Him! Summer 2013’s story would not be complete without the many volunteers who came together to finish a dream that started in 2004. On May 27, 2013, 104 campers arrived to a four-walled western fort with a firepit centered in the middle. Dreaming at Camp Grace never stops, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you to the many hands that brought hope to our campers.

CampMayGrace 2013 27 - July 6 Hope and Soar Isaiah 40:31


Life Change Being a CIT can be a difficult task. It takes hard work, and a lot of patience. Although it has its share of difficulties, helping out at Camp Grace has been one of the most rewarding decisions that I’ve ever made. Being able to see the hand of God work in a child’s life is an unforgettable experience, and a sight that has changed my life. After CrossTalk, I saw one of my campers sitting alone. She was the only one who hadn’t made a decision that night. I walked over and sat next to her. Taking her hands in mine, I asked her if I could please pray with her. She smiled and said that it would be okay. I had just started my prayer when the girl broke down crying. She told me that nobody had ever loved her in the way that Christ did. She told me nobody loved her like I did. Those words changed my life. They reminded me that I can do all things through Christ. Through Him, I can make a difference. I will never forget that little girl, I will never forget the change that I saw in her after that night, and I will never forget the beauty of God’s love. - Allison


Horseback Riding

Wet Zip Basketball Camp Grace 2013 was an exciting


summer! Just two days before campers arrived, we finished eight more cabins and started the summer off with the largest group of campers to date. With 217 first time decisions for Christ, we saw more life change than in any other year. There is nothing more impactful than the relationship that is built between the counselor and the camper. Overcoming challenges, learning new skills, and just having fun coupled with amazing teaching and a listening ear is what best describes Camp Grace. We challenge you to join us in our camper challenge to “Hope and Soar.�

Rock Climbing

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Soccer Elective

Swimming in the Pool

Crud Wars

Life Change Through Growth

Chloe During the fourth and final week of youth camp,

Makayla On the fourth day of camp, my cabin was at the rock wall. Makayla had taken a few steps up the wall, then asked to get down. We all cheered her on to keep going, but she wanted to come down. After her feet hit the ground, she told me that she wanted to try again. She climbed, and made it to the top without a problem. When she came down, I gave her a high-five and told her that I was proud of her accomplishment. What she said next made my week: “No Miss Kaitlin, I didn’t do it. God gave me the strength to go up the wall. He is with me everywhere, remember?” Then, when I thought she couldn’t impress me anymore, she did. She wanted to go up the harder wall. With her positive attitude and determination, she went from being afraid to try even one wall to climbing two!

I was on the pool deck when Chloe approached me. She began to tell me how she couldn’t go in the “deep feet” because she couldn’t swim. As the day progressed, she signed up to be in the learning to swim elective. After several classes, Chloe’s swimming skills developed. Soon, she started to swim in the shallow end of the pool. Every time I saw her, I was so proud of how she was progressing.

Finally on Friday, it was time for Chloe to take her swim test. She began to swim and made it to the other side to receive her swim band. The level of accomplishment that I see in all of the kids when they get their swim bands makes my entire week. These moments are why l Iove being a part of the Camp Grace staff. - Samantha McCalvin

My name is Chloe. This is my first summer at

Camp Grace. This week, I learned how to swim. We started to do electives, and I was scared, so Miss Hannah, Miss Kaitlin, and some of my friends taught me how to swim. On Friday, we had to take the swim test to see if we could swim in the five feet. I was scared at first, but I got over it, and swam all the way to the other - Kaitlin Smith I love to rock climb. I never give up, so when side! I got my green wristband! And that’s how it was my turn, I wouldn’t stop til I made it to I conquered my fear! the top. When I was climbing, everybody was - Chloe cheering me on. I believed God would help me get to the top because He’s always with me. I wanted to get down, but I didn’t want to give up, so I didn’t, and I made it all the way to the top! - Makayla

Life Change Through Leadership Mokila

As a part of the ministry of Camp Grace, we are given the opportunity to foster the leadership qualities and skills in high school students who are Counselors in Training (CITs). This week, I had the privilege of having a previous camper as a CIT, Mokila.

On Friday, Mokila took the initiative to lead a team time on her own. She wanted to share her heart with these campers about the power of Jesus Christ and what it means to behave like Christ. I was blown away by her ability to share with the campers about how their behaviors were disappointing to God and how serious their new life in Christ should be. She was also able to keep the girls’ attention without me having to intervene. I was most amazed by her ability to take scriptures and back up what she was telling the campers while elaborating in a kid friendly way. Mokila could relate to them as a previous camper by sharing that they are not too young

to assume leadership roles and be ambassadors for Christ.

- Sharel Johnson


In my cabin this week, I had a long time veteran of camp, Angel. At the start of the week, he seemed to be very shy, quiet, and comfortable being in the background.

In addition, I did not have a CIT in my cabin, and Angel was the only camper that had ever been to Camp Grace. Angel was already older than most of the campers and much more mature, so I began to give him small tasks to help me. I also allowed him to lead the cabin to different activities.

These small opportunities to lead really helped to boost his confidence. As the week progressed, he became more of a leader within the cabin.

Angel began to lead the cabin more and more on his own. He even progressed to the point where he was seeing conflicts among other campers and tried to stop them. The confidence and leadership experience that he received is something that he can take home and use to help spread the gospel within his own community of friends, and was something that I was blessed to help instill in him. - Charlie


Long-Term Life Change Erwing Landazabal A frequently asked question is, “Can a week of camp really make

a difference?” When we asked 17 year old Erwing that question, he quickly exclaimed, “Whhoooff! Of course, it changed me!” With a huge smile on his face, he began to share his story. In 2004, an eight year old Erwing showed up at Camp Grace’s first ever day camp. For the next four years, we saw Erwing each summer. Little did we know that through the next two years, the world would get a hold of Erwing. He became an angry kid who listened to screaming satanic music, became addicted to pornography and in his words, “became an alcoholic at heart. ” Even in all of that, he is so thankful that the Lord saved him from diving into the world of drugs. Nonetheless, Erwing was in a bad place. In 2010, his mother forced him to come back to Camp Grace. He knew that it would be fun, but never thought that it would change his life. On Thursday night, he saw the life of Christ reenacted, and for the first time saw that it was not about a religion that he had been claiming to have, but about a relationship that he did not have. On the way back to his cabin, the guilt set in for claiming Christ’s name yet living the way that he was. He decided right there that he was ALL IN to follow Christ. Erwing now three years later is serving as a CIT at camp, and his life has not only been changed, but transformed. Through family hardships of divorce and heartbreak, he sees God’s faithfulness and fatherly protection. He shares his passion for Christ through leading Bible studies in his home, serving at Camp Grace, and loving others through the relationship that he now has with Christ. To answer the beginning question, “God changed my life in a week. It’s not the time; it’s the Gospel.”

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We at Camp Grace are committed to our youth. We

know God has led us to build a First class camp to serve the underserved youth of Georgia.

∫Our success is based on so many people who have joined with us to invest in these youth.

Thank you for all your support!

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Camp Grace + Urban Partners + Donors = LIFE CHANGE

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