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VOLUME 4 • issue 6 NOVEMBER 2012 iconic lifestyle

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ICON STAFF CEO and Publishers Potvin Tigerpaw & Sahara Mehrtens Editor in Chief Jordan Whitt Managing Editor Sensuous Soulstar Layout Director Marie Cox Style Editor Daija Arida Staff Writers Alex1985 Diabolito Amelia Harsley Jule Lemondrop Sahara Mehrtens Sensuous Soulstar Solitaire Highfield

Photography Tosha Bergen Hikaru Enimo Julie Hastings Takeshi Kiama Honour McMillan




Spartin Parx Tristion Paine Qopi Zachary Zufreur

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Editor’s Note Can you believe its November

I also love the explosion of

already? Where did 2012 go?

Petites into our SLives. They are not just adorable, they are

It’s definitely been a huge year in

totally addictive! With so many

Second Life with the introduction

designers, sims and stores now

of mesh in everything from

embracing this new SLife-form,

houses to furniture, hair to

I am also excited to see what lies

clothing. I’m wondering how we

ahead for our newest and tiniest

ever managed without it and look

SL residents. Sometimes its just

forward to what our talented

fun to let your inner Tinkerbell

builders and designers continue to

out to play.

do with it. Jordan Whitt Get Jordan’s Look Corset - Geometric Corset from ISON Hair - Twinkle Qeen from Fascino Headband - Peonies Headband in Aqua from LaGyo Skin - Lily V2 from Belleza Eyeliner - Mesh Eyeliner 03 from Glam Affair Duct Tape - Mouth Tape from Toxic Bish

Photo by Bouncer Criss

Editor in Chief




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175 Confessions of an SL Addict 183 What Women Want 189 The List On The Cover

Sachi Vixen and Siddean Munro show us that two very and talented sexy ladies are behind One Bad Pixel in our gorgeous cover photo by the uber-fabulous Julie Hastings.


Written by Sahara Mehrtens


Photos by Tosha Bergan ICON MAGAZINE


Family and Community — that’s the theme behind one of the largest neighborhood RP sims in Second Life, Somersley Estates. Somersley is spread out over several sims with many places for families and children to grow and thrive in a safe PG area. “Our goal is to give the families of Second Life a realistic place to live and engage in daily activities with their family,” owner Gabrielle SomersleyMontana says. “Somersley is more than just a rental area, we are a big family. The neighbors know your kids’ names and bring you soup when you are sick. When a new person moves in they are there with cookies and baked goods to welcome them. So if you’re looking for a realistic town that has far more than anywhere else to offer, then our town is inviting you to be our neighbor.” Gabrielle started this venture in 2009 and has attracted more than the current number of approximately 450 residents since the sim’s opening.



“In the summer of 2009 my husband (Bruce Navarita) went away on business for two weeks, but before he left we’d been talking about how it would be so fun to have neighbors and a fancy neighborhood similar to where we live in real life. So when he left on his trip, I worked hard and suprised him with two full sims and started our town this way,” she says. “Our first town had a elementary school which was very popular (Pleasant Point Elementary), about nine houses, a coffee shop and small medical center. We filled our rentals up in two days by referrals alone. We relocated and renovated a year ago, and now we have a huge town with almost anything you could want or need. Our town is our dream and we are so happy and blessed to have so many wonderful families in our community.”

The Somersley community has everything you need to be happy and really feel a sense of community in Second Life. “Somersley has everything in one stop,” Gabrielle explains. “We give you the best homes, a realistic set of rules and roleplay with lots of sims to travel to and explore. Not to mention our wonderful staff who are here and so welcoming, helpful and available. Not to mention the little things that make us so great that we have been doing for years. We have weekly garbage pickups, a phone system for neighbors to call each other or even order takeout, and we have a mail system which we adore, and of course the police, fire dept and medical role play. We really want you to get that experience of a community and here with us, at Somersley, this is what you get.”



Some of the features the community has to offer include a Town Hall with legal role play and other city council positions, a DMV, a bank, Insurance Agency, Home Owners Association program with a home values program, indoor/outdoor pool, a Police/Fire Dept, a playgrounds for children, playgrounds for prim babies, a post office, a beach, some shops and stores in the business district, amusement rides on the boardwalk, family dining at two restaurants, fast food, arcade, a bowling alley, Little Sprouts Elementary and Preschool, paint ball, a full size airport, Adoption agency, Somersley Family Foster Care, gas stations, car dealerships, fishing and boating, paddle boats, skating rink, a hospital, and so much more.

“We have 20 employees for managers right now,” Gabrielle explains. “And we have over 90 employees if you count the various departments and attractions in town.” Gabrielle says there is sometimes a waiting list to get into Somersley for a house, but it’s easy to get started in the process for obtaining a house in the community. “All you need to do is contact a member of our staff and they can help you get started,” she says. “We have pager boards located in a few different areas so our staff is easily accessible.” So if you have a family in Second Life, or want to live in a community with all its attractions, check out Somersley and become part of their community!

Photos by Qopi

One room, 50 Lindens and Marketplace. Can you furnish a room on the cheap???





Sofa and Pillow - Sunset Furniture Set from Unfinished/Caravan - $2 Magazines from Missi DisCount - $4 Ruggie from Nordari - $0

Pillow - Sunset Furniture Set from Unfinished/Caravan - $2 Domi Design Laptop from Dominique Steamer - $0 Sakura Triptych Painting from Pamella - $7

Sofa and Pillow - Sunset Furniture Set from Unfinished/Caravan - $2 Magazines from Missi DisCount - $4 Ruggie from Nordari - $0 Pillow - Sunset Furniture Set from Unfinished/Caravan - $2 Domi Design Laptop from Dominique Steamer - $0 Sakura Triptych Painting from Pamella - $7



Slash Chair Deluxe from Axl Pro Design - $0 Puro Sofa from The Beachstore - $10 Tree of Life Bonsai from Sebastian Saramago - $0 HCC Plant 3 from HC Creations - $1 Tray Cup and Pastry from Follow Us - $1 Coffee Table 01 from Kubric Flux - $0 Karibe Cup of Coffee from Vitamin - $1 Free Mesh Book from Dutchie - $0 Rug and Painting - Sunset Furniture Set from Unfinished/Caravan - $2 Promotional Sofa from Snatched - $0 Tray Cup and Pastry from Follow Us - $1 Coffee Table 01 from Kubric Flux - $0 Gnomes from Henckel’s Designs - $9 Candles from Roxana Paulino - $0 Glass Fish Aquarium from Nekka - $0 Antique Jars from Kismet - $0 Hanging Basket from Lina Helix - $1 Fireplace, Painting and Rug - Sunset Furniture Set from Unfinished/Caravan - $2





Couch - Traditional Sofa - $10

Medium Wooden Fireplace Set (Chair, End Table, Rug) - $10 Bird Picture Frames - $0 Painter Coffee Table - $1 Button Flowers in Vase - $0 Sir Jeremy Lamp - $10

Medium Wooden Fireplace Set (Chairs, Fireplace, End Table, Rugs, Picture) - $10 Restoration Ladder Bookcase - $10 Wooden Feather Eggs - $1 Teapot Lamp Blue Dot - $0



Painter Table Blue from Lisp Bazaar - $1 Coat Hangers from Zigana - $0 Button Flowers in Vase from Lisp Bazaar - $0 Paper Cups from Nordari - $0 Recycling Lamps from Nordari - $0 Ruggies from Nordari - $0 Nightfire Lamp from Nordari - $0



Arm Chairs from [19MC] TuttiFrutti Pictures (retextured) from Lisp Bazaar - $0 Ruggies from Nordari - $0 Coat Hangers from Zigana - $0 Button Flowers in Vase from Lisp Bazaar - $0

Color Me Room Divider from Nordari - $0 And Birds from Nordari - $0 Ruggies from Nordari - $0 Recycling Lamps from Nordari - $0



Color Me Room Divider from Nordari - $0 And Birds from Nordari - $0 Ruggies from Nordari - $0 Recycling Lamps from Nordari - $0 Lilac and Mint Frames from Lisp Bazaar - $0



Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photos by Qopi



While it may seem cliché to hear, that oft used phrase still rings true: you can be whatever you want in your Second Life… including Carrie Bradshaw.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last fourteen years (yes, I was shocked myself that I’d been a fan for so long), Carrie Bradshaw is the face of the hit series, and of course the movie and its sequel, Sex and the City. She is to fashion and glamour what Michael Jackson is to pop music an iconic symbol. And for many, to live the life of Carrie Bradshaw is a dream amongst dreams. But, thanks again to Second Life, that dream is much closer than it once was. While mimicking the fashion savvy of Ms. Bradshaw has been readily available in Second Life for quite some time, there were still important aspects of her life that were missing to give it that truly New York fashionista living in the quaint Upper East Side of Manhattan feel‌that is until Emery Milneaux decided to change that.



A man of many talents, Milneaux began building his own creations in 2010 when he began assisting his partner, Umberto Giano, in creating the incredibly gorgeous Grove Country Club Estates. What began as just helping to develop a nightclub blossomed into more in-depth building ventures for Milneaux as he became increasingly frustrated with the lack of creativity and vision on the Marketplace at the time. Shares Milneaux, “…I’d often become frustrated with failed searches for certain elements of staging and decor. Great ideas couldn’t be fully executed ‘cause I couldn’t find on Marketplace, what I saw in my head. Finally, I bit the bullet and began building, myself, the things needed for our events.” And bite the bullet he did. The savvy creator continued to push himself to create what he just couldn’t seem to find to fulfill his vision. Finally, in 2011, Milneaux felt confident enough to share his creations with the world. “In 2011, I made a series of nesting dolls featuring Rage Faces, which at the time were all over the internet. The final product seemed fun and quirky, so I thought, why not put these on Marketplace and see what happens? They were well-received and I was encouraged by customers to make more items. In doing so, Commoner came about.” While the name is a wonderful play-on-words with the coffeehouse that the store shares its space with at The Grove, Common Grounds, Commoner is anything but. Milneaux humbly reveals that his vision was for “a quaint little store, where you’d find fun trinkets and novelties to help clutter your shelves and tabletops,” Yet, while the novelties and trinkets alone are, shall we say, interesting in a “did I really just read that right?” kind of way, there is something special in this store that makes the hearts of many leap: Apt. C.

What Milneaux calls a special exception to Commoner, is an amazing re-creation of the home of one Ms. Carrie Bradshaw season after season; an iconic part of the series itself, her Upper East Side brownstone apartment. Explaining its creation, Milneaux shares: “In the early fall of 2011, I was re-watching the complete “Sex and the City” series and I realized, Carrie’s apartment is sort of the fifth character of the show. It has so much personality and relatable charm. I went to Marketplace, to see if anyone had recreated the apartment in-world, and to my surprise, couldn’t find anything. That’s when I decided; I’d step up to the plate and take on the project, except I sat on the idea for months, before laying out a single prim. The task seemed daunting and intimidated me. But in those months I stood still, I did my homework. I’d re-watch episodes, but this time, with intention. I’d fast forward to scenes showcasing Carrie’s apartment and pause the DVD to make quick sketches of the floorplan. I’d take notes on paint colors and textiles used throughout the space, and paid attention to the apartment’s built-in cabinetry. Before recreating the build in-world, I had to know what I was recreating, forward and back. I’m all about details, so this sort of research and education, really, was important to me.”



It’s clear with one look at this amazing build that his attention to detail immensely paid off. Take a look at any episode of the hit series (or even a picture on Google), and you will find that Mr. Milneaux has captured even the most minute of details, down to the well worn wood floor and the perfect shade of matte blue paint on the walls. Just one step inside of this incredible home and somehow it feels like that missing piece of the puzzle has just been found, and your inner Carrie Bradshaw can finally emerge. Alas, for true fans of the build, it is a bittersweet victory. When asked about more re-creations like this awe-inspiring home, Milneaux revealed, “I’ve gone back and forth on replicating other real life builds, and I’d make an exception again, but it’d have to be an inspired idea. With Apt. C, I was flooded with inspiration and drive. Saying I’m obsessed with ‘Sex and the City’ would be an understatement. I ended a real life friendship of over five years, because she stole my pink velvet binder that holds the complete series on DVD. And I don’t regret it.” But it is still nice to know that in the meantime, while we cross our fingers and toes, we can still get our fill of Milneaux’s expressively hilarious creations available exclusively at Commoner.



Style Editor’s Note Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and were super safe. I wanted to start off by saying I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (for us Americans). Eat lots of turkey and enjoy all the football!! This month we have some new stuff for you. Our Style ICON this issue is Ms. Jill Narstrom, an incredible stylist and photographer. We have also added a male version our wonderful Jule’s blog spot, we welcome the UBER talented Alex1985 Diabolito to our team to do his thing for us. I’m extremely happy to have him on board. We also have all the returning favorites to the section. I hope you enjoy it! If you are a designer and would like your designs featured, please contact me in world or via email @ Daija Arida Get Daija’s Look Hair - Secretive in Color Pack 3 from Magika Skin - Indy in Caramel from Meghindo’s Cigarette - Luxury in V.2 from NikatiN

Photo by Bouncer Criss



STYLE Photographed by Zachary Zufreur Modeled by Taya Renfold

Vintage Evening Gown in White ICON MAGAZINE


This month’s Style Feature for our lovely ladies we have Fanatik. I’ve loved this store for a while now because of their funky and stylish shoes, but I wanted to show everyone the awesome clothes you can find there as well.

Summer Dress in College

Tube Top in Black Pencil Skirt Leather in Black


Photographed by Spartin Parx Styled & Modeled by Alf Whittaker

For this month’s male Style Feature we went with Kauna. I love how classic all of his styles are, and with the holidays coming up, there will be some awesome holiday parties. We’ve hooked our men up with formal and semi-formal looks sure to impress.

Blazer with Shirt in Coffee Mid Blue Jeans ICON MAGAZINE


Two-Piece Suit in Grey



Shirt in Mint Stripped Tie in Tangerine Mid Jeans

Styled, Modeled and Pho

For our Style ICON this month we Flickr friends with her for some tim I was able to stalk her in two place

Coat - Belted Coat - Mesh in Red fr Top - Leopard Mini T-Shirt from E Leggings - Basic Sheer Tights in Bl Scarf - Warmy Scarf in Dark Grey f Boots - Viviane boots in Red from Bag - Rockstud Bag from Swallow Necklace - Time Goes By Necklace Ring on Right - Filigran Rings in Si Ring on Left - Forever Young Ring Bracelet - Big H Bangle Silver & Go Nails - Vanity Nails in Basic from S Skin - Julia in Yogurt from Al Vulo Hair - 37 in Black from Dura-Boy

otographed by Jill Narstrom

went with Jill Narstrom. I’ve been me, so when she added me to plurk es. I love her urban to chic styles.

rom GizzA Emporium lack from Mijn Boutique from Admiral Spicy Milk Motion w e in Antique from Leo-Nt ilver/Gold from Ey:No g from House of Fox old in Black from [7891.] S&V o

Photographed, Modeled and Styled by Jule Lemondrop

November - so grey, so cold, almost no sun, freezing and a thought shows up: We need new warm clothes! Mia and Jule wanted to go shopping in September, but have they done it yet? ICON MAGAZINE


Jule: “Hey, we need to go shopping. Mia, hurry up!” Mia, while watching tv lazily: “Suuuure... what, now? Not later?” MIA Dress - Relaxed Tunic in Grey from MOLiCHiNO Scarf - Undone Beach from Tulip Tights - Nylon Leo Print 2 from DeeTalez Shoes - In Winter Sepia from Tulip Hair - Siri in Oasis from Truth Skin - Sakia Disco in Bronze from Al Vulo



Jule: “Holy polar bear, I´m freezing and we are already late!” Mia: “Brrrr and I hate shopping. Why are we doing this again?” JULE Blouse - Trendy Trench in Black from Apple May Designs Skirt - Javu from Crazy Scarf - Autumn Scarf from Tres Blah Tights - Stripe Knit Thigh Highs in Black from Shiny Things Shoes - Stagioni Boots in Coal from Maitreya Ring - Water Over Wine from Paper Couture Bag - Pochette S from Kloka Hair - Fade Into You in Moreno from Exile Skin - Sakia Camelia in Cacoa from Al Vulo MIA Dress - Relaxed Tunic in Grey from MOLiCHiNO Scarf - Undone Beach from Tulip Tights - Nylon Leo Print 2 from DeeTalez Shoes - In Winter Sepia from Tulip Earrings - Ginkgo from Kosh Button - PinButton [Fun] Owl from Sway’s Bracelet - Akatonbo from Ronsem Bracelet - Leather GG from Ronsem Bag - Old Shoulder bag in Rudder Brown from Pesca Hair - Siri in Oasis from Truth Skin - Sakia Disco in Bronze from Al Vulo ICON MAGAZINE


Jule: “Ooh this coat, what do you think?” Mia, not overwhelmingly excited: “Yeah, it´s coat...” JULE Jacket - Parke from coldLogic Skirt - Javu from Crazy Scarf - Autumn Scarf from Tres Blah Tights - Stripe Knit Thigh Highs in Black from Shiny Things Shoes - Stagioni Boots in Coal from Maitreya Bag - Pochette S from Kloka MIA Coat - Kelley from coldLogic Scarf - Undone Beach from Tulip Tights - Nylon Leo Print 2 from DeeTalez Shoes - In Winter Sepia from Tulip Bag - Old Shoulder bag in Rudder Brown from Pesca

Jule: “And this one?” Mia: “Hah! Another coat!” JULE Coat - Funnel Coat in Grey from Saikin Skirt - Javu from Crazy Scarf - Autumn Scarf from Tres Blah Tights - Stripe Knit Thigh Highs in Black from Shiny Things Shoes - Stagioni Boots in Coal from Maitreya Bag - Pochette S from Kloka MIA Coat - Parka Coat in Brown with Emblem from Saikin Scarf - Undone Beach from Tulip Tights - Nylon Leo Print 2 from DeeTalez Shoes - In Winter Sepia from Tulip Bag - Old Shoulder bag in Rudder Brown from Pesca

Jule: “You really need a coat too, don´t you?” Mia: “I know, I know... but can we stop this shopping activism now? Just for today?” Jule: “Oh cooome ooon you silly nut, nooooo!” Mia: “Haha, eternal joy. Let´s have a coffee first at least before we enter the next shop, please.” JULE Coat - Trench Coat in Black from NCparis Scarf - Autumn Scarf from Tres Blah Tights - Stripe Knit Thigh Highs in Black from Shiny Things Shoes - Stagioni Boots in Coal from Maitreya Ring - Water Over Wine from Paper Couture Bag - Pochette S from Kloka MIA Dress - Relaxed Tunic in Grey from MOLiCHiNO Scarf - Undone Beach from Tulip Tights - Nylon Leo Print 2 from DeeTalez Shoes - In Winter Sepia from Tulip Bag - Old Shoulder bag in Rudder Brown from Pesca ICON MAGAZINE


Sirius in Black from Utopia Design

Photographed by Spartin Parx Styled & Modeled by Daija Arida



Fall Shoe FRENZY! The shoes I’ve picked for this month’s Shoe Freak are all about fall/winter fashion trends.

Nikki Ankle Boot in Red from {Cherry} ICON MAGAZINE


Dhara Boots in Tan from League

Studded Long Boots in Brown from J’s

Photographed, Styled, & Modeled by Hikaru Enimo

Shirt - Basic Deep V-Neck in White from Armidi Limited Jacket - Gallagher Parka in Black from NSD Pants - Rocker Jeans in Blue from Legal Insanity Shoes - Aviator Boot Yeager in Black from Gos Belt - Kookai Belt in Dark Brown from Mandala Scarf - Crinkle scarf in Bronze from Muism Sunglasses - FG Zephyr (B+G) from Guardian Hair - Noah in Light Blonde01 from Burley



Jacket - Peacemaker Duster in Navy from Deco Pants - Roy in Ocean from FATEwear Shoes - Boots Walkers in Brown from Redgrave Necklace - Men’s Silver & Rubber Choker from Dahlinks Bag - Pastel Brushed Leather Bag, Black from NYU Sunglasses - Custom Sunglasses from Gos Hair - Sammy in Light Blonde01 from Burley



Snowpaws has been a force in Second Life fashion for many years and now the tiny has been embraced with old and new releases being released in Standard avatar size and now Petite size as well. Here are just a few of our favourite big and little picks from Snowpaws.





Watercolour Tea Length











Photographed, Styled, & Modeled by Tristion Paine



Courtesy of


PAGE 101


PAGE 103

Courtesy of


PAGE 105

Courtesy of

Elegant Epiffany (ee) Mink


PAGE 108



The Hunted


R ADA R Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Julie Hastings


PAGE 115

Second Life is a sexier place because of two sexy ladies from behind two awesome stores and One Bad Pixel. Sachi Vixen (Adam n Eve) and Siddean Munro (Slink), co-owners of One Bad Pixel, have been designing clothes for many years with their own stores, and were some of the early pioneers of the mesh fad. Both women started making their own clothing due to wanting a look they couldn’t find in any store in Second Life and for their own pleasure. “I started to make clothing in SL way back in 2005,” Sachi laughs. “In the beginning, it was a way to have what I wanted to wear” Siddean adds, “I started Slink in 2007. I was after a specific look and couldn’t find it in any stores at the time so I decided to make it myself.  I was wandering around in a public sandbox checking out the movement of my flexy prims and a fellow asked me if he could buy a copy of the whole outfit for his girlfriend!”

A mixture of sexy, classy and style, One Bad Pixel has a naughty and nice feel to the clothing you will find there. “One Bad Pixel clothing came about when Siddean and I were chatting one morning in the early days of mesh about things we hadn’t been seeing in mesh so far and things we wanted to see,” explains Sachi. “I think that One Bad Pixel’s style is sexy, classy fashion. Our slogan is ‘For naughty girls’. It’s not really hooker fashion, it’s more girl next door is a bad girl! She’s showing her naughtiest side.” Siddean agrees that the style is sexy and flirty without being tacky.  “It’s something I aspire to with both Slink and One Bad Pixel,” she says. Though all of their items sell well, they both agree that Glomesh is the most popular seller at One Bad Pixel. “The Glomesh top is by far the most popular One Bad Pixel item,” Siddean says. “It leaves enough to the imagination to be sexy without showing off your boobs!” There are many reasons they both like designing clothes, but their favorites include learning new skills and pushing themselves to improve. “I love making textures and bringing things to life, it’s kind of romantic, like watching a bud open into a flower,” Sachi says. “I also love working with Siddean, she is awesome and we have a lot of fun and laughs.” Sachi and Siddean spend a lot of time creating their brand and building their patron list, as well as customer service. “SL is my fulltime job so I spend in excess of 50-70 hours a week creating, learning, researching, doing administration and customer service, updating to-do lists, listening to feedback and hopefully not annoying anyone in the process!” Siddean explains.     ICON MAGAZINE

PAGE 118

Sachi explains that One Bad Pixel is an all mesh brand so it wouldn’t be here without mesh, and while Siddean agrees, she explains that she’s really looking forward to the future of mesh in SL. “Mesh has allowed me almost complete freedom in what I design.  Now if only the feature itself was complete (deformer, normal and specular maps) I’d be happy as a piglet in mud!” she laughs. Sachi and Siddean love their in-world roles and offer this advice to budding and aspiring designers. “I think the best advice is work hard, and be true to yourself,” Sachi advises. “Don’t expect instant success as SL isn’t always like that, just keep at it and be the best you can be and your store will grow over time.” “Learn everything.” Siddean adds. “Get your hands on every relevant tutorial you can find and do them.  Don’t go looking for magic buttons - the software you use isn’t what makes you a great designer.  Keep an open mind and come up with your own style and you will find your own niche.” With such a successful debut of One Bad Pixel and a long-standing run with Adam n Eve and Slink, we are so excited to see what new items and ideas this clever duo will come up with next, especially after they tease: “Keep an eye out on our blog. We have some very exciting stuff planned!”


PAGE 119

Photos by Honour McMillan


PAGE 121

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you close your eyes and see nothing but ghosts of the pasts or a terrifying future? Does counting sheep end in demented gruesome slaughter? Then you’ve come to the right place. In their Sixth Installment, Pulse Games presents “Resting Place” - the sleep clinic where the line between nightmare and reality is broken once and for all. How will you survive a trip into the most deranged minds you’ve ever known? A trip so deep into the psyche, you may never wake up.... The game takes place in a newly opened sleep clinic where a controversial but respected doctor has found a miracle cure for Severe Night Terrors. You are a new employee intern to Dr Krol. When you arrive for your first work day, the clinic is seemingly empty. You must explore the clinic and pick up clues and solve puzzles to find out what happened there using a scripted game HUD to help you keep track of inventory as you explore this multi-level interactive game environment.

Resting Place is the sixth annual horror multi-level survival horror game from the makers of “Cutting Class”, “Nightmare Eden”, “Dive” and “The Flesh Game” with prizes from dozens of designers and truly scary game play. This year it’s spread over five sims and sponsored by Snatch City, Pulse, Nomine, Vapor and New Kadath. Builders include Ivey Deschanel, Roblem Hogarth, Yukio Ida, Dahlia Darktone, Dragonia DeCuir and Sanura Snowpaw. Scripts by Hez Scripts and Planet Ash.


PAGE 126


PAGE 127

With prizes hidden in medical cases and syringes throughout the game from generous sponsors including Sn@tch, !ReTox!, Nomine, [GAUZE], InFamous, Dragon Magick Wares, Somnia, Adore & Abhor, Adorkable Poses, Atooly, A Netherworld, Blow-Up, +Blue Blood+ Cyrious, Fierce Designs, FlufferNutterz, HopScotch, NeverMore, Pin Me Down, Sakide, Savoir Faire Shapes & Poses and Zanzibar Creations it’s well worth taking the time and effort to hunt through while you solve the game.


PAGE 129

So turn your lights down, turn the sound up, bring friends (fun in groups), read the rules and instructions, wear the scripted hud and be considerate of other players by removing heavily scripted items and excessive prims. Resting Place is open from October 17 through to November 18, 2012. This is a free event but donations are appreciated. And don’t forget to stop and check out the souvenir and Gift Shop after the game.


PAGE 131

Check out our Facebook page at pages/Pulse-Games-in-SL/244050798967300 for pics and info And our Website at For Game Rules & Instructions

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photos by Tosha Bergan

While virtual pregnancy may not be everyone in Second Life’s cup of tea, the increasing membership numbers of the leading baby groups, the emergence of a larger maternity market, and the lucrative sales’ figures of some of the more well-known maternity and baby product makers is a sign that more and more residents are taking an interest in this “alternative” lifestyle. But, as any resident who has ever gone through a virtual pregnancy in the pre-Mesh days can tell you, things have never been better for the mommy-to-be. ICON MAGAZINE

PAGE 134

In the olden days (ok, really just the days before Mesh), budding mothers had the option of making their wardrobe adapt to their ever-growing shape, or find themselves in a bevy of “babydoll” styled clothing to accommodate their rather large tummies. Sexy was not a word that came to mind. While the experience was memorable, the clothing left much to be desired, and women everywhere grew weary of flexi look. What was a trendy mother to do? And then the answer came like a flash of lightning: mesh. This highly anticipated innovation gave designers the freedom and tools to tailor to every style of resident, including the mommy-to-be. With new options, maternity wear has never looked so good…and so hot!


PAGE 136

With a variety of brands, such as Yanka, Geometry, Thoranua Clothing, LVS & Co. and Sexy Mamas, delving into the field of mesh maternity wear, women can again feel the sexiness of pregnancy. Utilizing the idea of standard mesh sizes, savvy designers are integrating this concept into maternity wear by creating sizes based on trimesters. Smart huh? Instead of having to worry if your favorite off the shoulder tube dress will still fit your curves as you continue to expand, you can now rest assured that your wardrobe will expand right along with you. So now when you ask “does this dress make me look fat,” well, don’t be surprised if the answer is a whopping “yes…but it’s a beautiful kind of fat!” From tanks to skirts, tube dresses to flowing long gowns, these designers have covered all genres of clothing, transforming mommies from casual to formal in no time. No longer are women stuck in a rut of trying to stuff their expanding curves into their old clothing, while still trying to maintain that gorgeous pregnancy glow. Now women have the freedom to go from casual to chic (and even to le freak, thanks to a few designers who remembered that the mommy-to-be is still a bucket of hormones).


PAGE 137

No need to worry ladies, there is no need to toss out those old, dependable babydolls and sweatpants just yet. While these innovative artists have opened a new field in maternity wear, there are still some things left to be desired. Any mother-to-be, whether in first life or second, knows that there are just days where nothing but sweatpants feel comfortable, or those wonderful yoga pants that help to hold that budding belly in place. So far, most designers have yet to touch on loungewear, the pregnant woman’s best friend, so keep those old sweats handy just for those days. But for the ultra chic mothers in bloom, mesh maternity wear is a dream come true. No matter what your taste, your size or your trimester, every expecting mother should have at least one piece of maternity wear in her virtual closet as a reminder that even when your budding belly is at full bloom, you’re still a sexy mama!


PAGE 140


Written by Amelia Harsley Photos by Qopi

Deep in the forest there is hidden a treasure that many have come to know and love as one of the friendliest clubs on the grid. McGuffies is a unique club and hangout that was formed on what most people are seeking in SL, friendship and loyalty.


PAGE 142

“We wanted a place where people can come and listen to good music and not put up with the usual BS that most clubs have,” co-owner Gabriella Molinari explains. “The club is just small part of the sim. The whole sim a beautiful forest with hidden tree houses fully furnished for loved ones to share time, there are paddle boats to explore the inside of the sim and outer perimeter. There are all kinds of animals around, cuddle spots. It’s just very peaceful!” Gabi and the other owners of the club have owned clubs in the past, but all of them have a special place in their hearts for McGuffies. “We have all been in the club business, some longer than others,” she says. “But the idea behind McGuffies was based on friendship and loyalty to the four owners. We wanted a place that was fun with no drama, basically a place where people could come make friends, have a few laughs..ok .. a lot of laughs”


PAGE 143

There is a variety of music on the sim, but mostly it’s just chill, kind of the running theme behind McGuffies; a place to hangout, chill, relax and have fun. “We play everything from Classic Rock to Country,” Gabi says. “There are some genres not encouraged, but if requested..well…!” The club has been around for about 3 months and has had a lot of success and they have plans to be around for a very long time with many events and fun times to hang out. “We just to be known as the club and sim for everyone to enjoy. Everyone is welcome, from biker to furry and all in between,” she explains. “We want it to be a place that people can come and make some friends, hang out and just enjoy their second life with some good music”


PAGE 146

It’s friends, the fun atmosphere and lack of drama that keeps drawing people back to the sim, and they offer this advice for people wanting to open their own club. “One never knows what might happen here, but one thing for sure always have fun,” she says. “Clubs are not money makers, and if you are opening a club to do so, run now. Open a club to have some fun and don’t stress out over it if no one shows up. Think about the reason you are doing this. Clubs are a lot of work but can also be a lot of fun, so it’s a choice..stress over it, or just relax and go with the flow.” Gabi explains that McGuffies is a family, a place where people can feel at home. “As our logo states: Cra Dilseacht Caireas Co Deo (Love Loyalty and Friendship Forever),” she says. “This sim/club was built with four people having mutual respect for each other. We are family. I think that pretty much says it all!”


PAGE 147

Photos Supplied by Trinetty Skytower

ICON: What is the best part of the work you do? What gives you the most pride?

TRINETT Y : I love taking an idea, a feeling or thought in my head and re-creating that in the world of SL, with the help of great poses, fabulous fashion, beautiful locations and props (and Photoshop of course)! Oftentimes clients come to me and give me free reign on what the end product will be, so I’m very honored they trust me and that I can give them something they are excited about. A happy customer who appreciates my vision puts a huge smile on my face.


PAGE 150

ICON: What frustrates you the most about being a photographer? TRINETTY: There are definitely limitations put on photographers in the world of SL. Technology (graphics, lag, crashing) can be a big downer sometimes. Also not being able to rez in locations that I find so picture-perfect. But really the most frustrating thing for me is lighting. With the addition of shadows in my photography, I am a bit obsessed with the perfect lighting, and I will spend a lot of time working out windlight and shadow angles until I get the look I want. There are still glitches that come along with that, as most photographers on the grid well know, and hopefully LL is working toward solutions in the near future to enhance photography in SL.


PAGE 151

I C O N : How do you manage to keep the creativity flowing? From where do you derive your influences?

T R I N E T T Y : My biggest inspiration for my personal photos is music. I will be driving in the car in RL and singing along to the radio and the lyrics hit me. I start imagining a visual that goes along with that and there is born the idea for a photo. Fashion is another source of inspiration. Whether I am out shopping and see something I love, or when I do work for clients and they inspire me with their styling choices. There are always times when I hit a wall and it’s then that I take time and review the many talented SL artists on Flickr. I try to study those who I admire in hopes to also improve my own skills and give me fresh ideas of how to approach photography.


PAGE 154

ICON: What is the most unusual thing/person you’ve been asked to photograph?

TRINETTY: That’s a tough one. I don’t know if I’ve had anything truly unusual asked of me. Years ago I had a client who wanted a profile pic to show off both her human/neko avatar as well as her furry bunny avatar dressed in Scottish tartans. Trying to meld those two very ‘interesting’ looks into one cohesive photo was a challenge.

ICON: Have you ever refused to photograph something because it was so far out there that it made you uncomfortable?

TRINETTY: No one’s ever requested anything that I felt uncomfortable with. I have only ever refused to photograph one person’s request, for doing vendor ads for airplanes and jets that he built. Up to that point, my expertise was in wedding and profile photography and I didn’t feel that was a step in the right direction for me professionally.


PAGE 155

I C O N : When you look back at your fir what makes you cringe the most?

T R I N E T T Y : My resolution settings we

and the photos are so pixelated. ‘High your friend!! That and I used the diff Photoshop far too much!

I C O N : When you see the art that you do you feel?

T R I N E T T Y : I’m a perfectionist so I wil

worst critic. However, I am proud of I’m a self-taught Photoshopper and it and error and watching lots of tutoria keep honing my skills. That will neve think any artist really ever stops evolv I’m also really honored that when I lo the clients I’ve had, that they chose M create something beautiful for them.

rst SL photographs,

ere set way too low h Res snapshot’ is fuse glow feature in

u create now, what

ll always be my own how far I’ve come. t was years of trial als on YouTube to er end. As I don’t ving, nor should they. ook back through all ME to capture and

ICON: If you weren’t a photographer and had to pick another profession in SL, what would it be?

TRINET T Y : I have dabbled in several things over the years, from hostessing at a club to building to making female clothing, but truly photography is where my heart is at. I am capable of doing other things, but I do not desire to do them. They don’t fulfill me like creating something with photography does. For me, it is artistic therapy and not just a job. If I were to stop doing photography, I would probably revert back to my roots and be an explorer.

ICON: When you have time for fun in SL what do you do? TRINET T Y : I admit I am pretty much a workaholic, and it was only in the last year that I realized I needed to get off my sim from time to time and go socialize. So I have definitely put more effort into going to events or clubs to listen to some of my favorite DJs or spend time with friends. I also spend a great deal of time shopping, not just for clothes (although I’m a girl, so that goes without saying!), but also for decorating my land and home which is a work in progress. And usually in the midst of enjoying myself, I am once again inspired to do photos!


PAGE 160

Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Takeshi Kiama

Gaining a huge following in the past few months is one of SL’s hottest new live performers, ninjamonkee, or as he likes to be called Jaseface. Full of talent and charisma, Jase has swooned the grid over the past four months with his smooth vocal talent and his instrumental talents.


PAGE 162

“I was introduced into performing live in SL through DJ Lynn Wylder,” Jase explains. “She let me take an hour of her set at Grind Romantic Dance Club and I played live in front of 60+ people. I’ve heard about Second Life for years and saw it on a rerun of The Office.  Bored, I decided to log in, get a laugh, and log out for 30 minutes. Six months later, here I am. ” Drawing on his real life performance experience, Jase is a natural on the virtual stage, drawing huge crowds and making lots of contacts. “I used to volunteer for a local church for over a year that had a congregation of over 300,” Jase explains. “It was about four sets every weekend.  I was also lead singer for a little unknown hard rock band that is no longer around. Now, I play for friends/family and the occasional cafe.”


PAGE 163

Jase’s instrumental abilities span a wide range and his style can be called relaxing, or as he puts it, chill. “I play acoustic, relaxing, chill music, anything from Jason Mraz to Plush by Stone Temple Pilots,” he says. “ I also write a bunch of original music, as well as play my ukulele.” With a range of songs that fit into his style, Jase has built up quite the playlist, with a few go-to songs and favorites. When asked his very favorite though, his response: “This is a tough question.  My “Go To” song is I’ll Be by Edwin McCain,” he says. “One of my favorites is Love Song by Third Day.” Jase also writes his own music and has a number of original songs, but he also says he enjoys putting his own style on covers. He’s made many memories performing in both lives on the stage and says he wouldn’t trade them for anything.


PAGE 166

“In RL, my favorite memory was when I was lead singer of the hard rock band and we had our first “outsider” come listen to us and thought we were awesome,” he explains. “In SL, it was probably the first performance when I went from no one really knowing me to all the recognition.  It was a bit intoxicating at first.” You can find Jase performing live or DJing at Grind Romantic Dance Club on Saturdays from 2-4 p.m. “Due to RL obligations, I don’t perform as much as I would like to or regularly,” he says. “I plan to do more live performances at various locations as I become more familiar with the scene.  I am also looking into expanding my performing further into RL.” Jase explains that his love for music is what brings him back each time to the stage and he loves performing and DJing in sl. “Performing for people and being able to provide them enjoyment and entertainment is the most rewarding part.  It’s not about the Lindens, it’s about the expression and experience,” he says. “I believe that goes for most forms of art.  Not everyone will be a fan, but I appreciate every opportunity.”


PAGE 167

Photos by Qopi


PAGE 169

The child of musician parents, music has always been in the blood of Gabriella Molinari. An old-timer in SL terms, she was one of the first club owners in this virtual world and through them, she learnt how to do it herself and she’s been rawking the grid every since. Her musical library was always big, but it has grown extensively to include artists she had never heard of before joining Second Life. “I was like a kid in a candy store,” she says. “So to speak.” The rest is history.

and going. “They take a lot of work and time,” she says. But anyone who knows Gabi knows its always rawking when she hits the airwaves. Her taste runs from rock, metal, classic rock through to 80s, alternative and even the occasional mushy number. “I will play just about anything requested,” she explains, “but I normally stick with those genres.”

Her advice to upcoming DJs: In order to be a good one, you have to be able to read your crowd, play to their likes and if a club has rules on genre, be sure to follow them. Have a great library and make sure you can take requests. Check At the moment Gabriella is on hiatus from out other DJs styles and how they work DJing until winter as she works with her a club, not saying to copy them, just see how they interact with guests. Find your new husband to get their own club up, McGuffies (featured in our Club Review) style...don’t just be a jukebox! Gabriella’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Anything by Evanescence

6. Peace is Free - Black Stone Cherry

2. Mountain - Toxic

7. Anything by Shaman’s Harvest

3. Bury Me With My Gunbs On - Bobaflex

8. Anything by Seether

4. Anything by Jackyl

9. Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch

5. Anything by Shinedown

10. Imagine - John Lennon

when he takes over. “I could end the night either on cam DJing and letting people see me do magic tricks to just a good party night,” he explains. It’s the A DJ in Second Life for almost two years, Sideshow got his taste for DJing random acts of unexpected humour in another online world four years ago that see him often called Freakshow with the intention of just exploring it, and make his sets something fun and but it fast became an addiction to make special. people laugh and forget about life, for His advice for upcoming DJs: Just keep just a little while. a good positive energy, make sure enjoy it and have all the fun you can You can most often find him playing being your own person on mic. If you Top 40, dance mixes and parodies at Ambrosia Dance Club, Rez Nightclub or worry too much about the down sides Grind, where he is known for his joking, and get burnt out, take a break, but its definately about being yourself and non-serious drunkeness which leaves people with no idea of what to expect having fun as an entertainer

Sideshow’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Pound The Alarm - Nicki Minaj

6. Walk It Out - Unk

2. F U Betta - Neon Hitch

7. Dance (A$$) - Big Sean ft Nicky Minaj

3. Antidote - Swedish House Mafia

8. Rock That Body - Skrillex

9. Internet Friends - Knife Party

vs. Knife Party

4. Levels (Remix) - Avicii 5. Maraca - Mohombi ICON MAGAZINE

PAGE 171

10. Sofi Needs A Ladder - Deadmau5

It was her nice voice, wide taste in music and a DJ friend that convinced Grace into DJing around three years ago, and she is still going for it at the Ohana Rock Club. With her wacky sense of humour and a playlist of rock, country, Top 40 and ‘oldies’, every set is a fun time full of laughs and great music. Her advice for upcoming DJs: Just have fun. Never take things too seriously.

Grace’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Genius - The Exies 2. In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry 3. Lets Stay Together - Al Green 4. Snuff - Slipknot 5. Rocketeer - Far East Movement 6. Shadow of a Day - Linkin Park 7. I’m Yours - The Script 8. Stuck like Glue - Sugarland 9. I’m your Favorite Drug - Porcelain and the Tramps 10. Reserved for future great songs yet to be discovered


PAGE 174


PAGE 175

Written by An Addict (in denial)

“Hey, can’t kick the habit. Yeah, I got to have it. Yeah, I ‘m what they call a love addict…love addict. Hey, can’t live without it. Yeah, gonna shout about it. Hey, I’m a symptomatic love addict…love addict…” The story of my second life spelled out in a song, “Love Addict.” Addiction. That’s a strong word. If I admit that I have an addiction, then it means I have to admit that I’m an addict. And if I’m an addict, then I have to admit that I have a problem. And if I have a problem, then I have to admit that I need help. And so on and so on.

I wouldn’t call it an addiction. Everyone wants to fall in love don’t they? Everyone wants the happily ever after fairy tale. To find their prince charming or their one and only princess and to run off into the sunset and get married. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but the end goal is all the same: to spend the rest of your life with that one special person. So what if my “one special person” has turned out to be five special ex-husbands…all of whom seemed a lot more special at some point in time. So what if every month there’s some new “special person” in my life. Doesn’t it just mean that I’m working a little harder to make sure the next time I walk into the sunset, it’s the last time? Let’s be clear. I never intended to be the next Liz Taylor. I never intended to be able to open my inventory and expand the “Wedding” folder just to see five more folders entitled “Wedding #1,” “Wedding #2,” “Wedding #3”…well, you get the idea. And I never intended to have a separate folder just for multiple wedding rings (I would never recycle a ring from a past marriage; that’s just bad luck). I never intended to continually change my last name, then change it back, then change it again, and on and on and on. I wanted my one true love. I wanted my forever (forever being relative in Second Life of course) love. It just so happens that I turned out to be a bit too persistent in finding it.


PAGE 178

My first marriage lasted all of three days. To be fair, I was out of it after the wedding, but figured I’d at least keep the ring on for a few days. My second marriage was just a bit longer. I made it to a full month. A milestone in many Second Life relationships. The third one, about three months. I was actually quite proud of that one. I had hope that it would actually last. And then it didn’t. The fourth one…two weeks. Back to the short cycle again. And the fifth, back up to a month. I won’t dare even reveal how long I’ve been a resident of this second life. It would be a shameful admission of my addiction…of which I don’t have. As we speak, I’m once again contemplating the leap. The past should have taught me to stop. I should learn from my mistakes. I should take the hint. But I can’t. In reality, I’m in love with being in love. The excitement of having someone there when I log on. The thrill of planning romantic outings or surprise dinners. And the big one: the rush of planning a wedding. Although, it’s starting to get tough trying to outdo myself. There are only four seasons in the year. I’m past that number, yet I hate repeating myself. By the time it’s all said and done, I do believe I may own every ring in JCNY’s wedding collection. Heck, I’m halfway there already. Would I call myself an addict? Of course not. I’m just a sucker for love.


PAGE 179

But, as I sit and contemplate my next partnership, I can’t help but hum to myself another famous little ditty by Robert Palmer, ““You like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah. It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough. You know you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love. Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love…”


PAGE 182


PAGE 183

What Women Want

Written and Photographed by Solitaire Highfield

It may be the 21st Century and women can do anything and everything, but we do still like being treated like women and a little chivalry can go a long way. Although these tips may seem a little clichĂŠd, you will score big points if you remember them and treat your lady right!

1. Return Her Messages It shows you are interested in her and yes, she will be timing how long it takes you to respond. If your response time is poor, she is assuming you’re not that into her. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to drop everything the second she calls, everyone has times when they are busy after all. A reply as soon as you are able is what she is after, and it doesn’t have to be a novel email of epic proportions. A sentence or two will let her know you care - which is all she really needs to know. 2. Dance With Her The best part about Second Life would have to the dance balls that make everyone a Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire, so there really is no excuse for not dressing up and taking her out dancing. But you don’t need to visit a club. Throw down some balls and dance in your home - something she is bound to love more. After all, if things start heading into the dirty dancing territory... 3. Remember Milestones Yes she has memorised the day you met, the first time you jumped on naughty poseballs and got “busy” and the day you proposed partnering so will be heartbroken when you don’t remember them. Impress her by remembering the small dates as well as the big ones. The day you first kissed, what she was wearing when you met, when you first told her you loved her - and she will turn to jelly and you’d have scored masses of points! ICON MAGAZINE

PAGE 186

4. Dress Up For Her It’s not about the clothes you wear when you dress up to take her out, but the fact that you find her worth dressing up for that counts. Plus guys look hot in dress pants and shirts, so bonus sex appeal there! 5. Share An Activity Women love spending time with their man outside the bedroom. Explore new sims, join a Greedy club, support a cause or live musician - in SL the possibilities are endless. It’s a way to add dimension to your relationship and share experiences.

When it comes to what women want from men, it really is the little things that matter. These ideas aren’t difficult or time consuming, but tend to be overlooked by men, which in turn makes a woman feel neglected. Just make her feel special and she’ll go to the ends of the world for you!


PAGE 187

THE LIST 2. Embrace Change

Petites are fast taking over the grid and designers are embracing them with clothing, hair, accessories and everything for them that your standard avatars have. They are adorable, addictive and well worth trying out if you are looking for something new.

1. Relax

Relax Shop is a new one for me, but it’s one I stumbled across on Marketplace and I picked up Jenna RnB Set for free. It’s super sexy, great for hitting the clubs in and a good introduction to a new store.

3. Propose a Toast

Epic has just the thing for toast lovers! The Oral Fixation Yummy Happy Toast attaches to the mouth and has a colour changeable happy spread on it.

4. Be a Winner

The Olympics may be over, but you can still be a winner with the Gold Medal from Oceano.

5. Think Like a Man

It’s no big secret that it can be hard for men to find good hair in Second Life, so when a fabulous one is released, it’s well worth celebrating. Seth from Amacci is one of those styles. It is worn with a hairbase and has a HUD for a streak option. Guys - check this one out!

6. Be Chic

I’m not much of a shoe person, but I am so in love with the Deviant shoes from Just Design. These heeless shoes are stylish, gorgeous and just hot! In a range of colours, you can have one for every day, mood or outfit you wear. Try a demo asap!!

7. Live to the Max

I love taking pictures in SL, but it’s getting harder and harder to find sims that allow rezzing, even on a temporary basis, for poseballs or stands for that perfect picture. That’s why I am so in love with the Marketplace store of Sensorya Xue. I call them pose scenes, but they are full builds with landscaping and in some cases buildings too which you can rez and use as your home or a place to take your pictures.

8. Stay Sharp

Tattoos are a fabulous way of expressing yourself and in Second Life, it’s a painless one too. Corvus has just the one for letting everyone know exactly what you are - Psycho. It wraps around the front of your neck in a decorative font, so no-one can miss it.

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